It’s all about the hope we’re looking for… UFOs!


Former defence minister says UFO proof ‘irrefutable’

 Here’s a story that is just amazing to me. It is about the former Minister of Defense in Canada. The quote below says it all.  

“I think there is a spiritual longing out there,” he says. “People are so distressed at the present time by all that is going on in the world. The banking system has fallen apart. People worry there’s a possibility of war between the Christian world and the Muslim world. We want something better.”

     So there you have it, the Alien Gospel 101. Here’s a world leader pointing to what I call the Coming Great Deception and telling us, that it is what we are looking for, that it is “something better.”

     Look, we have to realize that, “The phenomena is real, and burgeoning and is not going away!.” We are seeing the beginning, of the manifestation of the fallen angles, coming once again to earth, in these last days. I can’t say it any clearer than that. Is this what Jesus warns us of? As in the days of Noah, so it will be when the son of man returns. I think it is. This is the one dynamic of the last days that many prophecy scholars refuse to comment on. I attended a prophecy conference over the weekend. Much of what was said could have come from P.P.& S! The speakers were dynamic and had a wealth of information. However, no one touched on the supernatural aspects of how some of these prophecies were going to be fulfilled. No one bothered to mention that we are being inundated almost weekly with reports of sightings that are happening with greater frequency than ever before.  With the growing tension in the Middle East, and the uncertainty of the Global financial markets, are we looking at the so called revealing of the Extraterrestrial presence to “save” us? What would you do if  2 mile wide UFO appeared over a city near you? How would it change your life, your world view, your religion? Be prepared for the coming Great Deception!



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5 thoughts on “It’s all about the hope we’re looking for… UFOs!

  1. The “alien gospel” reminds me of a saying from my parents when I was really young. “The grass is always greener on the other on the other side of the fence.” Of course the grass was never greener. The “alien gospel will” be just that – an empty ‘hollow’ promise to get people to jump the fence to check out the promised, plentiful greener grass. Once on the other side of the fence it will be to late for them to go back…

  2. One mans joke is another mans Jihad. When under alien attack, business is always good for me.
    Tin Foil Hat Salesman

  3. Elisa, My little Helsinki freind, Tin foil hats are for the unlearned. I call upon the name of the lord when trouble comes. The last time I was attacked was in my dreams, Thank God I yelled his name. Works every time.

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