*UFOS over London! Looks like a weather balloon to me!

ufo_s_1367994cYep, it’s nothing more than swamp gas folks! No need to be alarmed. Pay no attention to this photo, or others like it that are appearing with more regularity than ever before. Don’t give a second thought to the burgeoning reports that come from all over the world about so-called lights in the sky and disk like craft. Then there’s the huge craft that are supposedly seen by multiple witnesses, like the Stephenville Texas and Phoenix Lights cases. This too must be mass hysteria. Here’s what the conventional wisdom said of this photo. 

experts dismissed the strange moving shape was a weather balloon.

 For a moment I was worried. Thank you for setting the record straight for me. Weather balloons! Now I see the light!

     OK. I’ll stop nowWhile lights in the sky do not necessarily mean that we are looking at craft from another world, the explanation of weather balloons and swamp gas isn’t holding up any more. Several weeks ago I posted a story of a UFO that my wife and I saw while driving home from dinner. While i did not see the ‘craft’ I saw something that I had never witnessed before. When the craft disappeared, for the first time it began to expand as it was fading away. Very bizarre. Then a few moments later it blinked back on like someone had thrown a light switch. If we heard about these strange lights in the sky once every ten years or so we would dismiss them. However, this is not the case. While it is true that weather balloons and swamp gas may account for some of the phenomena we are seeing, it certainly doesn’t count for all of the phenomena. 

     As I have pointed out before, it seems to me that reports of UFOs are being treated differently by the media. If you follow the link to the story (below) you’ll see that there isn’t the typical disparaging remarks and ridicule that have, in the past, earmarked stories like these. We have turned a corner and now we are seeing more of an openness toward the phenomena. 

     I had a wonderful phone conversation the other day with a gentleman who is both a researcher and author of the UFO phenomena. He and I agreed that the phenomena seems to be accelerating. If you will notice, we hear reports of strange craft and lights in the sky almost weekly now. Movies like Witch Mountain – see yesterday’s BLOG – put forth the idea that we are not alone, and that aliens from other more advanced civilizations exist and are visiting our planet. The Disclosure Project believes this and are calling for the governments of the world to come forward and inform the citizenry that E.T. does exist. At some point we will see full disclosure. When this happens we will not have time to form our opinion of what we are seeing. It will be to late by then. That is why it is so important to me to get the word out regarding what I have come to call the Coming Great Deception. Are we living in the time of 2nd Thessalonians that described an event, a falling away, an apostasy? if we are, this begs the question, what would cause an event like that to happen. The Mystery of Lawlessness is at work and will continue to work. Are we being set up for the Alien Gospel? That is that Extraterrestrials created us, were worshipped as gods and are now here to help us through this time of societal evolution? Is this in fact the Great Deception? Ask yourself this. If a two mile wide craft appeared over your city, how would you react? What would you say it was? If the entities in this craft presented holographic film that showed that the all the miracles of the Bible were assisted by E.T. would you believe that? 

     Be sure to tune in to my new radio show which airs on Thursday. It’s called the ACCELERATION. My first guest will be Stephen Yulish!

Here’s the link to the story:


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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for being bold enough to cover these stories, which most Christians are either ignorant of or are totally ignoring.

    I’m very excited about the radio show! Is this going to be an internet radio program or terrestial radio?

    Kevin J.

  2. Lynn,
    I am fortunate enough to be able to spend some time in prayer every morning at my church… and since i am seeking God for a healing, it is indeed time well spent…

    This morning for some reason as i was reaching for the door handle to get into the prayer room, i was reminded of the first time i ever was given the responsibility of closing up the church, back in about 1985…

    What a privilege it was for me back then! To think that i, someone like me, would be trusted with such an honor! Back then we were just a small storefront church, with a few hundred members, but i could just feel the significance of that night…

    And, this morning, as i was walking into the multi-million dollar structure that is now our church, i was remembering the people back then… and the fervency with which we would seek God… and how important it was for us to be ‘on fire’ for God! ah yes, those were the days of miracles, because we werent afraid to speak the Word of Truth to someone who was hurting… our cars were not as nice as they are now, in fact, many many people drove junks and wrecks, but we were filled with Joy! The Joy of the Lord!

    Fast forward to now… our parking lot is filled with mercedes, giant suvs, all sparkling in the morning sunlight… many of those who drive such cars have had to sacrifice spending time with their kids for having a full time job to pay the car payment… many of us would no longer stop to help someone in need, or listen to that still small voice telling us to do something patently ridiculous (like wilkerson made pbj sandwiches)

    And it is very hard for me to grasp HOW MUCH our value systems have changed…
    We have exchanged that which was eternal for that which is temporary…
    We have exchanged the Joy of the Lord for aesthetically pleasing comfort…
    Our valuation of a soul is now somewhere below our value for a nice house, or some nice clothes…

    Oh, in all fairness, the times really have accelerated in wickedness beyond all measure!
    It really is a much much different world today, than it was in 85…isnt it?
    But that is besides the point, because arent we supposed to affect the world? and not the other way around?

    Im really writing this to myself, you see… this morning for some reason i was praying that i would be able to withstand all that will be coming upon the earth…that when all is said and done, i would still be standing with my Jesus… i only say this because i have had a tiny peak at what is coming, and it will take all of the Joy of the Lord (which is our strength) to remain standing for HIM in the coming years…
    Christians will have to sharpen their discernment, and stay close to God…

    The great falling away…hmmmmm… yeah, it really wont take that much, if the nephilim come at us with holograms, etc… i mean if the media can buy the presidency for someone, and people blindly follow along… Christian and pagan alike…

    Nope, it really wont take that much…

  3. What I  am about to share with the reader now, will contain NO LOVE! What I mean is, it will contain no PHILEO  love which the Church so "love’s". If you have a problem with that, I suggest you stop reading this right away. What I say right now, is said in AGAPE, with TRUTH the HIGHEST ULTERIOR MOTIVE!. Coincidentally, there just so happens to be a "3rd wave" occurred at this very moment in the Church, with the "Toronto Blessing" event. Proponents of this movement claim it to be a "fresh movement" of God. There is nothing fresh about it. As a matter of fact, it has occurred before. In "1948" with the "revival" (sic) "produced" by one William Branham, complete with "gold teeth", "gold dust", and "anointing oil" manifestations!. Mr. Branham also stated that the "manifestations" were coming from hailing UFO’s! (gold dust and anointing oil falling from the sky!). Mr. Branham called it "the immortal substance of Christ’s new body" (utter blasphemy). The proponents of the "3rd wave" call it the "new anointing".

    I will tell you what it is, it is the work of DEMONS!, and I have documented "evidence" to support this. Kathryn Kuhlman was an supporter of the "ideology" of William Branham (Mr. Branham claimed the Holy Spirit revealed to him that God lived in the middle of the universe on a planet named "Kolob". This is also the claim of Kenneth Copeland. This "heresy" is now integrated into some of the bibles we now have like the Dake’s, and the Living Word Study bible).There is not one "shred" of bible to back any of this, and if you tell me there "is", than you are a GNOSTIC!, AND DO NOT KNOW THE WORD OF GOD!. Some would argue that I am "Pentecostal bashing", that is hardly  the case.

    I do not uphold any ONE denominations doctrines or creeds, they are NOT JESUS’S. As a matter of fact, I see both "Pentecostalism" and the "Baptist" doctrine, as two DITCHES ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. I find it a personal insult to be labeled espousing to any CREED other than the creed of THE ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST. There is more written in scripture to DENOUNCE what we are seeing, than to support any of it. (Jer.50:11, 1 Cor.10:21, Isa.29:9-10 etc. etc.). I am more than open to entertain ANYONE’s notion which is the contrary in scripture, not surprisingly, no-one ever does. The reason why, is deep down "inside" , they are not certain themselves because the "authority" of their faith, lies in a EXPERIENCE! Have these humans read their bible? In which, it states that it is by EVERY WORD A MAN SHALL BE JUDGED! (the bible), not your EXPERIENCE. These humans claim it is the "Holy Spirit", yet the one tell-tale sign in scripture we are to use to discern to see if its isso, becomes of NO relevance to these humans.
    They state that the "experience with the Holy Spirit" is enough to inbue the "trust", for their faith. They claim that "you just haven’t got it" or "you just don’t see it yet" (in the word). These humans who promote this movement, uphold the "experience" over the WORD!. You may not know this, but the teachings of Mr. Branham are integrated into the doctrines that are now upheld by the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements. If you do a thorough study of the so-called "revivals" of this century (Azuza St. etc.), you will find that these "manifestations" were prevalent as well. Research the aspects I mentioned ladies and gentlemen, you will also find that Mr. Branham was in fact a "FREEMASON", thereby a "LUCIFEREAN" (the belief that Lucifer is God, and God, Lucifer!). You think this is "harsh"?, all "freemasons" ARE "Lucifereans", even if they DON’T KNOW IT!. Lucifer IS the GOD OF FREEMASONRY!.
    Freemasonry IS the ANCIENT MYSTERIES manifested today, or what the Lord refers to as, MYSTERY BABYLON!. Do your homework!. The Church is RIPE for Antichrist, the "glue" that is holding it all together right now is PHILEO LOVE!. "Phileo love" is the love of an UN-REGENERATE HEART. It is hurtful, compromising, conditional, and EVIL, of the soulish realm, carnal (Matt.7:11). It will compromise the TRUTH in the name of GRACE, nullifying the very WORD OF GOD!. The "love" of the Church is no different than that of the "world", yet is being portrayed as "divine". TRUTH is the "essence" of AGAPE LOVE, and from it comes TRUST, without TRUST, there is NO LOVE!. There is not a human on this planet who does not put "trust" in a LOVED ONE ABOVE ALL ELSE, without it there is no FAITH, without FAITH, no HOPE! This is why God is not seeking perfection in the physical sense of the word, but TRUST, and that only comes from LOVE, AGAPE LOVE. Phileo love is what the Church is calling the "Holy Spirit"! The Church at large, does not realize that it was LOVE that caused MAN TO FALL. Eve was deceived, Adam was NOT. He partook of the fruit out of his "love" for Eve, he did not want to be separated for eternity from her. It was the action of ADAM that caused God to place the "curse" upon mankind.
    ADAM  KNEW  BETTER, but he dis-obeyed causing death! The scripture states Eve was "beguiled", but Adam imbued the curse. Many will readily disagree(there contention is based on human fallibility), but that is what the bible TEACHES!. Because contemporary cultural Christianity has become "experience based", and because they "loved NOT the TRUTH, I shall send them a strong delusion, the truth shall seem like a LIE, and a LIE shall seem like the TRUTH!. This is WHY they will run to the ALTAR of the ANTICHRIST when he arrives!. There IS a correlation with what has been occurring in the last 10 years in the Church, with UFO activity. Most of the UFO sightings in the United States and Canada, have been centered around "two" specific areas, southern Florida and north-western New York State over the last decade. The "Gulf Breeze" flap, the mass sightings in Miami Beach, the upper New York State sightings of 1992, the West Carlton Event in Ontario etc.
    These are "focused" in distinct locations. Brownesville Florida is the second major site, of the "Toronto Blessing out-pouring". This is a scant few miles from "Gulf Breeze" and the other mass-sightings in Florida in the last 10 years. Hardly a  coincidence. The "little green cloud" that Rodney Howard Browne affectionately claims is God (He indeed empathetically states  it is the "glory of the Lord"), is conspicuously oriented with what are considered "major flaps" (a flap is a "mass sighting" that lasts for extended period of time, years even) over the last decade. The Gulf Breeze flap is less than 50 miles away from Brownesville! Only the blind would fluff this off to mere chance. The Gulf Breeze flap started in 1987. it petered out somewhat by 1990, but there was a "massive" restart in 1993. This flap still goes on (there are regular sightings, with video documentation regularly updated on the Internet), and so does the Brownesville "outpouring”. There is something most certainly afoot here as the scripture states:

    "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all
    and with all
    of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received
    that they
    that they should believe a
    L  I  E.
    That they
    might be damned who believed
    (2 Thessalonians 2-9-12)

          As I have shown, UFO’s and their "alien occupants" are "demonic". I believe they will be part of "the" end-time deception, and IS already NOW. The answers the Church gives to the world on the areas of "evolution", "UFO’s" and "aliens", and basically "what it is to be Christian", is ABSURD and an EMBARRASSMENT!. There is an enormous amount of Christians in North America who do not attend a church nor will they, because they KNOW something is WRONG!. They once attended, but left out of deep discouragement, and a "broken heart". After a while, they realized that what they were reading in the bible, and what they were seeing and hearing in the Church, were DIAMETRIC OPPOSITES! These humans, with the WILL of the Holy Spirit, attempted to correct what was wrong IN TRUTH AND LOVE, only to find out what was REALLY wrong. They have not been back since. Their TRUST was totally shaken in anything that has to do with the visible Church. My heart goes out to them, and I pray to God that he gives them the strength to overcome.

  4. Lynn, what’s the link to listen? Don’t want to miss it. Will you archive your programs? This is great!

  5. David,

    I acknowledge that William Branham fell into GROSS error in the end, and there is much false doctrine in the Church today. However, I have never heard Kenneth Copeland teach that God lives on a planet called, “Kalob”. Do you have any proof of this charge? Also, exactly where does Dake teach this, or where is it found in the notes of the Living Word Study Bible. I would be interested in taking a look at your evidence.

    Kevin J.

  6. as i mentioned earlier in my comment…
    i am seeking a healing from the Lord,
    and this is the path that he showed me for MY healing…
    a return to basics, so to speak..
    a return to earlier values as when i first met the Lord…

    If i could please just clarify again that my comment was directed at myself…

  7. Hector,

    Wise words. Don’t you wonder how many people in your congregation are following the Lord & how many are just going through the motions?

    Most of us have a natural (sinful) tendency to get caught up in times of abundance. Satan knows this is a great method to distract us from keeping our priorities on God & His kingdom. I’ve heard many Pastors say now should be the time of harvest since the economy woes cause people to look for answers.

    Distraction has always worked in the past! I know people on fire for the Lord but also many who are distracted w/their homes/jobs/kids. With so many Christian mom’s it’s the kids who’s the center of their lives. God comes in 2nd or 3rd.

    There is truly a “remnant” of Christians who will overcome all these temptations & distractions in our current society.

    Luke 18:8
    “I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, shall he find faith on the earth?”

    Luke 21:36 “Watch you therefore, and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

    (I recently found out that “accounted worthy” in our language would mean to pray to be “over comers”)

    So essentially we are to remain “in Christ” who has overcome the world for us & in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit we can do the same.

    If we drift off by the cares of the world & rely on our own will/strength we’ll end up snared/blinded by the world system of the Anti-Christ.

    (Off topic-but the “World Currency” issue is off and running now. Wouldn’t you think this alone would start raising some eyebrows?)


  8. There was a time in the 1st century AD when Christians came together to fellowship in the spirit of our Lord as brothers and sisters. At te4 time of the Nicea Council the church, as we know it, was created. With it was created a system of belief in which man and woman no longer could go directly to God — they had to have an intercessor. These became the priests. Dogma was created.
    And even in the 4th century AD Christian departed from the path that our Lord had set for it, the fellowship of brothers and sisters in His spirit.

    I have heard people sing “Give me that time religion,” without realizing it that the religion they seek is something they do not understand. For that religion is not one of great buildings ansd priestly crafts. It is a movement of brothers and sisters fellowshipping together. I for one am glad to see it. The churches have become the living abode of the fallen angels.

  9. Reading the link to the Telegraph, there are some ‘Related Articles’. One says ‘Aliens in UFOs have visited Earth’, says David Cameron. Cameron is leader of the Conservative Party, and if anyone can oust Labour’s Gordon Brown, it will be Cameron and the Conservatists, (party of former PM Margaret Thatcher).

    David Cameron said he “was convinced” the Earth had been visited by aliens has vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if he becomes prime minister. (Just as President Carter said before his election).

    Considering this political link to the London UFO photo’, the four ‘lights’ appear to be over Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!

  10. David Steele I am really sorry for you that you have seemingly had such a bad encounter with church. I have had bad encounters too, but I am in a church that now preaches the truth to the best of their knowledge and ability and everyone is accepted no matter their past or present state. Everyone is welcomed with love and counseled with love how they need to pray and seek the Lord and study the Word, not only with the church, but for themselves! It is a non-denominational church. The Pastor said the Lord told him not to put it into a denomination because he would have to teach their doctrine and He wanted him to be open to the truth. We go Word upon Word precept upon precept. It all has to agree with itself. We have even begun to search the Hebraic studies in hopes of finding where the early church that Jesus left on this earth was like. It is amazing to see how much of the church was changed under Constantine and I do believe we need to get back to what Y’shua/Jesus taught and not Constantine or the people of the Nicene creed. While a lot of this is still in the church, I do believe there are still many Bible-believing, G-d fearing people out there.
    I just finished watching the UFO Hunter Triangle show. It was quite intriquing. One was even seen by a man who had 40 years of flying both military and commercial planes. He was trained to identify all kinds of aircraft so he wouldn’t shoot down our own planes. He saw a flying object that didn’t fit anything he had ever seen! They also checked out a gold mine. It was believed that UFO’s were visiting the mine to pull out gold since gold is one of the best conductors of electricity. They couldn’t prove it. The most fascinating part was a model that was given to them from about 1500 years ago. It was found around Columbia Central America and was made by the indigenous people of that time. They had an expert recreate it to scale in styrofoam. They propelled it and it flew, even the nose tilted up and it landed perfectly….similar to our space shuttle! How in the world could they have had the technology to make a model that was so perfectly aerodynamic? The belief was they had actually seen the spacecraft! Of course they believe it is possible proof in alien life form. We of course know that these people experienced a visitation by something quite demonic. It would explain the pyramids and other incredible feats of long ago! I am presently watching another show on the crash in Roswell. It is time we all come together in love and call on the Lord!

  11. If any church is willing to “return to the Apostolic pattern” then; sack the paid PASTOR, or let him conform and be part of A collective ELDER-SHIP under the headship of Christ, do away with the devil’s tithe and let the money collected become Righteous in support of the needy within & outside the church.

    But that will not happen sadly to say, For the Spirit of Babylon Rules most denominations.

    The new anti-apostolic model is [The Pastor & his wife model], or the woman pastor and her man, or the Sodomite and the Lover.

    WAKE UP! COME OUT! John B [www.myspace.com/no_Hell]

  12. David Steele,

    I understand what your saying re:this false Revival movement & some of the other Charismatic shenanigans.

    Even w/all the Apostasy & confusion there are still some Christians following Christ in truth no matter where they are. Those grounded in Biblical truth will not be deceived by “signs & wonders” & false doctrine.

    Some who went w/the flow in the “Lakeland Revival” did repent & leave the movement. You’ll see that in the Charismatic circles there is definitely a division taking place.

    Lee Grady’s Comment:

    Rick Joyner’s Response to Lee Grady’s Column, “The Tragic Scandal of Greasy Grace.”

    I’m not in those circles-I attend a non-denomination Calvary type Church but followed & studied up on the demonic nonsense going on. I definitely believe many of these people in this “Prophetic” (self appointed Apostles) movement who are calling upon “Angels” in 3rd Heavens are actually calling upon demons. After I watched Bentley’s testimony on his “angelic” abduction experience (Exactly like the UFO type) I was convinced they are all related to the same source.

    I was so relieved when I thought it ended & now I hear it’s coming around for another wave? I think it was this 3rd wave Bentley was expecting right @ the time he was exposed & taken out for awhile.

    If you follow this 3rd wave-see if you hear of any more reports of people getting into a “beam of light” going into an “operating room” & being told it’s God putting “knowledge” into them, etc….

  13. I am horrified to see my email address here. I made my simple observation believing my email address would not be published. Not true, it appears!

    Rarely, but sometimes, it pays to be a daft old codger who gets muddled now and then. Thankfully I see I have got my address wrong – again – . So no thanks to this blog my need for a modicum of privacy is maintained.

  14. Mr. Lockey, if it is any comfort to you, I don’t see any email for you. It shows up for you on the reply section, but no one else!
    http://www.history.com/minisites/ufohunters This is the link for UFO Hunters. Of course, they want you to purchase the seasonal dvd, probably from last season. If you keep cheking back with them, they will probably rerun it. It runs in South Carolina on Charter channel 42 at 10 pm on Wednesdays. I don’t know if that will help, you may be able to look up whoever your tv supplier is, see if they have a place on their web page where you can insert your zip code and the channel you want. It should tell you when and where it comes on in your area. There was a second one following about Roswell. It talked a lot about a second crash near a bat cave in New Mexico at about the same time. They seemed to believe that 2 ufo’s could have crashed in midair, one falling in Roswell, and one falling in the other area. There was a story that a rancher came upon the second crash first, and hid some of the stuff he found in nearby caves. They had a descendant of the rancher show them where the caves were. There were so many, they couldn’t possibly check them all but, checking the closest ones, they didn’t find anything. There was another gentleman that had been digging in the area to see what he could find. He gave them a piece of artifact that he had enclosed in a clear plastic or glass box and they took it to a lab. Turns out it was a type of plastic that didn’t come to existence until 6 years later. It was a type of plastic that has a very high melting point. Although the sun gets very hot in this area, 110 degrees at times, it doesn’t come close the the melting point. I can’t remember or find the name of the plastic, but they said it was originally put in Tupperware. It had 4 letters and began with an H. Anyway, they said it had to be part of the UFO crash, or melted before it was put into the desert. The latter seemed a little impossible seeing as this is a completely deserted stretch of desert. It actually took them 1 hour of driving in the deserted area before they found the crash site! Anyway, it was very interesting.

  15. I read the article about the UFO’s in London. The man who took the picture said they weren’t visible to the naked eye, but only visible in the picture. I have been thinking a lot about this as I have watched a UFO Hunters special about cylinders showing up in pictures. I am thinking these things are interdimensional. I am thinking about Ephesians 6:12 where it talks about not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalites,against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It would seem that In 2 Corinthians 10:3 It talks about though we live in this world, we do not wage war in a worldy way. We understand that there is a spiritual battle going on around us that we cannot see with the naked eye. Cameras have been improved upon dramatically since their invention. The digital camera can take an almost flawless picture with little effort. I am thinking that the speed of the shutter has been increased dramatically as well. I am wondering if this technology is beginning to snap pictures of innerdimensional beings, or spirit beings that we normally can’t see with the naked eye!

  16. Christine, there you go, now we know! I agree with you on the camera thing. I’ve taken some photos in my own back yard and a few things have appeared that I find questionable. I pray over my back yard, my front, my surrounding neighborhood, my community, etc, etc, you get the picture-wink-wink!

    I especially pray for my family and my neighbors that God would help me minister to them in some way and tell them to get their hearts right with the Lord so when he does appear they won’t miss his catching away. I tell them if I’m wrong they have nothing to loose but if I’m right and they don’t accept Jesus, they will have everything to loose.

  17. um wow, john b-

    pastors who are married are sodomites?!

    you should probably increase your meds and re-adjust your tin foil hat-

    or return to your coven for re-direction…

  18. Dear Christine
    You have indeed ‘comforted me’; oh dear, old age never comes alone. I am indeed a very silly Billy! I apologies to Mr Marzuli for suspecting his blog.

    Concerning digital, I understand (I may be wrong) that a pixel is the smallest ‘unit’ possible, and that we live in a digital dimension made of pixels? if so, is this why we are picking up demonic activity as they emerge through an entrance of the spiritual dimension, for example ‘orbs’? I wonder if a pixel will one day be ‘split’, much like the atom. Perhaps we would then ‘see’ a little more clearly what these objects look like. There again – I am old!

  19. oh ruby,
    i mean how do you know that he was referring to that?
    because it isnt indicated anywhere in his post?
    do you know him? is he like yer buddy or somethin? 😉

  20. Elisa, you should not say such things about me, never accuse any servant of the Lord of belonging to a coven, nor make him out to be some medicated unstable person.

    When Saul persecuted the saints of the Most-High it was Christ Himself who felt the pain of his Servants. May he Forgive you.

    Please understand that I am not judging pastors nor people associated within tithing churches.
    I am only commenting and putting forth my understanding of what the Apostolic model of Church is.

    The Apostle Paul said To the Elders gathered for his farewell to Rome “Wolves will come in among you, men speaking perverse things” Acts 20:28-32

    The perversity of things does include a foreign model of church rule along with many false doctrines.

    Read the letters to the seven churches, what Paul foretold was occurring in them: There were false Apostles, False teaching, Idolatry, the clerical Nicolaitans, The feminine authority of the Jezebel Spirit ect.
    What was true back then is as real today even worse!

    Many churches who have a reputation for being Alive Are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John B [www.myspace.com/no_Hell]

  21. My husband and I have been studying many different denominations and beliefs. We absolutely believe in the one true Y-Hweh/G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His Messiah Son Y’shua/Jesus who came to die for us and was ressurected on the third day and will return SOON. I do believe in the moving of His Rauch Hakodesh/Holy Spirit on this earth. The whole point of the Spirit moving is to draw people to G-d. If the things taking place in the service do not draw the people into a deeper faith in G-d and salvation, then it deserves to be questioned. That being said, I do question many of the beliefs I have read about, however, I think we need to pray for the people involved that the Spirit may draw them and help them to see clearly, and let G-d judge them.

  22. Mr. Lockey,
    I hear you on the megapixels. As our technology becomes more sophisticated, there is no telling what we will be seeing! However, I suspect that very soon we won’t be worried about what the camera is picking up. Revelations chapter 9 literally talks about something coming out of the abyss of hell up on this earth. If by chance we are not gone in the rapture, we will literally be seeing evil with our naked eyes! We really need to be praying!

  23. Thank you Christine, its a relief to know I have a few grey cells still in working order. As Rev.9 is well into the 7yr Trib, The Church will be gone.

    The evil you speak of can only be released when The Holy Spirit ceases His restraint. Presently He is allowing us to see more and more, here a little, there a little. Viewed with the ‘eye of faith’, it is an encouragement that The Day is drawing ever closer; therefore the time that remains for the imminent rapture to happen, is even closer. When Christ returns for His Bride, all hell will break out.

    When I look back, the rate of decline is astonishing, especially since the 60’s decade. ufo/demonic activity is being permitted to increase, they may as well fly a banner, as aircraft do, saying ‘Look up, thy redemption draweth nigh’. Maranatha!

  24. Thank God for your Blog and for all the Christians here who add comments. Thank God we Christians believe the BIble and God has given us all eyes to see what is happening all around us. But this also demands great responsibility. We need to warn as many as possible that the Bible is the infalllible Word of God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven and only Jesus Christ saves us sinners. We need to warn as many who will listen of the deception of UFOs and aliens which are none other than fallen angels! I really believe that what onccured during Noah’s day and even after, as the Bible reports, is going to happen during the Tribulation Period. I believe Jesus is coming back soon for His Bride and we will be raptured out of here, probably before the alien plot really thickens! The Bible says God is going to send a strong delusion to those who refused to believe the truth – this alien thing seems to me to be the delusion that many will believe and the devil is taking full advantage of this generation’s ignorance – the new age philosophies that Oprah is spinning to millions of her followers daily and the new age lie that everyone is their own god. I noticed that the film Witch MOuntain stated something about the laws of the universe and that is exactly what that book The Secret is built upon, that we can have it all due to the laws of universe and how we dont use all our brain – the movie said that too!

    I encourage everyone to get some Bibletracts, maybe there are sons of God ones to warn people and place them on the car windshields in the movie lots, esp if there are UFO Bible tracts! We need to get busy for the Lord like never before because I believe we are running out of time to make a difference for the Lord and to help others see they need Jesus Christ

  25. The “UFOs” are reflections of lights in the office from which the photo was taken.

    Having said that, I for one believe in the presence on earth of beings from other planets. But not on this photo!

  26. It is also interesting that on March 20/09 there was a druid/pagan ceremony at Stonehenge. With G-20 in London coming -seems to be a lot of demonic activity going on in England. Bless you in the name of Yeshua.

  27. Contradiction to Judaism- Even in the Holy Land-

    Satanic pagan worshiping is rearing it’s ugly head!I found this article- It shouldn’t suprise me , but I get such a sick feeling to my stomach and all I can do is cry Maranatha!!!!

    Article from Haaretz Israeli news March 22/09

    Kobets says neo-paganism is a pluralistic religion, and every follower sets his own worship method. Nonetheless, the pagans interviewed for this article agreed their faith runs counter to Judaism, and added that they do not consider themselves Jewish.

    “Judaism is a religion, it’s something imposed and artificial,” said Samuel, who runs a paganism forum on the Web portal Tapuz.

    “I don’t consider myself a Jew, but I do consider myself Israeli,” he said.

    Kobets agrees. “There is a problem with Judaism. Judaism contradicts paganism. Judaism has only one god, and if you do not believe in him, you will be driven off with stones.”

    How does one choose which gods to worship?

    “Every individual picks himself a pantheon. There are many options,” said Samuel, 31, who works as a jewelry designer.

    “Nobody invents new gods,” Kobets said. “People read mythology and try to make contact with and talk to some god or goddess.”

    Because the main sources of neo-paganist religions are England and the U.S., some Israeli worshipers pray to Nordic or Celtic gods. Others seek to revive the worship of ancient Canaanite gods who were fought by biblical prophets.

    “As part of the interest in local traditions, there is a focus on Canaanite gods and traditions that existed here,” Kobets said. “People are interested in it, but from what I gather I don’t believe this is the dominant theme. I’ve seen more people who believe in Celtic Druidism, Shamanism and Indian religions.”

    Korbet wrote her thesis in the department of information science at Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Dr. Dan Bouchnik. She analyzed Web sites and forums used by pagans, and their philosophy regarding the Internet.

    “Ancient paganism took place largely in nature, forests and villages,” she said. “Modern paganism can take place in urban settings, and it can be more symbolic. If worship was once done in physical, holy places, now the Internet is being used as a virtual, spiritual venue. Neo-paganist believers have no qualms about using the Internet, though they prefer practicing their rituals in the real world. Advanced religious knowledge is something they would prefer not to divulge on the Web, and usually they will not invite someone to take part in a ritual exclusively online.”

    Korbet will be one of dozens of lecturers at the spirituality conference. Conference organizer Dr. Marianna Ruah-Midbar said there have been a wealth of studies on New Age topics in recent years.

    “Some phenomena were not studied only marginally, if at all, for years, and now they are of central interest to academe,” she said. “This conference is the first multi-disciplinary meeting of researchers who specialize in Judaism, law, medicine, sociology, film and more.”

    Ruah-Midbar believes paganism has a bright future in Israeli culture.

    “At the moment paganism is not a large-scale practice here, but I believe it has very big potential,” she said. “Pagan religions are the fastest growing religions in the West, and it could succeed here too, because Hebrewism and Zionism could connect to paganism due to the emphasis on land and Hebrew holidays. Paganism is a close, unusual parallel of more common practices, like environmentalism or traveling to the East. In practice, it really is not very different.”

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