UFO: Startling Footage… is it real?

UFO PIc 1982Here is a video from Moldova. I have watched it about half a dozen times. Is it real? It could be. As you watch the video pay attention to how the craft lights up the woods and the surrounding area directly underneath it. Also, it appears that the female reporter  who is standing in the field, is really taken aback by what she is seeing. On the other hand, the whole incident could be staged. If so, it would be an expensive hoax. The footage of the UFO, starts around 1:20 seconds. It also appears again toward the end of the video, where it is being analyzed. I have no idea what the news anchor and an apparent ‘expert’ are saying. It would be great to get a transcript. Another interesting tid-bit is that this video has apparently been taken off YOUTUBE several times.   

      The UFO footage appears again at 3:48. One last observation. The female reporter who is standing in the field says something like, “What is that?” Then as the light ascends she says, “whoa.” Her remarks and body language appear realistic. When she turns to the camera man check out her face. It appears to me that she is disturbed, unsure, a bit overwhelmed? This happens at 1:36. I may be reading things into the footage, but I would go so far as to say that she is not sure how to process what she has seen. I would lean toward saying that the footage is real. What is interesting is that these daylight filming of UFO – as I BLOGGED about earlier in the week – are becoming more common.   I would be interested in any one who has a PHOTOSHOP background to weigh in on video. Here’s the link. (the picture above is not from the video)  (Thanks to Lynn Davis & Gordy Tong)


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29 thoughts on “UFO: Startling Footage… is it real?

  1. Well, let me just say, I have never seen a ufo so I have no “real” frame of reference. But… this looks completely fake. This sort of effect can be done with cheap/free software too. The light coming from the object is lighting up several areas evenly, even though they are a fair distance apart. Compare the grassy/bushy area to the trees off behind them in the distance. Those trees in the back should not be receiving the same amount of light. The light isn’t casting any shadows from the bushes either.

    Sorry, but it looks like a cheaply done hoax to me.

  2. Shabbat Shalom! The video is very interesting! The lady looked like she didn’t know how to act! I would give anything to hear the other reporters in English. The man sounded like he may be trying to debunk it and the other lady at the desk wasn’t so sure. She answered him with a questioning voice. Anyway, hopefully someone will get on here that knows the language and clear it up. Did you see the other one on there by the Discovery channel?

    • Not yet. I have a friend who speaks spanish. She is suppose to come over this week and help me find them. Please pray. Thanks for asking.

  3. lynn,

    yes ive been using photoshop since 94… and ive seen this clip about a year ago…

    the “ufo” effect is easily accomplished with a simple lens flare plug in…
    the light itself looks a little too perfect and the effects “rays” cycles too predictably…
    this is a dead giveaway of a software based plug in…

    the other dead giveaway is that the “light” casts no shadows…
    if youll notice the surrounding shrubbery and trees SHOULD cast shadows, but it only becomes lighter…
    (this is another plug in to adjust the mid-range color)

    the THIRD dead giveaway is that the actress is so bad as to be laughable…
    her “woah” has about as much life in it as a dead tuna…
    IF she had really seen the “light” she would have been more excited and perhaps trying to run…
    PLUS, her vocal pitch and range would at least have gone up a couple of notches…

    I KNOW that there are those who maintain that even fake videos are proof of ufos, so whatever you show them they will just tell you: “watch better” or something like that…
    OR they will say that the fake video is a subterfuge for the “REAL” deal…
    i dunno i have a hard time buying that…

  4. um yah and one more thing for “lynn davis” and “gordy” yeah i know who you are and that you are trying to compromise the credibility of this blog but the LIGHT of JESUS exposes you!!! you foul spirits of mockery!!!
    go back to the pit where you belong…

    oh yeah and um,

    shabbat shalom

  5. Yeah, I have to agree. A light that intense would have lit up that”dollhouse” looking farmhouse as well as the reporters face and mike like it was glowing. Especially so on an overcast day like that.
    I agree with the guy regarding lense flare as to precise. Check out the point where the “UFO” is and it’s hard to tell what it’s over. The lighted field looks fake as well.
    Unfortunately, these days it is too easy to fake ANYTHING! Unless you are standing right there seeing it with your lying eyes, there’s no way to prove any of them.

  6. It seems to me that if it were real the story would have been about the ufo, rather than the birds/land or whatever the story actually appeared to be about.

  7. Did you see the picture of the pope on Bruce D. Collins website …look at those hand signals !!! also check out JReds latest updates on http://www.lookupfellowship.com. Things are so friggin bizarre !!!! Freaky May 9-11 pagan ceremonies.. the REALLY BIG SHOW !!!!!

    • Hi Cottonwoodcreekfarm, The Holy Father is NOT giving the devil’s hand signal. The third and fourth fingers of one’s hand are more flexible than the second and the fifth. He’s just waving in greeting. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    • I just thought he looked sinister with his vampire cape and the way his hands looked. Even without the hand signals, he is the pope and he is the head of an apostate religion. He is NOT the Holy Father – there is only one HOLY FATHER-Yahweh!!!!!

  8. lynn,

    forget about 5 miles wide, this one was as big as switzerland!!

    im sure you saw this but i thought it would interest you:


    Did a country-sized UFO hover above Switzerland last month?
    Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

    On the morning of Friday, the 24th of April of this year, employees at MeteoSwiss (Switzerland’s meteorological department) got the surprise of their lives.

    Huge circular fields hovering over Switzerland were picked up by their radars (picture to left).

    The blue coloured circles covered the entire country. The question was asked as to whether a massive UFO was in the upper-atmosphere above the scenic mountainous nation or perhaps these circles were signs of an imminent hurricane.

    Felix Schacher, a senior Meteorologist at MeteoSwiss claimed the circles were not UFOs or the signs of a hurricane about to wreak havoc on his country. Mr Schacher told the Swiss news site ’20 Minutes’ that they were merely caused by the reflection of water droplets.

    A few minutes after being queried on the issue, the radar images were hurriedly removed from the departments website.

    Are we being told everything the Swiss meteorological knows about these radar images? Many Swiss UFO researchers have left comments on various internet forums expressing their doubt about that.

    Source: 20 minutes (Switzerland)


  9. Also, National Geo. had, I believe a rerun, a show that had as part of it’s research the “Tiwanaku” in Bolivia and specifically “Puma Punka”. It compared the structure there to the Giza Pyramid and said that the Giza Pyramid was child’s play compared to the one in Bolivia. It is shrouded in mystery of who designed and built it. Read here for more info.


  10. Cottonwood Creek,

    I went to check out the Pope info mentioned on the “Lookup Fellowship” blog & then discovered JRed went on a UFO/Alien rampage. It’s going to take me some time to look @ all those videos & things.

    He must be really fired up (:

    • Yes, JRed is on fire and his subject material is mind blowing!!! I end up spending the majority of my time on Lynn’s site here and JRed’s, due to the brilliant(spiritual wisdom and understanding) insights of it’s authors and audience.Praise Yeshua for a sober and alert remnant.

    • Late Nite,
      I do not believe that one can call themselves a Christian and support the gay agenda. The Word of God is quite clear that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord. If you expect to be raptured and have such a skewed perspective you will be horribly disappointed.

  11. click my name to see my church website…

    hows that for transparency?

    i dunno im kinda tired… ya give everything to people and they just squat on you…

    goodbye foreverzzz

    • Hey Hector, In regards to the transparent people- I always love these versus when dealing with FOOLS-

      Proverbs 23:9 Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

      Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

      Bless you my brethren , in the name of Yeshua.

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