UFO: The Coming Revealing!

PD*27676222Here’s a story that is setting us up for the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial. Edgar Mitchell is back, making headlines with the statement, “man is not alone in the universe.” The article also points to the Roswell, New Mexico event that happened in 1947. Where allegedly a UFO and perhaps its occupants were recovered by the US military.


 [By the way I will be appearing at this years Roswell event and speaking, on July 3rd.]

        Mitchell informs us that he was contacted over the years by Roswell locals, who admitted to him that they had been told to be silent, about the UFO that was allegedly recovered there. Mitchell also pointed out that people should read the books on UFOs, and come to an understanding that we are being visited. He said pretty much the same thing last year, on KARANG Radio. He also received main stream press and appeared on FOX and other news outlets, further expounding on his statement.

          So here we have yet another example of a public figure informing us that E.T./UFOs are real. Does this mean that we should brace ourselves for contact? Why does this announcement come on the heels of two blockbuster movies, Knowing and The Race to Witch Mountain, both of which, delve into the UFO phenomena. [I’ve BLOGGED on both of these!] Then there’s the Vatican’s statement about a year ago, that informed us that E.T. should be regarded as out brother, and we should embrace him! Are we being set up for disclosure? I believe we are and this comes with it’s own set of dangers. Let me explain. There are basically two positions one can take regarding the UFO phenomena. The first, what Mitchell adheres too, is that these are beings from other planets. The second, my position, is that these are inter-dimensional beings, i.e. fallen angels, that are here to create the biggest deception ever perpetrated on mankind. Call me paranoid. While many people look at the phenomena through rose colored glasses, there is a disturbing element to it, that smacks of the demonic. Let’s strip is own and expose the truth. Being taken in the middle of the night by small, gray, alien beings is kidnapping. Being sexually examined and probed in places I won’t talk about here, is sexual molestation. Taking someones cow and mutilating it, is a crime. Flying unidentified craft, in a commercial airport, is a federal offense. The occupants have an agenda and in my opinion it is not in our best interest. It just amazes me that the churches won’t even discuss this and yet we see movies, television, and former astronauts telling us that this is what is going on. Wake up! The Alien Gospel, which is the concept that the E.T.’s created all life on this planet and were worshipped as god’s, by our ancestors, is embraced by many people and in fact, is the theme of movies. i.e. Knowing and others of the same ilk. This is the antithesis of what Christianity teaches, that the God of the Bible, created life. Which is it? E.T. or the God/man that walked on water, healed the sick, fed the hungry and left a trail of prophetic statements that point to His second coming, that are without equal? Choose you this day whom you will serve…   


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14 thoughts on “UFO: The Coming Revealing!

  1. I can’t really see our goverment (or any government, for that matter) announcing that UFOs exist and are piloted by non-humans. If they do, they’d then be in the position of having to admit that they couldn’t defend us from the same. After all, despite the movie images of multitudes of flying saucers flying around shooting everyone with ray guns, all it would take to destroy human civilization, and possibly the entire human race, would be to redirect one or two fair sized asteroids to hit the earth. They wouldn’t even have to do that. Just hitting the moon would be more than enough to convince all the governments that cooperation with whatever they wish would be the best course.

    I don’t think that would go over too well with the taxpayers, who might decide there was no point in paying taxes.

    As for the churches, the only experience I’ve had was trying to start a conversation with a pastor I know after seeing Mel Gibson’s Signs. He wasn’t interested. What can I say?

  2. As for me, I will serve the Lord! I am thankful that my pastor and his wife see the possibilities of the nephilim’s return. I have loaned her my books by Lynn to get her input, and she agrees that it is quit possible. She is on the 3rd book of the Nephilim series! Now if we could only get a couple of churches to join with us and invite Lynn here…..!!!

  3. The majority of our churches are DEAD…APOSTATE or HAPPY CLAPPY .They don’t want to acknowledge that there is a dark tide rising! There was in the days of old and will be in these end days, a small remnant who sound the trumpet of warning. We will be ridiculed and ignored, but it is at their peril.Praise Yeshua.. we are not blind!!!!

  4. Mr. Marzulli, was wondering if you knew of Bill Schnoebelen and your comments on his opions in regards to UFO’s.

  5. And then on that Telegraph co.uk website- advertising for a friggin ‘The God who wasn’t there” DVD- more Yeshua bashing..scoffers..heathens, sinners .. As the song goes “Sooner or later, God will cut you down.” Sooner than you think! Amen. I’m getting on my soapbox, Billy Sunday style!!!

  6. Nice picture, Lynn.
    I believe that rather than blast us, as in an Independence Day scenario or as someone said, push an asteroid at us, they rather have this place intact and the cattle(humankind)intact for their use. This is why their message regarding atomics is prevelant now.

    Many use the argument that if they were evil they would have conquered us already after 60 years. That is a specious argument.

    If they are outside of time, 60 years ago is as meaningless as when I started this reply. They can move in and out of here at will and are more than likely putting their hybrids in places of power for the time of the takeover.

    At the UFO X Conference last week, Dr. Leir an implant specialist, stated that possibly multimillions of people worldwide have been implanted with something… a device. To what end?

    When the Holy Spirit stops preventing and holding back, all…..will break loose here. But be warned. it may come in with soothing promises of a new life.

    Antichrist will use political astuteness and flatteries to achieve his first objectives.This has been foretold in scripture.
    I do believe the announcement of alien entities being here, will probably start things rolling and the falling away of what constitutes the church.

    God’s true church right now, seems to be clueless, as much of this is outside the comfort zone.
    I don’t know what it will take to wake them up, but I can imagine.
    We don’t have to have just fallen off the cabbage truck to realize how close we are coming.

  7. Is anybody watching UFO Hunters tonight? They discovered a compass in a salvage yard that wasn’t based on the earth’s magnetic field. The compass was made in Germany. They are talking about one of the men in the Nazi regime was 24 years ahead of technology. He ws a transmediator. I can’t pronounce the names of the places they went to, they were all in Germany. They did build an underground research center. They showed the rocket technology that was developed and a computer looking tv. They had been researching space time curvation or a time tunnel. They were trying to employ electrmagnetic gravitation which matched what was told about the ufo’s in Roswell. He said it was called project Reise. They were involved with flying saucers and technology. They went to a German historian. He took them to a tunnel 300 meters long. It was underground factory, one of six. He said that the data from the time of the German Nazis showed the tunnel bigger than it actually is. He said something was missing. They foudn a cavity that was possibly a lot larger, but all the entrances had been blown up. They were building a huge aircraft there. He then took them to a place where an extremely large frame with a diameter of over 100ft. It has an extremely large reinforcement. The historian believes it was used to test the craft they called “the bell.” The historian said that they used quantum physics or time travel for the craft. (Maybe moving in dimensions?) It was the most important research project of the Nazis. They were told at another place that the Nazis were testing pressure chambers on the prisoners up to 40,000 meters. (not sure about the number) The researchers said that kind of pressure would have permanently cause brain damage or death. It just showed some more of the brutality the Nazis did. At the end of the war, the Nazis brought the knowledge to the U.S. They followed the paperclip trail back to the U.S. They said the U.S. investigated all of the Nazi documents and ufo sightings. They saw the documents about the German bell saucer. There was a strange looking craft that looked like the bell crash in Pennsylvania in the 1960s and it had hierogliphics on it. They believe some of the ufo’s we are seeing are made by us as secret test projects. It is shocking to hear we probably brought over a hundred Nazi scientists over here and some of them work for NASA and some of them work at our Air Force bases! Anyway, that is about it. All of this is in Marzullli’s books!

    • oooooh! now theres a reply button! awesome!

      thanks, christine! do you think you could upload the episode?

      yes, i believe the hieroglyphics (in the ufos) are probably occultic/masonic in origin…
      as are some of the glyphs in crop circles…
      after research was done they found that the glyphs were an esoteric 33rd degree masonic secret language…

      the occultists believe this is an angelic language, of course we know that it is a FALLEN angelic language…
      its kinda amazing to think that the military would have to resort to SORCERY to make these things “fly”, but there you have it…

      it is also quite surprising to see a pentagram structure carved into the sand inside of area 51, but google it and you will see for yourself, its pretty much a smoking gun that our top military scientists are invoking occultic forces to power these things…

      sad, but true…

    • Wow! I didn’t know all of that! One thing I did forget to mention. I am posting a link to Hitler’s psychic. Apparently he was a Jewish man with a German name. Hitler seemed to have no idea he was Jewish, and let him touch him and “prophesy” over him. He was amazed when the prophecies came true. Unfortunately for the psychic, Hitler apparently found out who he was and had him walked out to the woods and shot! click here I am also posting a page full of links to this information, including the though that his psychics were contacting ufo’s! This is some pretty interesting stuff and only goes to prove that the third riech was deeply steeped into the occult. Of course, for all the evil that came from them, you had to know something was wrong! click here Here is the link about the Nazi UFO’s. Apparently it is a new show, so they don’t have any video to watch unless you watch it on the History channel. I will look on youtube. click here
      They do have other shows available to watch. click here Here are several Nazi UFO videos on youtube; click here I am quite curious about how far our government has delved into this Nazi culture. It seems likely that they have sold their souls too to get the technology and the secrets.

  8. Mr. Marzulli,
    Thanks for your efforts and surely easing one or two troubling feelings Ive had for some time now. Im a former U.S. Marine with a background in signal intelligence, Naval Academy candidate, Embassy Guard selectee, etc. etc. In fewer words, a highly dedicated and truely motivated young fella back in late 70’s and early 80’s. About 3 years ago things began to change in my demeanor. Being born and raised in Georgia, Ive always been a Christian, with several periods of rediscovery or desire to reassert my faith in a limited fashion. The odd thing is during the last 2 years that trickle of efforts and desire have become an increasingly extreme almost panic feeling. Long story short, Im currently in a bible study, but some odd feeling got me looking for things dealing with UFO’s. It literally left me scratching my head while feeling a bit ashamed at what such things suggested in conflict wity my belief in Christ.
    Here it is zero dark thirty in the morning and Ive been listening to several of your radio interviews for HOURS. Im not sure how to put this, but about 6 months ago I began getting this feeling that come July, Ild better be ready. I have no idea why but its such a driving force from out of the blue last year. Youve at least put my heart and mind at ease if not connected a few dots.
    Appreciate it.

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