UFO Hunters: Dulce – Nephilim

alien-hybridI saw the UFO Hunters show, it was spot on as they say in the UK. Instead of writing about it, I thought I would reprint a section from my first book in the Nephilim Trilogy. This was written in 1998 and published in 1999. I think it says it all. I believe that the genetic experiments and the reemergence of the Nephilim is ongoing. That said enjoy the read.

Art MacKenzie or Mac as he is known- the hero – finds himself deep in a underground base where aliens and humans are interacting. Pay close attention to how “Mac” sorts out what he is looking at!


       Art MacKenzie walked slowly down the dimly lit corridor. He fought to keep his hands from trembling as he listened to the bizarre tale his father told. “They renamed me Abaris,” he began, “after a Greek sage who had the power to heal. It was I who communicated with the one alien that remained alive after the Roswell crash. When his shell began to die I allowed him to enter into me. To the aliens it was the most noble act, the highest calling, to allow one of them to share my body.” “Is he still with you now?” Mac asked hesitantly. “You have been talking to both of us, for we are now one. It has been the most valuable experience of my life.” “So that’s why you left us and faked your murder … so that the alien could share your body?” “Yes, that and more. I want you to understand that my shell is beginning to die … That is why I brought you here. You, my son, are the person to carry on. To help change the misery on this planet. If you will allow us to enter …” Mac grew suddenly afraid. “I  can’t do that.” 

He fought to keep his hands from trembling as he lis-tened to the bizarre tale his father told. 

“They renamed me Abaris,” he began, “after a Greek sage who had the power to heal. It was I who communicated with the one alien that remained alive after the Roswell crash. When his shell began to die I allowed him to enter into me. To the aliens it was the most noble act, the highest calling, to allow one of them to share my body.” 

“Is he still with you now?” Mac asked hesitantly. 

“You have been talking to both of us, for we are now one. It has been the most valuable experience of my life.” 

“So that’s why you left us and faked your murder … so that the alien could share your body?” 

“Yes, that and more. I want you to understand that my shell is beginning to die … That is why I brought you here. You, my son, are the person to carry on. To help change the misery on this planet. If you will allow us to enter …” 

Mac grew suddenly afraid. “I  can’t do that.” 

Abaris stopped in front of a large black panel. He set his hand into an indentation and the door split into four sections and opened. He gestured for Mac to enter.  “Don’t be so sure. You need to see for yourself. You must understand that the time of their

revealing to all mankind is almost at hand, and they are here to usher us into the new millennium. A world of peace and understanding. Harmony and love. The true brotherhood of man realized to its fullest potential.” 

Mac was overwhelmed, his emotions and thought processes derailed. 

“This is Ramiel, the leader of our alien brothers,” Abaris said, indicating with a nod that Mac should look. 

The room was bathed in a brilliant white light as Ramiel appeared from an entrance off to the side. He was magnificent, powerful, and splendid to behold. Mac gasped with wonder. He looked similar to the angel at Maggie’s house, but seeing him here was somehow different. 

A thought crossed Mac’s mind. Just a subtle whisper. “I really am an angel. Trust me.” Mac let the thought go unchecked. 

Ramiel floated above Abaris and Mac. He then began to change his appearance slowly. He became Ghandi, looking serene and holy with a white dhoti wrapped around his otherwise naked, brown-skinned body. Then he changed into an image of the Buddha, silent and detached, with a beam of light streaking from the center of his forehead. Then he turned into the image of Jesus, and he was hanging on the cross, his arms outstretched and pinned horribly through the wrists to the rough, wooden cross beam. A crown of thorns rested on a bloody head, marred almost beyond recognition. He was in his final stages of death. His head was lowered. Mac watched in stunned silence as he breathed his last. Then the image changed again and became a small point of light that swirled and became a primordial cloud of spin- ning galaxies. A universe unto itself. Then it disappeared. 

Mac’s head ached and he rubbed his forehead vigorously with both hands. He looked around and realized his father had left him. Abaris called from an adjacent room. Mac followed and entered a large room illuminated with a strange reddish glow. 

He saw hundreds of glasslike containers. Inside the jars hybrids rested in a thick liquid in different stages of incubation and development. They were set in tiered rows, the lowest of which began at the entrance where he stood. Abaris began to speak from the topmost tier. He pointed to the rows of hybrids and said proudly, “This is the future … Their seed and ours joined together to create a race of supermen. Our genes mixed with theirs to replenish their dying race and evolve ours.” 

Mac stared in shock. 

Abaris chuckled. “The aliens are here to enlighten us. It was they who stimulated the creation of the world’s major religions in the first place. Krishna, Muhammad, Jesus, Moses. All genetically engineered. Soon their time of dwelling with us will be revealed, and the kingdom of heaven will be on earth.” 

Mac’s mind whirled in contradiction. No, I  don’t believe that, it  isn’t true … He recalled the woman in the hospital. Her life was ruined by these creatures. He remembered the cattle mutilation, the carcass of which had its sex organs removed … for what? This? He gazed at the creatures curled in their containers, suspended in an alien liquid solution made partially of … cow’s blood? The thought made him sick. One of the hybrids in a container close to him turned slightly in the jar so that its eyes looked out at Mac. Its face twisted in what Mac could only associate as a look of hatred. He recoiled and stared back at it. Reaching out a clawlike hand, it scratched the side of the container. The thick liquid moved around it. Mac was transfixed. A monster, he thought, and he took a step away. 

“You see,” Abaris said, almost as if he could read Mac’s thoughts, “this all might seem strange to you now, but I assure 

you it is mankind’s future.” 

Mac listened and wanted to believe his father … in everything he had said … in all that he was part of. He struggled with the thought … and almost embraced it. Then Mac felt the hand of God’s Spirit upon him. Where have I been?he thought, and the realization made him shiver. He closed his eyes and said two words, “Help me.” Even before he could finish asking, a thought rocketed at him. What was the alien trying to say? That Christ and Ghandi and Buddha were the same? Or that they were part of a greater force? No, it was a trick, an illusion deliberately contrived to manipulate and control. He looked at the creature in the container and let the word roll off his tongue. “Nephilim.” Images whirled in his head. The bones in the sarcophagus, Sarah’s book of David and Goliath, Dr. Elisha earnestly exhorting him to pray, the encounter at Maggie’s house, the way the creature changed its form and lunged at Laura … “Nephilim,” he repeated the word, only this time louder. 

“What did you say?” Abaris said. 

Mac ignored him and took another step toward the container. 

“What are you thinking of, my son?” Abaris asked in a paternal tone and moved down to the next tier. 

Mac made his way slowly toward the jar that held the hybrid which glared at him. He reached out and rested his hand on the jar. 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded. 

Mac  didn’t look at his father. Instead, he stared at the developing hybrid. He could feel the warmth from the container work its way into the palms of his hands. The hybrid turned so that its face was pressed against the jar. Mac wanted to recoil from it. 

“Are you embracing it?” Abaris asked. 

The thought made Mac sick. “What?” 

Abaris took a step down to another tier and said, “Yes, oh yes, embrace him, for he is your brother.” 

Mac closed his eyes and ground his teeth together. Then he pushed the jar with all his might so that it toppled off its shelf and tumbled to the floor with a loud crash. The creature spilled out of the jar and began to writhe on the floor in the midst of the foul-smelling liquid. 

“Nephilim!” Mac yelled, suddenly coming alive. “It’s all a lie. You’re a lie.” He pointed at Abaris. “You’re not my father.” 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded. 

At the same time Ramiel reappeared. His countenance became angry as he saw the contents of the containers spilled before him. Mac looked up at Ramiel. He felt dizzy. It seemed as if his throat was beginning to close on itself. He closed his eyes for a moment and yelled in his mind, “Jesus.” Then he opened his eyes and looked at Ramiel, tried to speak, but his throat closed tightly. He gasped for air. “What are you trying to do?” Abaris shouted. “Destroy the future of mankind?” 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded, and took a step toward Mac. 

Mac’s hands went to his throat as he tried desperately to breathe. “I am strong in the Lord,” Mac muttered. Then again more boldly, “I am strong in the Lord.” He looked at the hybrid writhing on the floor. To his horror he saw it change to the body of his son Art, twisting in agony. He gasped and was about to run toward it when he again felt the hand of God upon him. He stopped and looked again. The illusion had vanished … the hybrid was back on the floor. Mac looked toward Abaris and Ramiel. “You’re a lie,” he shouted. “You are filled with lies!” The room shook and the angel shuddered and shed its appearance, like a costume. Suddenly it became a thin, gray, wraithlike creature that floated above him menacingly. Mac steeled his mind and faced the demon. The creature glared at him. Mac’s mind was suddenly overwhelmed with horrible images. He held his hands to the side of his head and shut his eyes. Mac staggered backward. The images were replaced with an impression of Jesus hanging on the cross, in death, in hopelessness. For a moment his mind went blank … then he thought despairingly, Is that all there is? A dead man on a cross? He felt abandoned, surrounded in a fog of dark hopelessness. Then he was hammered again as twisted perverse images sought a foothold in his mind. He opened his eyes and with a great act of will he pushed the images away and managed to utter the one word that was a lifeline to his sanity … 

“Jesus.” He repeated the name, again and again. Each time he said the name he felt the doubting thoughts and grotesque images retreat. The wraithlike creature glared at Mac and rose up, ready to charge him and claw him like it had Laura. 

38 thoughts on “UFO Hunters: Dulce – Nephilim

  1. Lynn,

    Wow that is awesome! Thats good writin!
    Im gonna have to buy the books!
    Ill have to buy them on line, though…
    If i would try to buy them at my church bookstore, the heretic hunters would surely be after me!

    Believe it or not, I had a dream wherein I actually SAW one of the containers which you write about…
    Only it was a larger size one, and there was a human look-alike in it… (grown man)
    The ‘person’ was suspended in some kind of liquid that looked like water, and there were bubbles in the liquid, like the person was breathing…ugh….yuck!

    Yeah, it was pretty sick! This was waaay before I knew anything about the hybrid program…
    But now it all makes much more sense…

  2. I have read all of the Nephilim series, the Alien Interviews, and am presently reading Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural. I have really enjoyed all of them! Some people I know will be receiving PP&S for presents. I just think this is very intriguing and possible, and everyone should be aware of what is going on!

  3. Lynn, it very scary for me to read what you say. I have heard that at satanic rituals the little greys will manifest and be seen by all who are there. UFOs are controlled and conjured by military druids. They have black technology to control and target people if they are not Spirit-filled Christian. We must call on the name of Christ for power over them.

  4. I have read book one and am in the middle of book two. Great series, Lynn.
    What is one of the strangest things in all of this, is the church’s lack of interest…no fear, fear of all aspects of this subject.
    Granted, it is not exactly comfort zone material.
    That being said, we better hope the Rapture of the church is preTrib. Because if it isn’t, the falling away will be awesome; especially among the young, when these dudes show up with official sanctioning and start really doing their thing.

  5. Lynn,
    Thanks so much for this post – response to the “UFO Hunter’s” Dulce show. My daughter and I read all your books (devoured them may be a better word) when they first came out, and presently, my husband is reading book 1. He is really enjoying it.

    We, too, are concerned about the rapture timing. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 keeps running through my head –
    “Let no man deceive you by any means; for that day shall not come, except there come a FALLING AWAY FIRST, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”

    Now, we all know that a “falling away” will not be of persons living in sin! These will be believers! My feeling is that it will come after the revealing of the Great Deception and prior to the rapture.

    Your thoughts?

    God bless you. Sherry

  6. Lynn,

    One thing that is still kinda buggin me about the entire project paperclip scenario is that-
    I mean we blame all of this evil on these nazi scientists…

    But we forget that we dropped the bomb on the primarily Christian city of nagasaki, where the majority of our Christian missionaries were located…
    Yeah, we (the US) were already morphing into an evil empire pretty much all by ourselves…
    Between Nagasaki and Hiroshima there were nearly a quarter of a million deaths, not to mention the cancers and leukemias for generations to come… (we cant blame that on nazis)

    Is nuclear technology “black technology?”
    The short answer seems to be yes,
    judging from many who have been afflicted with radiation burns due to UFOs…
    What i mean is that it is “black technology” in the sense that mankind is coming closer and closer to attaining technology that is apparently used by the dark side of the spiritual warfare waged for the souls of men…

    We forget about the apparent synchronicity of the dark side in the form of the secret societies which were prevalent and already infiltrated into our military by the time of operation paperclip. At any rate, when the orders “came down from the top” that not even our own president would be privy to the fact that nazi war criminals would be employed by our military, that gives you an idea as to the level of power the shadow government already had even at that time…

    We must also not forget the fact that many of the ‘big money’ men in the US actually financed the Nazi regime…

    Yeah, we (the US) were ALREADY pretty corrupted at the highest levels by then…

    Like you say, Lynn, the mystery of iniquity worketh…

  7. Lynn,

    In all honesty, I had all but written off the Dulce papers as a hoax, but apparently many people feel that they are legitimate?

    And now, ok, I see that it is a possibility that our military has been commandeered by these luciferian entities, and they now MUST do the bidding of their “ascended masters”…
    I really did not want to believe that our military was involved in something as heinous as the Monarch program, but the way that say for example the Macmillan preschool case was just squashed by the media, makes all the evidence point to the fact that our military IS involved…

    I have also heard that our military is actually now in communication with the anti-christ?!
    Have you ever heard of this? It would boggle my mind that OUR military would be conjuring/channeling this kind of evil, because after all, arent we the good guys???
    But it makes sense within the context that if you would follow the Monarch program all the way to the top then you would find a super-intelligent entity that is calling the shots and plotting to enslave ALL of mankind…

    An abduction, after all, is merely a different form of mind control…

    wow i thought we (the US) were the good guys…

  8. nice, loved the book(s). Did not catch the ufo hunters show(don’t own a tv) I imagine it is like always. They see the truth but can’t recognize it for what it really is. So close…yet so far. a nother great example is tim binnall’s show(www.binnallofamerica.com)in this latest podcast the guest are “spot on” but still clueless. I would love to hear LA on an episode maybe with Dizdar also. That…would be sweet.

  9. That Russ Dizdar is a real heavy weight w/the dark side of spiritual warfare.

    I’ve only looked at the surface of these things but this guy goes further than my comfort level wants to go. TMI

    Hey, I’m glad there are Christains who are not bothered by it – know what it is & how to respond. What is particularly interesting is how the UFO/Alien aspect is intertwined in most of these things if you dig deep enough.

    There is another battle raging on the war front but from within the ranks:
    Sold out for Israel: The ‘danger’ OF Christian Zionism.

  10. Well we don’t have a TV. I am unable to add to your conversation in regards the UFO hunters, sounds like a good program-rare nowadays since there is so much mind numbing garbage on TV. I have recently added a few good music links on my site to counter the darkness and it is helping. In regards to your question Hector- It is a long story-too long to write on here- I saw a demon when I was a kid in a dream and i awoke everyone in my family screaming , to this day it is so vivid. The scariest part was that the next day I saw it again while I was awake!Do ant of you recall the story Michele Remembers? Well we lived on Vancouver Island at the time and we were going for family counseling and my brother remembers screaming in the next room and we figured out years later that Michele was going through therapy at the same time we were there. My brother believes that for years I may have been possessed-I don’t know??? I got into books on demonology in my teens-calling on demons-I was so naive of the dangers- Things started getting weird and one night there was areal loud scratching in the wall behind my head and it kept getting louder-I was real scared! I took all the books on the occult back to the library. From my childhood and for many many years I was on a dark path- drinking -drugs-suicide attempts-mental health centers-drug treatment centers-medications-slashing with razors and I even asked for power from demons and invited into me, I got things , but the depression and suicide attempts increased.I shouldn’t be alive .I met a Christian girl when I was a punker (19 yrs old) and I was staying in a men’s hostel. I wanted the happiness she had- I asked Jesus into my heart that night and I was on fire for about two weeks-I feel away and struggled with a hellish life continuing suicide attempts,anger depression,etc- I had some periods of stability but I ended up falling back everytime. My last suicide attempt was in 1999 100 antidepressants and I should have died. I came out of that and planned to carry on with my destruction but God intervened and the obsession to drink and destroy was gone- I ws still into new age when I met my wife who was a Christian- Well here we are 7 years later and I rededicated myself to the Lord and stared my active walk 2 years ago.I still struggle with depression-mood swings, but not like I used to and I don’t take medication but I use cigarettes and coffee as a form of self medication. Surprisingly my health is good-Praise Yeshua! I forgot to mention i saw a UFO in Chemainus BC in 1999 – a golden globe at sunset cruising across the skyline at a consistent speed. Anyhow there you go! I am not ashamed of sharing because it proves that Jesus loved me enough to carry me through to the end, Praise and Glory to our Saviour Jesus-Yeshua! I am all over the place in the sequence of events but I will add one more story-In the darkest hours when I was very dark Goth i had made some enemies with some real hardened criminals and there was a plan to kill me- I was visiting a drinking buddy at my old apartment and a lady who I had never seen before asked me in for a cup of tea. She told me there were evil people who wanted to kill me and told me I should go home to my family. I did just that very thing! I wrote my friend a week later and asked my freind if he could sy hi to that nice lady-guess what-she didn’t live there anymore-gone -vanished- i believe she was an angel! God had a plan for me because I lived against all odds.Bless you all in the name of Yeshau! I feel because of my past this is my calling to expose the dark forces behind the face of new age and other forms of deception. i am going to post this now and it may have many typos.Derek

  11. Cottonwood, your testimony is great! It shows just what G-d can do! My mother has severe depression. I battled with it in my younger years, but I kept praying. There were 2 suicide attempts when things were at their worst. G-d loved me enough to bring me through it, and then reprimanded me for not trusting Him more. I knew I had to grow in the Lord to overcome it. I began regular Bible study and prayer. When things get to the point I can’t cope, I take a walk or a drive, and pray. I also turn the radio on some good christian music and sing! It works! I can come back and deal with whatever it was I couldn’t deal with before. I have also learned my triggers. I asked G-d and He showed them to me! Certain kinds of music and movies can set off a daily depression for me. I keep myself full of the Word, through music, reading, or even christian movies. Then when I encounter a real-life situation, I have already filled myself with the Word and the victory, and I get through it! It’s great! Works better than any antidepressant you can take! (I am not condoning not taking meds if they give them to you. Just for me, this works better!) If you don’t have a television, you should be able to click on the links that were given in youtube for ufo hunters, and see the series, if you want to. I do have to be careful myself and balance this stuff. If I get too much darkness, it can be overwhelming. Watch the UFO hunters on youtube, then watch Mark Lowry on youtube. He is clean and fun and will balance out the darkness! My prayers are with you!

  12. Late Night Lisa, I read the article. Well, we knew it was coming! Christian Zionists are now labeled as terrorists. I am surprised and thankful that the Jerusalem Post is taking up for us! I do believe anyone of any nationality can be saved, but I also believe that Israel is for the Jews. I know everyone won’t agree, but that is the way I read the Bible! I have many Jewish friends and have been learning from the Messianic movement. I have discovered a new depth in my own faith by learning about the feasts of G-d and His sabbath! It is truly wonderful! G-d has said to Moses “this is to you and unto all people.” His plan was for everyone to celebrate these days, not just the Jewish people! When you learn the meaning of these days, it’s just awesome! Our church celebrated Passover last year, and it was so moving, I wept tears of joy the entire service! We have begun to celebrate Hannukkah in our home instead of Christmas. I realize everyone don’t see it, but that is ok. My life, and my family’s life has been greatly blessed by it! I just got to thinking, if Y’shua/Jesus is going to reign on this earth for a thousand years, what kind of government do you think it will be? It won’t be U.S. law or Jewish law, or Muslim law, it will be G-ds law! The teachings are wonderful when carefully balanced with the salvation of Y’shua/Jesus! Just like Israel and the Passover. The blood was applied on the doors, they were saved by the blood, then they were brought out to Mt. Sinai to receive His commandments. The blood has to be applied to the door of our hearts, then we learn His commandments!

  13. Well Lisa, I don’t know what happened to the newpaper article. I was going to send it out to people I know who would be interested. Now I can’t get the link to bring up the page, even when I copy and paste it into my browser! Maybe the server is down for a few moments. I hope they didn’t take it down!

  14. Thanks Christine- I’ll look up those UFO hunter videos so I am in the loop.Yes- the Messianic Movement has given me so much more biblical insight than I could have found in a lot of Gentile Christian churches, especially in regards to the Holy Days and prophetic fulfillment. Have you ever listened to these sermons about the 9/11 attacks-WOW! I’ll paste it and hope it works-if not it is on my homepage about 3 lines down. Keep looking up!Praise Yahweh in the name of Yeshua!
    Isaiah 9:10 Prophetic fulfillment!

    Listen to audio files of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s
    powerful message about G-d warning signs at Ground Zero in NYC:
    In seven files of about 10 minutes or 4MB mp3 files each:
    1st mp3 audio file, 2nd mp3 audio file, 3rd mp3 audio file,
    4th mp3 audio file, 5th mp3 audio file, 6th mp3 audio file, 7th mp3 audio file

  15. Another thing I would like to do is get your books Lynn, but the budget is tight right now and my cigarette habit which I am not willing to give up at this time takes precedence. Gotta love sinful habits eh.

  16. Cottonwoodcreekfarm,

    Thank you for sharing your testimony, it takes a lot of courage to be so open and bold!
    But what many people dont realize is that when someone shares what theyve been through there is power and healing through being open!

    The enemy likes to do his dirty work in the darkness unseen and behind closed doors-
    that is his only power- the sneakiness of isolation- but once things are out in the open the Light shines on him and the enemy and he has to flee!
    The bible also says that “they overcame the enemy with the word of their testimony” (rev 12:11)
    A lot of people dont understand how powerful words are! When someone speaks of their testimony the enemy trembles, because someones testimony is the very power of God manifest in a persons life…
    Scientists call it quantum physics, but Christians know that God SPOKE the world into existence, and when Christians speak their testimony, God creates something powerful by his Spirit, and the devil trembles…

    This is why David won the battle with Goliath! It wasnt the stone that he slung into Goliath that killed him Goliath did not even know it, but when David said “I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.” Goliath was already dead! God had already accomplished it, because David spoke the Words of Faith! It was the Words he spoke to Goliath!
    (this is also why the spoken name of Jesus is effective against alien abduction)

    I will be praying for you! 🙂

  17. Thanks Hector- speaking of David- Have you been watching David Warrior King on Zola Levitt-We are really enjoying the series and it is filmed in Israel-I love Israel-it feels like home even though I haven’t been there.Praise Ha Shem in the name of Yeshua.Talk to later Y ‘All!I love Texas too- I have been there!

  18. Ok I FINALLY went and saw “Knowing”…
    Im glad I saw it after hearing dizdar on the show because-
    I found the movie was multi-layered with many different messages-
    especially at the end- we are told to believe that:

    • There will come a “rapture” wherein our kids will be taken away from us, and there is nothing we can do about it, because the aliens have “chosen” them-
    (When the real rapture DOES occur, many parents’ kids will disappear, because they have not yet reached the “age of consent” for Salvation, and the unsaved parents will be left behind- but the enemy will not acknowledge the real rapture, and say that aliens abducted or vaporized the Christians)

    • When the children are given the rabbits at the end of the movie, many people will no doubt miss the implied symbolism, but those familiar with the Monarch program will see the link between the rabbits and mind control (wherein children are being traumatized by killing of small animals, or the giving of pets and told to obey their mind control handlers or their pets will be killed)

    • The end of the movie is a kind of threat to parents that when the “black awakening” occurs that they will lose control and custody of their kids- the kids will then be controlled by their alien handlers…

    • No longer are the aliens portrayed in movies as “cute and cuddly” (ala ET) but they are now being portrayed as powerful, evil and to be feared- the angelic sgi treatment given the aliens at the end of the movie is not what i would expect- i would expect that they would portray the angels as, um, more angelic and less evil looking, but i suppose this is in preparation for the great deception…

    The movie was very dark indeed, and within the context of the dizdar information speaks to the many levels and layers of the entire mind control scenario-

    And also speaks to the fact that ANY alien abduction is in fact some form of mind control…

  19. I have seen several demons. At one point many years a young man who I thought was a friend came into my home and changed shape into a black blob-like creature with glowing green eyes. At that time I know nothing about the authority I held through my faith in Jesus Christ, but when I commanded it to leave it flowed back into a human form and left my home. I never saw the person again.

    All demonic creatures are shape-shifters and by possession can induce that quality in their human victims. Remember that the Bible says that Lucifer and his ministers can change into beings of light to deceive many. They can also show false signs and wonders as a deceptive tool. This can be done not only to the masses but to each of us individually.

  20. Allriite,

    I went and saw “monsters vs aliens” and it was great entertainment!
    The most interesting thing to me was that many of the same events are portrayed as in “knowing”…
    (aliens invade, genetic mutation, etc)
    But the treatment (in monsters) is very humorous, and the creatures are very loveable…
    There is an 80 foot tall nephilim woman in it, who grows to that size because of radiation…
    There is an half-man half-fish creature…

    This is kid-level indoctrination for the nephilim invasion!
    Yes we are being prepared for the great deception…

  21. I will probably not go see the movie “Knowing” but will go see “Monsters VS. Aliens” with the kids. On the Acceleration show guest Dizdar said (I think?) that “prayer” would be the only way to turn around much of what is going on and it’s sad that I’ve heard no one really mention “prayer” as the option to help us? I’m guessing that people are not quiet hurting enough yet.

    Did anyone read this article: “Obama seeks Muslims
    for White House posts” ?

  22. Prayer will help us individually no doubt. We all need to learn to talk to G-d as our Father who loves us and is there for us, whatever the situation. I think there are two problems that are the reason people do not talk about prayer. 1. They see things are coming upon this earth that are unfamiliar to them but they do not believe it is related to G-d and 2. I have seen this alot. Many people know and understand that it is the Word of G-d and it must be fulfilled. Which is true, but we must never forget that G-d sees us as individuals and, if we call on Him, He is faithful and will meet each individual in their need. He is no respect of persons. The thing is, we will never make it without Him. We are not fighting against something we know and see. We are fighting against principalites and darkness. We may be able to see it in the near future, but we still will not be able to fight against it without G-d. We need to pray until it becomes the most very natural thing we do. It must become our first reaction to any situation. I am training myself when someone asks for prayer,not to mumble the customary “I will,” but to begin to pray for that person in my heart already. When the opportunity presents itself, I try to pray openly for the person right then. I am praying for the Lord to give me more courage in that area, for I feel that is one area I am weak. I have a friend that, when she is asked to pray, she does it right then, it doesn’t matter if they are in the middle of a street with people walking in every direction. I admire her boldness. I believe that is what it will take for all of us. I guess what I am saying, if we are truly sincere to win this battle and be on the Lord’s side, how is our prayer life?

  23. I would love to get anyone’s opinion of a long article with the title of “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” that I just saw on the “Powered by Christ Ministries” site. Lord bless and thank you. Bill

  24. Lynn,

    The increasing frequency with which these genetic mutations seem to be showing up is quite alarming…

    say for example the ‘montauk monster’ or the ‘chupacabra’ (the anomalous one, not the one that looks like a hyena)

    and now this latest dulce base hybrid human cow fetus?
    obviously we are being strung along and these little clues are being left along the path, and were supposed to piece the clues together…

    In egyptian times, the genetic experiments of the aliens resulted in half-man half-dog, etc…
    i believe that behind the scenes, the same creatures exist right now…

    The word “rapture” is the common terminology used in reference to the Saints being (caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the Air when He returns)1Thes 4:16,17
    there has been divisions among Christians as to the timing of this event. There need not be, for Christ tells us exactly when it will happen.
    Mathew 24:29-31. Jesus says: “Immediately [after] the Tribulation of those days”
    there shall be some unnatural events take place upon the Earth as a result of the Heavens being shaken vs29.
    And then the sign of the Son of Men will appear in the Sky, causing all to mourn.
    Then they will “See [Jesus coming] in power and great Glory vs30.
    In this very next verse 31 Jesus says: “He will send forth His [Angels] with [a] great [trumpet] and they will gather [together] His Elect from the four winds, from one end of the [Sky]to the other.

    The thing to notice is that it is “After the tribulation” that Jesus appears in the Sky for all to see (No secret) Then just as Paul confirmed in 1Thes4, there are Angels with A trumpet sounding to gather the saints (elect) in the Sky (air) to meet the Lord and be with the Lord.
    There is no denying that Jesus was speaking of His second coming and of the impending salvation of his saints being caught up by the Angels in order to be away from the wrath of the Lamb in judgment upon an unrepentant world. For in vs37 He says that it would be as in the days of Noah, “there shall be two men in the field one will be taken the other left behind”…….vs40-44.

    In the days of Noah those left behind were judged by the Flood, here however, is the “judgment of Eternal Fire”, which those left behind shall experience at the hands of the Lord. Mat25:41. Apostle Peter also refers to this judgment of the ungodly by Fire,
    “The day of the lord (his appearing) like a thief (quickly), in which the heavens will pass away……the Earth and its works will be burned up” 2Pet 3:7-13.
    We can be certain as to when the rapture takes place and also of what will be thereafter. What we do not Know is when The Lord Shall return, “no man knows the day and hour” vs36. It is to that which we are to be always ready for (His appearing in Glory).
    The book of revelations comes to a conclusion with these words of Jesus
    “Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to render to every man according to what he has done”. Rev22:12. That implies two things 1. Salvation to the Saints 2. judgment to the ungodly. (see Blog: The Last Trumpet)

  26. Okay, I’ve had a bizarre thought, and I’m going to share it at the expense of getting a few laughs and chuckles. I’ve done some snooping around the Bigfoot Research sites (the ones that are very serious about discovering this creature based on science), and came across something that immediately made me think of demons: Apparently bigfoot has been known to communicate via clairvoyance or telepathy or whatever you call it.

    As I thought about it more, I saw other possible similarities:

    1) Bigfoot sightings always produce intense amounts of fear in people.
    2) Sightings also produce equal amounts of being overwhelmed.
    3) Bigfoots tend to flirt with humans, and then outsmart them and escape.
    4) The creatures seem to be extremely intelligent; in fact, perhaps even more intelligent than humans.
    5) Bigfoots often use scare tactics and intimidation around humans (could just be a typical animal response, but . . .)
    6) Bigfoot seems to have superhuman strength (stronger, able to run much faster, ability to move silently through dense forests, etc.) and abilities (much keener sight and hearing–typical of many animals, though)

    I know there are many things that are not similar between fallen angels/aliens/hybrids and bigfoot, too. Here are some that I thought of:

    1) As far as we know, bigfoot has never harmed people.
    2) They don’t kidnap people, and in fact, try to make people leave or bigfoot leaves itself.
    3) Other than the clairvoyance thing, they don’t seem to exhibit anything else supernatural (unless you consider their skill in moving through the woods to be supernatural, but that may very well have a plausible explanation that has nothing to do with being other-worldly).
    4) They don’t use weird lights, strange-looking aircraft, etc. to get attention.

    I’m sure there are other ways that bigfoot is different from demons/aliens/hybrids, but I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

    So my thought-provoking question is: Is there a correlation between aliens/demons or hybrids and bigfoot?

    Or perhaps I’m just seeing demons behind every bush!

  27. Laura, I don’t think you are out of line with your observations/questions about bigfoot. I have always hypothesized that bigfoot was a demonic appearance meant to confound people or lead them seeking things not of God. Have you noticed how most people that have bigfoot encounters will mention the horrific smell that seemed to accompany the sighting? Sulfur perhaps? This was mentioned as well in the Mothman appearances. I truly believe the devil is hard at work leading this world down a slippery path of destruction with his lies. We must be diligent and filled with the Spirit to fight this battle. God bless you.

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