UFO: From Russia & China With Love! 3 Videos…


Yesterday I BLOGGED that something was coming. Well, in one respect it’s already here! Here’s yet another video that has surfaced showing dramatic footage of a UFO. I like this one because the camera zooms in on the craft, which is hovering. Then very quickly the craft darts away to the left. Is it the real deal? You be the judge. It may be photo-shopped and be a clever hoax. On the other hand it may be the real thing. There is a web site that i will link to, which gives the UFO sightings that are reported every month. Here’s the link:  http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxevent.html

In April there were 309 sightings of UFOs. The phenomena continues and now we are getting daylight footage of craft as shown in both of the links to the videos in this post. I guess it's nothing more than swamp gas though. 

Thanks to Gordy for the link to the story…    http://www.allnewsweb.com/page6766761.php   

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There was another video of a craft that was filmed in China. Here’s the link to this one. http://www.allnewsweb.com/page6766769.php  

It appears that the phenomena is increasing. Daylight sightings are hard for the debunkers to deal with. In these videos the craft is clearly visible. How will you react when one of these lands or hovers over a city near you? There was also a post about a UFO the size of Switzerland showing up on Swiss radar. That’s a very large ship…

“While we might disagree as to what is the cause of the phenomena, we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning, and not going away!” L.A.M.

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Finally another daylight video of a UFO from Russia. This one shot by  a farmer.

This rather remarkable UFO was filmed by a farmer apparently working in his fields in Russia. Not much is known about the video, the exact location of its filming or the individual that filmed it. It is receiving a fair bit of coverage on Russian UFO and paranormal forums and many UFO experts seem rather impressed with it. One UFO researcher, Mr Avi Moas of Las Vegas, Nevada, referred to the craft as a ‘Mothership’. Allegedly the filming took place on May 3 of this year. UFOs are seen all over Russia and the former Soviet Union and for many rural folk they are an almost common occurrence.


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19 thoughts on “UFO: From Russia & China With Love! 3 Videos…

    • Why would Geologist Dr. Morris Charles a retired and reknown scientist say this after all his years of building credentials? Doesn’t he understand that he is looking like a fool?

      Regardless of his reasons, this sprinkling of “proof” of extra terresterials being a major part of our early life as we know it only puts validity to what is coming on the horizon.

  1. >>Here is more deception: http://thecrit.com/2009/05/05/200000-year-old-statue-found-on-moon

    The times that we have been talking about are very near.<<

    From what I undestand (saw this a day or two ago), this article came from the Weekly World News which also believes that Elvis is eating KFC right now while watching American Idol.

    That doesn’t discount credible sightings, etc. Just pointing out that I have heard this particular story was not factual.

  2. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not think any governments will willingly disclose the presence of what they perceive as aliens because they would then be in the position of having to admit that they could not protect us from them. However, it occurs to me that if someone could make us think that he has averted an alien invasion, he could pretty well write his own ticket…

  3. >>As I’ve mentioned before, I do not think any governments will willingly disclose the presence of what they perceive as aliens because they would then be in the position of having to admit that they could not protect us from them. However, it occurs to me that if someone could make us think that he has averted an alien invasion, he could pretty well write his own ticket…<<

    Assuming this is true (and it could very well be), it begs the question:

    If the governments are in league with it, rather than protecting us from it, wouldn’t that explain the decades of propaganda regarding it in television, movies, radio, pop culture, music, printed media, etc?

    So, I’m not sure it is about protecting us…

  4. Lynn,

    thank you so much for this blog, i have come to believe that this is an online place of miracles…
    i know that since i have been coming here there have been a couple of yokes of bondage of the enemy that the Lord has delivered me from…

    its awesome to be able to come to a place and be able to just say whats on my mind, and not be shouted down by secular ufologists! hehe 🙂

    • I AGREE Hector!!!!! It is also good to have Christian brethren that don’t try to tear you down because of the content of our discussions. I have found a deep kinship and edification here on this blog.Praise ya’ all in the name of Yeshua. One more night of this driving down to the local hotel to get wireless – we got the dish today- tomorrow internet in the comfort of home !!!!!

  5. Census GPS-tagging your home’s front door.Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation.


    (We should have extra copies of PP&S on hand to give the Census workers!)


    Your statement just made my day! I think there are probably some prayer warriors who regularly post on this blog.(:

    Vickie Winans sings a song called “Shake Yourself Loose” that the girls & I love which comes to mind.

    • Thanks Lisa for the Hosea 11 and the Elevens page-AMAZING !! As soon as I’m linked up at home this week, I’m going to chase that number 33! This stupid saying keeps going through my head, actually for a couple days now…it is really not prophetic but good for a chuckle… BUTTER..BUTTER. Ahh the silly things I amuse myself with.

  6. I was going through up coming movies and I couldn’t believe the Deception hollywood is putting out.. i totally see the conditioning of people through the media/hollywood as plain as day.

    This one caught my eye__________________________________


    and of course the rebirth of Star Trek,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Interesting how two of those films portray humans as the invaders…is this the “humanize”, to sympathize,..with the future invaders on earth?

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  8. Late Night Lisa here’s another song that ministers to my soul everytime I hear it by Nicole C. Mullen

  9. Joe,

    Thanks ~ She really pours her heart out in that song! Loved it!


    There is just an onslaught of movies coming out w/these themes. I look @ the trailers & it’s unreal. What happened to producing really good movies a family can go see? No wonder most of the movies I let the kids watch are retro. They probably know more about the classics than most young adults these days. There is definitely a fierce “agenda” being promoted by Hollywood.

    Here are three articles worth reading:

    Why “Hate crime” laws would ban Biblical Christianity

    Brian McLaren wants end-time believing Christians “robustly” confronted.

    Are You a Christian Zionist?

    Looks like the Anti-Christ’s One World religious system is being quickly formed. It doesn’t seem like it will be too far off that the leadings of the Holy Spirit will become stronger to call out those in the Body of Christ who are being led by the apostate worldly seeking Pastors.(Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.)

    Remember that YHWH will turn these wicked schemes into good & He laughs at Satan’s attempts to prevail against His Church. For us caught in the cross hairs-what a time in which we were called to be born in! Wow!

    • Brian McLaren should drop the Evangelical Christian out of his title-This false teacher and his ilk are leading many lost sheep to hell! Satan loves his kind, they are doing his work for him. I can’t believe or maybe I can- many Christians are buying into his lies. Pray for those lost deluded sheep heading for the cliff.

    • Excellent articles Lisa- We are attacked for preaching and teaching the TRUE Word of Yahweh by the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise Yeshua for these attacks for His name’s sake.

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