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bill_salus_picToday on Acceleration Radio, I am pleased to announce Bill Salus, author, radio host & lecturer, on our show. We will be discussing a variety of fascinating subjects, pertaining to Bible prophecy. If you would like to be on the show with a question for Bill please E-mail me at

If you want to listen, please go to my web site and all the information you need to do so, is there!

Here’ is Bill Salus’ Bio:

 My desire is to write in such a way that appeals to scholars and laymen alike. My new book called ISRALESTINE; The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, takes an exhaustive, but adventurous look at unfulfilled Bible prophecies intended for today’s international audience. Shortly after becoming a Christian in 1992, writing became a daily discipline for me. I began with devotional pieces, but soon realized that I was drawn toward prophecy. After the events of September 11, 2001, along with the encouragement of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum the founder of Ariel Ministries, I embarked upon a tireless path of discerning prophecies that apply today. My hope is that people from all over the world will learn through these steadfast efforts, that prophecy is not just for the scholarly, but also for every common man, woman, and child. Whether writing, teaching, doing interviews, or speaking in front of large and diverse audiences, my prayer is to impart understandable information. 

Here’s the link to his Web site:

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  1. I watched UFO HUnters last night and towards the end of the show Pat Ursket said something that runs through my mind everytime I watch this show. Basically, he said that just when they are about to get some hard evidence, a witness won’t come forward or a site or location is closed off to them. In other words, doors get slammed and plugs get pulled. This happened when they got permission to travel to Cuba until it was revealed they would be searching for UFO’s. Suddenly, permission was withdrawn.

    I can’t help but wonder if these guys are permitted to go so far but no further lest their findings lead to disclosure? For now, they are allowed to tatalize the public with fuzzy photos and second hand accounts and what if’s and could it be’s. Those cattle mutilations with the lack of evidence of human participation are pretty significant, though.

    The best show I’ve seen so far is the one about the Dulce Base. That photo of the “calf” was really creepy.

  2. Cottonwood, I checked out your links. They are very interesting! My family had a virus just about a week ago. We have a large hispanic population here and I know some that come and go from Mexico. The virus was mostly respiratory, sore throats to start, then muscle soreness and weakness, then sinus infection! It was pretty miserable! My stepson got so sick, he passed out. One man on Glenn Beck passed out too! On another blog I check on, there was a young man admitted to the hospital with it for 2 or 3 days. It’s pretty wicked stuff! I will be doing some further checking on the defender publishing. It looks pretty interesting!
    Hector, how do you save the show to your desktop? I left a response to your comment on the last post. Virginia, I also watched the UFO Hunters. It was extremely interesting, I think one of the best shows! It backed up everything in Lynn’s books. I posted some links to the UFO Hunters shows and some other information on the last post if anyone is interested in looking at them!

  3. Bill Salus brought up another piece of the puzzle that points the way that we may indeed be in the end times. He mentioned how in the end times EVERY nation will be against Israel. Well, until recently that would have not been the case, because the USA has always been a staunch ally of Israel. Now…with Obama…that is no longer the situation. Perhaps the Obama administration in this sense is part of the end times scenario…and not in a good way.

    • nimbus,
      yes i agree that obama may be in and of himself an end times sign …
      everything he does is within the context of globalism,
      he is not so much a US president as much as he is a self-appointed “world healer”…
      there he is healing relations with dictators…
      there he is opening political dialogue with terrorists…

      many of his actions and words have left washington pundits incredulous…

      but then again, jack van impe has gone on the record as saying obama will be sitting president during Armageddon… (incredible!)

  4. I like Jack Van Impe, but like everyone else, he has been wrong about a few things and he is probably incorrect concerning Obama being president during Armageddon. Time will tell.

    On Biblical prophecy…it would seem that the false disciple Judas himself was used as a sign.

    Yes we are in the last days. How can we know for sure? The planet pluto. The planets that revolve around the sun are symbolic of the disciples that revolved around the Son of God.

    The false planet pluto is symbolic of the false disciple Judas. Judas was found to be false, near the end of the life of the Son of God and pluto has been found to be false at the end of the age in which we live… and quite possibly near the end of the life of the sun of this world…for the Bible points out that the day will come when the sun will no longer give it’s light.

    Why? It is symbolic of the Son and just as his life came to an earthly end, so also may the life of the sun be nearing its end and then it’s light will no longer shine. Before that happens however, the Bible says the sun’s light will be sevenfold. Will the sun go nova and die out, in preparation for the light of the Son of God? Quite possibly. The Son of God was the light of this world for the first three days of creation and the Bible says he will be the light once again at the end.

    The sun is currently extremely quiet and scientists are voicing their bewilderment just as the Son of God became so quiet that his captors voiced theirs.

    So it appears Judas was used as a prophetic sign, and he never had a clue.

    If a day with the Lord is a thousand years then how long is an hour?

    So Armageddon may be thirty or forty years away…or sooner.

    • Thank you Virginia…interesting article.

      I wonder if when the sun of this world breaks its silence, if it will be with the tempest that the article suggests…or if it will be in a more moderate way, as when the Son broke his silence before Pilate.

      I suspect it will be the latter but the Bible seems to indicate a turmoil in the sun that will take place sooner or later and I also suspect that it will be symbolic of the turmoil in the Son of God when he was put on the cross.

      Yes, there have been cycles in the sun before just as there have been earthquakes on earth before, but the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the reclassification of pluto would seem to put earthquakes and solar cycles in a whole new light.

      Also, some may wonder, why there were only nine planets if they are symbolic of the disciples. Well if I have heard correctly, it is because the nine are symbolic of the nine disciples that were sometimes by themselves when Peter, James and John were called away by Jesus. Judas was false and pluto, the farthest from the sun, was also false.

      This symbolism is meant to be a sign as to where we are in the last days…IF I HAVE HEARD CORRECTLY. 🙂

  5. Lynn,

    Absolutely fabulous show last night. Perhaps, Bill might make some more appearances and provide some commentary as events start progressing and things really start to heat up.

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