UFO: I think we saw one!

ufo-pic-19823My wife and I live in the Santa Monica mountains which is north of Los Angeles. It’s a rural place where coyotes and bobcats can dart across the road and red-tail hawks ride the thermals high above the canyon walls. We were out at Spruzzo’s, the local Italian restaurant, dinning with a friend. I had the spaghetti and meatballs and the wifey had a salad. We had a leisurely dinner punctuated with small talk and laughter. We said good night and walked to our car. Wifey fired the engine and off we went, for yet another trip down Pacific Coast Highway toward Decker Canyon. “Hey what’s that,” Wifey said and there was a bit of an edge in her voice.

“Where,” I asked and shifted in my seat to see where she was pointing. I looked directly in front of us through the front windshield and there, in the sky was a bright light.

“Is that Venus?” Wifey asked.

I looked at it again. The light was very bright and very large. “I don’t think it’s Venus.”

We stared at it for a while longer. The light wasn’t moving. Now Wifey had to focus on the where she was going at 60 miles an hour so she missed this part. While I was looking at the light, a smaller light came from above it and went into the bigger light. “Wow, did you see that?” I asked. “That was incredible, what is that?”

I watched and then it happened. The light began to disappear. It just faded away. One moment it was there and the next it was gone. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “It’s gone,” I shouted. “It just disappeared.” I kept my eyes on the spot where I had last seen it. Maybe it went behind a cloud or something. I thought.

Then, suddenly the light came back on. It didn’t fade in, it just blinked back on with it’s full intensity. “There is again, it’s back.” I pointed to the sky. I watched it for maybe a minute and then it faded away again and was gone. Nothing in it’s place and no cloud cover for it to hide behind.

“It wasn’t a plane because I didn’t see any lights,” Wifey commented.

I agreed it wasn’t a plane. We turned up our canyon road and then off to my left I saw it again. The light just came back on, like somebody pulled a cord, or flipped a switch. “There it is again,” I said. Wifey stopped the car, turned off the lights and I got out. All was quite. I couldn’t hear the sound of a plane or jet. The sky was clear and I could see a canopy of stars above me. The Light suddenly faded out again. I got in the car and finally said. “I think it’s a UFO.” Wifey nodded. We continued up the canyon and when we were almost at the top we saw it again. We stopped the car, and I got out again. Then once again it just faded away. No sound, no flashing lights, no engines, just poof, gone.

A UFO is an abbreviation for, unidentified flying object. What we saw, we could not identify. The strange part for me was seeing the smaller light merge with the larger one and then the larger one fading away to nothing.

When we returned home and retired to bed, I did what I do every night. I prayed over the house. I prayed for protection and asked that the Blood of Jesus, and the angels of God would watch over us.

This is only the second time I have seen something like this, the first encounter was at scout camp when I was around 11 years old. That sighting was in the day time and the craft was a metallic disk. All comments are welcome…. 

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20 thoughts on “UFO: I think we saw one!

  1. Dr. Marzuli, wow thats kinda scary bcuz supposedly the only time a ufo will appear to you is if they are going to make ‘contact’ with you, i personally do not care for the icky-probey kinda stuff so no thank you very much!

    My wife and myself were on the pier a couple of months ago and i saw what looked like a star up in the sky, could have been venus it was so bright, then while i was watching, it suddenly accelerated to what had to be mach 10! it took off so fast it left a light trail behind it! then it stopped again not far from where it had started, and again resumed looking like a regular star…
    Then we saw a blinking red light high above us, My wife has better vision than i do, and she saw this blinking red light release about five sparkling lights in geometric formation, she let me borrow her glasses and i saw it too!

    Then the other night we were driving home from church and i saw an array of red lights in a strange formation that was low enough to have been a helicopter, but which helicopter has only scary looking red lights? As my wife and myself watched it, the lights reconfigured into a more standard appearance! I pointed it out to my wife and she told me “dont say it! it will come over here!” which was the first time that she had ever talked like that- before, prior to this, the entire ufo thing was like a big joke between us! we would always joke: “whats that?” and point to the sky in laughter! and ya know this time i laughed too because in the Name of Jesus even the principalities of the power of the air must obey his command!

    But the only ominous thing for you is that you live in a more remote area which is famous for ufo and uso sightings! I believe there is a History channel special about how there is supposedly a ufo base off of the malibu coast, there have been multiple sightings of glowing disks taking off from the water…
    also there is the infamous story of a couple being chased by a ufo through the topanga canyon…

    (of course im speaking to myself here in the following paragraph)
    I humbly realize that you are a ufo researcher and all that however there can be a danger involved in that because as a researcher, the desire to see a mothership materialize must be kept within the context of the desire to see the return of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I realize that you have made the prediction of giant ufos materializing over our cities, but one must try and maintain objectivity and its a fine fine line between research and fascination with the ‘dark energy’ that is the propulsion system of a ufo…

  2. Love your blog, read it everyday.
    I think I saw one also, I live in southern NH. This was Monday night around 8:30. My son had gone out side to get something from the car, He called my Husband on his cell to come outside, I could hear them talking so I went to investigate. As I opened the front door, I could see over the tree line 3 very distinct large red lights, going very slow. I kept thinking “what is that”, to say the least I was freaked out.It moved behind more trees and out of sight.

  3. Like you have said, the phenomenon is burgeoning. I myself have only had one encounter of any kind. That was a bright light I saw on a country road as I was driving to work one morning. The light did not move or anything and at first I just thought it was some street light. But when I drover underneath it I realized it was way too bright, and I could not explain what it was, and neither could the friend who was with me.
    Years later our local paper did a special on UFO’s and a man had said he had seen something similar and near the same area twice about 10 years apart. Only the second time he said he could see windows with human like figures moving around in the windows.

  4. My friend had a dream that he saw a human suspended in some sort of liquid like in Star Wars when luke gets hurt there were bubbles coming up and I wonder what that meant?

  5. Putting that picture with the story is VERY misleading. It has nothing to do with the story. This makes the story, to me, just another story about seeing lights in the sky. Now the story about the picture would have been more interesting, but that’s me.

  6. A family friend told me that they were driving in the desert near lake hemet and they saw an alien grey cross the road in front of them! The alien did not walk, it floated, and it actually de-materialized in front of their eyes! Before you try and debunk this keep in mind that his girlfriend saw the exact same thing!

  7. I’m wondering what their intention is. To be seen? Or do they need their lights to see us? Why do we almost NEVER see these thing during the day? Always at night.

  8. I have never had a UFO encounter, but as a child I did have a recurring dream that was quite vivid. I remember being pulled from my bedroom window (i don’t think anything was grabbing me) and looking back at my father reaching out his hand to save me. Pretty scary that’s forsure.

    I’ve been following your blog of late Lynn and find it quiet interesting… aswell as the many interviews you have done.

  9. Nimbus,

    You’ve made a good point. Lights are used to “See or be Seen.” I’ve worked on crashed damaged F-15 and C-141 aircraft and still with all that lighting emitting from each aircraft and light emitting from the other objects they still managed to find each other in the sky. Both incidents made no sense whatsoever.

    It these so called UFO’s that come from galaxies from parts unknown, you would think they would have at least some sort of stealth technology? That is unless they wanted to be seen?

    It’s the simple things that are getting the UFO’s photographed and not the hard things like a cow(s) actually being lifted into a craft or set back down to the earth?

  10. I watched ufo hunters this last Wednesday. They talked about area 51 and how top secret it was. They showed the fact that when they approached, they were watched by a couple of people in a truck and by helicopter. They now have signs posted no trespassing and that lethal force can be used if you are caught. Scary stuff! Why lethal force? The show following was really good too about people who had been kidnapped by ufo’s. I got to listen to a portion of it, but because of the meds I am on, I fell asleep! I am hoping to find that one again on the history channel’s website. Really creepy stuff!

  11. yeah well ive read quite a few interviews where the abductees have missing time and the last thing they saw was a ufo and then the next morning the next thing they know is that they wake up with their underwears around their ankles or their underwears are on backwards yeah its all just a mind game that these demons play with people and if some of you think its funny haha dont lafff too hard because then next time the one that has backwards boxers might be you!

  12. I have see this exact ship. i saw it Feb. 25th, just 200 feet above the park located by Olympic and La Cienaga. about 9:30 PM.
    Looking for other posted sightings i found a youtube video of the same ship, located in the same area, near the same time at night.
    I looked just like this.

  13. I went for a walk with my neighbor around the Entrada Road – Encina Road loop last night and he told me that around 11:30 pm on Sunday, September 26 he was sitting at his desk near a picture window when he noticed a bright light from the west. Just below the ridge line of the mountains he saw a crescent shaped UFO with the flat side on the bottom hovering. He said it was the color of the moon and at first he thought it was the moon. It was emitting an extremely bright light. He observed it for a couple of minutes and then it rose above the ridge line and then moved over it and away out of vision. This was above Old Topanga Canyon Road. I told him that at that hour surely many people must have seen it….then he said maybe it wasn’t so early, maybe closer to 1:30 am. He was absolutely sober (59 years old) and this is the 3rd sighting he has had, and the 2nd sighting he has had in the canyon. Last night he told me that his first sighting was at age 16 and it was much closer, near the house he grew up in on Entrada Road. He had come outside in the morning and saw one hovering across the road. He walked up the drive toward the road to see it more clearly, a little closer, and said he “felt” as though he was being “read, or scanned.” He had been feeling purely curious and open to the experience. Suddenly, though, he said his sensibility about the whole thing changed and he felt a terrible horror and fear. At that point the UFO moved away, and left the area. I am a nocturnal stroller myself and over the last four years that I have lived in Topanga I have probably gone over a 1000 late night walks between 10 pm and 3 am. I have never seen anything. I once saw something very unusual in New Mexico, though, in 1973. I was in the area near the Sangre de Cristo mountains and was looking at the sky with 3 others. We saw a line of blue lights that just moved completely across the sky in a blink of an eye. They were quite far away and there were 4 or 5 of them in an evelny spaced “row” Then disappeared. Has anyone esle seen anything in the past few days in Topanga?

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