UFO Mother ship over China! + Acceleration Radio Recap:

ufo-mother-ship-over-la1 Ufos are real and burgeoning and not going away! Here is a story about a sighting in China. Sometimes in the Untied States we may embrace the erroneous concept that UFO sightings are only happening here and nowhere else. Nothing could be further from the truth. The phenomena is happening in all parts of the world and UFOs are seen by pretty much everybody. There seems to be a deliberate denial, by many people regarding the increase in sightings. While some of these are hoaxes or mistaken aircraft this doesn’t account for all of the sightings. If we only had one of these every ten years I wouldn’t be paying much attention to it and probably laugh it off the way most people do today. However, it seems to me that the increase in sightings may indicate that a full disclosure, of the so-called extraterrestrial presence may not be far away. With movies like Knowing and Race to Witch Mountain, that are, in my opinion, propaganda and a precursor of coming events,  are we being set up for full disclosure? I’ll say it again. How will you react when this happens? Will you be like the character in Knowing, that falls to his knees when he sees the Mother ship? Will you believe the lie that even the History Channel is beginning to promulgate regarding UFOs, that they were the gods that were worshipped by our ancestors? Be prepared. Do your homework! Here’s the story…                  

    Huge UFO over town causes mayhem 02 April 2009 China:

               UFO over town causes mayhem. In the Chinese town of Yongan a mammoth UFO that was described by residents as dark and long was seen by shocked residents. The sighting occurred at 8.45pm on March 14. The huge ‘Mother ship’ style craft was seen emerge from cloud cover and hover over the town. Dozens of residents scrambled into heir homes to find cameras but returned to discover the craft had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The UFO retreated back beyond the clouds leaving residents eagerly discussing what they had just seen. Local authorities were informed and UFO societies in the area are planning a full investigation. The sighting received wide coverage in Chinese media outlets. As UFO sightings become more common then ever before in China many citizens are pushing for their Government to reveal what they know about the topic. 

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joe-jordan2Yesterday, on Acceleration Radio, Joe Jordan was our guest. [his Bio is in the post below] He informed us of the Alien abduction phenomena and presented detailed information backed up by his research. The bottom line is unsettling and disturbing as Jordan’s research shows us that the alien abduction phenomena is real. Jordan has over 300 documented cases in which people have been able to stop their abduction by evoking the name of Jesus. Jordan also informed us that there seems to be a cover up within the UFO community in that his evidence has been largely ignored or met, in some cases, with more than hostile reaction. We have tentatively set another date for his return to Acceleration Radio and will inform you once the date is solidified. Here is  the link to the archived shows. http://www.archiveondemand.com

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  1. Do you ever feel like the Prophet Jeremiah? Ready to be chained and thrown into a dungeon, so people can shut you up! People including some of my own Christian brethren – DON’T want to listen to anything!They actually get pretty worked up about the topics I have been bringing to Bible study. One Christian brethren said I was even negatively affecting his ministry here with my doom and gloom scenario -well I am sorry but if you could see the stuff going on you would be warning others too. You have heard it all before, I am sure. Rebuttals we hear are “things like this (the economy, UFO’,etc.) have happened before and everyone thought that was the end times”, or ” it may come in ten years 100 years”, “the government is going turn things around”, the ‘economists’ say…blah blah blah, “this has been going on since the early church”, “we have to spread the gospel with love and tolerance and peace not with doom and gloom”( which sounds exactly like the language of New Age). Why is it all of this (UFO’s, antichrist, satanic energies being weaponized, economic chaos, deception,etc.)makes perfect sense to my wife and I yet so many others choose to stick their head in the sand!I feel so blessed to know that others like you are out there and this is NOT some fable because we are starting to feel ostracized and alone. Praise Yeshua and let’s be thankful He has given us wisdom and understanding in these perilous times of deception. Your site is a blessing Lynn!

    • There’s an incredibly obvious flaw with believing that there are ‘aliens,’ or even any other self aware beings that live on other planets.

      I quote this from the Book of Genesis Chapter 1, verse 26-27:

      “And he said, “Let us make man to our image and likness; and let him have domination of the fishes of the sea, and the fowls, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and everything that moveth upon the earth.

      And God created man to his own image; to the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them.”

      God created man, the only kind of being besides Jesus, that has a physical body and a immortal soul. We are the only physical ‘beings’ to be self aware, to have a will, to have choice of what we do. Animals don’t have that, they are programmed to do certain things, and to behave in certain ways, they do not have free will.

      The only other intelligent beings besides humans are angles and demons. They are immortal, and they can not take any physical shape. However, they can create illusions that cause humans to see what isn’t necessarily there.

      Here’s where I get to my main point, if ‘aliens’ or other physical and immortal beings (this excludes animals and immortal spirits (angles and demons)) don’t exist, why is there so much evidence to prove that some other race (that is far more technologically advanced then we are) actually exists?

      I’ll tell you. Most people who believe that there are aliens ‘out there’ do not believe in God. In fact, they may not believe in God simply because they believe that they’ve seen proof that other races exist, thus proving that Creationism is wrong. Who benefits from this? Who benefits from this unbelief?

      Satan, the Devil. The most evil being that exists and that will ever exist.

      There are a few things you need to understand about Satan.

      First of all, he’s real, and he’s your worst enemy. You may not believe that he or God exist, but sadly, you will at the Last Judgment, which everyone must face.

      Secondly, he isn’t Gods equal. Not even close, he’s more like St. Michael’s equal. God could destroy him with barely a single thought. God is a King, Satan WAS a prince.

      Thus Satan has absolutely no hope whatsoever of winning against God. It’s impossible. So what does he do? He tries to take down as many souls as he can before he loses. How does he do this? He leads them away from the path of God, namely the path of unbelief. Satan uses illusions to accomplish his goals of leading souls astray.
      One thing to remember is that Satan has a special hate for Our Lady, Mary the Mother of God, because at first, he was the most beautiful creation of God (which is why he eventually become so vain and evil that he thought he could challenge God), but when he fell and Our Lady was created, she become the most pure and holy creation that God created, replacing Satan.

      Be on your guard! Satan will do anything within his power to trick you into disbelief.

  2. Cottonwoodcreek,

    I know-exactly-what you’re talking about.

    Fortunately, the pastor of our Church loves Bible prophecy so the Body is at least aware of the times in which we live. It sounds like that is an additional hurdle in your case. I would remind them that their reaction is just what the Bible predicted in the Last Days & how many times the Lord said to “watch” – “be aware” – “be filled w/oil of the Holy Spirit” & don’t let the oil run dry. There will be scoffers in the Last Days asking where is the promise of His coming?

    That being said-some of the subject matter I’ve brought to the table in the Bible study I attend & on a blog was met w/skeptical concern even from prophetically aware Christians.

    Why don’t you just ask them to pray for Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment, & Understanding? They should not object to that & if they are sincere the Lord will fulfill the request.

    From my experience-I just put the information out there and I’m met w/the expected ridicule. (Not fun but what are you going to do-just pray.) Over time-(here comes the patience & long suffering part) the Holy Spirit will confirm it.

    If what we are speaking of is Spirit led & true then the Holy Spirit will reveal it to the hearts & minds of those who are listening & being led by Him. (Remember it’s on God’s time & not ours.) This can be accomplished through a sermon, friend, Bible verse, dream, life experience, etc…

    We are just the vessel-it’s the Spirit which does the great work. And remember if someone does come in agreement-don’t say I told you so.

    Humility is the key. (In fact I pray for that too!)

    Rev 1:3 “Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (And if it was at hand 2000 yrs ago-(God’s time) how much closer are we to His return now?)

    Luke 21:35 “Watch you therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

    **If Jesus specifically tells us to do something-then we better do it. (accounted worthy means to overcome everything Satan will throw @ us to shipwreck our faith. I always think of the story: “Pilgrim’s Progress”.)

  3. Lynn,

    A few day ago you mentioned you would send out this months newsletter.

    Any update on when that’s going to be ready?

  4. Lynn, thanks for the newsletter! The part about the shape-shifting alien family driving a car in city traffic is amazing. Wow. I never want to see something like that. But i guess its part of spiritual warfare…
    satan always picks on the defenseless, because hes a coward and a bully, and he knows his time is running out…have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Amen to that Lisa-God is in control and I am not:) Checked out your youtube site Hector and tried to send you a message but it didn’t go through. Your Nacho Libre video is out of order.

  6. Late Night Lisa, just looked at the mystery solved video. I was amazed to hear them say that most people do not beleive in UFO’s! Are they serious! I have met a lot of people who at least think maybe they exist! Anyway, as long as they have people who are pulling stupid pranks like that, it will always cast doubt on the reality. It probably will take a 2-3 mile wide mother shipe sitting over their heads before they wake up!
    Hector, I read the article about Canada. If there isn’t any UFO’s what are they trying to cover up? It just doesn’t make any sense. I think their biggest fear is that of a panic. After all, if they can’t explain it, can’t determine if it is malevolent or benevolent, and if they can’t offer any protection if it turns out to be malevolent, what will they say? I’m glad we don’t have to look to our government for protection! We can call upon the name of our Lord!

  7. Lynn,

    Within the context of russ dizdars interview on your show the increasing frequency of these mass slayings like the one in binghamton is quite alarming…One news report says that this the 5th mass slaying (in the US) this month alone!

    However, no one in the media can make any sense out of it…is this the beginning of the “black awakening?”

    Why cant anyone see the demonic infestation of peoples minds that is ramping up?
    Why cant anyone see the correlation with the increasing UFO phenomena?

  8. I know. I tried to even copy & paste from them here & it didn’t work.

    But-if you don’t mind a few more clicks just google “pennypresslv” & you will see the PDF file the 2nd down from the top. (:

  9. Here’s the week that just was:

    Saturday, March 27.

    A 23-year-old beheads his younger sister Bianca, 5, and kills Samantha Revelus, 17, at their home in Milton, Massachusetts. The killer is killed by police officers.

    Sunday, March 29.

    Seven patients and a nurse were killed during a Sunday morning shooting at a Carthage, North Carolina, nursing home. The 45-year-old man accused of carrying out the attack was shot by a police officer, and his condition “is currently unknown.”

    Friday, April 3.

    A 41-year-old gunman barricaded the back door of a community center with his car and then opened fire on a room full of immigrants taking a citizenship class Friday, killing 13 people before dying by suicide, in Binghamton, New York.

    Saturday, April 4.

    The bodies of five children between the ages of 7 and 16 years old and their father were found dead in separate locations south of Seattle, near Orting, Washington State on Saturday. The father apparently killed his children before dying by suicide near a casino some distance away from their home.

    Three Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic-disturbance call on the morning of Saturday, were killed when a man, who is hiding and waiting, armed with an AK-47, opened fire on them.

    Other very recent shootings include these:

    A gunman killed 10 people and himself in Samson, Alabama; shootings that began with a traffic stop in Oakland, California, left four police officers and the gunman dead; an apparent murder-suicide in Santa Clara, California, left six dead. At an Illinois church, a man shot and killed the pastor and stabbed two parishioners, and a 17-year-old in Germany killed 15 people in two small towns before dying in a shootout with police.

  10. I can’t conceive of what would inspire a father or mother to kill their children. Even if she was leaving him, he could still have a relationship with them! I guess it is being overcome with the feeling of being out of control. It is horrific! Just a note but on Glen Beck on Monday at 5pm eastern time on FOX, he is investigating the rumors about the FEMA concentration camps. Should be interesting!

  11. Hector, how much of this do you believe is perhaps demonically inspired? Seems like a LOT more of this kind of stuff than usual, lately.

  12. nimbus,

    Well the Word of God says ‘perilous times’ shall come upon the earth…
    I know that with the increasing frequency of these killing sprees we will become desensitized (if we arent already) and it will be a ho-hum occurrence…

    Also, the thought occurred to me today, why are all these people who run amok MEN?
    Is it the testoserone?
    Is it ‘roid rage?’

  13. I believe it was on Fox news last night. They were talking about all of the killings. In fact, I believe it was Geraldo. Anyway, they call it killing because of the economy. They went over the list in the last few weeks of people who robbed banks or killed and they were normally perceived as good citizens. They said the economy isn’t as bad as it was 12 years ago, and yet we are having more people lose it. I do believe we have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and anything that threatens it unnerves people. It is especially harder for men because they feel the burden of providing for their family and, when that is taken from them, they tend to lose their self worth. Men tend to crawl into their caves while women under pressure communicate with others and releave some of the pressure. Of course, as time goes on, we will probably see more women involved. I am thinking about a 60 something year old lady who was branded the granny bandit a few days ago because she was robbing banks. Anyway, they were talking about that, if the economy worsens, we will probably see these activites increase. They also said that many of these people may get sympathy from a jury since it is related to the economy and most of these people had never been in trouble before. They did say, however, that the economy is not a reason to go bezerk and these people will have to do their time in jail. Just about two weeks ago we had a man in SC who was a deacon in his church and had children. His realty/construction company was going under and he was stressed to pay the bills and care for his family. He lost it and robbed a local bank, holding several people hostage for quite awhile. Now you would think a deacon would know to call upon the Lord in his time of trouble. It just goes to show that we are in a day and age, if you do not watch over your soul and stay in touch with G-d, anyone is capable of anything. We really need to be fasting and praying.

  14. Does anyone listen to Alex Jones? I noticed on YouTube that he has several entries on the concentration camps. Seems he and Glenn Beck have been feuding over this issue with Alex saying they exist and Glenn trying to find out if that is true. Personally, I think they are already established and waiting for the “inmates”. Just WHO will that be…??? Christians???

    Christine, thanks for the heads-up for Glenn’s show this evening. I’ll try to watch. It seems you and I may live in the same area!! I was so saddened by that man’s story and the fact that now he faces so many years in jail that his kids will all be grown and living their own lives when he gets out. So tragic. I would love to talk to you but don’t know how to go about getting in contact. I’m sure you don’t want to post your email addy, so do you have a website? I don’t, but let me know if you have any ideas. It is reassuring to know that there are people around (in my area) that think about these last days as I do.

    You are right about the need for prayer and fasting. They are by far the largest weapons in our arsenal! God bless.

  15. I live in the Greenville SC area. I have a myspace page. myspace.com/christineworleycarter. I don’t mind giving an email address. I have about 3 of them! chrstn_crtr@yahoo.com. I got busy today and didn’t get to see Glenn Beck. What did he have to say? I figured by the tease that he was going to try to debunk them. He must have some good facts. He has really been sounding a warning to everybody about America going bankrupt and falling into anarchy. I have been surprised by his straightforwardness! The problem is, since there is no one using them at the mooment, it is like the ufo theory. No one will absolutely know until it happens, and even if the plan is to use them for something else, plans can change to suit the purpose. It seems there is a stream of Bible-believing people that have their antennae’s up! Some of them are sensitive to some of the stuff going on, but not all of it. Even those of us who are watching everything we can, we probably can’t see it all! It will pay to pray and be ready…..for anything!

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