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listenlive   I’m pleased to announce that Joe Jordan will be my guest this evening on Acceleration Radio. Here’s his BIO below. If you’re not sure how to listen to the show please go to my web sit and follow the instructions there by clicking the microphone stand. 
  If you email me during the show with a question for Joe, you’ll get a free     News Magazine that will come via e-mail! 
   joe-jordan1 Joe Jordan is a 17 year veteran Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and State Section Director for Brevard county, Florida, the home of the Kennedy Space Center.
   Joe is also President of CE4 Research Group, an Alien Abduction Research group, founded in 1995, consisting primarily MUFON investigators.
   Joe is co-founder of, a UFO and Alien Abduction information research group. He is also co-founder of the Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America,, a counseling group helping those who have had the so-called Alien Abduction experience.
     Joe Jordan is the first researcher in the UFO community to share, from his findings, case testimonies showing the ability of abduction experiencers be able to not only stop , but terminate their experiences by using the name and authority of Jesus Christ.
      His research, termed, “The Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle”, has been written about by 12 authors over the past 10 years. Having worked with over 300 cases, his findings shed light on the true nature of the alien entities. It is also the only repeatable event in UFO research, the “smoking gun” that all of the UFO research community is looking for as real evidence.
      Joe has spoken at the 60th Anniversary Roswell UFO Conference in 2007, and Directed and spoke at the 2008 Roswell UfO Conference, as well as the 2003,2004,and 2005 Ancient of Days Conferences in Roswell. He will also be speaking this year at the 2009 Ancient of Days Christian Symposium on UFOs in Roswell.
      Joe Jordan is employed with Sea Ray Boat Company as an Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator at their Product Development and Engineering Division in Merritt Island, Florida.
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You may access the other show by going to This site is maintained by our producer so it’s a pay for play format. I will, however be doing a Best Of Show CD and make ii available, most likely every 4 months or so.

24 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio Today: Joe Jordan!

  1. Really enjoyed the UFO Hunters programs last night. The second program about the 6 donut-like space crafts over Maury Island hit close to home since I live in the Puget Sound area. Also, Hamilton Air Force base, where those two planes were headed with the “alien cargo”, was about 20 minutes up the highway from where I grew up in California. The base is located in Marin County. The county line begins when you are about 1/2 way across the Golden Gate Bridge going North. The base has long been decommissioned as a military base but may still be used for private planes.

    Looking forward to tonite’s program.

  2. Lynn,

    Thank you for this blog, and for your Prayers, I feel that they are most effective! 🙂

    Yesterday I was thinking about the bourgeoning of the ufo phenomenon, and the thought occurred to me, as time goes on, and the nephilim become more and more aggressive in their behaviours, that the world will realize that the only ones who have Power over these things are Christians…

    Because all others are defenseless…the name of buddha or mohammed has no effect on the abductions, the aliens will rarely if ever slander the name of vishna… they only seem to hate and slander the name of Jesus…

  3. I was just on this website and read this-As believers in Yeshua we have important decisions to make sometimes. We’re supposed to remain a holy people; set apart for Yeshua and His service. I’ve never been one for fads; especially fads that I can discern are ploys to make money in the Christian arena. When I came to know Yeshua as Adonai and Savior I put aside fads. IF we decide to follow Yeshua and if we take Him seriously then we really have no time for the trivial things of the world, or things that the Church sees as new revelations from the Almighty.

    Yeshua gave us commands by His own mouth and through the mouths of the apostles. The commands and lessons that we are given in both Covenants are for our benefit and the benefit of those we love and respect as well for anyone that we have contact with. Where my affiliation with MUFON is concerned, I had to listen to Yahweh when He spoke to me about this association. I’ve been a member of MUFON for four years and a field investigator for three of those years. During this last year I have been hearing Yahweh echo the following scripture in my mind over and over again, and I just cannot ignore His voice.-Delusion Resistance

    Anybody know anything about this?

  4. I am tuned in early to that station to listen to the program tonight-what an excellent selection of tunes-twangy the way I like it-I am sure there will be fiddles and mandolins in heaven!!!!!

  5. When He (God) said “a new covenant,” He has made the Old Obsolete. Heb8:13. Obsolete means out of Date.

    The reason I point this out is because many many church leaders still instruct their people that the Old covenant promises are still applicable. I certainly won’t drink milk which is out of date!

    What is it that cannot be understood about the word Obsolete? Why is it that the differential concept of Old & New be Grasped.
    May be A “theological Stronghold” in the Mind is the Problem.

    Russ Dizdar says the devil is a theologian, I agree, He (the devil) quoted Psalm 91 Vs 11,12 to Jesus in the wilderness Temptation… John B

  6. Forget these computers…I tried everything and ended up on one of my hillbilly stations instead of the show arghh …technology is so…….

  7. Cottonwoodcreekfarm,

    yeah it seems to me that mufon is going new age…
    delusion resistance is a good name- although it seems a bit derivative of alien resistance…
    email me on my youtube channel if ya wanna talk 🙂

  8. That was a wonderful show, Lynn. Joe Jordan is a walking library of information on UFO abduction experiences. I was especially intrigued with his answer to my question about Christians witnessing UFOs. (Thanks for reading my question, by the way – I’m so excited about receiving the newsletter!) It is a little unnerving to think the demons have been getting more blatant in their attack on humans and are aiming for Christians as well. Thank God he covers us in His blood. We need to plead the blood of Jesus over our family daily and stay grounded in the word.

    I’m looking forward to all the upcoming broadcasts and only wish there were more minutes in an hour when you are on! Time flies during these interviews.

    God bless you abundantly, Lynn.

  9. Hey, has anyone noticed that the post clock is WAAAYYY off??? It reads my post was done at 3:25am, but it was 11:25pm. Hopefully, it was not a lost-time episode! (that was a joke everybody, just kidding!)
    Maybe wordpress knows what is going on? Just curious.

  10. Excellent show had a couple of people sitting around and looking at the computer screen listening. I was reminded about how folks must have sat around the radio tube about dozens of years ago. I hope your show continues to grow and hopefully I can copy/paste your radio icon into a blog with link and get more people listening in! You announced the guest for next week, remind us again so we can be thinking about next week. Thanks!

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  12. Cottonwood, love the website! I have marked it in my faves! (along with this one of course!) I haven’t been on for a couple of days. Things have been wild around here! Trying to play catch up with college courses! Help! I need prayer! Seriously! This is my last chance. I took a leave of absence for surgery so, if I don’t get it this time, I’m out! I have good grades, but it is very difficult!
    John B I like to focus on what makes us all one, rather than the differences we have. As long as we believe in Y’shua/Jesus as savior and that He was sent by Adonai to die for us, and resurrected on the third day, we have the most important part. We can argue theology until we are blue in the face. We need to pray for one another and uplift one another. We may find out how much we really need one another and the Lord really soon!

  13. Hello Christine, there is nothing that I desire more than unity among Christians.

    The “reality” is, Christians are divided. Apostle Paul said; “We are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by Waves, and carried about by 1.every wind of doctrine, the Trickery of Men, craftiness in deceitful scheming” Eph4:14.

    I believe that it is those three things that the Apostle mentions above in vs 14 that prevents the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of Peace.

    I am in agreement with the Apostles of our Lord in pointing out the things that divide the Body in order to preserve the Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

    I believe that many Christians have a “False Hope” and a unity in Jesus the name only and not the Person Himself. In saying this, I am not judging any man.

    I Love my Lord, I love His Word, I believe that the Apostles received the Fullness of truth from Jesus who is the word incarnate; The Holy Spirit instructed the Apostles to write the New Testament for us “the people of the new covenant” both Jew & Gentile; Anything that contradicts or opposes the Apostle’s words must be seen for what it is “The trickery of Men” -This is what I classify as strong-holds of Theology in the body of Christ- It establishes itself by craftiness in deceitful scheming, by Wolves (False teachers, preachers, pastors) in sheep clothing.

    In the end people will Think, say and do as they wish. As for me; I will press forward in my Calling and “Raise Up The Age Old Foundation”. Part of this work is to remove the Lies(strong-Holds of theology) deposited on the building site (hearts, souls & minds of men) and place before them the person of Jesus Christ as revealed by His Apostles. The Lord Bless you Christine. john B

  14. John B.,

    I have to agree with you: many believers (dare I say “most”?), although they are saved by grace, try to live by the Law (or laws or commandments). It’s the difference between TRYING and TRUSTING. The New Covenant, as you so rightly point out, did away with the Old. Things are different for believers in Jesus; we are not “Jews with our sins forgiven.” No, we are so much more than that! (Don’t get me wrong–I love the Jews, but the New Covenant is so much better than–and different from–the Old!) So many of us have been stuck on the treadmill of trying to keep the Law. It’s preached, it’s taught, it’s believed by so many. And that is a stronghold–a stronghold that I believe accounts for the immaturity in the majority of believers (myself included).

    I long for the opportunity to set people free by sharing with them the FULL Gospel of Jesus Christ (i.e., He came not only to save us from sin, but to give us a new holy and righteous nature [NOT a dual nature], and to LIVE HIS LIFE through us).

    There’s only One who has kept the Law perfectly (Jesus Christ), and He’s the only One who can still keep it perfectly in each believer. But we get sidetracked–we focus on keeping the Law ourselves. Jesus wants us to trust Him to go above and beyond the Law. This is “abiding in the Vine,” “walking by the Spirit,” and “walking by faith.” It leads to the “Sabbath rest” talked about in Hebrews and to freedom.

  15. As believers we need to pray for and practice discernment,surely
    not everything we read or hear that has the name of Jesus is
    Truth. We are exhorted to be like the Bereans and search the
    scriptures to see if it is Truth. Has anyone read any of the book
    called the Shack? It should be burned as it does not honor God
    at all. It made me heartsick to hear Christians praise it.

  16. Ruby, I have read the Shack also. I was disappointed as I had heard how much it showed our need for the Lord and how He reaches out to us in our time of need. I was really surprised by it! When they initially depicted Him as a woman, I just kind of got sick. Then He morphed into a man. While I am sure G-d can be whoever He wants to be, it just seemed to me like the undertones of the book were that He is to us whoever we need Him to be instead of just being who He is, G-d! It was a really strange book and didn’t do a lot for me!

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