The Visitor from the Past!

man-from-1800Robert Birdwell finds himself suddenly transported from 1860 to the present day, 2009! He is amazed at what he sees around him, cars, planes, television, radio, the computer and all the complexities and conveniences that abound in the modern age.

        He is also dumbfounded at other spectacles. He finds it hard to believe the overt display of sexual content everywhere, from billboards, to television ads, like Victoria Secret. He is speechless as he watches his first MTV video where men and half naked women gyrate in time with the thumping music as the singer raps in rhyme, using language that he finds deplorable. He learns that abortion has killed 50 million babies in their mothers wombs and that with all of our medical advances we can now, kill the babies in the ninth month of pregnancy. He discovers that almost 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and that there is an epidemic drug problem that is ruining the lives of millions. He witnesses his first gay parade, as men kiss other men, openly. He learns of  gang violence and witnesses the brutal drive by shooting of a teenage girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is told that this type of crime is common in all of our cities.

         He hears from our sitting president that we have to pump another trillion dollars into the economy to bail it out. He wonders where all this money is going to come from and is perplexed at the role that government has taken. It is a far cry from what he remembers.

               He goes to his first movie and is amazed at the larger than life scenes that flash before his eyes. To his astonishment there is a scene in the movie that shows two people having intercourse. He is shocked and disturbed by this and leaving his seat exits the theater. He picks up a news paper and sees that the wandering Jew, has finally come home again and the nation of Israel is a reality. He learns about people who blow themselves up killing hundreds of innocent bystanders, he is told that they are the suicide bombers and are part of daily life in the Middle East. He is terrified when he is told about the atomic bomb. He learns of it’s destruction and how we now have the ability to destroy ourselves hundreds of times over. He is given a tour of the Internet and realizes that all the knowledge of preceding centuries can be found there. He marvels at how our culture can have so much and yet in some ways behave no better than wild animals. He is shocked to learn that it is against the law to say a prayer in our schools, to mention God in the classroom, and that reading from Bible is forbidden in most schools. He discovers that people are immersed in the occult, as they consult mediums to find out what will happen in the future. That horoscopes, eastern mysticism, gurus and spirit  guides are popular. He goes to a mega-church and hears how he can become wealthy and prosperous. Overwhelmed by what he has experienced he has only one wish…. to leave this nightmarish place and return home….

Two for Monday: Knowing & Recent Cattle Mutilation.


I had to print this part of the review from Christianity Today: The thing speaks for itself: read this and I’ll BLOG about it at the end….

From Christianity Today review of KNOWING:

…This is not to say that Knowing is a “Christian” film, per se; indeed, to the extent that we take the movie literally—to the extent that we experience the world within the story on its own terms, as any of the characters would experience it—we can safely say that the movie deviates in some ways from a biblical understanding of the concepts that it invokes. But like some of the more interesting parables, the film takes our expectations and rattles them around a bit, confirming some and disturbing others, and for some viewers it may be just the sort of thing that can tease us into active thought about what we believe and why.

      In my humble opinion the reviewer is missing the mark by a mile. I’ll say it again, this movie is a direct assault on what we believe as Christians and in fact is the poster child for what I have come to term as, ‘The Alien Gospel 101.’  [See my previous BLOG a few posts further down] Christianity Today is perhaps the premier Christian magazine publication in the world. I am alarmed that it seems to give a pass to the movie rather than warning about the anti Christian, content that is deliberately weaved into the plot from beginning to end. Does this lack of awareness and discernment, on the part of the reviewer and thus, the entire magazine support the scripture that tells us, “That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible?”  The bottom line is this. Knowing is set up for the Coming Great Deception. It is getting people ready to accept the idea that ‘aliens’ from other worlds, with superior intellect and technology, created us and in fact, were the gods that we worshipped.

                                                          *                                                 *                                                 *                   



Here is a story about a recent cattle mutilation that is happening in Colorado. If you follow the link please be sure to read some of the comments. One is particularly interesting as the writer complains that these kind of stories shouldn’t be allowed on the NET! The story tells of strange lights that are seen in the sky. The carcass of the cow is found drained of blood with cored out udders and there are  no footprints around it. It’s like the animal was dropped from the air. So let’s strip it down and walk through it. Once again we see that the phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away. If we apply Occam’s razor to this case, that the simplest answer is usually the best one, we may conclude, that the animal was dropped from the sky. That being said, it remains to be seen who did the dropping. If it is black helicopters then why didn’t the rancher hear them? What we see is that whoever is doing this acts with impunity. They take what they want and drop the remains in the ranchers face. This creates fear and uncertainty. These are deliberate actions on the part of the perpetrators. In my opinion this is another side to the UFO/fallen angel scenario that I am endlessly warning against.     

…A rancher in southern Colorado has an out of this world theory for what killed one of his cows. “We have other life out there and I think that’s what it is,” Mike Duran said. Duran says he’s noticed strange lights flying overhead and he believes aliens may be to blame for mutilating one of his cows. “Like a round circle in the air,” Duran said. “I’ve watched them and then they just disappear.”

Don’t miss the Monthly News Magazine! This month we have someone coming on the record who claims to have seen a shape-shifting ‘Alien’  2o years ago and only now is willing to talk about it. I believe them… Here’s the link to sign up…

UFO Hunters: Dulce – Nephilim

alien-hybridI saw the UFO Hunters show, it was spot on as they say in the UK. Instead of writing about it, I thought I would reprint a section from my first book in the Nephilim Trilogy. This was written in 1998 and published in 1999. I think it says it all. I believe that the genetic experiments and the reemergence of the Nephilim is ongoing. That said enjoy the read.

Art MacKenzie or Mac as he is known- the hero – finds himself deep in a underground base where aliens and humans are interacting. Pay close attention to how “Mac” sorts out what he is looking at!


       Art MacKenzie walked slowly down the dimly lit corridor. He fought to keep his hands from trembling as he listened to the bizarre tale his father told. “They renamed me Abaris,” he began, “after a Greek sage who had the power to heal. It was I who communicated with the one alien that remained alive after the Roswell crash. When his shell began to die I allowed him to enter into me. To the aliens it was the most noble act, the highest calling, to allow one of them to share my body.” “Is he still with you now?” Mac asked hesitantly. “You have been talking to both of us, for we are now one. It has been the most valuable experience of my life.” “So that’s why you left us and faked your murder … so that the alien could share your body?” “Yes, that and more. I want you to understand that my shell is beginning to die … That is why I brought you here. You, my son, are the person to carry on. To help change the misery on this planet. If you will allow us to enter …” Mac grew suddenly afraid. “I  can’t do that.” 

He fought to keep his hands from trembling as he lis-tened to the bizarre tale his father told. 

“They renamed me Abaris,” he began, “after a Greek sage who had the power to heal. It was I who communicated with the one alien that remained alive after the Roswell crash. When his shell began to die I allowed him to enter into me. To the aliens it was the most noble act, the highest calling, to allow one of them to share my body.” 

“Is he still with you now?” Mac asked hesitantly. 

“You have been talking to both of us, for we are now one. It has been the most valuable experience of my life.” 

“So that’s why you left us and faked your murder … so that the alien could share your body?” 

“Yes, that and more. I want you to understand that my shell is beginning to die … That is why I brought you here. You, my son, are the person to carry on. To help change the misery on this planet. If you will allow us to enter …” 

Mac grew suddenly afraid. “I  can’t do that.” 

Abaris stopped in front of a large black panel. He set his hand into an indentation and the door split into four sections and opened. He gestured for Mac to enter.  “Don’t be so sure. You need to see for yourself. You must understand that the time of their

revealing to all mankind is almost at hand, and they are here to usher us into the new millennium. A world of peace and understanding. Harmony and love. The true brotherhood of man realized to its fullest potential.” 

Mac was overwhelmed, his emotions and thought processes derailed. 

“This is Ramiel, the leader of our alien brothers,” Abaris said, indicating with a nod that Mac should look. 

The room was bathed in a brilliant white light as Ramiel appeared from an entrance off to the side. He was magnificent, powerful, and splendid to behold. Mac gasped with wonder. He looked similar to the angel at Maggie’s house, but seeing him here was somehow different. 

A thought crossed Mac’s mind. Just a subtle whisper. “I really am an angel. Trust me.” Mac let the thought go unchecked. 

Ramiel floated above Abaris and Mac. He then began to change his appearance slowly. He became Ghandi, looking serene and holy with a white dhoti wrapped around his otherwise naked, brown-skinned body. Then he changed into an image of the Buddha, silent and detached, with a beam of light streaking from the center of his forehead. Then he turned into the image of Jesus, and he was hanging on the cross, his arms outstretched and pinned horribly through the wrists to the rough, wooden cross beam. A crown of thorns rested on a bloody head, marred almost beyond recognition. He was in his final stages of death. His head was lowered. Mac watched in stunned silence as he breathed his last. Then the image changed again and became a small point of light that swirled and became a primordial cloud of spin- ning galaxies. A universe unto itself. Then it disappeared. 

Mac’s head ached and he rubbed his forehead vigorously with both hands. He looked around and realized his father had left him. Abaris called from an adjacent room. Mac followed and entered a large room illuminated with a strange reddish glow. 

He saw hundreds of glasslike containers. Inside the jars hybrids rested in a thick liquid in different stages of incubation and development. They were set in tiered rows, the lowest of which began at the entrance where he stood. Abaris began to speak from the topmost tier. He pointed to the rows of hybrids and said proudly, “This is the future … Their seed and ours joined together to create a race of supermen. Our genes mixed with theirs to replenish their dying race and evolve ours.” 

Mac stared in shock. 

Abaris chuckled. “The aliens are here to enlighten us. It was they who stimulated the creation of the world’s major religions in the first place. Krishna, Muhammad, Jesus, Moses. All genetically engineered. Soon their time of dwelling with us will be revealed, and the kingdom of heaven will be on earth.” 

Mac’s mind whirled in contradiction. No, I  don’t believe that, it  isn’t true … He recalled the woman in the hospital. Her life was ruined by these creatures. He remembered the cattle mutilation, the carcass of which had its sex organs removed … for what? This? He gazed at the creatures curled in their containers, suspended in an alien liquid solution made partially of … cow’s blood? The thought made him sick. One of the hybrids in a container close to him turned slightly in the jar so that its eyes looked out at Mac. Its face twisted in what Mac could only associate as a look of hatred. He recoiled and stared back at it. Reaching out a clawlike hand, it scratched the side of the container. The thick liquid moved around it. Mac was transfixed. A monster, he thought, and he took a step away. 

“You see,” Abaris said, almost as if he could read Mac’s thoughts, “this all might seem strange to you now, but I assure 

you it is mankind’s future.” 

Mac listened and wanted to believe his father … in everything he had said … in all that he was part of. He struggled with the thought … and almost embraced it. Then Mac felt the hand of God’s Spirit upon him. Where have I been?he thought, and the realization made him shiver. He closed his eyes and said two words, “Help me.” Even before he could finish asking, a thought rocketed at him. What was the alien trying to say? That Christ and Ghandi and Buddha were the same? Or that they were part of a greater force? No, it was a trick, an illusion deliberately contrived to manipulate and control. He looked at the creature in the container and let the word roll off his tongue. “Nephilim.” Images whirled in his head. The bones in the sarcophagus, Sarah’s book of David and Goliath, Dr. Elisha earnestly exhorting him to pray, the encounter at Maggie’s house, the way the creature changed its form and lunged at Laura … “Nephilim,” he repeated the word, only this time louder. 

“What did you say?” Abaris said. 

Mac ignored him and took another step toward the container. 

“What are you thinking of, my son?” Abaris asked in a paternal tone and moved down to the next tier. 

Mac made his way slowly toward the jar that held the hybrid which glared at him. He reached out and rested his hand on the jar. 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded. 

Mac  didn’t look at his father. Instead, he stared at the developing hybrid. He could feel the warmth from the container work its way into the palms of his hands. The hybrid turned so that its face was pressed against the jar. Mac wanted to recoil from it. 

“Are you embracing it?” Abaris asked. 

The thought made Mac sick. “What?” 

Abaris took a step down to another tier and said, “Yes, oh yes, embrace him, for he is your brother.” 

Mac closed his eyes and ground his teeth together. Then he pushed the jar with all his might so that it toppled off its shelf and tumbled to the floor with a loud crash. The creature spilled out of the jar and began to writhe on the floor in the midst of the foul-smelling liquid. 

“Nephilim!” Mac yelled, suddenly coming alive. “It’s all a lie. You’re a lie.” He pointed at Abaris. “You’re not my father.” 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded. 

At the same time Ramiel reappeared. His countenance became angry as he saw the contents of the containers spilled before him. Mac looked up at Ramiel. He felt dizzy. It seemed as if his throat was beginning to close on itself. He closed his eyes for a moment and yelled in his mind, “Jesus.” Then he opened his eyes and looked at Ramiel, tried to speak, but his throat closed tightly. He gasped for air. “What are you trying to do?” Abaris shouted. “Destroy the future of mankind?” 

“What are you doing?” Abaris demanded, and took a step toward Mac. 

Mac’s hands went to his throat as he tried desperately to breathe. “I am strong in the Lord,” Mac muttered. Then again more boldly, “I am strong in the Lord.” He looked at the hybrid writhing on the floor. To his horror he saw it change to the body of his son Art, twisting in agony. He gasped and was about to run toward it when he again felt the hand of God upon him. He stopped and looked again. The illusion had vanished … the hybrid was back on the floor. Mac looked toward Abaris and Ramiel. “You’re a lie,” he shouted. “You are filled with lies!” The room shook and the angel shuddered and shed its appearance, like a costume. Suddenly it became a thin, gray, wraithlike creature that floated above him menacingly. Mac steeled his mind and faced the demon. The creature glared at him. Mac’s mind was suddenly overwhelmed with horrible images. He held his hands to the side of his head and shut his eyes. Mac staggered backward. The images were replaced with an impression of Jesus hanging on the cross, in death, in hopelessness. For a moment his mind went blank … then he thought despairingly, Is that all there is? A dead man on a cross? He felt abandoned, surrounded in a fog of dark hopelessness. Then he was hammered again as twisted perverse images sought a foothold in his mind. He opened his eyes and with a great act of will he pushed the images away and managed to utter the one word that was a lifeline to his sanity … 

“Jesus.” He repeated the name, again and again. Each time he said the name he felt the doubting thoughts and grotesque images retreat. The wraithlike creature glared at Mac and rose up, ready to charge him and claw him like it had Laura. 

Acceleration Radio: Russ Dizdar today!


Today on Acceleration Radio I have the priviledge of having as my guest, Russ Dizdar. Russ has been involved in delivering people from Satanic ritual abuse and demonic possession.  We will delve into the Nephilim reemerging on the earth. How the Nazi’s are influencing us some 60 years after WWII. The Monarch project which may have produced a Manchurian candidate like Sirhan Sirhan, and more. If you would like to ask Russ a question and be on Acceleration Radio, drop me an e-mail at


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”In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The ‘Black Awakening’ will occur! For them, those who served this long cold secret it has to, its the only way to give the world a desperate reason. A willing but painful reason for the need of a new world order and of a leader who will rule with a power that only the ancients felt.” 


Here is the link to the site of Black Awakening.

UFOs: More swamp gas and weather balloons!


Well, here are two reports about UFOs. They’re obviously just swamp gas or perhaps weather balloons that these hapless idiots are reporting… Really? What I believe we are seeing is more of an open-minded position regarding the phenomena. At least it is being reported, and as you read these stories you will see that there’s not the usual tongue in cheek reportage that has been the hallmark of articles on UFOs in the past. I think we have entered a new phase of UFO research.

I also think that the movies, Knowing & Race to witch Mountain as well as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, are all very deliberate, in that they are indoctrinating viewers into the Alien Gospel. For those of you who have never read this BLOG before, and we get new viewers every day, I’ll state this again. The Alien Gospel is this in a nutshell. That the Aliens created all life on this planet. That they were worshipped as gods and now, at this critical juncture in our evolution, they have returned to help us!  As I BLOGGED about Monday, Knowing is more than just a movie. It is indoctrination of the Alien Gospel. It is a blatant assault on Christianity, in that it usurps the God of the bible with a super intelligent and technologically advanced Alien race. Of course this begs the question, where did these Aliens come from? Who made them? Were they created or did they evolve? If they evolved then we’re back to the concept that the universe is just a random sequence of events that have no meaning! If, on the other hand there is a divine being, a God who created all life – as the ancient texts tell us – then life has a purpose and meaning.

         In Ben Steins movie Expelled, he sits down with the premier evolutionist/atheist on the planet, Richard Dawkins and asks him point blank, “how did life in the universe begin?” Dawkins provides us with this, “Millions of years ago in a far off galaxy life began to evolve…”  Stein raises his eyebrows and rightfully so as Dawkins has no idea how life began, other than to sate that a divine being had nothing to do with it. His statement is intellectually bankrupt! For Dawkins to forbid the idea of a divine being as the source of creation is the height of arrogance on his part. Why should we believe him?

          All this to say that I believe that the fingerprints of this divine being, God, Yashua, are everywhere. We have the prophetic texts of the Bible that were created thousands of years ago and yet we see that many of them have come to fulfillment in our lifetime. The prophecy stating that Jerusalem would be trampled over until the times of the gentiles was fulfilled with the culmination of the 67 war in Israel, and that is just one prophecy. For the first time in almost 2000 years, the Jews once again had control of the old city. But I digress! Enjoy the two articles below and remember, articles like these are turning up almost daily…

Don’t forget Tomorrow’s Acceleration Radio @ 5:00! We’ll be interviewing Rudd Dizdar and the Black Awakening!

South Wales UFO:

Police helicopter crew’s UFO encounter Mar 24 2009 by Ben Glaze, South Wales Echo LAST summer alien-hunters descended on South Wales after a police helicopter crew reported a UFO above RAF St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan. The pilot was at 500ft awaiting clearance to land when he spotted what appeared to be another craft hurtling towards him from below. A source said: “The chopper had to swerve sharply to avoid being hit. “The guys said if they’d stayed where they were, they’d be dead – it would have been a direct hit. “They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw. “These guys are hardened professionals and know people will take the mickey, but they are certain they saw a UFO.” The source added the mysterious craft flew towards Cardiff and out across the Bristol Channel. South Wales Police reported the sighting, which has yet to be officially explained, to the “relevant authority.”


More UFOs seen over Suffolk

Last updated: 3/24/2009 3:00:00 PM

FURTHER information has today emerged detailing Suffolk’s links with the extraterrestrial after previously unseen records were made public. The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) files, which cover the period between 1987 and 1993, have been transferred from the Ministry of Defence to The National Archives. And hidden among them include the possible sighting of a UFO hovering over Suffolk in November 1989. A member of the public reported seeing “one bright yellow/white light with a small red light” near to the A14 junction with the A120. The UFO was said to be travelling at “great speed”.
The report was taken seriously enough to be investigated by officials at RAF Wattisham, who were unable to explain the sighting. The probe discovered that none of Wattisham’s aircraft were flying at the time, nor were any other flights scheduled for the area. Furthermore, no craft were picked up on radar. Suspicions were further aroused when it emerged that shortly before the incident, Ipswich had suffered a major power cut. The report reveals that the sighting was corroborated by another member of the public and even by one of RAF Wattisham’s Met Officers. In a letter to the individual who first reported the incident, an officer from Wattisham wrote: “I have investigated the matter and at the moment I am unable to advise you of the objects you identified. “Our records show that we had no aircrafts on frequency at the time, nor were the local or approach controllers aware of any traffic in our immediate area.” Meanwhile, it has also been revealed how a frightened Norwich woman, out walking her dog, claimed a man had identified himself as coming from another planet.
The report was investigated by the MoD’s intelligence branch, DI55, whose brief was to follow up credible UFO reports.

Knowing: the Movie: Preparing the way for the Coming Great Deception?


DAY 2: Here’s some feedback from a friend who read the BLOG and then saw the movie. I think I need to keep this post for another day before I move on!

Dear Lynn,

I would have called you this evening but we had an 8:30pm showing of Knowing and I felt calling you at 11:30 this evening might be a little late.
The movie — very heavy. 
The premise that aliens rescued the kids from the earth was stunning — redepositing them on a fresh new planet. It’s no doubt that idea is what the writer wanted to get across — our own Adam and Eve, shades of the Annuki, the Sumerians….  When I saw the woodcut with Ezekiel, (I knew what it was immediately), I couldn’t believe it. It’s what we talk about all the time. The concept though does make infinitely more sense than the Darwinian theories of evolution, which will quickly be thrown once this happens for real.
The aliens in the film were cold, without love, and perhaps that aspect is correct. In reality they are jealous of us.  We took over their planet. Their metamorphosis at the end further enhanced their attractiveness when before they appeared evil, as they seemed to cause the characters in the movie to almost go insane. The stones that acted as homing beacons seemed to me emblematic of implants that we read about via some of the abductees. The idea of the sun’s CME’s destroying the earth is interesting and timely, especially with Glazerson talking about having “our vessels ready to receive the light” and the Jews returning to Israel to experience the sun’s 28 year cycle ending on the eve of passover.  Coincidence? I wonder if the writers knew about that. 
People are being primed for what is coming. No doubt in my mind when we have Orthodox rabbis talking about UFOs and the Pope expressing the need to accept ETs.  What a weird time in which we live. 



I saw Knowing on Saturday. I was stunned. The movie is a direct, frontal assault on Christian beliefs. It is the Alien Gospel – a term I use and have blogged about incessantly – with all of it’s deception, displayed with every technical marvel, on the silver screen.  It’s being shown in a theater near you and people are being conditioned to believe the lie! Here’s why. 

         The gist of the story is this. Encoded on a single sheet of paper, is line after line of numbers. This was written by a ‘disturbed’ fourth grade girl and tucked away in a time capsule for fifty years. At first it appears that this is a just a random sequence of numbers, but as the time capsule is unearthed, and the movie progresses, we see that the numbers are, in fact, the dates and places where tragedy has stricken, in one form or another, in some horrific disaster. Nicholas Cages character, Professor Koestler, is able to put all of this together, and it is he, that realizes that there are dates of disasters that haven’t yet  happened. He realizes that these numbers, prophecy the events that have already taken place, and this sets him on a quest to stop the next ‘prophecy’ from happening. 

         Without giving away the movie away, as the story unfolds we see mysterious men who appear to Koestler’s son and communicate with him telepathically. These men are also able to walk through walls. We also learn that the little fourth grader who wrote the series of numbers, 50 years ago, heard whispering voices in her head, that continued throughout her tragic, short-lived life. Koestler’s son also begins to hear the voices. The quest to stop the disasters leads Koestler to an abandoned trailer out in the boonies where we see – brace yourself – the faded picture of Ezekiel’s vision, of a wheel within a wheel, hung on one of the walls. At the end of the movie we see these men who have appeared to Koestler and his son, change their appearance and reveal their true form, that of angels, complete with wings. When their huge ship appears,  Koestler falls to his knees, as he is OVERWHELMED – there’s that word again – by what he sees. I don’t want to give any more of the movie away so I’ll stop here. 

         So let’s strip this down and expose the truth. The Bible is supposed to be unique among all other books on the planet. So what is the one element of the Bible, which sets it apart from any other religious work? I actually asked this of several people who know the Bible fairly well. They all looked at me with the deer-caught-in-the-headlights, look! 

      The answer is this. What separates the Bible from any other book in the world is the unique, dynamic, of prophecy, the ability to accurately predict the future. It has been proven over and over, that Bible prophecy is 100% accurate in it’s predictions. I would venture to say that the only being who can do this is, the God of the Bible. While there are those who imitate this, such as Nostradamus, and others of his ilk, no other book on the planet has this unique characteristic. Here’s what a passage from Isaiah says:


Isaiah 46:9-11 (New International Version)

 9 Remember the former things, those of long ago; 
       I am God, and there is no other; 
       I am God, and there is none like me.

 10 I make known the end from the beginning, 
       from ancient times, what is still to come. 
       I say: My purpose will stand, 
       and I will do all that I please.

 11 From the east I summon a bird of prey; 
       from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. 
       What I have said, that will I bring about; 
       what I have planned, that will I do.

     True prophecy is the ability to call out future events before they happen. In my opinion, only the God of the Bible is able to do this. Others imitate this, but where is their record of 100% accurate fulfillment? It’s not there, as they can not see the future. Thus this separates the Bible from all other so-called ‘holy’ books. 

     What is very disturbing about the film, is that it promulgates Erich Von Daniken’s ideology that is found in his book, Chariots of the God’s. Von Daniken believes that Aliens from other planets interacted with primitive man and are responsible for many of the megalithic structures that we see all over our planet. By the way the History channel recently aired a two-hour special entitled Ancient Aliens, which featured Von Daniken’s work. You think there’s a connection here? I do.
     What the movie, Knowing says is this, that Ezekiel’s vision was nothing more than an Extraterrestrial visitation. That E.T. appeared to Ezekiel and gave him the ‘prophecy’, and that the god that Ezekiel worshipped was in fact, E.T.. The wheel within a wheel, that Ezekiel describes to us, was a space ship and the beings that appeared to him were aliens, who in fact SEEDED US HERE ON EARTH!
      Let me close by saying this. In a nutshell the movie tells us that:
    1. Aliens, not the God of the Bible, gave us prophecy through the millenia.
    2. That the prophecies of Ezekiel and the visions that he wrote down were, in fact, attributed to  extraterrestrials and their space craft.
    3. That these aliens were mistaken for our gods.
    4. They are interacting with us now because we are at a precipitous juncture in our evolution.
    5. That the Bible is nothing more than encounters with these beings, therefore Christianity is nothing  more than a fable.
      This movie is blatantly anti-christian. It is an attempt to condition the masses that extraterrestrials were the god of the Bible. It is, in short the Alien Gospel and is a prelude to the Coming Great Deception! Wake up! May I suggest that you either point people to this BLOG so they can read this or you have my permission to copy and paste it on an E-mail and forward it those who you think might be receptive to it!… L. A. Marzulli 3-23-2009

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I just wanted to thank all of our listeners who tuned in and caught the first broadcast of Acceleration Radio! Dr. Stephen Yulish was a wonderful guest and judging from the many encouraging comments that I received after the show, it seems like you,  thought likewise. Next week I will have Russ Dizdar on the show. We will discuss the Black Awakening and how this may tie into biblical prophecy. Russ will present some startling information about what he believes is going on both supernaturally and in our own dimension. So be sure to tune in and hear the interview with Russ Dizdar!

With all that is happening in the world today I found it almost impossible to keep abreast of the changing political landscape. It seems our news cycle has shortened so it’s now about 12 hours or less. Is this a sign that we are in what I have come to term, The Acceleration? Are events propelling us toward some sort of final climax that was written/prophesied about thousands of years ago? Are we in the time of the end, the last days, the time of Jacob’s trouble? Are we headed toward Armageddon?

          This site has explored the manifestation of UFOs almost daily. We have discussed the Phoenix Lights, The Stephenville Lights, The English Channel UFO Flap, and other sightings that are too numerous to post here. We have talked about the Mothman and how one man was able to have, what I would term, a victory over it! We have plumbed the depths of the abduction phenomena and how their may be hybrids living among us. We’ve discussed crop circles and cattle mutilations! In short, we’ve covered just about everything that I believe is linked to the burgeoning phenomena of UFOs.

          I did a two hour show today on the Power Hour. There were lot’s of call-in’s in which a wide variety of views were discussed, as to what the phenomena is – UFOs manifesting in our skies with impunity. One caller had read Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural and highly recommended the book! Thank you sir!  He agreed with me that the phenomena is that of the fallen angels once again manifesting on the earth. Dr. Yulish made it clear, yesterday that the phenomena was the return of the Nephilim. I find it encouraging to see that people are getting the message, that the coming so-called revealing of the extraterrestrial presence is, in fact, the Great Deception. In the course of the interview I mentioned the “tether” incident that the Space Shuttle shot video of. To me it is a smoking gun that UFOs exist. If the estimates are correct, that the craft that flies behind the 7 mile long foil is at least 3 miles wide, then how would you react if you saw that over the city in which you live? Here’s a link to that video. Watch as the craft, which is pulsating, flies behind the tether. Oh well, perhaps it’s nothing more that a weather balloon!

        Have a great weekened and I’ll be back here on Monday morning!

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