Ezekiel War…. Soon?

atom-bombHere is a post that I found today. With all the cheery news that we are seeing, the collapse of our economy, unrest in the E.U., Global financial crises, genocide in the Sudan, Iran now able to produce the bomb, the Pakistani government threatened by the Taliban, Russia claiming rights to the North pole and on and on…. I thought one more bit of cheery news wouldn’t hurt so, I would point  your attention to yet another alarming headline.
Iran is calling on the Muslim world to defeat Israel. They are looking at the recent war with Hamas and declaring it genocide. Of course no one mentions that Hamas launched thousands of rockets into Israel and has broken every cease fire with that country. And of course we won’t cite that Hamas refuses to recognize Israel as a nation. And let’s not  forget that the modern countries of Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Jordan came into existence after WWI, these other nations can have a place in the sand, except Israel! It is clear that there is never going to be a two state solution. Period. The USA and the current president can send anyone they want to, including Elmer Fudd, and it’s not going to change anything. The root of the problem, from the Muslim point of view is, that Israel exists. There is no wiggle room here. No room for detente’ or a fire side chat over tea. The problem is Israel existence and at some point the Muslim world is going to rise  up and attack her again, like they have done so throughout the last 60 years. Iran is calling for this attack now and its more of the same saber rattling that has been going on for years. Are we moving into the time that the prophet wrote about 2600 years ago? At some point Iran and a host of other countries are going to join with Russia and attack Israel. Here’s the article, read it and judge for yourself… 

Iran urges world Muslim ‘resistance’ against Israel
Mar 4 08:03 AM US/Eastern



Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Wednesday for world Muslims to join the Palestinian “resistance” against Israel as he kicked off a two-day summit in aid of war-torn Gaza. His statement came as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and premier Salam Fayyad in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on her first visit to the region since taking office. She had met Israeli leaders in Jerusalem on Tueaday.“The only way to save Palestine is resistance,” Khamenei said in his address to open the global summit Tehran organised in aid of Gaza and the Palestinians.”Support and help to Palestinians is a mandatory duty of all Muslims. I now tell all Muslim brothers and sisters to join forces and break the immunity of the Zionist criminals,” Khamenei said.  

Here’s the link to the rest of the story: http://www.breitbart.com/print.php?id=CNG.21c84721b2a4459b107dfbfb9ada315a.2f1&show_article=1


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8 thoughts on “Ezekiel War…. Soon?

  1. Hi Lynn,

    Great post again. I think there can be no doubt that we are living in the exact moment of time the prophet’s wrote about. I think Iran and the other Muslim countries are emboldened by Secretary of State Clinton’s call for a Palestenian State with Jerusalem as its capital. There is no “two state” solution. The Palestenians don’t really want that. You are correct in stating that these groups will NEVER be satisfied until they wipe out Israel. Of course, we know that God will never tolerate that.

    I would say that the Ezekiel 38 & 39 war is upon us in the fairly near future. Since there are often prophetic “stepping stones” leading to prophetic “milestones”, we could see some preliminary up-risings and rumors of war prior to the actual event, but I believe that this coalition of nations headed by Russia will soon assemble.

    Some believe that the “catching away” will occur prior to the Gog & Magog war. If so, get your flying clothes on!

    Kevin J.

  2. We are at the point of the the Ezekial 38 and 39 war.

    The issue at hand in my opinion is, what Israeli enemy will attack Israel first? To attack Israel first is literally dooming yourself to nuclear annihilation by Israel. Each country wants the “other” country to be the first ‘chump’ to make that move. Then the other countries will all join in attacking Israel, claiming it as an act of defense. The only thing the others do not know is that GOD is protecting Israel!

  3. Lynn Lynn Lynn,
    What, what, theyve been doing this to my people for 6000 years! Do you think they should stop now?
    The root at the very heart of jihad is suicide! They will attack Israel even if it is suicidal!
    Then, G-D help the rest of the world.

  4. L,

    Well I think one of the most difficult factors in being able to comprehend the state that the entire world is in right now is that:

    • Intellectually, I understand that prophecy is taking place right before my eyes.
    • Spiritually, I understand that prophecy is taking place right before my eyes, and the rapture is imminent!

    However, my FLESH just does not ‘get it’!
    My flesh is in direct opposition to being able to ‘take it all in!’
    My flesh just wants to say:
    “oh well, ho hum, it will all blow away, and everything will return to normal”

    Exactly how Jesus said it was gonna be.
    And this spirit of sleep is what we are all fighting right now, like in the parable of the ten virgins…

    ALL of the virgins fell asleep! ALL of the virgins let their guard down!
    Jesus warned us about the end times spirit of slumber that would overtake even the elect…

    Even so, a part of me STILL is aware that at any moment, like Kevin J. said, we WILL FLY AWAY!!!

    Lord, keeps us all vigilant and awake in our spirits, in Jesus Name!

    • it is destined to be this way math: 24 tells you what you need to know,just cross reference things.now is not a time to have your ears tickled knuckle down and realize what you need to do…one will be taken the other abandoned who makes that choice (no Human) but a king.look up millenium in the dictionary and you will be more optimistic about the future
      we will have to go through this i.e if you are going through hell; Keep going (winston churchill)

  5. I pray we all fly away before the kingdom of antichrist! I don’t know that it will happen that way, we all need to be praying for strength and power in the Lord! It amazes me that we can look at the holocaust and all of the hurt it brought, and be looking straight down the face of another holocaust! How can man be so prideful and stupid? It boggles the mind! How can one human being be so calloused and hurtful to another? No wonder G-d repented of making man! I am so grateful for Him making a way for us through Y’shua! Where would we be without HIm? Lost. I have been reading about the tent cities popping up across the USA. People are being laid off their jobs. They don’t have the money for a mortgage or to rent another place, so they are moving into tents! Back to the wilderness! We could all be there in the blink of an eye! How greed man is to have so many empty foreclosed homes, and to make people live in tents! What kind of people are we?

  6. Orange County, CA Tues, Mar 3rd

    “Windows shook, nerves were rattled, dogs barked and everyone thought, maybe, we were getting ready for the big one. More than 70 calls were logged into 911 by frightened folks thinking someone was breaking into their homes.

    Experts still don’t know what caused the shake and the shimmy.

    At least, and this is the good thing, the sky did not come tumbling down.”


    ??? Watch the video-the newscaster @ the end mentions UFO’s. Hum?

  7. What people also need to be looking at for the manifestation of pure evil is the radical environmental movement (and not the legitimate one concerned with specific pollution causes). It is NOT about saving ‘mother earth’ and IS about genocide. It is the modern manifestation of Mother Earth (Isis) worship brought to us by many of our true Illuminati criminal masters.

    If this sounds outlandish look at the back “your” “Federal” “Reserve” note. That funny eye thing was placed there by FDR spiritual advisor Nicolas Roerich. Another FDR inspiration was Freemason historian Manly Hall who spent his life studying Ancient Egypt including so called “cosmic messengers”. The eye represents the true intent of evolution or ILLUMINATION that man can become God, the real One (a story that should sound strangely familiar). There is a lot of commonality between the radical environmental movement AND the evolutionists including the same occultic roots all the way back to Ancient Egypt. There’s volumes of information here but suffice it to say these people ARE NOT screwing around.


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