UFO’s: Record Numbers in Canada!


Record number of UFO sightings in Canada in ’08

WINNIPEG (CP) — Some were strange lights. Some appeared to be cigar-shaped spaceships. Canadians reported a record number of UFO sightings last year, according to Winnipegbased Ufology Research. The volunteer group of a half-dozen researchers noted 1,004 reported sightings in 2008 — up more than 25 per cent from the previous year and the highest amount in the 20 years Ufology has been keeping track. “It’s astonishing to me that we had such a dramatic increase,” spokesman Chris Rutkowski said.

      Well. there you have it. “While we may disagree as to what the phenomena is, we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning, and not going away.” L.A. Marzulli 2008 [how self serving to quote myself]

      Does the increase in sightings indicate that there is a ramping up toward an event, that many of us feel will be the full disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence? Is it possible that people are more aware of UFO’s then ever before, as the media is reporting more sightings? It seems to me that we have entered a kind of openness that we have not encountered before. The main stream media seems to be willing to report UFO sightings and more people are coming forward with their testimonies. Another interesting dynamic is that the typical ridicule heaped upon those claiming to have seen a UFO, has lessened. Is this part of the “openness” that we are seeing.

       Yesterday I BLOGGED about Canada’s former defense minister who has gone on the record stating that UFO’s are real. He is also on board with what I call the coming Great Deception – that the aliens were our progenitors and are here to save us from ourselves! You know, this cat and mouse game with these craft is going to come to screeching halt, at some point, when the revealing actually happens. What will the world do when several two mile wide craft materialize over Washington D.C.? How will it affect the average Joe on the street? Here’s another quote from the article that I want to call your attention to.

“I watched it for maybe 45 seconds, and then it shot up into the sky so fast. It just shot straight up and disappeared. And it was so striking, that I gasped, because it was just something I had never seen before.”

      This is similar to what I saw, 46 years ago when I was at boy scout camp. I was taking a short cut back to camp, with three other boys, so we wouldn’t be late for lunch. The boy in front shouted, “Hey what’s that?” The other boys saw it and then I saw it. It was a flying disk. The classic UFO, hovering noiselessly in the air. It was small, maybe the size of my fingernail. The sky was deep blue and cloudless. We watched transfixed, suddenly the UFO shot straight up into the air, so fast I could barely track it with my eye! This is what I saw and the quote above echoes the same type of event.

     With the record sightings in Canada, and UFOs appearing all over the world, can full disclosure be just on the horizon? Here’s the link to the full story!


5 thoughts on “UFO’s: Record Numbers in Canada!

  1. I grew up no to far from winnipeg and when I was a kid there was a stroy about a UFO in a town called carman, It made big news. There was also a man from winnipeg who was in the whiteshell (Thats provincial park east of winnipeg and runs up to Ontario) who was abducted while hiking i believe and when he was returned the had some strange burns. I find it so hard to digest some days that there are craft and evil beings out there that are just waiting for the right moment to decive. They watch over like pray, seeking whom they will strike fear into next.

    I want to not believe, but I know it is true.

  2. Full disclosure will not come unless there is another ritual sacrifice, like 9/11, or the holocaust. If say for example the FEMA camps are filled up with Jews and Christians, and millions of us are slaughtered, that may ‘power up’ the ufos to the point where a ‘revealing’ could occur.
    (Millions of abortions notwithstanding)

    From the sound of it, you think that there will be a ‘pre-rapture’ full ‘disclosure’. I feel the Lord is speaking to me that things will get very weird as far as ufo activity, however, unless there is a new pre-trib holocaust, I highly doubt that lucifer could attain the power to materialize the required motherships over the earth.

    If you are still looking for the ‘great falling away’, Im sorry to say that this has already occurred. Look at the thousands of abortions that america routinely performs every day. Look at what we as Christians accept as entertainment from the hollywood elite. Look at how low our standards have sunk, unbeknownst to our conscience, which has been branded with a hot iron. This is a worldwide compromise, our media (and internet) have spread that filth around the world. We have been boiled alive, like the proverbial frog in the boiling water, heated a little at a time.

    However, if there would be a new holocaust, all bets would be off, and yes, millions would ‘fall away’ and deny Christ, in exchange for their lives. They could justify it as ‘using wisdom’ and ‘obeying those that rule over them’. (Like in nazi germany) That would cause a great falling away, allrite.
    The scenario could come as a new ‘hate speech’ law, where, as in canada, you cannot quote a scripture without facing jail time.
    (It WILL happen here in America, make no mistake, the supreme court will see to it!)

    Its one thing to TALK about ‘disclosure’ and serving God pre-trib, and pre-rapture,
    Its quite another thing to be loaded into a FEMA cattle car, and still confess your Faith,
    and walk the talk,
    Like those that went before us.

  3. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if you could answer or anyone else that might have thought on it. I read your blog all the time and I agree that the UFO and Alien beings are demonic in nature. Do you believe that this revealing will be before the rapture or after. I also wonder what you think about the theory of 2012. I listen to many who believe this will be the year that the rapture happens. While I don’t believe that anyone can know the exact date or time I do think he has given us enough information that we know it’s coming soon. Also is there any prophecy’s left that need to happen before the rapture occurs. Thanks for all you do.

    God Bless

  4. i am 11 years old and when i was 7 yrs old i was in my room just sitting waching the stars at night when i saw a flashing dot in the distance i watched it for 15 minuteds it got closer and closer until it was almost at the window and it was green and it had beams it flew past really quicky so i didnt get to see all of it IM NOT JOKING THIS STORY IS REALLY TRUE

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