UFOs: They’re real and not going away!


A silent V-shaped craft with “five or six lights under each wing” moved across CO skies near Boulder on Feb. 28, while a blue “streak of light” caught a witness’s attention near Brighton, CO at 6:24 p.m. In KY, a black disc was spotted at a height of 40 feet – hovering, silent and “wobbling” – until it shot off quickly. In MI, a hovering craft began rotating and then moved slowly across a freeway toward an airport. Three lights appeared in the NJ sky just as the witnesses’ street lights went out, then the sky lit up blue and “everything around us was blue.”


Here’s a link to the entire story : http://www.examiner.com/x-2363-UFO-Examiner~y2009m3d1-UFO-activity-over-three-states

         I had several emails over the weekend pointing to recent sightings. The above link is worth checking out. Are we seeing more sightings than ever before? The short answer is yes. “The phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away!” L.A.M

        I was in a group setting over the weekend and I talked about the sighting my wife and I had last week. It’s interesting to watch people’s different reactions to what they’re hearing. I got everything from nods of understanding to skeptical stares! These reactions are from people who have read my books and know where stand regarding UFOs. Something else that I feel is very important to relay here and that is this. It has now been five days since the sighting. I have had time to reflect on it. I’ve rerun the event over and over in my minds eye to see if I missed something. Here’s what I’ve come up with and it’s startled me. When I interviewed Ricky Sorrel for the Alien Interview book, I took note of his comment that his experience was, “overwhelming.” I have cited that word over and over again on interviews and in my BLOG here. What is of importance is that this is exactly what I realized happened to me, when I saw the lights in the sky. It was overwhelming. I focused on the phenomena. I was drawn into what I was seeing and I dropped my spiritual guard. When the smaller light went into the larger light below it – or when the smaller light was absorbed into the larger light, I just went numb. I had never seen anything like that before. Then, when the light slowly disintegrated and vanished it was startling, to say the least. In short the entire experience was overwhelming. All this to say that it was a warning to me. I found that the experience was almost mesmerizing.

        We are conditioned to look at “light shows” and enjoy them. Think about every fourth of July. What do we do? We look at the display of fireworks lighting  up the sky. We ooh and ah over every burst of light and then applaud wildly at the finale. How about during a thunder storm when we look in fascination at lighting streaking across the sky? In a similar way, I was drawn to the lights in the sky. I let my guard down. What is going to my reaction and yours, when a craft the size of the one that Mr. Sorrel saw, is sighted? What are we to do when we see a two-mile-wide UFO overhead? My experience was a wake up call, in that I realize that the phenomena can truly be, overwhelming. This is why we need to guard ourselves and not get sucked into the “light show.” Next time – hopefully there won’t be a next time – I’ll rebuke it in the name of Yahsua/Jesus.

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  1. I am reminded of the scene in “The Two Towers” where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are in the Fangorn forest. Legolas suddenly stops, sensing something, and says “The white wizard approaches.” And Aragorn replies that they must be swift and not look at him, lest he cast a spell on them. Similarly, with the seeing stone, or Palantir, one cannot look at it either without being mesmerized and controlled – as shown in another scene with Merry and Pippen.

  2. Lynn,

    You are absolutely correct, since your entire life is devoted to ‘exposure’ of these entities, the desire to be drawn into contact with them would by now be rather strong, i would guess. Which is kinda scary, and rather dangerous.

    I am reminded of when I was working for a company which handled mostly government contracts- the companies name?
    Monarch! (anyone ever heard of MK-Ultra?)

    Yes, and the owners kids were severely messed-up in their minds, mostly behavioural disorders which caused them to engage in self-destructive acts.
    Anyways, someone had told me that my supervisor ‘was into ufos’ and one day i had a conversation with him, and yeah, he was totally into the ‘alien gospel’ and also into dangerous behavior patterns.

    That night I had a dream wherein i saw my supervisor wearing a multi-color robe, such as a pagan priest would wear, and he was raising his hands, as if to conjure a demon.
    Next thing i knew in the dream, I was on an examination table, and they wanted to do some procedure on me! I never saw any aliens in the dream, but the coincidence was too much to ignore, that the same night that I had spoken to the guy about it, I had this dream!

    And yes, the way i got out of the dream was to scream Jesus! in my sleep!

    Since I was a young Christian at the time, I wrote the dream off to demonic assault/incubus, etc.
    I didnt know anything at that time about ufos- Ive never had another dream like that, and i hope I never will!

    I think one of the keys in dealing with spiritual warfare like his is to get a HOLY ANGER and start to pray the assault back on satan and his little friends! And yes, asking for Gods Angels to surround you and do battle on your behalf is essential! If satan knows that when he messes with you he will be hurt and his kingdom damaged then he will not mess with you!

    Oh and um Im not trying to be hurtful, but the title of one of your blogs last week was ‘its all about the hope we are looking for…ufos!”
    yeah, our hope we are looking for is not ufos, its JESUS.
    I know I know, that is not what you meant, but we have to be careful with our words, because the enemy is always looking for a wormhole by which he can come through and accuse and attack us!

    I know that there are those that read this blog with less than noble intentions, and some of them are high initiates in the practice of the black arts: kabalah, wicca, luciferian, etc. and they can conjure at will a ufo- if we do not have our Christian armor on at full strength! (ive learned from my experience)

    I will be praying for you, Lynn!

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  4. Elisa one of the aspects of fighting evil is the use of the commanding voice. This is not a voice of rage or hatred, but it is a voice that stands with utter firmness that says, “you are going to do what I tell you to do right now”. This is what you did in your “dream.” It is one of the major components of spiritual warfare, but it most be grounded in the faith we have in Jesus Christ. It doen’t have to be load, but it does have to be absolutely firm.

  5. Lynn…How about your first ufo sighting when you were 12…did that have the same overwhelming sense about it?

    If not…do you think their presence and power is increasing…perhaps to the point of affecting people’s minds?

  6. Elisa one of the aspects of fighting evil is the use of the commanding voice. This is not a voice of rage or hatred, but it is a voice that stands with utter firmness that says, “you are going to do what I tell you to do right now”.

    I call that my “mommy voice”, lol.

  7. I am so glad you said what you did in your answer…I have this awful feeling that sometimes we as Christians might be a bit shall I say, “Nonchalant?” when it comes to…being tempted…..we say… “Oh I’m alright jack…I can handle that”

    then when you said…You felt overwhelmed…..thank you for that…it just means we have to be more vigilant in our own stance for Jesus Christ and never ever take anything for granted…no matter how strong we stand in the faith,or we think we stand in the faith…it might just not be strong enough we have to depend on “Christ the solid Rock we stand….”

  8. Hi Lynn,
    After reading about your ‘sighting’ the other night. I had to share this rather bazaar dream I had just 3 nights ago. Just as a sidebar, I have been deeply studying the UFO Phenomina for about 2 yrs now with not one odd event or dream. The dream starts at my parents house for just a normal visit. It was getting dark out and I happened to look out the window and in their backyard I saw a total of 4 Alien craft. 3 were lined up towards the back of the property and they were the round disc shape and silver. The 4th one was just beside their outside porch and this one was very large and black with a band of windows across the front. It was close enough I could see what looked like the ‘Greys’ operating the craft. I tried to yell out to my family to warn them and I could not make a sound. I tried several times and was finally able to get my husbands attention, but then, I could only speak in a low tone of voice. I then went out to the porch and began rebuking the beings in the craft with the blood of Jesus and started ranting that they are not fooling everybody and I knew what their end game was and they were NOT going to Win in the end. (This is Not that out of character for me, as I am pretty fiesty) The more I kept challenging them, a bright light was shown on me, like a spotlight and at that point even though I was still ranting an unexplainable feeling of doubt came over me. It became harder and harder for me to keep up the dialouge as I felt I was starting to struggle to believe what I was saying was the TRUTH. They were not saying words to me, it was strictly a feeling that was inserted into my mind. I am not easily swayed when I firmly believe something and was taken aback by this power they had over me. I somehow managed to keep up the verbal lashing on them and then a winged reptilian creature was released from the craft and came and picked me up and carried me way up in the air. The creature and I were face to face. I was still sticking to my guns and praying the blood of Jesus and then the dream faded away…Even though this was just a dream, I felt the same overwhelming feeling pass over me which was a scary feeling which the scriptures prophesise that ‘even the elect’ will be deceived. I have to say, I felt my believe system was being challenged by some type of sophisticated ‘mind control’ technique which was very strong. Even though this was a dream, my take away as was yours, a wake up call to the power of what we are dealing with here. Bottomline, GOD can conquer ALL including confronting the Fallen Angels, and through our relationship with him we have the power to overcome.

  9. Nimbus that’s where I learned the commanding voice. Mothers are naturally good it. Once when my mother grew good and angry over the intrusions, my mother used this principle to command a haunting out of our house when I was a boy. We never had another problem. That was after 3 and 1/2 years of living in terror. Of course it didn’t hurt that she took a swing at it while commanding it.

    One of the essences of spiritual warfare is the proper focusing of words and how we use them.

    Deb that wasn’t a dream. It was firm testing of your resolve to stand in the Lord’s presence and be unmoved. Using the example of my mother, learn to be unmoved by anything, but always bend you knee to the Lord. The powers of evil know that I will never willingly bow my knee to anyone but Jesus Christ, and to Him I will bow joyously.

  10. Lynn,

    You out do yourself everyday. I just read last months news letter and read your interview with Patrick Heron. I then looked him up on You tube and watched a “Lecture” I guess you would call it that he did. His thoughts give you a lot to think about. I never thought about the Greek God’s in that way, but the way he put it I think he made a believer at least about the greek god’s out of me, I’m still thinking about his view on the anti-Christ, but just wanted to say thanks again for the food for thought. I wish more in the Christian Community did what y’all do.


  11. I have also had dreams where someone or myself was in trouble. I would finally come face to face with the problem and knew that death was in front of me. I would scream at the top of my lungs, but my voice was barely audible, and rebuke the person in the name of Y’shua, Jesus. It would immediately cease. The common denominator in all of these stories is how hard it is to rebuke it in the name of Y’shua, Jesus. It is like the entity knows what you are trying to do and trying with all if it’s might to stop you. I totally agree that we need a deeper walk with the Lord. That is probably why He is allowing us to experience these things, so we will draw closer to Him. Think about it. If antichrist is truly fixing to expose himself, his demonic powers would surely be on earth to help him. There is no telling what we will see or experience before this is over with. Also, there is no telling what we will see G-d do!!! We have to stand strong and not be easily shaken!

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