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Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance day…

Posted by lamarzulli on April 21, 2009

holocaustConcerning yesterdays post. I had a very anti-Semitic comment that I deleted. If you come here with hatred in your heart don’t bother commenting.

I would suggest that we all take a moment and click the link provided here. The pictures speak for themselves. The Holocaust was a deliberate attempt by Hitler to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. If he had succeeded it would have stopped prophecy from being fulfilled, as we know that in the last days the Jews will be gathered from the four corners of the earth, and re-settled in their ancient homeland. We see that that has happened, as the Jews are once again in Israel. Hebrew, a language that was dead for centuries has also been restored and Jerusalem, which was trampled over by the Gentiles, is now in the control of Israel. I mentioned the comment yesterday. Without going into detail, the person refuses the right for Israel to exist. This is the fundamental problem, in the Middle East. I have posted this before, but I’ll remind you that after WWI, the Ottoman empire was carved up by the British and the French. The modern nations of Syrian, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Israel were created. In other words, somehow it’s OK for these nations to exist except for Israel. Ahmedinejhad and others of his ilk, have sworn to wipe the nation off the face of the earth. The coment yesterday echoed the same sediments. It would do these people well, to read the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39.  

Here is the link to the slide show. The pictures are very graphic. The horrors of the death camps are almost imaginable. 


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20 Responses to “Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance day…”

  1. Christine said

    I have a friend who is 86 years old. He was in a briggade that set one of the holocaust prison camps free. At 86 he can tell you about it like it was yesterday. It was horrific what those people went through! It was a miracle of G-d that any of them survived! He can tell you about the smell of burning bodies when they came close to the camp. He can tell you that they saw people so emanciated from hunger, he breaks down and cries to remember it. They asked people in the surrounding area to cook food for these people because there were so many and they were so hungry! When the food came, the people were dying as they tried to eat! He went to Washington D.C. to be honored at that holocause museum because of helping free the prison. His picture is on the wall there. His wife told that, when he stepped off the elevator, his legs buckled and he nearly passed out. They had a bin of shoes from the holocaust camp. It still held the smell of the burning bodies. The minute he stepped off the elevator, he was reminded of the smell and the camp so vividly, he nearly passed out. If the Lord tarries, we will see another holocaust. I pray He doesn’t and that the prophecies of a pre-trib rapture are correct! People will be beheaded for not taking the mark of the antichrist and giving their allegiance to him. Unfortunately, for those who will not learn from the mistakes of the past, they are destined to repeat them. Y’shua/Jesus will triumph and put an end to all of this! And we will see satan himself bow to Y’shua/Jesus and confess that he is Lord of all! Then we will live in Y’shua/Jesus kingdom! What a kingdom to come!
    This is a song I have been learning to sing in church. They saw the word on a wall at a holocaust prison, “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining, I believe in Love, even when I don’t feel it, I beleive in G-d, even when He is silent.” I haven’t been able to sing it through without crying. What faith to be facing this kind of death, and still be able to write those words!click here This isn’t the best picture video of the song, but it tells the story of how it was written!

  2. Virginia said

    I was watching the news recently and I caught just a few seconds of a segment on a meeting taking place, I believe in the U.N. Ahmedinejhad made some typical nasty, demeaning remark about Israel and a host of people walked out on him. I was ever so glad to see that. I’m glad he sees that not everyone will put with his racist baloney.

  3. cottonwoodcreekfarm said

    Good to see my Christian brethren are one in the body and mind of Christ… YES Christine…Every knee shall bow to the God of Israel and that goes for all those anti-Semitic spiritually wicked children of darkness. This Christian Zionist loves and supports the children of Israel and their right to exist in the covenant land!!! Let the heathen rage and the anti-Semites spew there hatred ..the God of Israel is about to show the world that He is still the one true God, Praise Yahweh in the name of Yeshua!!!!!OK got that off my chest. I’ll try e-mailing you today Lynn..in between our big move to the cabin.

  4. cottonwoodcreekfarm said

    http://www.lookupfellowship.com/ I check in with this blog frequently as I do yours Lynn..the quickening is here. I am seeing the feverish pitch in other Christian blogs and I am feeling it in my bones.Maranatha!!!

  5. hector27 said


    let us try and remind ourselves of the mechanism by which hitler came to power:

    he incrementally mocked, marginalized and isolated the jews…

    just yesterday, the one beauty pageant girl who stood up for marriage between man and woman was vilified in the media for not speaking in a “politically correct” sense about gay marriage…
    Christians, and Christian morals and values are now being given the same treatment:
    mocked, marginalized, isolated…

    they say her answer to the gay marriage question cost the girl the pageant crown…

    the media has now “crossed over” into outright hostility towards Christians- where is the “balancing viewpoint”?
    where is the public outcry?…oh, thats right, the media wont broadcast coverage of THAT kind of news…
    antichrist has assumed power over the media- make no mistake…

    just yesterday for that pageant story i read in the comments section where people were already calling Christians terrorists because of their beliefs, citing the homeland security report! it doesnt take much for people to take a cue from big brother!

    obama sent another message when he had all references to Jesus removed in his speech at georgetown-
    it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see the plans that antichrist has in store for Christians!

    a Christian friend of mine once had a dream, (in the 80s) and it has stuck in my mind-

    in this dream, he said that he was trying to go to church, but all the churches had been closed down, and he could hear people calling out to him-
    and he saw there was a train sitting on the tracks, full of people-
    people were loaded on cattle cars, and they were calling him to hurry up and get on board-
    but before he could get on board, the train took off so fast, as to defy all natural explanation…
    but he said that as the train went past him, the people were still trying to get him onboard, calling to him, and reaching out their hands from between the boards on the cattle cars…
    they were telling him: “cmon cmon! get onboard! its time to get saved!”

    but he missed the train, and it was gone in a twinkling of an eye…
    im not sure how bad things will get here in the US in regards to persecution,
    but yeah, cattle cars are very reminiscent of nazi germany…
    (this was waaay before i had heard anything about fema cattle cars)

    like wilkerson said, were gonna have to walk through the fire—

    i try and prepare for the worst, but pray for the best…

  6. cottonwoodcreekfarm said

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8BuN74-z80 I have heard of this web bot and it’s predictions but whether it is accurate ??? I still rely on the Bible as my only reliable source.. but still, it’s predictions for 2009 are quite STRANGE INDEED….

  7. hector27 said

    ok im not trying to create/add to the web bot hysteria, buuuuuut…

    has anybody else noticed the “glyphs” in the sky lately?!
    i live in LA/OC- and for the past couple of days, there have been “glyphs” in the sky, similar to the ones that appeared in china before the quake, but not multi-coloured…

    they are very atypical clouds, they are not chemtrails, i dont think…
    but they very much resemble some sort of glyph…

    yeah, ive heard about the web bot thing for over a year now…
    didnt they predict the world market crunch?

    if only the will of God could be pedicted with an algorithm…

  8. Virginia said

    Hi Hector,

    Did China see these too? I read about the anomalies seen in the sky shortly before the big quake in L’Aquila, Italy. The meteorologist or something tried to warn the Mayor of the city but he was not believed. Alot of lives unnecessarily lost. And, if he had been wrong, alot of unnecessary panic would have ensued.

    BTW, the Prez of Iran was at an Anti-Racist conference when he made those racist remarks, not the U.N. when the envoys walked out. Someone with clown hair tried to throw something at him but apparently was hustled out before he could. Frankly, I think that was pointless.

  9. john B said

    Before I became a Christian I was married foe six years to the daughter of A grand master Mason. When I converted, within a year She Left Me. as painful as it was at the time, I believe The Lord removed me from a Satanic realm (environment)

    what I share with you is the Truth; Masons recognize the God of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. I personally saw that in this Grand master’s Hand-Book (Their Prayer Book). Free-Mason is Pro-Jewish in its religion, but Anti-Christ in that they do not recognize the Divinity of Jesus. They believe that God’s purpose for all mankind is co-existence in peace and Love under the Divine Great Architect (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). I never saw any ref To Lucifer in the Hand-book. then again I only had a couple of Hours in my Spying attempt.

    On The one hand This man never agreed with the Holocaust (he told me this), whilst on the other hand he praised Hitler’s concept of A Socialist unified Europe and believed that the Roman catholic church would one day be instrumental in this unification process.

    He recognized the creation and benefits of A new world order stemming from this European unity to rectify the ills of our world.

    John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

  10. cottonwoodcreekfarm said

    Either it is just a training exercise or there is something afoot at our Moose Jaw Air force base. Last night there was a lot of activity in the sky and with all this Israel/Iran war talk…well I thought just maybe they were getting ready for something ??????? Hector, I listened to one of the gay judges slam that poor girl in the pageant..We are the point of Sodom and Gomorrah.. We stalwart Christians are under attacked especially from the apostate church on all issues. I love a good fight so bring it on ye heathen !!!! I feel tough with Yahweh on my side !!!!!John B.- Dr.Ron Rhodes(Apologetics) has discussed the Masons.The Masons also believe in Baal worship.http://www.ronrhodes.org/

  11. cottonwoodcreekfarm said

    attack..darn typos.. try loading that link again- http://www.ronrhodes.org/ and also try Lamb and Lion ministries. Dr. Reagan has him on his show.http://lamblion.com/.Night all.Yeshua bless your sleep. Derek

  12. Late Night Lisa said

    This was my article of the day which really got me going: “Tony Blair answers new calling.” I’ve been keeping an eye on him but this yet tops the cake.

    Former British PM’s ‘Faith Foundation’ aims to bring together world’s religions


  13. hector27 said

    ok just to clarify and interpret what i was able to glean (for myself) from my friends dream…

    if that is what this whole globalist thing comes down to for Christians, so be it…
    better a few days with the Lord in a cattle car, than an eternity in hell without him…

    the thing that struck me about the people in the cattle car in the dream is that they KNEW they were saved,
    and they were reaching out to my friend who was NOT saved…
    the cattle car and the conditions they found themselves in DID NOT SEEM TO MATTER to them…
    sorta like paul and silas in prison…yeah like that…

    they were just GLAD and REJOICING to be with the Lord…
    during turbulent times like these, when even great men of God are warning of imminent destruction,
    we need to focus on Jesus, and turn our eyes upon his face, never allowing the turmoil of this present world to distract us from our Joy and Peace…

    the JOY of the LORD is our strength, through Faith…

  14. hector27 said

    late nite,

    woah your post beat me by two minutes! hows that for synchronicity? huh? huh? :)

  15. John B said

    Ref Late night Lisa post; Article 620811= (18)= 666 very interesting indeed. thank you Late night Lisa. John B

  16. Late Night Lisa said

    John B,

    I’m not a number’s wiz. How did you calculate that? I have the “Number in Scripture” book by Bullinger which shows how mind blowing the Word of God is.

    My video of the day is about Miss USA California. At the end of the video she stands up for God & His Word. We should hold her up in our prayers as you know she’s going to be blasted by the PC types. **Not to mention she’s from my home town-San Diego.(: The enemy will definately have her in his sights now-but she has the Holy Spirit in her heart as you’ll see.


  17. john B said

    Late night Lisa,

    I make it a point to keep watch on men whom I believe to be working within the mystery of iniquity, The Number 666 is a hidden code of the Antichrist & his system. Rev 13:18.

    We must continually pray for “wisdom” concerning this; For it is only the genuine believer in Christ(saints of the Most High) that shall be able to identify Antichrist when he is revealed.

    When these numbers pop up in relation to certain people & events its conformation, like a Trail which will eventually allow us “understanding” in the day of his Revealing.

    John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

  18. Late Night Lisa said

    John B,

    I thought that’s where you’re coming from-but I was trying to figure out how to work this problem: 620811= (18)= 666 .

  19. john B said

    Hi Lisa,
    I watched the Miss U S A interview, how is the form of the gay judge justifying his reasoning of the event; I saw the venom of Satan spewing forth from that man.

    Some 4 years ago I was watching TV with my wife,a report on the United nation came on and the Guest speaker at this event was Nelson Mendela and behind Him I saw in Large Print the Number 666 as if on a banner. My wife never saw it, the next day I asked others who saw the news if they saw It, none did. I decide to pray about it because I definitely saw it.
    From then forth,I had this hunch or motivation to keep watch on numbers adding up to 666 in relation to people involved in (politics & religion) The numbers you provided in relation to Blair were 620811; added = 18 divided by 3= 666. Some of you may think, How Stupid. well now, unbeknown to me at the “time”; Have a look at the “time” of my comment 7:21 am. There is no way of me purposely choosing this USA Time slot from my Australian time Zone to do this post. I believe the Hand of God was confifming by His Number 777 this truth about Blair. John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

  20. Steve said

    John B…very interesting. If you would like to read about some of the most interesting numerical and other symbolism that I have run across, you can find it at http://www.aworldofproof.com

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