UFO: New sighting in South Africa!


By Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
Well known South African topical and current affairs show,’Carte Blanche’, has reported a UFO sighting witnessed by at least a dozen people in Gauteng, not far from Johannesburg, on 14-2-2009. The sighting is currently being investigated by South African Ufologists who have been unable as of yet to come up with an earthly explanation.
Carte Blanche reported the testimony of one of the witnesses, Teresa Munchick, who was driving her daughter Caitlin and her friend Lerato Teffo home from a Valentine’s Day party when they spotted the lights at around 11pm.
‘There were absolutely six lights, they were brighter than star and much bigger than stars so they appeared about 2mm to the human eyes. And their intenseness and their brightness varied. Moving – it seemed to be travelling forward. But at times they did kind of disappear.’ Teresa recalled.
Teresa’s friend Loreta also saw the lights and gave the following description of the event: ‘Ok – we were driving in the car and then I just saw these six things floating up over there. And three of them were in a diagonal kind of shape and three were forming a triangle. And they looked like circles to me and they were a yellowish colour and I was quite freaked out. Then suddenly one just shot up straight into the sky and disappeared.’
A few witnesses with mobile phones filmed the event but these images have not been released. Prominent South African UFO researcher Dr James J Hurtak used the event to re-iterate the need and importance of world governments disclosing what they know about UFOs.
        I posted this article because it is similar to the experience my wife and I had last week. I’d like to thank Rey for sending me this! 
        Notice the bold highlighted part. But at times they did kind of disappear – This seems to be part of the phenomena as myself and others have reported the same thing. It is a cat and mouse game that is deigned to “freak us out, ” as the witness from the article claims. And who wouldn’t be? As I posted yesterday, when one shows up [a UFO] it can be overwhelming. Remember that what this woman saw was outside her paradigm. It was something new. She had no world-view in which to deal with what she was seeing. Here’s the important part for us to remember. That what we are dealing with is Supernatural! Therefore our weapons against it must be not carnal and of the flesh but spiritual in nature. We need to realize that these manifestations are growing more frequent. We must understand that when we see one of these craft we should immediately go on the offensive and rebuke it the name of Jesus and say, “By the blood of the Lamb, the Lord rebuke you!” For those of you who are new to this BLOG, what I’m saying might sound fantastic. I assure you that it is not. We are living in perilous times. We need to put the whole armor of God on. Don’t know what that is? Go to Ephesians 6 and read it. We are headed toward the great deception. Look at the closing line of the article: Prominent South African UFO researcher Dr James J Hurtak used the event to re-iterate the need and importance of world governments disclosing what they know about UFOs.
When that happens will you be prepared?
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5 thoughts on “UFO: New sighting in South Africa!

  1. Thank you for that Lynn!
    This blog is the best thing on the web right now!

    Wow isnt it interesting that when the subject of the blog is spiritual warfare that the comments dwindle down?
    I think that it is a good sign, ironically…

    Jesus died so that we could have Dominion and Authority over Death and Hell…
    Every time Jesus rebuked a demon, he spoke the Words out LOUD and told the demon to go into the abyss, where it belonged.

    Jesus NEVER prayed a silent prayer in order to take authority over hell.

    Yes, Christians must SPEAK the Words in order for them to have effective Power over the enemy.
    Some people have said that one must shout at the demon, and if you think about it, it makes sense…
    The demons already tremble at the mention of the name of Jesus, so theyre already scared, and some of the great men of God of our time use the shouting method when casting out a demon…
    Also there are numerous anecdotal reports of shouting being effective against poltergeist activity.

    These entities are already trespassing into our dimension in the first place, so as Christians we are merely enforcing the boundaries that God has put into effect!
    By the Blood of Jesus! Demons must flee!

  2. LOL! Rabbi Shulman you are so funny! Why wouldn’t tortillas be kosher anyway, and what does that have to do with ufo’s? The shape maybe?

  3. “All authority HAS been given me in heaven and upon the Earth” Mat28:18 That is what Jesus Said

    “He raised him from the dead and seated him at His right hand in [the heavenly places], far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named” Eph1:20,21.

    “He raised us up together, and made us sit together in [the heavenly places] in Christ Jesus” Eph2:6

    Therein, is our Authority [our position in Christ Jesus]. Some of you believe that Christ does not rule yet!

    well you can scream, shout, get angry at the devil, throw holy water, do whatever.
    The Question is, do you believe that He Rules Today? If you don’t, then you have No authority because Ye are not seated with Him together in heavenly places. John B [www.myspace.com/no_Hell]

  4. The more I think about Satan being the Prince of the Air (as stated in the Bible) and the demons trying to deceive us by impersonating physical entities from another planet or dimension, the more angry I get because they are polluting God’s skies!

    There is little else that is as heartwarming, inspiring, indeed, as transcendent as a huge, clear blue sky, with maybe a pure white cloud here and there, or a black night-time sky loaded with twinkling stars. Nowadays, when I look at GOD’S beautiful sky, I am concerned that it will be marred by one of THEM. I’ve never seen one of “them” before and don’t want to, but I’m prepared for the likelyhood of it happening some day.

    Granted, the skies have always been polluted by the Prince of the Air and his cronies but in the past they’ve not put as much effort into being seen as they have lately. They’ve been laying low so that we would not place as much emphasis on the unseen, spirit realm. We’ve enjoyed a false sense of security. The church has nearly forgotten about spiritual warfare and most don’t teach it.

    Wake up call! This is war. No time left for being spiritually lazy or ignorant.

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