Two for Monday: Knowing & Recent Cattle Mutilation.


I had to print this part of the review from Christianity Today: The thing speaks for itself: read this and I’ll BLOG about it at the end….

From Christianity Today review of KNOWING:

…This is not to say that Knowing is a “Christian” film, per se; indeed, to the extent that we take the movie literally—to the extent that we experience the world within the story on its own terms, as any of the characters would experience it—we can safely say that the movie deviates in some ways from a biblical understanding of the concepts that it invokes. But like some of the more interesting parables, the film takes our expectations and rattles them around a bit, confirming some and disturbing others, and for some viewers it may be just the sort of thing that can tease us into active thought about what we believe and why.

      In my humble opinion the reviewer is missing the mark by a mile. I’ll say it again, this movie is a direct assault on what we believe as Christians and in fact is the poster child for what I have come to term as, ‘The Alien Gospel 101.’  [See my previous BLOG a few posts further down] Christianity Today is perhaps the premier Christian magazine publication in the world. I am alarmed that it seems to give a pass to the movie rather than warning about the anti Christian, content that is deliberately weaved into the plot from beginning to end. Does this lack of awareness and discernment, on the part of the reviewer and thus, the entire magazine support the scripture that tells us, “That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible?”  The bottom line is this. Knowing is set up for the Coming Great Deception. It is getting people ready to accept the idea that ‘aliens’ from other worlds, with superior intellect and technology, created us and in fact, were the gods that we worshipped.

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Here is a story about a recent cattle mutilation that is happening in Colorado. If you follow the link please be sure to read some of the comments. One is particularly interesting as the writer complains that these kind of stories shouldn’t be allowed on the NET! The story tells of strange lights that are seen in the sky. The carcass of the cow is found drained of blood with cored out udders and there are  no footprints around it. It’s like the animal was dropped from the air. So let’s strip it down and walk through it. Once again we see that the phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away. If we apply Occam’s razor to this case, that the simplest answer is usually the best one, we may conclude, that the animal was dropped from the sky. That being said, it remains to be seen who did the dropping. If it is black helicopters then why didn’t the rancher hear them? What we see is that whoever is doing this acts with impunity. They take what they want and drop the remains in the ranchers face. This creates fear and uncertainty. These are deliberate actions on the part of the perpetrators. In my opinion this is another side to the UFO/fallen angel scenario that I am endlessly warning against.     

…A rancher in southern Colorado has an out of this world theory for what killed one of his cows. “We have other life out there and I think that’s what it is,” Mike Duran said. Duran says he’s noticed strange lights flying overhead and he believes aliens may be to blame for mutilating one of his cows. “Like a round circle in the air,” Duran said. “I’ve watched them and then they just disappear.”

Don’t miss the Monthly News Magazine! This month we have someone coming on the record who claims to have seen a shape-shifting ‘Alien’  2o years ago and only now is willing to talk about it. I believe them… Here’s the link to sign up…

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  1. I am sad to see CT missing the mark on Knowing. There audience is very mainstream and this was an opportunity to educate a wide audience. It just confirms what Lynn has been saying about being deceived. I must comment that it is very worthwhile to go back to previous blog entries and catch up on the new comments. I enjoy going back and reading all them all. I enjoy the wide variety of views and am frequently enlightened by them. I do want to thank everyone for making the comments. It enriches the whole experience of these wonderful articles that Lynn writes. BTW, I have not seen any response as to whether Acceleration Radio! will be archived so that those of us who have not had the opportunity to listen will be able to download them and listen.

    Thanks for the great job you do Lynn.

  2. Has anyone contacted CT and respectfully tried to point out the issues this movie? I’ve not seen it myself, or I would do it. Whether CT accepts or rejects the idea is up to them, but we as believers should be a light in this dark world, and with love and patience, point believers and nonbelievers to the truth.

    Lynn or anyone else who has seen the movie: Would you be willing to do this?

    Who knows, the magazine might even print the letter in the next edition and it could be a wake-up call to many!

    It just sounds like a ministry opportunity to me. Let’s not let it slip by, but instead be willing to confront *in a loving way* and leave the results up to God.

  3. Frankly I lost faith in CT’s movie reviews when they gave a good review to the movie “Sex and the City”, which was rated R
    for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, and language. I am sorry, but I thought it was supposed to be a “Christian” magazine.

  4. Lynn,

    In reference to the review ‘Christianity Today’ gave ‘Knowing’:

    Sadly, we can see the influence of anti-christ and his preparation for deception even now- we will see much more of this in the very near future…
    We will see more and more mainstream Christian media ‘selling out’ Gods people as the time draws near-
    They have to follow the orders of their ‘handlers’, make no mistake about it-
    Every man has a price, and Christianity Today is no exception-

    What they have done is left the gate wide open for many many kids to be exposed to this demonic movie, and parents will ignorantly go along with it till its too late…
    When I went to see the movie there were LOTS of kids present, and their minds are VERY impressionable…

    Right now i am thinking that there are possibly even mind control triggers embedded in this movie, although you would probably know more about this…

  5. Well the state trooper guy in the history channel dulce base episode says that he saw helicopters…
    However, many people have said that UFOs can morph into helicopters-

    The mistake that most people make is that they think that the mutilation are EITHER alien OR military-
    However the evidence is pointing to a coalition of military/demonic operations…
    These are the direct descendants of ‘operation paperclip’-
    The acquisition of ‘black technology’ from the ‘ascended masters’ of hitlers regime-

    Every time one of these cattle are ‘mutilated’ (sacrificed) another portal is opened up for more fallen watchers to enter our dimension… This is why the phenomena is bourgeoning, these entities are ramping up their operations…

    They will continue to do this until their numbers reach critical mass, at which point they will launch their multi-pronged assault…

  6. It IS amazing Lynn. I have seen many ‘Christian’ movie reviews that totally miss the mark when it comes to an accurate discernment about a movie’s intent, in my humble opinion.

    I have seen ‘church’ movies reviews and Christian website reviews where they totally miss the whole dark underpinnings of a movie, movies that most people in their readership/congregation probably shouldn’t even be seeing, and say something like,’ this movie is very enjoyable and action packed despite the gore and adult situations.’

    It’s unbelievable..but there it is.

    Keep up the good work, Lynn!

  7. The CT review is no surprise. Thirty years ago they were going over the edge.
    I will see “Knowing”. If one is not aware that all of Hwood’s movies today are Satan’s indoctrination of our youth in one way or another, they have just arrived here from Mars.
    As to the “mutes” and seeing helicopters, a farmer whose wife was molested on a hay wagon out in the sunshine in a field, as he was held captive and watching, saw 3 Nat Guard helicopters and men in fatigues at first and during the episode.
    Later, after being hypnotically regressed, the helicopters turned out to be disks and the “men” turned out to be dark little creatures with a human looking hybrid as the farmer’s “controller”.
    He tried to go at them with a chain, but was mentally held in check.
    Needless to say, the family has had an emotional breakdown.

  8. I even saw a ‘kid’s’ movie a couple years back called Happy Feet (and if memory serves me right, Lynn saw it too) and talk about a propaganda movie for global warming and the United Nations! Unbelievable…

    It wasn’t too many years ago when entertainment was strictly entertainment. I don’t remember Andy Griffith plugging lesbianism, etc. It’s just incredible and sad to watch this slide into the abyss taking place.

    For that matter, it wasn’t too many years ago when the public could read a book rather than become hypnotized in front of the television set (and I’m not that old)… Now, nobody can read nor do they read when they can!!!

    What does that say about the potential for mind altering to go on, on a MASSIVE scale.

  9. Speaking of movies with environmental propaganda, there’s the sequel to “Ice Age” called “Ice Age. The Meltdown”. The remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, had an environmental twist as did “Race to Witch Mtn”.

    Yesterday, I noticed the Sunday comics are doing their bit in promoting the ET seeding of the earth. See Sunday, March 29, Non Sequitur

    I saw a commercial for a new teenage novel entitled “Max”
    In the commercial you see her as a young girl and then whoosh! her wings unfold. Her wingspan looks to be about twelve feet to fourteen feet. Again, there appears to be an environmental twist, the nephilim saving the humans from themselves, I’m guessing.

    My husband and I were at a bookstore on Saturday and in the teenage section I noticed a four book series called “GateKeepers”.

    Its amazing how our children are being primed through these books to accept the nephilim when they finally show up.

    If your resources can handle it, why not donate a set of the Nephilim Triology to your local library? If you belong to a book club, maybe you can suggest one book of the triology as the monthly reading selection? I originally bought my set at a Christian bookstore but there are many people who might be interested in the subject that either don’t have the resources to purchase new books or who wouldn’t darken the door of a Christian bookshop. Give the set as a gift, if you think the receiver has an open enough mind to read it. I sold my set to a popular second hand bookstore. No offense Lynn, but I wanted to get the books “out there” and with the economy the way its is, people are always looking for good books at a bargain. There’s alot of foot traffic at that store. The Triology was a real ride and I was sorry when it ended but my attention is now focused on PP&S which will get a second reading and then a third, etc. There’s too much good stuff in there to read it only once.

  10. My husband and I saw the movie “Knowing” a few weekends ago. At the end we just turned in our seats and looked at each other in disgust. It was clearly an “alien agenda” movie.
    There are very few movies I care to see anymore. I was just checking this one out, I really didn’t expect it to be so blatant. We have read all of L. Marzulli’s books.
    I can really see what this is leading up to, hope we wil be raptured out of here before it gets much worse.

  11. Mr. Lynn I watch Dulce Base episode it scary but i still watch. Mutilations maybe bring more UFOs I think. On east coast there are scary boom noises and flashes of light- more nephilim are coming, dont you think?

  12. Talked with a friend today about this. As a child he lived on a ranch in South Dakota and said they used to have about 1 sometimes 2 cattle mutilations a year…no blood, organs missing etc.

    They finally took one to the vet to find out how it died but the vet said he had no idea how it was even possible. The vet said it was happening all over and it was related to the “ufo thing”. This was in…the mid to late 60’s.

  13. Luke 10:18

    18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven…


    Lynn, I believe that these mystery booms and flashes are nephilim entering our dimension.
    The more the Druids/Wiccans/satanists/nephilim do their targeted ritual sacrifice/conjuring the more of these entities they bring over to our world-

    This is the strategy of the enemy, it is a well planned surgical assault against humanity…
    These entities are not just a pretty light show, they are a very well orchestrated weapon of spiritual warfare…
    In fact we cannot even begin to battle them with our human understanding or logic…
    These entities have super-human intellect, they are masters of strategy, and of psychological warfare-
    They have thousand of years of experience of enslaving and destroying mankind~

    We must wage war in the Spirit, only through the Power of the Blood of the Lamb!
    Even a giant nephilim is subservient to the name of Jesus, and must bow his knee before the Lamb of God!

  14. Take five, but just as relevant though, I mentioned to a Christian friend, you know one of the ‘sleepy’ pillars in the church and I asked him if he had heard about the Tea Party Rallies occurring across the country in protest of the Stimulus Spending. He said “No” and “that we need to be a light in the world and whatever is going to happen is just going to happen.” I told him that our president’s budget was more than the total of all the presidents we’ve ever had. He just looked at me with a glazed over look. I almost jump out of the car at him. My father didn’t raise me to roll over and play dead like this for our country. He was a World War II vet and I will honor him in whatever I can to uphold what this country and all it was founded on even if we are close to the end. I hope all of you have heard about these if not I promise I won’t jump off the screen at you.

    BTW, one of the children I teach in Sunday School mentioned that he believed in aliens, I took the opportunity to ask each one if they believed that aliens existed. Half did and half didn’t. I told them that in the bible Satan appeared as a angel of light and that we were to be careful. We are to test the spirits and not be fooled, I mentioned the power of Jesus’ name and saying the words “blood of Jesus’ is our words of weapon against the evil one.

  15. Well now if ya want my honest opinion-
    I think maybe some people who have commented here might be wearin their tin foil hats a little too tight, yessir.
    Maybe they should ease back a notch on the tightness. heh.

  16. Joe,

    I’m so glad you spoke w/those kids. A friend of mine is going to watch our kids one night this week & she wanted to take them to that Alien cartoon movie. Well, I had to tell her that was one they couldn’t watch because I know a little too much about the topic.

    I told her I’d let her in on it @ another time. (I think I’ll just give her L.A.’s Prophecy/Politics book to read.)


    Don’t read about Obama’s legal pick: Harold Koh unless you really want to get fired up.

    It strongly occured to me today that Christians should be praying for a continuous outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ like never before. We are going to really need to be sharply focused on living in the Spirit in the times ahead.

  17. I may have missed reading about it in the above replies and if I did – Sorry! I have not read CT in a while, but I would not be surprised if “Knowing” put advertising dollars in CT and did not want to trash the movie? I’ve seen this kind of journalism in other magazines and CT could be doing the same?

    Occam’s razor seems to answer the cattle mutilations and lost time for abductees…

    Could be swamp gas lol…

    Look up, the time is drawing near!!

  18. >>Don’t read about Obama’s legal pick: Harold Koh unless you really want to get fired up.<<

    His whole cabinet is outrageous. However, I believe that the Bush administration was equally troubling.

    The fact of the matter is that both Republicans and Democrats have sold us out. Most are, as a point of fact, members in secret societies and members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, etc.

    In working on a report about Steven Rattner, the auto ‘advisor’ (really he’s just another banker from wall street- Morgan Stanley to be exact- and, of course, yet another CFR member), I came across this on the CFR’s OWN WEBSITE. This is the report of their meetings on the proposed North American Union… like the European Union.. and the American people are oblivious to the fact that this is happening behind their backs.

    First let me prove Rattner is CFR: (Note Advisory Committee at the bottom). Interestingly, Fareed Zakaria of CNN is on the same advisory committee. It COULDN’T BE that our media is mixed up in this, could it? 😉

    Why do I think the CFR is all for the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States? How about their own report:

    From this report above (You can read it above from THEIR website):

    To that end, the Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of
    a **North American community** to enhance security, prosperity, and
    opportunity. We propose a community based on the principle affirmed
    in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that ‘‘our
    security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary.’’
    **Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer
    security perimeter within which the movement of people, products,
    and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe.** Its goal will be to guarantee
    a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.

    There you have it!


    this is a link from Fox news. It has a video of someone who says the lights and booms are space junk falling to earth. Anyway, you can look and see what you think. For my part, I do believe there are supernatural events taking place, although they may be sprinkled in with things that can be explained. Which only gives the skeptics more fuel for doubt.
    I am really watching the situation from the G20. I am already hearing that some are wanting a world currency, and various other stories. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. Funny thing, the G20 are meeting this week, and Passover is celebrated on the 8th. We already know that Israel Is G-ds calendar, He made it! It will be interesting to see what transpires on the 8th!

  20. Great blog post L.A. I saw the movie and was blown away near the end when the alien gospel was clear. Actually about halfway through the movie it was in the back of my mind that the movie was going there. They really are preparing us for the coming deception it seems. Dark days are ahead. I am thankful that I am covered by the blood of Jesus. I pray for those who are not…

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