Acceleration Radio: Russ Diszdar #2

I’m pleased to announce the return of Russ Dizdar on Acceleration Radio today. The last time we had Russ on, the hour flew by and so, we’re having him back on, to delve further into the Black Awakening. If you would like to ask Russ a question, please email me at –


Today on Acceleration Radio I have the priviledge of having as my guest, Russ Dizdar. Russ has been involved in delivering people from Satanic ritual abuse and demonic possession.  We will delve into the Nephilim reemerging on the earth. How the Nazi’s are influencing us some 60 years after WWII. The Monarch project which may have produced a Manchurian candidate like Sirhan Sirhan, and more. If you would like to ask Russ a question and be on Acceleration Radio, drop me an e-mail at


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”In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The ‘Black Awakening’ will occur! For them, those who served this long cold secret it has to, its the only way to give the world a desperate reason. A willing but painful reason for the need of a new world order and of a leader who will rule with a power that only the ancients felt.” 


Here is the link to the site of Black Awakening.

19 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Russ Diszdar #2

  1. actually, the russ dizdar interviews have really opened up a lot of perspective for me on the entire ufo scenario…

    i was reading yesterday about how the “greys” are identified in certain occultic writings to be the fallen angels that reside at the gates of hell… which brings new meaning to the scripture “the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church”…
    (was Jesus referring to the “greys”? i know that for speaking for myself, yes, on some level, he was)

    Matthew 16:18
    And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    since the enemy is the author of confusion, it stands to reason that the entire abduction scenario follows along with the nazi experiments conducted by mengele and men of his ilk…
    and even the same scenario is being played out in our society today, as russ said…to great effect…

    lynn, ive never heard you comment on chemtrails, but i believe that they are part of the end time deception… ive read that there are narcotics contained in chemtrails, as well as other compounds…

    one of the things that mengele learned during his experiments is:

    that nutritional deficiencies create a very receptive and malleable state of mind in individuals…

    this is why much of the food that we consume in the US is BANNED in the EU…
    we are being starved and poisoned at the same time by genetically engineered foods in the US…
    what this does is make our systems more receptive to certain compounds which mimic our own hormones,
    and we end up toxic at the cellular level…
    anything that slows down or toxifies at the mitochondrial level weakens our resistance to suggestion, and manipulation…

    this is where chemtrails come in…
    does anyone seriously doubt that they would put ANYTHING in chemtrails that we could trace?
    the ingredients of chemtrails are decades ahead of anything ANY civilian testing lab could detect…

  2. i dunno it why seems like some people are too AFRAID to comment on russ dizdar…

    gee, i wonder why they would be afraid?

    maybe cuz theyre the ones who flagged (and had removed) the russ dizdar youtube videos?

    maybe cuz it exposes what they do behind the scenes?

    maybe cuz it hits too close to home?

    hmmmmmmmm? 😉

  3. I am planning on being here at 8 to listen to the program! I hope I don’t miss it this time! I found an article on Fox News where Obama banned religious objects in the visual of his speech made at a Catholic college. If you are offended by the decor, why make your speech there? To appear to support faith, while defacing it? This is so strange,

  4. christine,

    yeah i read about that…

    it really sucks that our president is licking the boots of the antichrist by having them cover up Jesus…

    obama has about as much spine as a wet noodle…

  5. The Soviets used this technique of personality submersion to create infiltration agents. What man has done Lucifer has done better (worse), even though it was Lucifer who taught the techniques in the first place.

  6. Listening to the radio program….at last! It’s great! Very informative and chilling! It makes you want to go around shaking everybody and telling them to wake up! I like what was said about the ancient gods, molech, being worshipped by various cultures including the Mayan. The Mayan were wiped out,but the demon still exists! I hadn’t even thought about it, although it did occur to me that worshipping the sun god in any culture under different names, I understood, was worshipping the same entity. I never connected the dots that he still existed! Outstanding radio show! Hector! I heard your question! During the holocaust people were hailed as heroes when they hid and protected the Jews and people targeted by Hitler. There won’t be any of those heroes this time around. They will be so demon possessed that, if you are not one of them, they will want you dead. Our only protection is to be hidden under the wings of Adonai! I wonder if the implanted computer chip will split the personalities of the people who receive it, rendering them unable to repent?

  7. Cottonwood, I know you were looking for the missing videos from youtube and the black awakening. From the radio show tonight, I went to Russ’ web site “shatter the darkness.” I found a link that took me to this search page. click here. It appears that some of the mssing videos may be there. Hope this helps you.

  8. I have been looking at myself in the mirror- seeing if I am alone or have some other company inside. Partly joking.Can a Christian still be saved even with ugly emotions such as depression, moodiness, coping mechanisms that are broken. I feel so unholy at times and pray that I am not doomed to hell. I don’t have a lot of evidence of the fruits of the Spirit.I have come a long way but I’m still somewhat broken. I really struggle with feeling condemned instead of the joy of being saved. Blah blah blah I ramble on , I feel I can lay it on the line with ya all . Thanks, praise you in the name of Yeshua-off to Bible study….great show Lynn.

  9. wow that show was awesome! 😀

    so, i guess russ feels like some of the multi killings have been “tests” of the “black awakening” mechanism…
    even the guy who recently shot up the immigration center said he was constantly harassed by undercover cops… (MIBs?)
    he also said he was attacked by microwave weaponry of some kind?
    i KNOW our military has this technology at their disposal today….

    isnt russ concerned that the military might try and “shut him up”?
    (not that i think that it would make any difference to him at all, his is an awesome calling!) 🙂


    anyways, the part that touched my heart the most was the question about DID multi-personalities and salvation…
    ive read that even if ONE of the personalities prays to receive Christ then the entire person is Saved!
    and that even if when the person started in the program at 4 yrs old, they cried out to Jesus, they are saved…
    because i KNOW that it was not the kids fault that they were inducted into the monarch program!

    i actually believe ive had some friends who were involved in these programs…
    and it breaks my heart to think of all theyve had to go through…
    i have one friend right now who i think may have been involved…
    what is the saddest thing is that one personality does not know that the others exist…

  10. Cottonwood, you are not alone! We all have moments of sadness and frustration! I have just learned to keep filling myself with the Word and with music that glorifies the Lord! Eventually I come back up! I just have to keep filling up on the Lord! I use to hold a job in an automotive factory making $28 an hour! I hurt my back, and they didn’t have to pay me anything because I didn’t report it right away. (I didn’t know how bad it was!) I have been through 4 surgeries, including a spinal fusion 9 weeks ago. Now I am living on an insurance check from AIG, (holding my breath!) and waiting on them to apply for my disability. It is hard for me to concentrate to finish school. I am taking information systems/visual which is primarily web design. If I can get my assignments turned in, I will get my two year degree in December and my 4 year degree 18-24 months later. I am just saying, when you work and make that kind of money, then end up jobless, and I know it is a super big struggle to finish school, it is really hard to hold on to my self worth. I can’t contribute much to the household and we live in fear of losing our home every month! My husband married me knowing I was healthy and strong and capable of making a good living! Imagine how stressful this is for him! I have to keep reminding myself that G-d does not see my worth in my job. He has plans for me, even if I cannot finish school! Some days I cry a lot, but I always come back up! I think, if I can’t take the stress now, how am I going to make it when it gets worse? I am going to have to depend totally on the Lord! You can too!
    Hector, I don’t know if the military will try to shut Russ up, not yet. They are probably counting on a sleeping church and people thinking he is a doomsday prophet and someone they don’t need to pay attention too! Now when people start waking up and seeing what is going on….it may be a different story!
    Lisa, Looks like we are getting close to the time people will begin to accept the ufo sightings! What’s next? The revealing? I do believe evil is waxing worse and worse. There is no telling the battle that is being waged in the unseen! To think that this battle will soon be seen is chilling! I do take comfort in knowing that we are on the Lord’s side! We are on the side that will be victorious!

  11. Cottonwood, I agree with Christine, you are not alone! Please know we all are here for you anytime you need uplifting or prayer. We must all support one another through good and bad, especially as time ticks down to the final moments. You have a “family” here to help you and your family there! If we – the Church – do not raise up one another, who will? Certainly not the world in which we live!

    I hate that I missed tonight’s program, but it was for a good cause – my mom’s birthday! We had a great time with all the family there.

    Christine, I feel more and more like your twin sister (OLDER twin – though not by much! LOL). You have been through so much as have I. I once had a doctor tell me “You know, Sherry, God has a way of slowing us down.” Wow, was that ever profound! I have learned through my illnesses that one cannot bless others that are suffering without having suffered as well.

    You know, Cottonwood, God may be using your situation as preparation for someone you will meet and bless through your testimony of God’s work in your life. I pray His peace to overcome you and His joy to fill you to overflowing.

    Blessings to you all.

  12. Cottonwood,
    I was saying almost the exact same words to a friend today. I am constantly asking these same questions–and it is so burdensome.
    The world we are dealing with today is larger than God ever intended for us– I think—and info overload in areas we never even imagined years ago.
    Maybe we are dealing with a bit of what Paul spoke of when he said he does what he does not want to do. Of course he was so fine tuned that his struggle must have been small compared to what we are talking about.
    Hope it helps to know that you are not alone in these feelings. if you would like to email me.

  13. Thanks Christine, Sherry and Joan – It is such a blessing to hear your words of Biblical wisdom and kindness, it means a lot.I pray that Yeshua will comfort and strengthen you all in your physical,monetary,and spiritual trials.We were discussing trials and tribulation at the Bible study last night and how Peter denied the Lord three times yet Yeshua sought out Peter and instead of condemning him , Yeshua asked him to feed the flock-that is what I needed to hear . I am sure you can relate, as I do, to the feeling that you have completely failed the Lord in your calling and it is good to see that the saints had their struggles and Yeshua didn’t write them off as hell bound sinners.David struggled and he sinned and yet was considered a man after God’s own heart-that is the inspiration I/we all need when we feel like failures. The devil and his minions are really on the attack in these last days-from within and out. Like Lynn says, plead the shed blood of Christ and that will send the devil and/or his demonic entities screaming.I just have to remember, we have an all powerful God, even at times when I/we feel like such fallen, sinful, weak humans. “Therefore,there is now no condemnation for those who are in Yeshua/Jesus Christ Romans” 8:1 -Edification through Scripture for you, my Christian brethren.

  14. Cottonwood,
    Praise the Lord that you had a good Bible study and have been strengthened in your faith and walk. Unfortunately, on this earth, we remain in corruptible bodies with minds that are easily discouraged by attacks of the enemy. I was so encouraged to read your reference to David. It thrills my heart to remember that story and how no matter how we may fail the Lord, he is faithful to forgive when we ask. Thank you as well, for your prayers and words of wisdom for us. Without one another, where would we be? God be with you and give you a restful, glory-filled weekend!

    Thanks to everyone on this blog for your input, love and prayers. Thank you, Lynn for making the blog available, for keeping us informed on what is going on around us, AND for preparing us spiritually for the battles sure to come.

    God bless you all.

  15. To those who are feeling “unholy” and whose coping mechanisms are broken! Boy, do I hear you!

    But God has some great news for you. We need to trust what the Word of God says and not what we think or what others say about us: God says this: But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession. . . . He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. . . . and in Him you have been made complete!

    Thank God that our holiness isn’t based on our feelings or our performance. It’s based on birth–spiritual birth. In God’s eyes, born-again believers are SAINTS. We are holy, righteous, complete, and acceptable to God.

    We don’t always act like who we are, but performance doesn’t determine identity. Birth does. You can believe what the Bible says about you, or you might as well take a marker and blot out those (and many other) verses!

    As for broken coping mechanism–GREAT! God needs to break our coping mechanisms. Then, when they’re all broken, we come to the only resource we will ever need–Jesus Christ. He is sufficient and He wants us to trust in Him alone.

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