Strange Days….

dark-dayspegOver the weekend there was a spree of senseless killings, that defy logic. Thirteen people were mercilessly gunned down by a nut job with a death wish. Then there’s the children that were murdered by their own father because of a pending divorce. He turned the gun on himself afterward. Are these actions due to a growing despair that people are feeling that overwhelms them? I think many people have a sense of hopelessness as they watch the economic melt down and the uncertainty of the times we live in. Many people have lost their jobs and foreclosures are almost at record highs. These are strange days… 

North Korea launched a rocket over the weekend and most of the world yawned. Don’t we have missiles that can shoot that thing right out of the sky? Why should we care about what the North Koreans are doing? However, pundits like Newt Gingrich, declared recently that just one nuclear bomb detonated 200 miles high, over the central part of the continental United States, would blow us back to the stone age. Nothing would work any more. Cars wouldn’t start, and anything that had electrical components would be ruined forever. Think of our nation coming to a complete standstill. No Internet, television, radio, lighting, in short, all of the conveniences that we have come to take for granted, would be lost in an instant. The trucks that carry food to the markets would be dead in their tracks, their cargo’s rotting in the trailers. Strange days…. 

   Italy is reeling from a 6.5 earthquake that so far has killed over 90 people. It was reported that a scientist who tried to warn about the coming quake, due to his research in measuring gasses and early tremors was silenced by the Mayor of the town that now lies in ruins. Why was he silenced?     

   On the UFO front, there were a rash of sightings in Southern California, not to mention China – I blogged about this on Friday. They’re not going away are they? 

   These are strange days. It seems that we are accelerating toward the time of which the Bible calls, the time of Jacob’s trouble. Here’s something to consider. Yesterday was Palm Sunday. This day was celebrated in Christian churches all over the world and in most, palm branches were given out. Most people fail to realize the true significance of the day. We are celebrating the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, on a donkey, and the people laid palm branches before him. The true meaning has been lost, however, through the ages. Jesus was fulfilling prophecy that was given hundreds of years earlier by the prophet Daniel. In that book, Daniel is told by an angel the exact time when the Messiah will appear. It is one of the most startling prophetic passages in all of scripture. We are told that from the time when the decree goes forth to rebuild the temple, until Messiah comes it will be so many years. Jesus rides unto Jerusalem on the precise day, fulfilling the prophecy. Later that same day he weeps over Jerusalem and says, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks but you did not know the day of your coming…”

   These are strange days. If we read Mathew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 we will see that Jesus gives us the signs that will come before his return. I believe that what is happening in the world today, the economic uncertainty, the rumors of war, earthquakes in various places, famines, pestilence and the senseless killings are signs that we are fast approaching the last days. It is time for many of us to lean on this, “The arm of the Lord is mighty to save… ”

These are strange days indeed…

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  1. Lynn,
    Thank you for acknowledging the seriousness of the North Korean missle launch. I have been extremely frustrated with our news sources on this subject. After reading in the weeks leading up to this that the North Koreans actually gave us a timeframe, I wrote it on my daytimer! I live in southern CA and was surprised that people I spoke with had no clue about this upcoming launch. And, those who had heard something about it were quite relaxed, unlike myself, who was rather unnerved. I purchased extra water and canned goods during my weekly grocery run and everything 🙂

    Once I heard Geraldo on Fox announce they had launched, I phoned relatives to tell them we love them, just in case the thing was headed our way! Of course, they all felt I was overreacting… Then, after about an hour, the news went black about the entire thing! I became angry and frustrated trying to find out the status at that point. A friend calmed my nerves with information she had read that the missle would take about a half an hour to reach us once launched if it were headed our way and that time had passed so it must have gone down already… Okay, well, where? Did it hit somewhere else – Alaska, Hawaii? Surely they would tell us if that had occurred, right? Did we shoot it down? Or did it just not travel as far as predicted and landed in the ocean somewhere?

    I’ve now heard that is what ended up happening, but still I’ve yet to discover any details from our news sources, like where in the Pacific did it fall? How far did it actually travel? And, perhaps most importantly, where was it targeted had it travelled the distance it was designed to – I heard they thought it would go about 4,000 miles or so – so, did it go 3,000 or 2,000 or what?? I read it went over the Sea of Japan and Japan itself and then landed in the Pacific – was it close to Hawaii?? Another obvious and unanswerable question is did it have a payload?

    But, for now, I personally would like to know where it was targeted and how far it actually got on its mission – if anyone has this information, please share 🙂

    Our family was extremely frightened over this event – I suppose because we had somewhat of a clue and were preparing for a worst case scenario. I feel really exposed and unsafe now and I’m angry about the non-chalant attitudes and that details appear to be NOT transparent. Oh, there’s political outrage, but what will they really do about it? We’re evidentally a passive diplomatic government now, which means a vicious tongue lashing and no action. I miss my “cowboy” president 🙂 North Korean needs a butt-kicking and I’m really not a warmonger type person, but this came too close to home and really scared this U.S. citizen and her family!

    Is it possible that the news isn’t sharing where this missle was headed because if we knew we were being targeted and the only reason we weren’t hit is because THIS TIME they fell short then everyone in America would feel the outrage I’m expressing??

  2. well i would fist like to say Thank You L.A. Marzulli for all your hard work and dedication..

    Second, i have had this feeling the majority of my life. where i have a strong calling that i am here to help others in the end days. when i found out about your work just days ago i was so astonished that all of this info that has been floating around in my head was suddenly organized and put into perspective. it was literally like taking dark sunglasses
    off and being able to see the true colors of the world. i mean i went and bought your book “Politics prophecy and the supernatural” the day after i came across your work.
    i just cant explain the feeling i had when i read your work. See i’am a Christian and have always been interested in prophecy.but i have to admit that in the past few months i have been researching aliens in the bible and i started to sway off path where The Coming Deception actually looked as a real explanation to life but there was still this void until when i came across your work, it was like a smack in the face showing me how easy it is to be Deceived by “them”.

    Thank You,
    Christian A.

  3. Lynn,

    Um ok as usual i get the feeling that you only let on HALF of what you really know! 🙂
    Sometimes i just wish you would say ALL of what the real deal is…

    Ill let you in on a little secret, last week friday morning i think i woke up in the middle of the night and the ‘black awakening’ was somehow on my mind… and for some reason the recent killing sprees just seemed to ‘line up’ with the ‘black awakening’…
    i believe that these recent killing sprees are a satanic ‘field testing’ of the black awakening…

    i felt God speak into my spirit that these killing sprees are merely testing the mechanism by which satan will trigger his weaponised human army…(im not sure if you spoke with russ dizdar on this subject, i dont recall him mentioning it on his interview)

    im not trying to freak anyone out, but my impression is that the earth is presently being overrun by these murderous demonic entities… who, in turn, open up more portals… each killing spree opens up new portals through which the enemy can exploit and bring more fallen ones into our dimension… (if i freak anyone out, let me know and i will just save it for an email for lynn)

    Actually, satan can enter a person by ANY trauma, it doesnt necessarily have to be a monarch mind control slave… and the US is NOT the only country with access to that mind control info…

    The good news is that satan is STILL subservient to the name of Jesus… Christians need to PRAY PRAY PRAY for this country… we can send Gods Angels to cover our country and stop ANY portal the enemy tries to open up! One thing that russ dizdar said about prayer… he said he uses targeted prayer against the enemy!

    We need to pray against the demonic horde that is trying to overrun our country…

  4. I agree these are strange days but if the enemy can keep us off our Christian footing(by hopeless, depression) then he has accomplished the first half of the equation. As a result, the second half is accomplished by not telling others about Jesus(salvation)while we are wallowing in our misery. It is becoming a numbers game now and hanging in the balance are peoples souls.

  5. Hi Gidget,

    Be not alarmed. God is in control. We are here now because in God’s plan we were born for these days. God has a plan for each of us. When I get a little unnerved I remember John Paul II’s motto, “Be not afraid”. So stay close to God and trust in Him. He’s got it all figured out.

  6. “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one” 1Jn5:19.

    It is certain that the days of Noah is upon the world; Evil must take its course. Hell has enlarged itself.
    “let the one who does wrong,still do wrong; and let the one who if filthy, still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness; let the one who is holy, still keep himself holy” Rev22:11.

    This world has no hope! Let us ensure that we are Hid in Christ Jesus, He is “the hope” of His people.
    John B

  7. Concerning ‘abductions’. Several years ago, a British family were on holidy in an isolated district in Greece (I think). Their blonde, blue eyed son of about 3-4yrs mysteriously vanished. In spite of a huge, prolonged search the little boy was never found. He would be around 20yrs now, and his mum still returns to search for him.

    More recently, another British family were also on holidy in Portugal (I think). This time it was a blonde, blue eyed little girl, similar age, who was sharing a bedroom with her younger siblings and some little friends, who were not touched. Lots of accusations were made, but the result has resulted in a mystery. It may be poor policing, but there seems to be no evidence at all. The parents are still looking for their daughter.

    In spite of ernest prayer, nothing has come to light. I dare not even think about my fears for those two children. What about the unbelievable, is it possible they have been removed by demons?

    Frankly I don’t know which is worse. I don’t want to mention their names so openly – what do you think about the possibility that these are cases of ‘alien’ abduction. If it is, why aren’t all the prayers on their behalf bringing their release? If they are still alive?

  8. It is certain that the days of Noah is upon the world; Evil must take its course. Hell has enlarged itself.
    “let the one who does wrong,still do wrong; and let the one who if filthy, still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness; let the one who is holy, still keep himself holy” Rev22:11.

    Amen to that John! Lately I am acting like some wide eyed street preacher with a doomsday sign-Repent Ye Sinners!!!! At least I am not staying quiet-with my intense personality that is impossible;)

    Keep up the great work Christian Soldiers!!! In Yeshuas name.

  9. The birth pains are getting stronger and stronger! It won’t be long and we will be seeing Y’shua/Jesus! When we feel despaired we must pray and keep our eyes on Him! There will be hard times, and there will be times of discouragement, but we must keep our eyes on our Hope! Remember, the Word says the joy of the Lord is our strength. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Sing unto the Lord! It doesn’t have to sound good, it just has to be joyful! You will be suprised how it will lift your spirits! Like Virginia said, we were born for these days. We may not understand it now, but He knows why He has us here! Just remember that whatever you go through, when you are around anyone else going through something, encourage them in the Lord! Like John said, encourage them that hope is in the Lord! Cottonwood, you can check out my myspace at I don’t know if you will like the music, I like it really up beat, but you may find something else you like!

  10. Sideline but relevant….report with photos and video about an attack of some type of “creature” to a small SUV on April 2, 2009. This sounds oddly familiar like the one that was reported on ? I believe “Monster Quest” on the History channel recently. This one on April 2 is totally different.


    Could this be related to all that’s going on? The odd thing about it, the lady in the video said they heard nothing but she says it like she should have heard something. She describes it like it happened while they were at home and in ear shot if her SUV.

  11. Hi Lynn,

    Strange days indeed. The signs are growing in frequency and intensity, just like the birth pangs of a woman in labor. That day is approaching, and approaching fast!

    Kevin J.

  12. Lynn,
    As you can now tell, the russ dizdar interview was supernaturally timely…
    The entire interview resonated STRONGLY with the TRUTH…

    For me, it brought to mind a friend of mine…
    He was my best friend growing up, lets call him ‘mike’-
    As a child, he was known to be the ‘problem child’ he was always able to say the right thing to get you mad, always hyperactive, always getting into trouble… (because he had a terrible secret)
    When we became teenagers, he opened up to me about what had happened to him as a child…

    Close to mikes home, there was a youth club called ‘Demolay’
    (i hope some of you know what this is, it is a division of freemasonry, and also a notorious child satanic ritual abuse organization)

    He told me that as a child he was invited to go on one of their camping trips…
    He said that while on this camping trip, his youth counselor began to molest him…
    His own words were: “at that time i felt like they were doing mind control experiments on me”
    Of course later on in life, as he went through therapist after therapist, they all told him it was a ‘false memory’…

    He ended up in Camarillo mental institution, in california, for years…
    The last few times i saw him, he was kind of a vegetable…i would see him hitch hiking here or there, and i would always stop, pick him up, and witness to him about the Lord…
    Sadly, he committed suicide about five years ago…

    I mean i have read account after account on the web about this, but it was only after hearing russ’s interview that my friend mike came to my mind…
    and the horrible truth about what he had to go through…
    the old demolay building has been closed down for years now…
    but, apparently, they can do whatever they want to do to kids with impunity, and law enforcement will look the other way…

    It was the same way with the mcmillan preschool case…
    evidence was squashed, kids were told that it was all false memory…
    the district attorney looked the other way…
    because it was OUR GOVERNMENT that was responsible….

    im sorry i just had to get this out there, its VERY important, for someone who is going through this, or for someone who has gone through this…


    Also of interest is the irony (purposeful?) of naming the Masonic youth league the DeMolay order for boys as if Jacques DeMolay (Jacques de Molay) was some sort of hero.

    Christians should be aware that DeMolay was burned at the stake for being a pedophile, homosexual, for practicing witchcraft, and for worshipping the false god Baphomet.

    History tells us that DeMolay even denied Jesus Christ in front of both the Catholic Pope and the King of France. DeMolay was the last Grand Master of the Templers. The Order of DeMolay is designed to draw youngsters into Masonry and the occult, just like its counterparts for girls (Rainbow Girls & Job’s Daughters). The Order of the Eastern Star is made up of women relatives of Masons. Even though the youth groups such as the Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, and the DeMolays, seem like innocent organizations, we must remember that these associations are considered to be ‘feeder groups’. The adolescents in these societies are being groomed for potential membership in Masonry and the Eastern Star when they reach adulthood. In fact, according to The New Age, a Masonic journal … about 50% of DeMolays join Masonry when they reach 21 years of age.” [“Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star”, by Dr. Burns, p. 366

  13. Checked out your site Christine…Good site and upbeat!I like my music twangy- Hillybilly Bluegrass style!!! I wonder what judgement Yahweh/God is going to pour out over the Pesach/Passover-I am holding my breathe for some more righteous judgment like the major stock crashes on the last 3 fall feasts of the Lord.I just can’t see the God hating, pagan worshiping, wickedness in this society going on without a major judgment coming- more stock market crashes or natural disasters ???? How close are we to entering Tribulation???? Only God knows… but we are so close!!!I bet you when FEMA takes Glen Beck to one of the camps , it won’t be the ones set up for gassing, torturing and burning. It will be all nicely set up and the nice spokes-demon will say how much they care for the people and are only there to help the people in a crisis….sure… a self generated crisis then off to the death camp and off with our heads.. that is after being tortured awhile!!!!!Pre-Trib rapture is what I pray for!!!!

  14. Here is the trailer to this Kid’s 3-D movie called “Battle for Terra.”

    I was suprised how closely the Aliens resemble Greys. Especially the eyes & mouth. (The females seem to have had a little botox injections though.)

    That will mix up some little kids emotions when it comes to viewing man and aliens. Part truth- sinful man is bad- but aliens good.. yikes !!! The truth and lie is so intertwined, that “If you don’t know what the deception is, you will be deceived”(scary music playing in the background). A good line quoted from you Lynn:)-I wonder how many of us, percentage wise are aware of what is coming?????

  15. Please if i might be allowed some of your patience…

    What i am saying i believe i am saying at the prompting of the Holy Spirit…
    And i mean this with all compassion and caring…

    IF you find that you are not able to watch the russ dizdar youtube video playlist…
    It may be that there is a reason beyond just ‘being scared’…
    It could be that you may have been involved more than you are currently aware…
    I strongly urge you to contact russ dizdar, or his organization, or Lynn….
    (or me, yes my yt email works!)

    There is deliverance for your life!
    No need to live another day bound up by the enemies lies!

  16. Cottonwood, thanks for the kind words about my page! To be honest, I love all kinds of music! I am a music fanatic! I have many different kinds of cd’s myself. I have classical, Christian rock, some rock, country, bluegrass, Christian country and bluegrass, Messianic Jewish music, Mexican,Reggae, and R@B,(both Christian and secular), ect. I am begging my husband to go see a couple of concerts coming here this month. One is Yanni and the other is the Gaither Vocal Band. I use to play in a Christian bluegrass group, but I mostly do listen to the Christian rock because it is so upbeat and uplifting!
    I do believe we are in for some dramatic events on the feast days.These are feasts of G-d! For too long they have been labeled Jewish holidays. They are fact G-d ordained “to you and to all people”! As I have learned about them, and how they picture Y’shua/Jesus, I have been overwhelmed! I am so amazed that we as believers have been missing out on so much! I am celebrating the Passover this week with some friends. It is a beautiful time of the year! I am anxious, however, because I know that G-ds calendar moves according to these days, so there is no telling what we will see! I have a newletter from Israel. If anyone is interested in seeing it, they can email me at What struck me most was that Benjamin Netanyahu was saying that, if we cannot stop Iran from building nukes, they will have to strike! We are definitely getting close!
    Hector, I appreciate your entry on Freemasonry! When I was young, I was invited to be a part of Rainbow girls! I never knew they were connected! Talk about G-d moving in our lives, I never got to go and be a part of it, and I was really disappointed! Now I am really glad I didn’t! We have a man who comes to our church. He use to be in the Shriners. He has been warning everybody how bad it is in the higher degrees. Pat Robertson’s “The New World Order” delves into Freemasonry. Apparently, he has known someone who was pretty high in it, and he had a lot of interesting things to say about it. Even if you don’t agree with his religious beliefs, it has a lot of good information!
    I thought it was interesting that Obama is reaching out to Turkey. The belief is that Turkey is one of the countries that will come against Israel! How weird is that?
    I was also struck by the news this morning that one of our states is wanting $350,000 to build a tunnel under a road so the salamanders and frogs can cross under the road, without getting hit by cars! For crying out loud! If you want to spend that kind of money, find some kind of home for those poor people who have lost their homes and are living in tents! What kind of people are we when we worry more about a lizard than a human being?
    I heard this morning that little girl that was missing was found dead, submerged in water in a suitcase! She had just been playing outside and disappeared! What a horrible world we live in when a child isn’t safe playing! Things like this make me want the Lord to hurry up and come and set up His kingdom! Evil is waxing worse and worse and, the more I see of it, the more I want to get as far away from it as I can! How can anyone want to be a part of the occult or anything that represents something so evil! I can’t wait to see Satan bow before Y’shua/Jesus and proclaim that He is truly the Lord!
    I have to say kudos to Lynn for his trilogy on the nephilim! However, if you have to make a choice, get Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural! It is a real eye-opener! Reading these entries, and reading his book, it is amazing to me how every inch of this world is moving toward the last days! Everything dark, evil, and occultic is pushing hard for control of this world! They know they have but a short time and they are seeking to devour anyone they can! Thank G-d for sending His Son and making a way for us! In the Complete Jewish Bible Revelation 3:10 says,”Because you did obey my message about perservering, I will keep you from the time of trial coming upon the whole world to put the people living on earth to the test.” G-d will keep us during these times! What a wonderful promise!

  17. John B, I just realized that you had responded to a post I made earlier. I wasn’t trying to be reprimanding. I just know that, while we are in our earthly bodies, there will always be differences in people’s theology. I am ok with differences, as long as what they believe is pointing them to salvation in Y’shua/Jesus. I do believe there will come a time when He will pull us altogether, it could be through persecution or when He gathers us in the air. We are fallible finite human beings trying to understand an infallible infinite G-d! I study and search the scriptures constantly, but I know in my heart He is so beyond anything my pea brain can wrap around! I am 100% for the belief that faith in Y’shua/Jesus and accepting that He died for our sins and rose on the third day is paramount to any walk with the Lord! Even with the children of Israel, the blood was applied before they went out into the desert to receive the commandments! I do believe there is a “race” as Paul put it. People can be truly seeking G-d and be in different places in this race. I do follow some of the Hebraic teachings, but only because I know that a lot of what was told to the children of Israel was good advice and teaching. I don’t believe that following these teachings will save you! I don’t believe that, if you don’t follow them, you will die and go to hell! Salvation is purely from Y’shua/Jesus and no other way! I do believe that He said that if we love Him we will keep His commandments. If we are born again, we are running the race that, when finished, will bring us to His kingdom! Where people are at on that path may be different. There are many people who are farther down the path than I am, and others who aren’t as far. I believe that G-d requires me to reach out to everyone intested in seeking Him. When possible, I am willing to pass along what I have learned. I realize that everyone won’t see things the way I do and that is ok. We all have different calls on our lives and as long as we are in the Lord, He will guide us down the path we need to be on. G-d told us to love Him and love one another. I have seen so many people pervert that to say, if you don’t believe exactly as I do, you are not a brother or sister. I believe this is bigger than anyone of us can ever imagine and G-d will lead with His Spirit and do what He will to bring us together. If there are some differences, I really think the main thing is to remember to love and stick together. If someone is truly wrong and truly following the Lord, He will show them. I always pray for people and have given them scriptures to read. Ultimately, they have to choose how they can best draw near to G-d. I do believe there are those who claim to walk with the Lord, but they do anything they want to do, no matter how unGodly it is. These people I pray hard for and pray for moments and the right scriptures to give and the right words to say to try to encourage them to find a true and right relationship with G-d. Again, I am not trying to be reprimanding, and I apologize if you felt I was, but,with all the evil going on in the world, it is truly time for us to stand together, love one another and encourage one another! We need to be a united front against evil!

  18. Hey Hector-I was listening to those videos of Russ Dizdar’s. I thought it was going to contain disturbing graphic images and I’ve seen enough graphic horror movies. Listening to his interview on audio does not have the same shock value, and that is a good thing. I can get the information without visual overload-I exposed myself to enough evil influences in my day! I downloaded the audio interviews for people to listen to on my site. I received my weekly e-mail from Olive Tree Ministries. It has an article about UFO’s and Chuck Missler’s book. I see more ministries are awakening to the truth! Daniel’s prophetic word comes to mind.”But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

    You are really on a roll of dialogue this morning eh, Christine:) Praise y’all in the name of Yeshua Ha Meshiac!!!

  19. LOL! Probably said more than I needed to! I updated my page with a beautiful Shema! Lynn has usually posted by now, I am missing it! I have been listening to the Russ Dizdar’s interviews too. I am amazed by the synchronization of evil! It’s like altogether now,….push! We as believers are going to have to synchronize ourselves with each other and the Spirit of the Lord, so we can push back!

  20. wow christine you can type pretty fast, lol…jus kiddin…
    i guess im just glad someone else can almost match my long-windedness…hehe
    thank you for your comment…yeah the rainbow girls…

    my friend paid a most horrible price at the hands o those demolay people…
    wanna hear the worst part? if you google demoly, it just comes up with positive reviews…
    if you google demolay exposed, it just comes out with positive reviews…
    if you google demolay satanic, it comes up with ONE page that exposes them, and all the rest of the pages are positive!

    omg do these guys have power or what?

  21. I have just given myself a fright! After checking to see if anyone had any comments on my earlier question, I went for a stroll around Utube. Mr Marzulli is on radio discussing ‘the microchip agenda’ – therein he mensions blonde, blue eyed Al Quida(sp?) operatives.

    I don’t know what else to say really! I just wonder if it is linked with the two missing children???

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