UFO Encounters – Heads in the Sand:

head in the sandI was watching UFO Hunters last night. As usual it was a great program. The team interviewed a man who had seen a UFO. Nothing unusual about that as he’s just one of thousands, who have had an encounter. He first noticed the UFO, as he was driving. It was night and he saw a very bright light, “The size of a three story building.” As he watched, the craft ascended very quickly and merged with what looked like two enormous neon tubes, that were parallel to each other. Then, in a flash the UFO took off, to parts unknown. Here’s where the story gets interesting. Something broke off from the UFO, and fell to earth, as the craft was leaving. The object was glowing, as it fell and the witness followed it to where it hit the earth and retrieved it. The witness then took the object and had it tested. During the interview with UFO Hunters, the producers of the show, for reasons that became obvious later, began to bleep out the names of those who had examined the artifact. In other words, it became apparent that these people did not want to be associated with the artifact and the UFO phenomena. Then some of the laboratories that supposedly tested the artifact,  had the same reaction. They too, had their names removed from the program. In other words they distanced themselves from the artifact and the UFO phenomena. Can you imagine that? Here’s an artifact that appears to be anomalous, and these pinheads, are afraid to associate themselves with it! In my opinion they have their heads in the sand. The world is flat. The sun revolves around the earth and so forth. “Oh please take the nasty artifact away! What if it turns out that the material is not of this earth? What if UFOs are real? What about my tenure and standing in the world of academia and science? What will the neighbors say?” 

           Well, the story thankfully doesn’t end there. The witness and UFO Hunters found two scientists, who were willing to examine the artifact. I’ll cut to the chase. In their opinion the artifact was unlike anything they had examined. Both scientists went on the record saying that, in their opinion the artifact was was unlike anything that could be produced on earth. Kudos to these men who were both honest and brave enough to tell the truth! Why is it that so many in the scientific community have their heads in the sand, when it comes to the UFO phenomena? They whine away about not having physical evidence and then, when real, tangible evidence  appears, and is handed to them, on a silver platter, they don’t want to deal with it! I could also make a strong case for many pastors who have the same, head in the sand, mentality. They won’t address the UFO issue the in most cases.

           As I continually state, “The phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away.” We need to dialogue about it. We also have to be open to all sides and opinions. When Joe Jordan posted his findings about how people who were being abducted stopped their abductions by crying out the name of Jesus, he was immediately censored by many, in the UFO community. When others who have come forth, sighting that the cause of the phenomena may be an inter-dimensional one – that involves what I would consider to be the manifestations of fallen angels – they are met with the same, head-in-the-sand, mentality. Something is going on and hiding our heads in the sand isn’t going to help us deal with it. Crop circles, cattle mutilations, mass sightings and abductions continue. It is time to approach the subject without fear of intimidation, from peers, co-workers, scientist, pastors and skeptics. For some of us, it’s time to take our heads out of the sand.


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7 thoughts on “UFO Encounters – Heads in the Sand:

  1. Might it also be possible that these folks fear someone or something, coming after them? We have all heard about the threats to the folks at Roswell if they talked and most of them didn’t until, years later. To watch the ufo and the obvious advanced technology associated with it would likely be frightening enough, but to think that whoever created this craft may be capable of….well…,

  2. I see Mr. Marzulli mentions crop circles–many which have appeared in London this spring (particularly in the last two months). Don’t you wish that whoever makes these would just spell it out in plain English?

    I mean, really, enough of these cryptic diagrams and obscure (though pretty) images. Just tell us what you’re trying to say, for heaven’s sake!

  3. I think that the law was originally passed to keep people from poking around crashed satellites and finding something the government didn’t want the people to know, or releasing something like the Andromeda Strain or the Blob. Or maybe they were already leary of information UFO occupants might pass along.

  4. I saw the episode of UFO Hunters also. They said something about the artifact was a metal that we don’t have. That should be proof enough. My guess is, someone found out these people were investigating and threatened them if they told what they knew. There is a time when all of this will come out…..G-ds time. I do believe that people will be so awestruck when it happens, many will fall for it. I pray that more people will become aware and let G-d lead and protect them. We’re going to need it. Did you all see the news about the women on the View? The one named Joy told Elizabeth, (I don’t know their last names) that she was guilty of child abuse if she taught her children creation instead of evolution. This whole evoltion scam is a lie from hell that will damn a lot of souls. So many people will fall for it, and then most likely fall for the completion of the lie. That “aliens” aka demons were responsible for the evolution of mankind. “Professing themselves wise they become fools.”

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