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Netanyahu and the Iranian Bomb…

Posted by lamarzulli on April 1, 2009


Netanyahu: We don’t want messianic cult controlling nukes

In an interview conducted shortly before he is sworn in, new prime minister says Iranian nukes are a global threat, Israel expects Obama administration to stop Tehran from acquiring atomic bomb. ‘How you achieve this goal is less important than achieving it.’ 

       What newly elected Prime Minister is saying is this. The Iranians are of the Shia sect of Islam. They believe in the Mahdi – an enigmatic figure that is messiah like to them –  who they expect to manifest during a time of chaos. In P.P.&S I quoted Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad saying that he would be willing to sacrifice up to a third of his people, in order to bring about the manifestation of the Mahdi. Ahmedinejhad is a true believer in this Shia ‘prophecy.’ As I have posted before, there is no way that Israel will allow Iran to achieve status in the nuclear club. If Iran acquires the bomb I believe they will go after Tel Aviv. Some of you are probably thinking that I’m reaching here. Let me answer you by pointing out that many people never thought Hitler would invade Poland. Conventional wisdom, that of Neville Chamberlain and his taunted “White Paper’, amounted to nothing, and Hitler invaded. The signs were there, the nations of the world chose instead, to ignore them. We must realize that Ahmedinejhad means what he says and says what he means. He has repeatedly stated that Israel should be wiped off the map. He has never ceased from his vitriolic ranting toward the Jewish state. I bring this to your attention because most of our media won’t cover the escalating problem that is facing Israel and other countries in the Middle East. This situation is creating an impasse between Israel and Iran. Netanyahu has made it very clear that he will not allow Iran to achieve their goal of attaining a nuclear weapon. This means that at some point there is going to have to be a military action against Iran, unless, of course, Iran dismantles its nuclear program. So far we have seen the Iranians hell-bent on acquiring the weapon, so there’s little chance of that happening. The United Nations does nothing and so it left to the United States and Israel to stop the madness. Critics of Israel always point out that Israel has the bomb, so why can’t the Iranians attain the same status. The answer to that is a simple one. Israel isn’t threatening to wipe any other country off the face of the earth. As I have pointed out many times, I believe this is setting the stage for the Ezekiel 38 & 39 war that was prophesied 2600 years ago. There is going to be a conflict in the Middle East. It is going to happen. There is no way to avoid it. The question that I pose is this. Will Israel initiate the attack, or will the Iranians, knowing that Israel is planning to take out their nuclear program, strike first? If they do will the Russians join the fray? We need to keep a careful eye on the developments and brace ourselves for what is inevitable!

“The Obama presidency has two great missions: Fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu stated, referring to the Iranian threat as a “hinge of history” and adding that “Western civilization” will have failed if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

Here’s the link: http://%20www.authorsden.com/categories/article_top.asp?catid=70&id=40638


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18 Responses to “Netanyahu and the Iranian Bomb…”

  1. Late Night Lisa said


    You don’t live too far away. I encourage to to attend in case you haven’t heard of this already.

    Epicenter Conference

  2. Hector27 said


    The ‘western civilization’ is under a multi-pronged attack right now…
    The US troops are spread very thin- we are in Iran, Pakistan, and China-
    This is by design of course, by our enemies…
    The simultaneous saber rattling by cuba, venezuaela, china, russia, etc. is designed to distract us from the true nature of the strategy of our enemies…
    Yesterday there was the announcement of a new chinese ‘aircraft carrier destroyer’ weapon which can target our best aircraft carriers…more than likely using american technology which has been handed over by our own politicians (clinton)

    As Hal Lindsey would say, the time of the gentlies is over…
    Obama has effectively commandeered GM (?!), and ousted its CEO (probably because he would not cooperate with the NWO plans)
    All the while the bankers and the stock market companies waltz away with their billions in bonuses…How many stock market execs has obama ousted? And they wonder why people are rioting?! (I think that david wilkerson is correct, new york will be in flames, only because of the unfairness of obamas actions)

    I am very sad to say that it wont be long before the US is taken out of the way, if it is not already-
    And Israel will be on its own… we are its last vestige of protection…

    I think that (within the EZ 38 scenario) Iran will attack first, only because that is what the Bible seems to indicate…
    If Israel were to take out the iran nukes, more than likely iran would be restrained by its handlers (russia) from responding in kind…until THEY are ready, then they will come with all theyve got…

    The united nations has been in russias pocket for a long time-
    The record of the united nations resolutions is overwhelmingly anti-israeli…
    United nations soldiers have been instrumental in kidnapping and attacking israeli soldiers…

    No, i dont think that netanyahu will sit on his hands and allow iran to obtain nukes,
    his reputation precedes him…He will do what he has to do…

  3. Christine said

    I do believe Israel will do what it has to do to protect itself. If they do a preemptive strike to prevent a nuclear war, I feel sure Russia will join with Iran to attack Israel. Russia will be angry and embarassed that the weapons they offered Iran were taken out so quickly. If Iran can assure Russia that it has sleeper cells here in the U.S., waiting for the word to set off several dirty bombs, and pretty much guarantee we will be too busy with our own problems to strike at Russia, they will have no problem attacking Israel.
    I heard there is a service bill that was passed unbeknown to the general public. This bill requires every person in the U.S. to do community service. I am not against doing public service at all, but there are many people working 2 and 3 jobs to keep up their families. How are they going to take the time for community service? There is also a big difference in wanting to do it and being required to do it. Sounds like we are slipping more and more into a socialist country.
    I have been watching the riots in London today. I saw many people carrying sign to “Free Palestine.” What are they thinking? It probably won’t be much longer and we will see rioting in this country too.
    As for Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural, I just finished reading it. I read the Nephilim trilogy first. Just a recommendation but, if you haven’t read these books yet, read PP&S first. I belive that, if you do this, it will make the Trilogy more believable when you read it. All of them are awesome books. I have read so many positions on antichrist. First, the Pope. Maybe, but I understand the whole world will be in awe of antichrist. It is hard to think that Protestants, Jews, Islamics, and atheists would be in awe of the Pope. The same if antichrist is Jewish or Islamic, (which I have also heard). There are too many other religious sects that would question and stand against an antichrist with a particular religious backing. However, an antichrist who was backed by the alien gospel agenda could easily pull all the religious groups together by saying they are the reason for the many different religions, and G-ds. They would perpetuate the new age religion, “all paths lead to G-d.” If all paths lead to G-d, then there is no reason to stand against one another! This would work!
    We must keep our hearts strong and full of the joy of the L-rd! The joy of the L-rd is our strength!

  4. Hector27 said


    Right now I am of the opinion that the rioting such as that in London will eventually spread throughout the world…
    My feeling is that perhaps as soon as this summer but more than likely by next summer…
    When city resources and services are dwindling or cut off is when the flash point will come-

    It really DOES boggle the mind, however I remember in Dec. of 07 when I read about the imminent collapse of the financial markets, and the email resonated with the Truth…

    Ive received emails mocking david wilkerson and his prophetic word…my only reply is: God is SO merciful! He is giving the world a chance to prepare before he allows these things to transpire… and to those who mock the Word of the Lord, i say…

    wait for it… youll find out when you get there…

  5. john B said

    The World, In rejection of the Truth that “Jesus is Savior” will be united into a Religious Unity.
    This will not be an option for the masses. It will come to pass when “God give them over” to a strong delusion that they should believe “The Lie” that the Son of perdition (antichrist)is their savior.
    All Jews & Gentiles will be incorporated in this End-Time Global religious Unity at the time that god sends the Strong Delusion.

    It has to be a religious Unity because The Objective is the “Worship of the Beast” whose code is 666, to which the scripture says that the Saints by wisdom shall identify the Antichrist, meaning that we shall be upon the Earth at that time John B

  6. Laura said

    Well, I have to disagree on a matter that is really quite trivial but worth saying nonetheless: Even if America abandons Israel . . . No, even WHEN American abandons Israel, Israel will never be on its own. The great and mighty Jehovah will be their shield, their army, and their leader.

    And how like our own spiritual lives: We often rely on everything BUT God. Then, He in His great wisdom, begins knocking the props out from under us, and we must walk by faith and not by sight.

    My prayer is that Israel will turn to God and that many many many Jews and Gentiles will come to know Jesus personally!

  7. Doug said

    Antichrist, whatever religion or non religion he has will be followed nearly universally, as he will have supernatural powers.
    The Bible says, he will rise from the pit, so one can imagine he is a fallen angel or other supernatural being.
    IMO, I do believe he will have help from the “aliens” and this will propel things along at an advanced pace.
    However, 2009 seems to look like the pace is quickening already.

  8. Hector27 said


    Many people are actually ‘rapture-phobic’ because of past trauma or common misconceptions:
    They have the idea that:

    • The Rapture = Death

    This dawned on me the other day, it is because people cant conceptualize the ‘teleportation’ effect of the rapture…
    or because they cant comprehend being ‘translated’ from flesh to spirit…
    Or maybe they were frightened as a child by the ‘thief in the night’ movie…
    I can only assure you that human logic cannot understand the rapture, and that our human minds will never be able to ‘wrap around’ it…

    In any case, some people would rather deny that the rapture will ever take place…

  9. Christine said

    OK. I just sat and watched the history channel talk about greys. Seems they have a skull of a star child. They thought it was a deformity at first. They checked the dna and found out it had a human mother, but the father’s dna could not be determined. They said it was half human and half grey, whatever a grey was. We know what a grey is. They also said that because evidence of greys were in nearly every artwork of every ancient culture, they had been around for a long time, and had been mixing with humans. Talk about the alien gospel…I got this sick feeling in my stomach. The skull was dated at over 900 years old. The leader was talking about them taking over the earth and wondering how many were among us. Creepy! Next one they are finding crashes and looking for ufo debris. One of them was prior to Roswell. I am trying to listen so I’ll be back on tomorrow to tell. I just wanted to say something because it seems like they are working hard to prepare people for the revealing and the alien gospel!

    • lamarzulli said

      Christine… I saw UFO Hunters too. I agree it seems that they’ve taken that position – the Alien Gospel…

  10. Hector27 said

    late nite lisa,

    do you think you will go to that epicenter bible conference?
    or just the webcast? hmmm? :)

  11. john B said

    The antichrist is a man. “Let him who has wisdom (understanding) calculate the number of the Beast, for the number is that of a MAN” Rev 13:18. The number is 666. Do some calculation saints. John B http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell

  12. joe said

    Late Nite Lisa…… I would go to the epicenter event but it’s a little out of the way for me. It sounds very interesting and I hope they go on the road. These men are saying what I wish my church would say. It wouldn’t be to far to imagine that L.A. would be an excellent addition to their team of experts and all that his research has to offer. Maybe we should all contact Mr. Rosenberg and tell him so. Hmm?


  13. Tony said

    “The question that I pose is this. Will Israel initiate the attack, or will the Iranians, knowing that Israel is planning to take out their nuclear program, strike first?”

    I think Israel will initiate the attack. Israel can only withstand one incoming attack from their enemies – that’s all. If Israel is attacked first, last, whenever and they perceive no hope of recovery – Israel will then use their Samson Option. Of course I think GOD will protect Israel at all cost.

  14. Late Night Lisa said

    I know of some people who are flying in to attend this Conference. It was in Israel last year. My husband lived in LA 20yrs & had just moved from Malibu when we met.

    I’m a local so I’ll be there of course.

    I heard C-Span is covering Joel Rosenburg’s address @ the Epicenter Conference & he was on Rodger Hedgecock’s show today.

    Some of the SD Churches are doing a live feed into their buildings but there is not a live web cast. Possibly a DVD available or maybe on the web @ some point? The specialty of this particular Conference is looking though the Biblical lens into what is currently happening prophetically & politically in the Middle East-specifically Israel as LA has also covered in regards to Gog/Magog war.

    A couple recent headlines to consider:

    Arab States: Ultimatum to Israel

    PM: We may be forced to attack Iran

    Israel Finds Another Mother Lode(natural gas)

  15. Christine said

    Late Night Lisa thanks for the articles! I know a lot of people who will be interested in them!

  16. […] your presence in Iran, your new pal Ahmedene-jyhad has now decided to accelerate his nuclear weapons plans, and further insult the U.S. and Israel.  And you’ve also inspired North […]

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