UFOs and the Vatican!

         Here is a story that was sent to me yesterday. Its about the Vatican’s response to the Extraterrestrial presence. The crux of the story is that Vatican spokesperson Monsignor Balducci, has gone on the record stating that the UFOs and E.T. are real, and that this poses no problem for practicing Catholics. He assures us that they (ET) are not demonic! I’m glad he can be so sure about that. This one statement goes against everything I have written about. It goes against over 28 years of researching UFOs and  their occupants. In short, is Balducci setting us up for the coming great deception? Is he an insider that has seen the evidence up close and personal? Is this the reason that current Pope distanced himself from his prior stance on the Fatima apparitions? Were the Fatima apparitions nothing more than a close encounter of the 3rd kind? How can Balducci make such a blanket statement like this and expect us to follow it mindlessly? Has he abandoned his faith in Yashua/Jesus? The U.K., France, Belgium and Mexico have released classified documents stating that UFOs are real. Canada has also piped up recently by stating that UFO sightings doubled in 2008! The theological implications of the revealing of the so called E.T. presence, is going to shake most people’s core belief. When it happens it’s going to create a vacuum of uncertainty, which will result in people abandoning their faith. Is this the apostasy that 2nd Thessalonians warns us about? I believe it is. At some point the ships will appear and everything will change. Here’s the story with the link to it at the end of the article.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

    pope20ufo  So your probably wondering why only now is the Vatican bothering with their admission that aliens probably exist?. Well the statement by the Vatican is actually very timely and is due to of a sequence of events that have occured at Vatican City since and before Pope John Paul’s death in 2005. When the pope died back on April the 2nd 2005 a Romanian News Channel filmed a UFO over St. Peter’s Basilica. The video, taken from a network feed camera at around 6:00 am Roman time, was filmed as Pope John Paul II lay in state. (interesting note – all videos of this have since been deleted by youtube !) . Since then the vatican apparently had numerous vists from Ufos which have been captured on camera (see below). As a result since 2005 the Vatican as been preparing for the emminent disclosure to the public that Ufos are real and has instructed Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body) and insider to the pope , to oversea research about how to explain that the Ufo & Et phenmomnen is real and how it can co-exist with catholocism (so the public don’t get freaked out when it happens). Since then Monsignor Corrado Balducci, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church’s understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters “are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.” 

Video summary about the vatican UFO ….to watch go to:   http://www.realufos.net/2008/05/reason-behind-vaticans-recent-admission.html


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14 thoughts on “UFOs and the Vatican!

  1. Lynn,

    The scripture where Jesus says: “Be careful that no one deceive you” (Matt 24:5)
    The original greek word can be translated: “wandering object”!
    This press release by balducci is the pre-conditioning of the church…

    The catholic church have not yet publicly claimed that Jesus was an alien, but behind the scenes, it would appear that they are prepping the world for that leap…

    Ive been reading about this for decades, that the catholic church would eventually morph into the false prophet… and ya know what?
    We are at the very precipice… the rapture is imminent…

    Some people say that at the moment that the motherships appear over the earth,
    the simultaneous over running of the earth by the nephilim- up to hundreds of millions of supernaturally empowered giants up to 36 feet tall will occur!

    Enoch 15:9 They (the nephilim) are concealed until the days of slaughter and destruction…

    Lynn, will this be pre-rapture? or post-rapture?

  2. oops, sorry hehe the word ‘deceive’ is translated in the greek as ‘wandering object’

    Lynn, tell me what you think of this:

    Enoch 10:11 The sons of the watchers will be bound in the earth for 70 generations until they come forth for judgement.

    Theologians and scientists say the flood occurred approximately 2892 B.C.
    70 generations times seventy 70 years = 4900

    Equals approximately AD 2008/9! (our estimates about the time of the flood may be off a little bit)

    Regardless of the exact timeframe,
    I really believe and feel that the *Holy Spirit bears Witness* of an acceleration of fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and the time is right to seek God like never before!

  3. Way back in the 1990’s Art Bell interviewed Fr. Malachi Martin (RIP)a few times on Coast to Coast AM. In one program Fr. Malachi stated that the Vatican knows what is coming and that “it” would happen in 5 to 10 years. The year of this interview had to be 1998. So what is the “it”? The Vatican’s delcaration that ET’s wouldn’t be a problem for people of faith? Monsignor Balducci’s statement that ET contact is real? The increase in sightings all over the world? All of the above? If, in fact, the Vatican does know something, “how” do they know? Astronomical observation? Face to face contact? The disclosure ball has begun to roll.

  4. Lynn,

    We have a problem here that has not been addressed, at least at large in the evangelical community. It is one that causes excessive problems for me, as I have many relatives in the Catholic religious system:

    Something like this would cause a war that would be waged throughout Christianity. It would destroy ecumenism, which some say should never have been adopted in the first place. Those like Dave Hunt, and various other scholars say that the Catholic Church does not preach biblical salvation. Any decree by the Catholic church, other than “these beings are demonic”, would result in true Christians having to denounce the Church and its followers as anathema.

    Some will not have the stomach for this? Do you feel that this would be the great apostasy that Christ speaks of, or do you foresee some other event being the catalyst for that scenario?

  5. It would seem that the only way ET’s are not going to pose a problem for practicing Catholics is if they are indeed demonic, otherwise there appears to be no way to fit them into the biblical perspective. Unless one is simply going to make extreme generalizations about them that are without biblical foundation.

  6. Simply put, this looks like the “un-holy trinity” is now finally coming out of hiding. What GOD creates – the devil duplicates…

  7. Mr. Lucky, since in 2008 ufo sightings were up 200%, do you think we could surmise that something significant began last year? Along with the fact that we just elected a President that is absolutely, running in the opposition direction of what this country was founded on. It would appear that we Christians are still heading forward (but slowed down a bit) and the others are running in the opposite direction to some unknown end. I believe that is why we are encouraged in the bible during that last sprint to the finish line to not give up, run the race, etc., etc. because we will be slowed down in some fashion or at least “feel” slowed down. You know with a given amount of “acceleration” we appear to be slowed down but in reality not slow at all.

    My Catholic neighbor said to me Jan. 1 that she believes that life exists on other planets. I am sure now that her religion has “preened” her into this type of thinking and she will gladly accept whatever is coming her way. To be fair to her though if I were an atheist, I would begin to believe life exists on other planets if I just go see all the ET movies and accept there point of view. Maybe I should just go ask her when the ETs and UFOs will arrive!

  8. Yes, there are those catholics who have been trained since birth to follow the vatican with unrelenting obedience and loyalty…

    However, there are many, many catholics who actually DO have a relationship with Jesus, and even if and WHEN the vatican proclaims our ‘alien brothers’ are in fact our progenitors- they will not follow along blindly!

    Also, I would expect at any moment, those protestants mega-leaders with NWO connections to begin the slow process of pre-conditioning the protestant masses- this will be a synchronized, well coordinated media event!

    We may very well be surprised at who shows up on the protestant scene proclaiming our ‘space brothers’!

    But mark my words, whoever does make this proclamation, is in league with the enemy!

    Joe, I do get a sense of time passing by so fast as never before!
    And the fulfillment of biblical prophecy is just whizzing by at a break-neck pace never before seen in the history of the planet.
    The imminent return of Jesus makes this not a time to be caught sitting on the spiritual fence.
    The *Holy Spirit bears Witness* that we should start to prepare our hearts to meet the Lord in the air!

  9. No “Devout” pope Fearing Catholic will believe in any UFO until such time as the pope’s authority officially pronounces it to be acceptable by the Faithful.
    For that to happen on a “grand scale” there first need be a world-wide ecumenical revival whereby all religions will be in alliance to the “white-robed leader”

    Expect to see and hear Marian miracles taking place all around the world before there be any approval by the pope concerning the UFO’S

  10. Taken from the link which follows.

    In 1139, a Catholic named St. Malachy set out from Ireland on a pilgrimage to Rome.

    “On sighting the eternal city, he fell to the ground and began murmuring Latin verses, each signifying the future destiny of the popes. His words were suppressed for over three hundred years by the Vatican, yet, to this day, ninety percent of the saint’s prophecies have come true, unfolding in chronological sequence … for Malachy foresaw an end to the Roman Catholic Church and predicted the fates of the popes until Judgment day.”
    …..(more good info in the link)

    St. Malachy worked all night by candlelight until he concluded the 111 Latin phrases. He explained that God had given him a vision of every pope to reign after the current pontiff, which was Innocent II, until the end of time when God would judge the world.

    (**Right now the next Pope in line would be the 112th (Peter of Rome) & is the final one according to his visions.)

    St. Malachy’s final declaration states:

    “During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Petros Romanos (Peter of Rome), who shall feed the sheep amidst many tribulations” [he will likely be the tribulation pope], “and when these things have passed, the city of seven hills shall be destroyed” (John Hogue).


  11. I do believe the Roman Catholic church is in a place politically and spiritually to lead the world into the tribulation, with Antichrist as the head. I do believe the reigning Pope of the moment could possibly be the false prophet. That is not to say everyone in the Catholic church is wrong, I know some personally who seem to have a personal relationship with Y’shua/Jesus. I think religion as a whole, even Protestant, will be challenged by the appearance of a mother ship and the many miracles they could do. There would probably be extrememe fear and excitement, followed by amazement as the entities perform many signs and miracles. Any G-d-fearing person would then have to ask themselves who these entities are and how are they doing these miracles? We have to keep in mind that the true Word of G-d should always preceed the miracles. A miracle without the Word is not a miracle, it is a show. The Word of G-d presented in a twisted and warped way is not the true Word of G-d. We need to get into the Word and know the Word. We will all probably be amazed by the religious leaders of the world who will be swayed by what they are seeing, not to mention celebrities, and even some of our own loved ones who will be in awe! We need to get established in the Word and our relationship with our Father G-d. He is the only One who will be able to sustain us and keep us during this most troublesome time on earth. As for the rapture, I pray there is one before the tribulation. The Word encourages us to pray that we will be worthy to escape these things. I have heard many arguements for pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib rapture. We are not exactly sure when it will happen. We have to be careful not to depend on a certain time, lest we become discouraged. We must focus on our Lord, keep our eyes on Him, and understand that however it happens He is in control and nothing is going to happen that He won’t allow. I Corinthians 10:11 Now these things happened to them as an example and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. It was talking about the children of Israel in the wilderness being an example to us. We all know the Word says there is nothing new under the sun. History repeats itself. The Lord knowing this gave us the children of Israel as an example. I am just saying during these last days we may find ourselves wandering in the wilderness. We may be ejected as terrorists from our dwellings and cities because we do not believe the way the world does that the ufo’s are good and that the mark of the beast they will give is the right thing to do. But like the children of Israel in the wilderness, if we will learn to love Him, keep His commandments, He will provide for us and care for us, until the time for us to come home to Him, however that happens!

  12. are you all crazy you believe in god with absolutly no evicence the bible was written by peaple! peaple who nowadays would not be able to get through grade school and this is who you trust as credible source of information crack pots the lot of you

    • Sir, May I suggest you learn to spell. peaple is spelled people. I would also suggest that you study what the scriptures say in regard to prophecy, it might change your mind. Furthermore, if you shoot me your address I’ll send you my book for free! How about that?

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