maitreya1IN THIS MONTHS News Magazine, I’m pleased to announce an interview with ‘Cher,’ from Share International. Share International is the organization that is headed by Benjamin Creme, the spokes-person for the “Christ,” Maitreya. It is a very interesting interview, in that the reader gets an insight into what followers of Maitreya think about him. I’ve BLOGGED about Maitreya before, but for those of you who are new to this BLOG, I’ll give you a thumb nail sketch to bring you up to speed.

    In 1982, Share International took out full page ads in the Los Angeles  Times, The London Times, The New York Times and another paper in the E.U. The headline read, The Christ is now Here! The article went on to explain that the return of Christ, the 12 Imam that the Muslims are waiting for, the Jewish Messiah, and the 5th Buddha, were now present in the incarnation of this one man, Maitreya. There was also a claim that in the near future Maitreya would communicate, via telepathy, to all the inhabitants of the earth – something that Cher told me he still intends to do. Recently Maitreya “surfaced” again with an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal. Here’s the link to that story:

The article informs us that a sign is going to be given and that sign will be a star that will be seen by everyone throughout the world. In my second book of the Nephilim Trilogy, I used this same scenario – the reappearance of the Star of Bethlehem. Now we see that life is imitating art! 

    I asked Cher about the star and she informed me that some people had reported seeing it. I am reminded of the words of Yashua/Jesus when He stated that, many will come in my name saying, here is the Christ! When we realize how seemingly absurd this statement by Jesus is, and that it was made before there were any churches, cathedrals, monasteries, popes, a gazillion denominations, and everything else that has become “Christendom,” it becomes a very potent statement indeed! This is a warning to us that is, in  my opinion, needs to be headed now in regard to Maitreya. He is not the Christ, the anointed one of the Bible. This is not the second coming that Christians have looked for and still look to, that is our blessed hope. Maitreya, is a false Christ, an Anti Christ. In other words he is setting himself up, in place of Christ. This proclamation by Maitreya is a  good indicator that we may be in the last days. If we are, then we will see, signs and wonders that will deceive many, including the star. 

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36 thoughts on “MAITREYA: THE INTERVIEW!

  1. Lynn yeah I think Im gonna sub to your magazine…

    I remember in the 80s when I first got Saved I read about mayitreya in ‘hidden dangers of the rainbow’ book by i forget who wrote it…
    anyways, the multi-pronged attack on Israel/Christianity is in full swing, the warfare is raging right now at a fevered pitch…

    Again, the question that begs to be asked is:
    Will mayitrea be able to manifest his lying signs and wonders-

    •pre-rapture? or

    Granted, we are seeing some things that some Christians never would have believed, like 9/11, or the world economic meltdown …
    (Which is in the longer term more significant than 9/11)

    I mean, okay right now in the US everything is still fine and dandy…
    Everyone here in america is still driving their massive SUVs, they can still pretty much maintain their lifestyle…
    But what will people say after DECADES of economic poverty?
    What will people say after DECADES of being ‘starved out’?
    What will people say when their SUVs are rusted out hulks sitting in their driveway because they cant afford to pay for the gas?
    What will people say when they can no longer afford the dolce label handbags that they like so much?

    Wont they cry out for a saviour? yes they will.
    Wont they say ‘give us change’ (kinda like they did for obama, yes, it is the spirit of the age)

    A wise man once said that: ‘Those that are going to take the mark of the beast, already have it on their heart, even though it may not be on the surface of their skin’

    I believe that we are living in a time when, yes, there are those living right now who would willingly, yes even gladly take the mark of the beast!
    and welcome someone like mayitreya…

  2. I watched a news story the other day about tent cities here in the U.S. Such a sad situation and one any of us can quickly find ourselves in! America is falling fast in their materialistic world. The only answer to fix it is to start spending, something people are afraid to do at this point. I do believe America will have to decrease before antichrist takes his place. They will be so hungry for the materialism that they use to have, they will be willing to do anything to get it back. Even if it means taking the mark! It looks like things are very likely setting up for those days!

  3. It is important for
    chrisdtians to understand that when our Lord returns it will be in great glory and with mighty legions of saints and angels. He will not be born into the flesh a second time. Maitreya was born in Iran in 1947, the ancient land of Persia which has always been the abode of demons and other evil creatures (the Genii of the Prince of Persia). There is also a tradition from 76 AD that the anti-christ would be born from the descendents of those who tore down the 2nd temple. This was done under the direction of Rome but the troops were from Syria and Persia. By his works Maitreya fits the mode of being an anti-christ, perhaps even the Anti-Christ. He has been showing signs and wonders to the world since the 1980’s. I remember when he “appeared” to 300,000 people gathered in Jordan (don’t remember the date) and when I heard this what came to my heart was right out of prophecy. “If you hear he is in the desert do not go for it is not him.”

    If he is the Anti-Christ he will go to the 3rd temple and place his image there to be worshipped. Then will the next line be fulfilled, “If you hear he is in the sascred places do not go for it is not him.” This would also mark the abomination of desolation
    spoken of by Daniel. He live in interesting times.

    • Randy, just to check information for accuracy, the information about Maitreya from Benjamin Creme is that He was not born but rather formed His body in the 1970s from His Himalayan retreat where He had been working tirelessly for thousands of years inspiring the minds of humans as only The Christ can.

  4. I would like to add something else. The idea that Maitreya will have a “Day of Declaration” in which all minds shall hear him declare in their own language that he is the Messiah is a form of psychic intrusion and is itself an evil act. This is not something that the real Messiah would do.
    This is a form of mind rape.

  5. I can’t help but think of the people who condemned Jesus to the cross
    in Palestine 2000 years ago. Christians sound just like them, when they have not even heard Maitreya speak yet. Jesus works with Maitreya all the time, so why can’t you folks at least give a hearing instead of creating such fear in your people. Fear is the work of the Dark Forces which have enslaved humanity.
    Be careful whom you are working for.

  6. The Antichrist associated with the Mark of the Beast referred to in Scripture is not Maitreya.

    He is not in league with the “New World Order”, The true Achrist shall be.

    He is not linked to the “Mystery of Iniquity” which is within Christendom, as referred to by Apostle Paul, the true Achrist shall be.

    He does not have the past cruelty of Mystery Babylon who Killed the Saints of past, the true Achrist shall again persecute the Saints.

    He does not have “A” seat in the temple of God (God’s Household),the true Achrist has “that seat” prepared for him.

    His name or Title does not add to 666, The true Achrist shall have 666 in his name or Title.

    Jonh B ( see my blog: Antichrist ab Apostate in the Temple

  7. Well if this mayitrea guy is so big and bad, i say bring it on!!!
    I wanna see wat he can do…
    wait, wats that you say? oh, he has no power at the present time?
    hmmmmm, i wonder WHY that is…lol

    • No one will come down from heaven to bring you back up on a cloud. You will have to get up there by your own means, that is one answer for you.

  8. Hector27
    According to the Thessalonian letter, “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spitit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth that they migt be saved.”
    In this instance let actually means restrain.

  9. Thomas,

    thanks for your reply…
    well who do YOU think the scripture is referring to when it says ‘he is restraining the man of wickedness?’
    the Holy Spirit that is indwelling believers?
    …and after the rapture, that will be gone?


  10. Actually, I must hedge. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is the one doing the restraining, but it may be that the rapture of the church comes at the end of the tribulation. I’m not totally convinced by arguments used by those holding either position. If this case, as unpleasant as it is to think of it, it may be that the anticipated ‘falling away’ is so complete that the Spirit is grieved and steps aside. If that is the way it is to be though, I do believe that true believers will still be protected through the tribulation.
    Naturally, I’d rather not be here when it happens.

  11. I keep thinking about the verse that says pray that ye may be accounted worthy to escape these things. What escape? The rapture? Maybe. Maybe not. I do pray that I would be accounted worthy. I don’t want to be here either.

  12. Dear Friends;If one was to ask what is it that constitutes the falling away, [What is it] that is falling away and when did it begging?: then; the answer might be revealed about the rapture’s timing, what restrain, when the restrain was lifted.

    I believe that it is The Christian faith by the working of the ministry of iniquity having as agents Apostates, deceivers, false prophets, and ultimately the “son of perdition” leading a great Apostasy [The Final Stage of the Rebellion of Faith within Christendom] abandoning the true Apostolic foundation upon which only a “Godly remnant” shall stand.

    The crux of this Apostasy is “the denial that Christ Jesus came in the Flesh to atone for the sins of the world, He being the only mediator of Salvation, the only Way into the Love of God the Father Almighty.

    The falling away is from That, by the inclusion of all false religion acknowledged to be ways of salvation under the leadership of the son of perdition, and ultimately even atheism shall be brought into this Satanic Fold by a God sent Delusion.

    I stress this “God sent Delusion”,[God sends It], not satan. satan works “the deceptions” to which Mr marzulli blogs about. There is a difference between the two. The delusion is a giving over by God to the Lie. the Lie has to do with the Son of perdition and the worship of Him, the Devil incarnate “exalting and showing Himself that he is God” 2Thes2:4 John B (www.myspace.con/no_Hell)

  13. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    I went to the link that ‘late night lisa’ posted and it scared the (please excuse my french) holy crap outta me! I mean I listened to the 4 part radio program on the nephilim, and it was waaaaay scary!

    Lynn, do you believe that there are so-called nephilim breeding farms underground like say for example at area 51???

    Do you believe that there is an ongoing genetic engineering program with the express purpose to resurrect the nephilim of old, by say for example cloning the DNA of gilgamesh, whose reamins were in iraq, and the military took possession of them during the intial days of the invasion of iraq?

    All of this left me rather stunned and shocked…
    But I suppose that all of this is old news to you, lynn…

    Lynn, where are you???

  15. people talk about the anti-christ, but do they ever consider that maybe the “anti-christ” is already present. That we are already submitted within the “system” of anti-christ. Anti-christ only means that which opposes righteousness. There are a lot of things in this present world “order” that opposes righteousness, such as allowing millions to starve in Africa, and other 3rd world nations. What about classism, and an economic system that thrives on eating the flesh of the poorest in the society through interest. Interest is an abomination according to true christian values and beliefs. It used to be outlawed in the Byzantine Empire. We will come to face the truth about ourselves as human beings. We will come to realize that until we learn how to love and help each other, irregardless of the color of a man’s skin or economic status, we are one soul, one race, and one family. We must help each other, and be the change that we so badly cry out for. Those of us who are wealthy have a responsiblity to help those who are not. It’s called sharing, giving, compassion, beneficience, love. This world needs the healing of love. I know I need it in my life, what about you?

  16. Maitreya is the true Christ, not Jesus.
    How can you believe the bible, a book written over hundreds of years by hundreds of people, is anything like a word of God.

    • Gordon. May I suggest you look at the prophetic thread that is throughout the entire Bible. It has been shown to be 100% accurate. This begs the question, why does this book have that kind of accuracy? Here’s just one prophecy that will tie into what you said about Maitreya. We know that Jesus claimed – in the first century – that many would come in His name claiming to be Him. When He prophecied those words there were just a handful of people who followed Him… now, almost 2000 years later His words have proven to be true, as Maitreya is claiming to be The Christ. I’m not talking about man made religion here Gordon, I’m talking about an experience that stood the ancient world on its head….

  17. Lamarzulli, a phenomenon I find fascinating and believe to be a meaningful lesson for our modern-day world is that of the group of Sanhedrin Priests who, steeped in mastered understanding of the Torah, judged Jesus of Nazareth to be an impostor masquerading as the Messiah. Despite the Grace that God willed should result from their tragically misguided authority and actions, what Grace would God have given to Humanity if the Jewish people had freed Jesus instead of Barabas? if they had opened their minds to the possibility that Jesus could be the Messiah? It requires one to want the Christ more than to want the Christ to resemble what one’s mind has decided He is about. Rather than say “…Maitreya. He is not the Christ, the anointed one of the Bible,” consider the approach, “Christ, all I want is You and if You are here in the Form of this man Maitreya then grant me the grace to know You, Lord, to recognize your Advent here and now.” You say Maitreya must be the Antichrist because Jesus wrote that false prophets would come before Him claiming as much. But would not the Christ, Himself, also claim to be the Christ? The answer is not in the Bible, however. God instructed that we know them by their fruits. Maitreya’s mission is threefold: 1) feed the starving millions of the world, 2) save the planet from the dangerous ecological damage that’s been done, 3) teach Mankind the art of living. I invite you to open your heart to a Christ Who does not resemble what fundamentalists expect, if for no other reason than to avoid a recurrence of what was surely the greatest travesty in all of Man’s history. If you do not, He will forgive you. In my opinion, as regards your comments about Maitreya above, you know not what you do.

  18. Maitreya is not a false christ. You can call him whatever you want. the bottem line is that he is the highest initiated being on our planet. He is the one who has been working harder and longer than anyone or anything eles in our solar system, and has risen to a evolutionary point in which he ensouls our entire planet. (is incharge of looking after it) much like we are incharge looking after our body. All you have to do is open your heart up to him. He is the same being who has answered our prayers for thousands of years. He can hear, adress, and answer. simotaneously : the millions of prayers from creatures all over the planet. It is only in the last 40 or so years that he has been able to answer us from the pysical plane. I experience maitreya on a daily baisis. I have met, and became good friends with a number of his incarnations; all of which are just as normal as you or I. Theres a really good chance that one of your friends, co-workers, banker, or even children or family members is him. (Well, in truth we are all him, in someway or another we are all one another. we all came from, and will return to- the same place. Maitreya is the only one of us (and his masters of Wisdom) who can acculy prove this.

    I have seen him appear out of thin air before. One time me and a friend saw him( a homeless familiar rather, who is always bumming smokes off people out front the mall) in the middle of a mall. We walked down the mall and exited out the front door, and to our suprise he had some how beat us to the parking lot. There was no way he could have made it there that fast by walking around the outside. Teleportation was the only way.. Somtimes he appears as this big furry dog with lots of eye gunk. who i enjoy walking.

    And another time on a bus he vanished, after i was talking to him for a few mins. I was the only one who could see him.

    So before you say he is a fake, try it yourself. . Open your heart e to theternal world of endless love and infinite possibilty. give him 20 mins of openminded meditation. He is the godhead of evolution. He will eventualy get to everyone,and guide our planet back to sanity, and reality. … Hes listening to you read this post mabey. Waiting for a chance to guide us back to ourself.

  19. Oh yea. Everything in the intire universe is constantly changing. Change is one of the most imortant and ongoing laws in existence. The only thing that hasnt changeéwill never change is the bible. why do millions and millions of people put all the eggs into that one basket… a book that teaches the same thing over and over again… when will christains realize that the bible WAS CHANNLED, allot probebly from maitreya. Astrology is the fundemental key to keeping the bibles teachings relevent and current. telepathy is the key to having christains acculy acheive unity… (yes ….all by themself) and reconization and use of the astral plane to keep fear and illusion out, and fun and excitment in.

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