Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe

This post came to my desk no less than a dozen times yesterday. While I have no idea of whether this will come true or not, I have decided to post it in full here. Is New York “Babylon” that is referred to in the book of Revelation? Is it a type of Babylon that Peter refers to in his letter – She who is in Babylon greets you? Does this code word – Babylon – apply to us today. Does it reflect the system of the world? Is Wilkerson a modern day prophet that we can trust? Has he been accurate 100% of the time? We will watch and see what happens. 

      I will say this however, I believe that we are moving rapidly toward the time of Jacob’s Trouble, or more commonly known as the Tribulation. I think we’re in for some very tough times ahead. Here’s the story, judge for yourself….




David Wilkerson
David Wilkerson


A respected pastor, best-selling author and founder of a major ministry to teens predicts an imminent “earth-shattering calamity” centered in New York City that will spread to major urban areas across the country and around the world – part of what he sees as a judgment from God.

David Wilkerson, author of “The Cross and the Switchblade,” a book about his ministry to troubled New York street kids that was later made into a movie starring Pat Boone, tells readers of his blog this weekend that he is “compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message” about his prediction.

“An earth-shattering calamity is about to happen,” he writes. “It is going to be so frightening, we are all going to tremble – even the godliest among us.”

Wilkerson’s vision is of fires raging through New York City.

“It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires – such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago,” he explains. “There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting – including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath. In Psalm 11 it is written, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Wilkerson is the founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, where he launched a ministry to gang members and drug addicts in 1958. He is a highly regarded mentor to other pastors in evangelical circles and travels the world holding conferences for other Christian ministers.

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His work in New York in the 1950s and 1960s led to the formation of Teen Challenge – a nationwide ministry to reach out to people with life-controlling habits. Teen Challenge has grown to include 173 residential programs and numerous evangelism outreach centers in the United States, and 241 centers in 77 other countries. The program claims a recovery rate of 86 percent.

The story of Wilkerson’s first five years of ministry in New York is told in “The Cross and the Switchblade,” a book he co-authored in 1963. The book became a best-selling phenomenon and more than 15 million copies have been distributed in over 30 languages.

“God is judging the raging sins of America and the nations,” claims Wilkerson. “He is destroying the secular foundations.” Wilkerson urges everyone to stockpile a 30-day supply of food and other necessities to deal with the catastrophe he foresees.

“I do not know when these things will come to pass, but I know it is not far off,” Wilkerson concluded in his message. “I have unburdened my soul to you. Do with the message as you choose.”

A past vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention is hoping believers pay attention to Wilkerson’s message.

“I have known David Wilkerson for more than 25 years as well as many of his friends and associates,” said Pastor Wiley Drake. “He is a godly man and I believe he is listening to God. I encourage each Christian to read and heed what God is saying through our brother.”

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  1. I haven’t kept up with David Wilkerson, but I read his book, “The Cross and the Switchblade.” I know he absolutely believes in G-d speaking to your heart. He saw some amazing miracles because of his faith! I don’t doubt that the things he is speaking will come to pass. Everyone is saying it. If you go to waytozion.org and listen to the 5 minute updates they are saying the same thing, and this by different ministers. Also, Glenn Beck on Fox news used one of his hours to talk about the possibility that the worse case scenario would happen. They discussed America falling apart and going broke. They talked about gangs appearing all over America to take from people what they needed to survive. They talked about the fact that ammunition is selling out in Texas and Florida because people are sensing that something big is fixing to happen. They talked about riots and cities being on fire. Everyone is seeing it coming. I have never seen a situation where news casters and ministers are saying the same thing. That can only mean that it must be coming. We don’t know when. We just know it will. We can prepare all we can, and then pray for G-d to help us get through it. I would imagine people of likemindedness will probably gather together for protection. Homes will be raided for provisions, we really need to get close to G-d and be prepared to put all of our faith in Him and His provision! Other countries have experienced this. Do we think we are above it? Again, I pray for the rapture of the church and pray He will find me worthy,…when it finally does happen.

  2. I do know that the U.S.A. isn’t mentioned in the book of revelations-as far as I can tell. This could be because the country completely collapses. He is correct that God will judge America-God’s own righteousness demands it. There were folks awhile back who merely suggested that 9/11 was judgement. They were horribly attacked by people saying basically “we are Americans, we couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong”…and people saying “But Muslims aren’t Godly people, are you saying that God uses people who don’t believe in him to carry out his will?”-those 2nd group of people obviously don’t realize that Countless times in the old testament God SENT unGodly nations to carry Israel away into captivity for their disobedience.

  3. I’m always a little torn about stockpiling. On the one hand, you have Noah who was warned, who himself warned everyone one else, and who prepared by building the ark, as he was instructed. On the other hand, how Christian is it to sit on my stockpiles while people are dying outside my door? Would Christ have done that? What to do?

  4. Nimbus we engage in food storage so that we can help those who truely need it. In my family we are really big on emergency preparedness and food storage. This has given us the chance to help a few truly needly people here and three. And here is an amazing fact — as you open your heart and your food storage to those that would starve without the help, our level of food never goes down. The Lord magnifies it like the Loafs and Fishes. So be like the five wise virgins and get as ready as possible.

    We are no longer waiting for the judgments to begin upon America. They have already started. This year will mark the failure of the ability of American’s to grow their own food — partially because our government is in the process of passing new laws against it and because the judgments on America have created a failure of the food chain by drought, severe weather changes, and the failure of crops. Cities are on the very edge of tearing themselves apart in a grand blood bath. Famine will sweep the land, followed by pestilence. America is on the verge of a complete collapse of its social structure. The failure of our economic system will look like a walk in the park by comparision. The eruption of anarchy will cause blood to run in the streets. The remains of cities will be burnt to surpress infection from the mountains of dead bodies.
    The country will tear itself apart from the inside out. We are very close to this.

    Yet this could mostly be averted by returning to God and repenting. Please make sure you do this in your own lives.

  5. YES! Thank you Lynn!

    Ive just texted my son about this and he told me that its on yahoo and they mock it badly!
    (One sign that its a true Word from the Lord, demons usually react violently at a true prophetic utterance)
    I replied to him that Wilkersons credibility is unmatched…
    Also that Wilkersons prophetic accuracy is unparralelled…

    I will list the main ones that he wrote in his book (set the trumpet to thy mouth) in the early 70s:
    • The exponential increase in earthquakes (which at the time had not yet occurred)
    • The worldwide onslaught of filth and pornography
    • The impending worldwide financial collapse

    **Add to that that the Holy Spirit bears witness in me that Wilkerson is speaking as an oracle of God**

    I was talking to my wife about this yesterday, and i asked her: ‘what would bring simultaneous fires and rioting around the globe?’ the only thing we could come up with is collapse of municipal infrastructure, due to bankrupt and insolvent city finances,
    new york is a case in point, supposedly its collapse is imminent…
    The lack of city services like police, water, and garbage would foment unrest, riots and fires…

    In other words, i believe he is saying that there will be a domino effect, starting in new york, but as cities go bankrupt around the globe, the rioting will spread…

    **One of the most heinous facts concerning the financial meltdown is that the biggest money men remain ensconced in their multi-million dollar penthouses (madoff), while the little guys are thrown into jail… i believe this is a setup… meant to induce anarchy… or are we really that corrupt???

    The only other scenario I could think of is a meteor strike, but that would be too easy…

    Sooooooo… what are we supposed to do?
    On his blog today, Wilkerson gives the example of Elijah being sent by the Word of God to the brook cherith…
    (Elijah is one of my favorite guys from the bible! i believe he was ptsd)
    And later he was sent to the widow at zarepath…and God made a way for him!
    God supernaturally multiplied resources for their survival!

    The answer boils down to this: Christians will have to get a personal Rhema Word from God for their own hearts… But how can this be? some would ask, Im not a prophet?
    Later on we see Elijah in a cave, and God shows him an earthquake, a fire, etc, but God is not in those…

    God spoke in a still, small, voice…

    The Truth is, the bible says that his sheep know his voice…
    But most people are too BUSY to listen…
    And the truth is that sometimes that still small voice will tell us to do absurd things (always in line with the Bible!)
    Elijah was instructed to do some absurd things by that still small voice, like wait by some dried up brook, or go hang out with some poor old widow…but because Elijah listened and obeyed, he was miraculously taken care of and provided for…

    I believe that as the time of the rapture draws nearer, people will need to hear from God like never before!
    This is the oil in the lamps of the wise virgins! Obedience and receptiveness to that still small voice!

    Lynn, I believe that the Lord is going to raise you up as spokesman (prophet) and leader during these final hours… dont ask me how, or why, but he has given you insight that will be needed by the Body of Christ…
    God has also given you a platform from which to speak…God is the one who promotes, and empowers by his Spirit….I will email you…

  6. Since Burma and the China earthquake last May, I have felt this pulling to be “prepared” which is why I read this site as well as others, like Joelstrumpet, on a daily basis. Between these two sites, I find I’m keeping an open mind that the antichrist will either rise from radical islam or come down as a hybrid nephilium – yikes!

    It seems my once held view of an EU Romanian figure (pictured from the Left Behind series) has been blown out of the water for me now that I’ve delved into researching myself 🙂 With that long held view of mine disappearing, I’m also questioning my pre-trib rapture view. Oh, how I want to be evacuated like Noah. However, I’ve read and researched mid-trib and post-trib viewpoints enough to realize that now I’m utterly confused enough on the issue to know to pray for rescuing but be prepared for enduring!

    We also watch Glenn Beck and that episode of a doomsday scenario was rather frightening. Because I have always believed in the rapture of the church occuring prior to Jacob’s trouble (tribulation), I’ve not given much serious consideration to being prepared physically. I live in CA and so we really should, at the very least, be prepared for an earthquake and yet I’m an AZ native that moved here a few years ago and unfortunately I don’t really have a plan as to what necessities to “stockpile” for our family (& neighbors) in case of an emergency.

    I would greatly appreciate a list of food/medical/emergency supplies that our family would be wise to have on hand… What does a 30 day supply look like? Do I need special wheat/rice containers or just a lot of canned goods? I’m obviously not a survivalist or even a camper – please help 🙂

  7. Yesterday, President Obama gave God another reason, like He needs another reason, to unleash judgment on this country when he signed a bill that recinded the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell reasearch.

    This and Pastor Wilkerson’s prophecy made me think of the bumper music that plays prior to Steve Quayle’s radio program. Here are part of the lyrics as sung by Johnny Cash,

    “There’s armies in the cities and the missiles stand ready for flight, a pale horse rides like the wind across the night, and that rumblin’ in the desert like thunder gettin’ closer are the trumpets getting ready to blow, there’s gonna be a shout that will wake the dead, we better be ready to go.

    By the way, there is an excellent 5 part series by Tom Horn entitled “Timeline for Alien Deception” posted on http://www.stevequayle.com. Its a great compliment to Lynn’s research. I’ve listened to it about three times so far. You need Windows Media Player which is a free download.

  8. Hi Gidget

    Check out this link to diaster preparedness. drywind.net has it posted.
    [url=http://homedisasterprep.wordpress.com/][color=maroon]go here[/color][/url].

    Hope this gets you started!

  9. Lynn,
    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but…
    In the early part of 2008 the Lord spoke to me and gave me a prophetic word…
    (God has used me in the prophetic gift for decades in my congregation)
    The word was that the year 2008 would show an acceleration of fulfillment of biblical prophecy…
    (in fact I put this word on one of my youtube vids but most people found it too disturbing so i had to take it down)

    Of course, during the course of the year, the mega earthquake in china and burma ensued…volcanic activity…vatican approved the aliens as our spaace brothers…the pregnant man…

    But the financial meltdown was the fulfillment that just boggles my mind!
    In fact, nobody knows yet or has any idea of where the bottom is to this collapse…
    Or, the people who do know, arent talking… they cant really say because it would unleash worldwide panic, and violence…

    Like what Wilkerson is saying…

  10. Oh look stock market is up! I’ve wondered why all day. Maybe this has something to do with the lift on embryonic stem cell research. No……………

    and here it is article entitled: “Stem cell go-ahead puts Obama at odds with pope” says,

    [After the ban was lifted on Monday, U.S. shares in stem cell research companies soared. Researchers said companies that had been afraid to test the waters would probably leap in now that federal dollars can be used.] http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSTRE5293EZ20090310?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&rpc=22&sp=true

    Can we all join in and vomit now! Obama supporters go drink your koolaid.

    These are weird times in which we live. The Pope is mad, the stock market is up and our President looks at the stock market as it gyrates! This, I believe, is the first time it has occurred since he was inaugurated. On Limbaugh today, Rush played a clip that had Obama saying that he had to many other things to deal deal beside the hoopla of the financial mess which is a pain to him.(I paraphrase)

  11. I was called by the Lord to be a Watchman in 1975. There is of course no physical proof of this. But because a Watchman/Watchwoman must know what they watch and warn against, the Lord has shown me what is coming — and right now is batting 100% What I was shown has enabled me to watch andf give warning as specified in the 33rd Chapter of Ezekiel. And I truly say — you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are times when my dreams and visions have left me screaming in the night and completely broken in my heart. Eventhough I do know what is coming it does not make any easier to face. In this I say draw unto the Lord for all else is death and folly.

    Personal revelation requires two things.
    The first is a source and the second is a receiver. Within each of us is a spiritual receiver that is fully capable of receiving inspiration from God or His Son, or the Hooly Ghost, and transferring that to our brains. The receiver works all the time, but our society and the direct acts of evil powers have created a state in which we don’t know how to listen. Personal revelation should be as normal as breathing. Something to think about.

  12. You people are nuts! The stem cells were just being burnt before this executive order. The stem cells were created for medical implantation in a woman who cannot conceive naturally. If there are extra stem cells from this operation, they are routinely destroyed! Why aren’t you all volunteering to be hosts to all these stem cells that are routinely burned in incinerators each day? Instead, Obama wants to use them to cure disease and heal people, and you knuckle-heads think it is evil. Happily, the latest poll shows 78% of Americans disagree with you. And, anyone who listens to Glenn Beck or Rush is a total moron. Keith Olberman every single night highlights what lies either of them told on their latest program. It is really pathetic the crap they spew to people like you. God help you all. I suppose you all still adore George Bush too.

    • Sandy; We should all think like you! How tolerant you are of everyone else’s opinion, provided, of course that they agree with you! I’m glad to see that yo have set us on the right path. How blind we are to even think that taking stem cells from embryo’s might be morally wrong. You offer no opinion of your own but resort to Ad hominem attacks on the people who comment on this site, Glen Beck, Limbaugh and others. Have you ever actually listened to Beck? Do you have an opinion of your own, or is it just to rant at everyone with a different opinion?

  13. I have felt since I was 4 years old like I would be here in the last days. On the one hand I tremble when I know the things we will go through, and worry for my grown children who have not decided to serve the Lord. On the other hand, I find great comfort in Revelation 3:10 Because you did obey my message about perservering, I will keep you from the time of trial coming upon the whole world to put the people living on earth to the test.” This is from the Complete Jewish Bible. Other translations say ‘Because you have kept My commandments,’ We do not know how He will keep us, by rapture, or hiding us in the wilderness, but G-d is faithful and He will keep us during this time. I watch what I am listening to. I mostly just watch the news on tv. Occassionally I will lighten up and watch something else, (like America’s Funniest Video’s) just to get a laugh and move on. I do try to be careful to not watch or listen to anything that can absolutely pollute my spirit. I don’t know how we can expect to hear from G-d if we are not into His Word, and keep our spirits polluted with everything in this earth. I do believe that staying close to Him will keep us in these last days. I hope this verse speaks some comfort to everyone.

  14. Wow Kevin, The blog from Kentucky, Michael Spencer, was a sad reality check. When I was born again the sure revelation to me was that most all I knew was wrong and Jesus was the real deal. He picked me up and taught me every day after that.

    This liberal church and mega church stuff evidently has no spiritual guidance and I would hate to say, no fellowship with the LORD at all.

    I see more fellowship on this blogsight than I see in most churches I visit. The end is in sight. I will pray for all and ask the same of you all for me.
    Keep the Faith always,

  15. Lynn, I have emailed you, I pray that you are encouraged…

    Jennifer, we recently had the same sonic boom phenomena here in huntington beach on the west coast…

    In fact, I believe it was last weekend…Im not sure if its God just saying “time is up, now it gets interesting”

    The reason I said that a meteor strike would be too easy is that the way it looks things will go is a slow “starve out” of the global masses…
    Nothing is quite as convincing as watching your loved ones starved to death… I would conjecture that at that point many, many people would be willing to renounce Christ and take the mark of the beast….

    sorry to say it, but its true…

  16. Lynn, I have emailed you, I pray that you are encouraged with the message…

    Jennifer, we recently had the same sonic boom phenomena here in huntington beach on the west coast…

    In fact, I believe it was last weekend…Im not sure if its God just saying “time is up, now it gets interesting”

    The reason I said that a meteor strike would be too easy is that the way it looks things will go is a slow “starve out” of the global masses…

    Nothing is quite as convincing as watching your loved ones starved to death… I would conjecture that at that point many, many people would be willing to renounce Christ and take the mark of the beast….

    sorry to say it, but its true…

  17. Just a thought. Revelations talkes about trumpets sounding. Just wonder if the sonic boom everyone is hearing could be one of those?

  18. Sandy, I put this in an earlier post, but may I encourage you to read your Bible, beginning with the book of John? It talks about God loving us so much He sent His Son to die for us! How great a love? How wonderful to know that the One Person who could utterly wipe us off the face of the earth, loved us enough to make a way for us to be with Him? He absolutely loves us and loves life. Every being is important to Him, including you. Don’t take ours, or anybody elses opinion. Just start reading for yourself and see what you find!

  19. Last December, as I was digging out my neighbor from two days of snow I heard two booms about 5 seconds apart coming from a southeasterly direction. I looked up in the direction of the sound and for some reason my spirit experienced a little trepidation. I kept looking at the sky half expecting to see a mushroom cloud or some debris in the air. Now, I have heard the booms of thunder but the sky was clear blue that day and no aircraft was in the area. I have heard the boom of a huge truck rumbling by but there was no vehicle. There was no construction in the area that would have used dynamite. Normally, when I hear a boom, my reaction is just “what was that?” and then I think no more about it. Perhaps, there is a rational explanation but there was definitely something different about the two booms I heard. As I said it caused unrest in my spirit.

  20. Gidget,

    From what I’ve run across-Perry Stone has the best teaching on the rapture.

    You can watch some of his teachings on his site no charge or order a CD/DVD. He has a very indepth teaching called “Rapture Revelation” w/10 hours of DVD teaching in it. He says if you can’t “get it” after going through the indepth course then your hopeless. (He did spends hours & hours putting all the info together.)

    Anyway, take a look. The short of it is there is a pre-trib & mid-trib rapture in his opinion. I had accidentally just received his CD called “Counted Worthy to Escape These Things” which details what that passage means. It’s great but does just focus on the Pre-Trib aspect.


    (One of those large bags of rice from Costco or Sam’s Club is not a bad idea to have on hand.)

    This link is so long it looks silly but it has a couple of good comments on the Wilkerson warning.

    This is an opinion of Jacob Prasch & then Paul Mc. Guire. (The one thing I think Prasch misses is that the “30 day” food supply comment was Wilkerson’s personal suggestion & not one that came from God.)

  21. O’ Deluded Wicked Sandy in danger of Hellfire, here are a few things I would like to say to you straight from the Bible;

    I won’t waste my time debating with naysayers and false prophets, like the Bible says;

    Proverbs 23:9 Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

    Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

  22. You have to lay off the personal attacks with this Drake… argue from facts and reason not ad hominem attacks.

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