The Visitor from the Past!

man-from-1800Robert Birdwell finds himself suddenly transported from 1860 to the present day, 2009! He is amazed at what he sees around him, cars, planes, television, radio, the computer and all the complexities and conveniences that abound in the modern age.

        He is also dumbfounded at other spectacles. He finds it hard to believe the overt display of sexual content everywhere, from billboards, to television ads, like Victoria Secret. He is speechless as he watches his first MTV video where men and half naked women gyrate in time with the thumping music as the singer raps in rhyme, using language that he finds deplorable. He learns that abortion has killed 50 million babies in their mothers wombs and that with all of our medical advances we can now, kill the babies in the ninth month of pregnancy. He discovers that almost 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and that there is an epidemic drug problem that is ruining the lives of millions. He witnesses his first gay parade, as men kiss other men, openly. He learns of  gang violence and witnesses the brutal drive by shooting of a teenage girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is told that this type of crime is common in all of our cities.

         He hears from our sitting president that we have to pump another trillion dollars into the economy to bail it out. He wonders where all this money is going to come from and is perplexed at the role that government has taken. It is a far cry from what he remembers.

               He goes to his first movie and is amazed at the larger than life scenes that flash before his eyes. To his astonishment there is a scene in the movie that shows two people having intercourse. He is shocked and disturbed by this and leaving his seat exits the theater. He picks up a news paper and sees that the wandering Jew, has finally come home again and the nation of Israel is a reality. He learns about people who blow themselves up killing hundreds of innocent bystanders, he is told that they are the suicide bombers and are part of daily life in the Middle East. He is terrified when he is told about the atomic bomb. He learns of it’s destruction and how we now have the ability to destroy ourselves hundreds of times over. He is given a tour of the Internet and realizes that all the knowledge of preceding centuries can be found there. He marvels at how our culture can have so much and yet in some ways behave no better than wild animals. He is shocked to learn that it is against the law to say a prayer in our schools, to mention God in the classroom, and that reading from Bible is forbidden in most schools. He discovers that people are immersed in the occult, as they consult mediums to find out what will happen in the future. That horoscopes, eastern mysticism, gurus and spirit  guides are popular. He goes to a mega-church and hears how he can become wealthy and prosperous. Overwhelmed by what he has experienced he has only one wish…. to leave this nightmarish place and return home….

22 thoughts on “The Visitor from the Past!

  1. Great Story!!! The times have surely changed and even though they didn’t have the technology back then they had their morals and the respect for others that all our society is lacking today.

  2. i know, i know…
    one guy tried to say that the mystery lights/booms on the east coast was soyuz space junk…
    but then the USAF issued this statement:

    USAF: ‘Bright light’ not man-made object

    WASHINGTON – The flashing lights and booming sounds that were attributed to a piece of orbiting space junk were not the result of a man-made object, according to the United States Air Force.

    In an e-mail sent to WTOP, Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center says the “bright light” seen over parts of the East Coast Sunday night was not a result of a man-made space object.

    The Joint Space Operations Center tracks more than 19,000 man-made objects in space, but no natural phenomena.

    It was first believed that the lights and sounds were caused by space junk related to the Russian rocket Soyuz docking with the International Space Stations Saturday.

    geee, i wonder whos telling the truth?

  3. Lynn,

    You are absolutely right, we are facing an unprecedented onslaught of evil in his generation-
    I was just thinking about technology, and how it is intended by God to spread the Gospel
    (case in point, the printing press, and the Gutenberg Bible)

    IF this were any other generation, then Christians would be able to harness the technology, and spread the Gospel through the internet… However the multi-pronged assault of evil on the population underscores the pervasiveness of so many diversionary entertainments and is VERY hard to resist…

    If you were to say for example, give a (Christian) teenage young man a choice between reading an online bible study, and or watch an online *ahem* questionable content video… Gee, i wonder which one he would choose? (teenagers are very hormone-driven, the devil knows this)

    As for television, studies have shown that TV is a more potent painkiller than morphine…so yeah, even though i dont watch television, if i did, i would probably be watching it 24/7…

    Christians have by and large dropped the ball as far as harnessing the technology to spread the Gospel…But the enemy has not… the enemy has commandeered the technology and is using it to great effect against humanity, it is a great weapon for mind control…


    Now in having said that, let me put it all into perspective:
    The Blood of Jesus has not lost ANY of its power! The Gospel is just as powerful today as it was in the days of birdwell in 1860…
    Yes, it is tempting to become overwhelmed by the deluge of filth…But we must NOT lose our FAITH!

    The Hal Lindsey report comes to mind where he was commenting that a family friend had gotten lost and ended up in a brothel in Vegas somewheres… and that the “working girls” there were watching the Hal Lindsey report! ha!
    His comment was: “the call girls in nevada will get into the kingdom before the religious leaders!”
    And you know, that is exactly what Jesus said, also! Jesus did not take the “moral high road” and turn his nose up at those who were caught up in sin… He extended his hand! I am so thankful for that!
    Because if not for his outstretched hand, I would not be alive right now…

    The ONLY people Jesus EVER rebuked were the pharisees… Because they had morality, but they had forgotten where they had come from, and had forgotten justice, mercy and Faithfulness…
    They were very upstanding citizens, but they had no LOVE or COMPASSION…
    The woman taken in adultery was brought to Jesus, and who did he rebuke? the pharisees…
    The publican walked away from the temple justified, rather than the pharisee…why? because the publican dispatched with pretension, and was honest with God…
    (we will be very surprised at who we see in the kingdom of God!, and who we DONT see)

    All im saying is that i know the kind of stuff i am made of, and i know i cant take a moral high ground attitude towards this generation…because that would be counter productive, and would not bring any more people into the Kingdom of God…

    Jesus was born during very evil times…
    the apostle pauls ministry was during the height of roman depravity…

    What im saying is that the Blood of Jesus TRANSCENDS the evil EVEN of this generation…
    NO MATTER how dark this world gets, the LIGHT STILL OVERCOMES the darkness!

    Lynn it is no accident that we were born during this generation…
    We were born to FIGHT darkness and win souls for such a time as this…

  4. Thanks for the link that debunked the story about the space junk! I had posted a link to it on the last daily blog. I know that some of these things will be explained, but there will be more and more that isn’t. Unfortunately, because of the ones that can be, people will choose to believe there is a natural reason for all of the unnatural! They will be overwhelmed when the day arrives for the revealing because they chose to only believe in what they could see!
    In case you don’t read the last day’s blog, I am wondering if we are going to see something happen on April 8. That is the day for the Jewish passover, although many of us believers are celebrating too! G-d set the Jewish calendar. It is His timetable and many of the things that happen, happen on His holy days! Maybe some breaking news from this meeting with the G20…..
    It’s funny you posted this today. It shows that the Spirit of the L-rd is with us and bringing things to our minds! I was having this conversation with someone the other day. They were talking about how evil the inventions of tv and the computer are. They were talking about the Playboy magazines and how when they were young they thought it was awesome to get a look at a woman in a fashion magazine in her underwear! They said trying to stand as a teenage boy in today’s age would be overwhelming to them with all the hormone thing and all. Anyway, my response to them was that the inventions weren’t evil. It is what we do with them that can be evil. I have learned so much through searching ministries on my computer! I am presently attending college, and will hopefully receive and accredited degree from my computer! Never before has the window of opportunity been so open! If only we as Believers could open our eyes and see the tools that we have the opportunity to use! I am personally going into web design to help put some good ministries online to oppose the filth. I know it isn’t much, but it is what I can do! We have some really awesome music online we can listen to that glorifies the L-rd! And the young men? What a time for the elder men to make a stand and show them what a warrior for the L-rd can do! Yes, we are living in the last days, and the filth of this earth has reached a stench that is nearly unbearable, but what a time to be alive! We must be very careful and plead the blood over ourselves, our families, and our congregations. We know that Lot escaped the wickedness and judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah, only to fall in bed with his own daughters when the trouble was past. Obviously, some of what they had lived in had dulled their senses of right and wrong. We must be very careful in this day not to let our senses become dulled. Pray for sharp senses, and pray for the L-rd to give us words to say, every single chance we can say them! I understand we will see the manifestations of evil more and more as the days come upon us, but how much more can people, who call upon the name of the L-rd, can see the manifestations of the L-rd and His power and strength! Yes, we will see Lucifer and his end game, but we will also see the mighty manifestations of the L-rd! There is no telling what miracles that are truly of G-d we will witness! And then to think that at the end of it WE WILL SEE HIM SET UP HIS KINGDOM! We live in the day and age that all the prophets saw and told about and wished they would live to see! What a great day to be alive!

    • It’s not a sin to spell out the word LORD or GOD. I love the Lord God and I am not ashamed to spell out His name! This hyphenated stuff to me is weird and offensive. How would you like if I spelled your name like this: Chri-tine? See how ridiculous that is?

      Praise the LORD, all you His saints!

    • Also, ‘pleading the blood’ of Jesus is not SCRIPTURAL. This is a false, man made teaching, probably pentecostal. God said that if we regard sin in our hearts, He will not hear our prayers. He also said that we EACH have to work out our OWN salvation, with fear and trembling. Phil 2:12 You can pray for others to receive His divine protection if you are in right standing with Him but this “pleading the blood” stuff is a doctrine of demons. The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin when we each REPENT fully and INDIVIDUALLY. Read your Bible with a child like heart and let Jesus teach you. Stop listening to “pastors” and “preachers” and “reverends” who are mostly “angels of light” working for Satan.

    • Hi Lynn D. – I disagree with you 100%. It is when we call out the Blood of Jesus that sends the demon’s running. As a believer when I say this it is like a weapon in my hands. If you haven’t read the account of Lawrence Gray who encountered MOTHMAN and repelled him by saying the Blood of Jesus, it might change your mind. You are living in the land of theory, Gray was on the front lines. I also know from my own experience that saying the name of Jesus defeats the enemy. It has nothing to do with being a pentecostal, but it has everything to do with a personal relationship.

  5. The progression of Evil and the filling up of “the Cup of divine Wrath”, or as an Old Christian brother once said,
    [God will not put the lump of Dough into the Fire until such time as the Leaven of Evil has Fully corrupted it]

    Evil must increase unto the climax of the return of the Lord “Jesus Christ” when He will Judge the Living and the Dead. Acts 10:42 , 2Tim 4:1

    Our responsibility as his people is to “warn others” of this impending Judgment of the Wrath of the Lamb who gave of His life by the shedding His Precious Blood.

    As for ourselves let us take Apostle’s Paul advise “Be ye Babes in Evil”, in other words “Let it not contaminate your Heart” John B

  6. Mr. Lynn sir, Im sorry I cant understand? Who is Robert Birdwell? He was in gay parade? He was good man? Im sorry. It is nightmare?

    • Why do I have the unsettled feeling that Joy might in fact be the ‘Rabbi’ and another person who left this BLOG a while back? Just a hunch as the mind set is the same… that of disruption. I

  7. Ah yes, and so he goes home. Home to a time when people of African ancestry were bought and sold like cattle, when Native American tribes were being systematically slaughtered and the few survivors herded onto tracts of land whose only virtue was that they were not (at that time) desired by their conquerers. When a town of any size had a “red light” district.

    He gets to see the president deliberately ignore the constitution he swore to uphold and cause the deaths of a million of his countrymen and the impoverishment of many millions more, nominally for “freedom” but in fact, as always for money, and the relegation of the newly reconquered territories to a contempt which in 2009 continues unabated.

    Sorry folks, but people then were no more angels than we are now, and the only thing superior about the past is that it’s the devil we know.

  8. Hello all, Lynn thank you for this great blog and to everyone else that posts to this. This has been a great resource for me and thank you for it. I am writing today because of a dream I had last night and want to share it where I know it will be understood and maybe help shine some light on it for me. Last night my Wife and I were both involved in a dream that by ourselves made no sense until we put both of our dreams together. My Wife had a dream of a black faced being staring not at her but through her and confused her not knowing what to do. All she could think to do was to open her eyes and touch me to wake me up. She said it wasn’t trying to do anything to her but that it was trying to get to me and she wanted to let me know but somehow it wouldn’t let her no matter how badly she wanted to. In my dream(by the way I rarely EVER have dreams) I was standing and everything around me was dark no idea where I was, I’m swaying back and forth hands on my head feeling as if I’m going completely insane, I wanted to scream but couldn’t, I didn’t know what was going on and felt completely overwhelmed. After a short time of trying to figure it all out one thing I knew to do was to try to scream out to whatever was there that I rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ! At first I felt as though the thing wouldn’t let me but I kept trying with all that I had and then I was able to scream it twice. Once I did I woke up suddenly and looked around and checked the time to see it was 1:52 A.M. I have never had a dream like this and it is very disturbing to take it all in. In my Wife’s dream she knew she was in our bedroom and could see this black faced being looking through her not to hurt her though she felt it was after me. She also noted that the being was there for a short while and then it seemed to just disappear. I’ve never had a dream like this before and would really love to hear some of your comments and ideas, I have been feeling this year that something is coming and I just don’t know what. I feel like the devil doesn’t want me to figure out what it is. He will lose and Christ will win no matter what!!! I know this is off the subject of today’s blog but I would appreciate any guidance you may have. Thank you for your time and prayers.

    • I would take authority over this foul spirit in the name of Jesus by the Blood of the Lamb. i would say this out loud before bed time. We are in an unseen battle. The enemy hates us, but we have authority over him by the Blood of the Lamb. I can’t stress this enough!

  9. Sounds like the movie time changer. To the other guy-yes there evil things that went on in the past-but not in every home and every public place. Now it is near 100%

  10. Well, written Lynn…It is amazing the changes and there is even an ACCELERATION in that (there is that word again- acceleration). 😉 Can you imagine someone walking along the beach from one hundred years ago and seeing what we call swimwear?

    Yeah, Lynn… I had the same thought about Joy. Very suspicious.

  11. Ok, am I the only one who thought that the ‘alien fetus’ in the Dulce base episode looked like a fake?
    And where is the body? Oh, they sent it out for analysis? Right.

  12. Joy,
    If you’re still reading this BLOG I owe you an apology. I went to your site! Robert Birdwell is a fictional person that I used as a device to make the point that as a culture we have sunk to new lows. Hope that helps….L.A.

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