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ahmedinejhadIt was announced yesterday, that Iran has reached the point of no return regarding their nascent nuclear ambitions. They have enough material to make a bomb. This is the line in the sand for Israel, as they have gone on the record stating, that they never will allow Iran to attain the bomb. Here’s the link to the story.


      This next article is something that is right of the pages of scripture. Iran hails military ties with Russia. You know if you asked the man on the street about this, he would shrug his shoulders and most likely say, so what! To the student of prophecy, this article and subsequent admission by Iran allying them with Russia, speaks volumes, as it solidifies the two nations at the top of the list of the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.  Never before, in the history of the world, have we seen this prophecy beginning to line up with the nations that Ezekiel describes. The prophecy of Ezekiel has such detailed specificity, that it just amazes me to see it taking shape right before my eyes. Here’s the link to the article.


     netanyahu1Added to this prophetic and political mix is the recent Israeli elections. It has now been confirmed that Netanyahu will form a new government. He is a hard liner and will not allow the division of Jerusalem, the giving up of land for peace, or Iran to attain nuclear status. It is a very interesting time, to say the least.

     Posted here we see two men, Ahmedinejhad and Netanyahu, with completely different ideology.  Ahmedinejhad, wants to wipe Israel off the map and at the same time usher in the time of the Imam Mahdi. This is a bizarre prophetic text that was added after the Koran was formed. It sates the the Mahdi will bring in a time of peace and justice, but will only manifest during a time of chaos. This prophecy is embraced by the minority Shiite branch of Islam and not the Sunni’s. Ahmedinejhad is a true believer in this prophecy.

       Then we see Netanyahu, who has stated, that, “it is 1939 and Iran is Germany.” Natanyahu knows the dangers he is facing. He also stated that, “Iran is seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon and constitutes the gravest threat to our existence since the war of independence.” Netanyahu can not allow the Iranians to get the bomb. So that is the crux of the present crises that is looming on the horizon.


      I want to state again that the creation of the modern nations of the Middle East were done at the close of WWI. The Ottoman Empire was carved up by the British and French and the modern nations of Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Syria were formed. The two state solution is a joke, as the so called Palestinians already have their homeland and it is Jordan. As a student of history, Netanyahu knows this. He is the man for the hour as the political landscape has become very ominous and volatile. Will Israel launch a preemptive strike? Will the Iranians and the Russians along with others attack first? If you want to know what may happen in the Middle East, may I suggest purchasing Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural! it is a hard hitting expose of current political events and how they may dovetail into ancient Biblical prophecy.


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16 thoughts on “Prophecy & Political Update!

  1. The two witnesses are in the Middle East right now. But their times is not until after the Gog_Magog war. We are very close to that now. The nations are lining up against Israel just in the manner given up prophecy.

    In this I ask people what does it mean when scriptures says, “We shall go up and take the spoils of the place of unwalled cities.” The place of unwalled cities is America. This coming nuclear was will end by divine intervention, but the Anti-Christ will claim it is his work. WRONG!!!!

  2. It is amazing to watch things in the Middle East and watch them line up with the Bible! The Word is coming to life right in front of our eyes! Yahoo news
    talks about how Netanyahu may collide with Obama’s administration. When everyone else turns against Israel, I am sure they can look for G-d to step in and help! It seems like we are seeing the fulfillment of more and more Bible prophecy and at an accelerated pace. It makes you want to jump up and start screaming for everyone to wake up and get ready for it! Unfortunately, not many want to hear it.

  3. christine,

    I appreciate your feedback and input regarding my friend!
    you are correct, God can do more in one second by his Spirit than we can do (by our power) in a whole lifetime!
    I appreciate your honesty concerning your current situation, in some ways, there is no way you can win with your husbands kids! But With God, ALL things are possible!

    I personally battle with many many issues, including some disabilities that i was born with, that went undiagnosed until adulthood…
    please forgive me for using the web for venting and as a sort of gestalt for my feelings…

    isnt it sad how people involved in the church world have NO TIME to listen to a person with a burden?
    i grew up in church and ive seen it all… some church people will take your problem and turn it around on you…
    then they will pronounce to you that your issues are because of the sin in your life! it is so sad…

    *i have an issue that i had not even shared with my wife yet, and i shared it with a church person and they told me that they had no time for my personal problems!*

    yah it crushed me…omg it reeeeelly hurt! sometimes people forget that on the web, these are real people that we talk to, and that they have feelings, and that you can crush someone with ONE WORD…

    yah, in the same way that you can change a persons life with one word, you can also crush a person…
    but religious people cant understand that…because they are too busy and self involved in their own little ‘ministry’… but what does that make them? doesnt it make them the priest that passes by on the other side of the road when he saw the man who had been beaten and robbed?

    Thank God that i know the difference between someone who CLAIMS they are a Christian (but their fruits do not bear witness) and someone who is TRULY walking with the LORD…

    i will be praying for you and your situation at home!
    just remember, NEVER give up HOPE! 😀

  4. Randy, I do believe in the strong possibility of nuclear war in the U.S. We must decrease so that antichrist can take his place. Right now, U.S. is not likely to bow before a world dictator. If we are plunged into a depression and President hero can’t fix it, plus we are bombed with nuclear bombs, we will be devastated and looking for anyone who can give us back our way of life. Scary stuff but it will probably have to happen to bring us to the place we are suppose to be for the last days. I am anxious to meet the two witnesses and hear what they have to say! All this just underscores our need to learn to pray with boldness and to be utterly committed to G-d, no matter what!

  5. Thanks Hector, I will never give up hope! I know with G-d all things are possible and I have learned that what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger! I mostly shared my story because I know there are other hurting people out here. We all have our demons to fight and stands that we have to make. If we can reassure and help each other, we are the stronger for it! What I am going through has really taught me to be bold in my prayer life! For that reason, I can’t say that it is all a bad thing! I do believe G-d allows these things to come into our life to make us stronger and rely more upon Him! I am struggling with a disability right now in my back. It was caused by an injury and I do have to fight discouragement. I have never had a serious health issue before now, and there is so much that I want to do! The thing is, I realize I am not the only one and there are many others who are struggling. I am pushing myself to learn what I can do to be stronger and more like the person I feel G-d wants me to be. I need prayer like everyone else, and I strongly believe in holding each other up in prayer and encouraging one another. To me, that is what a blog like this is for. It gives us a chance to learn and see some things outside of our little box, and to uplift and encourage each other through all the bad stuff. I am sure, if we are truly living in the last days, we are all going to need it!

  6. Randy, What do you think about this::
    The only vision I think I ever had was about 30 years ago. I was living in Oshkosh Wisconsin and had a vivid dream that I saw Chicago go up in a mushroom cloud. In the end of my dream I was up north somewhere in a military vehicle. All I can remember about the location is it was very green and pristine. Definetly safe from attack. I still look to the south (I now reside in Milwaukee 100 miles north of chi town) and remember to head north if and when the day comes.
    Maybe this is the time of the Rapture?

    The US doesn’t relize that our Lord has great patience and forgivness but enough is enough. Our country has definetly crossed the line. Most have forgotten the Lord. Judgement to shake us to our foundation is upon us. We have a country full of self serving, self centered, the world revolves around me demi-gods. And they don’t even know it. Any way, Lord Jesus come Soon,

  7. Concerning The TWO witnesses; Let us remember that the book Revelations is symbolical in context and should be guarded against a literal view.

    The number TWO has a symbolic meaning in its application to the witnesses. TWO is the number of “divine sufficiency in testimony”.

    We find this through out scripture: “Out of the mouth of at least TWO witnesses was every word to be established” Deut 17:6 , 19:15 , Mat 18:16

    Our Lord always sent forth his disciples by TWO together. In earlier times there were Moses & Aaron, Joshua & Caleb, Zerubbable & Joshua, Haggai & Zechariah. Likewise Paul had with him on his journeys A Barnabas, A Silas, A Timothy.

    “For TWO is better than One” TWO witnesses in the Power of the Holy Spirit constitutes the “Threefold cord that is not quickly broken” Eccl 4:9,12 Jn 15:26 Acts 1:8 Acts 5:32

    The TWO witnesses then are ideal persons; they have the characteristics of Moses & Elijah, who were pattern witnesses. For, according to Vs6 they have, like the latter (Elijah), Power “to shut heaven that it rained not in the days of their prophecy’, and power like the Former (Moses), “over waters to turn then to blood,and to smite the Earth wit all plagues as often as they will”

    It is not said, as would be if these TWO were an individual Moses and an individual Elijah, WHAT IS SAID is that the TWO collectively have the power to do both.

    This enabling is the Gift of Christ, “I will give My TWO witnesses power (the Remnant church still on earth during that Time) and This is her Last witness clothed in sack-cloth. This end-time church will witness Christ not clad in ecclesiastical regalia, there is no clerical rank and title among them.

    The testimony will not be of progress and world-betterment, not of “Peace and safety” nothing of what the world likes to Hear.
    They will testify of Death & Judgment, of the Days of Wrath and perdition of the Un-Godly, of the Coming of the Rejected Lord Jesus in Flaming Fire, taking vengeance on them who know not God and who obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ 2 Thess 1:6-10.

    It is further stated concerning these TWO witnesses that they are ‘The TWO olive Trees and the TWO candle-sticks Standing before the God of the Earth” See Zech Ch 4, signifying a position of honor in the Spirit Realm before the throne of God.

    This being the witness of the Church in sack-cloth upon the Earth furnished continuously for ministry with the Power and Graces of the Holy Spirit as typified by the continuous Flow of the “Golden Oil” through the Golden Pipes” Vs 13

    Presently in various locations world wide, there are Governmental authorities in the hand of Satan which are suppressing and killing the witness of the Gospel, this will increase rapidly as the end approaches and Antichrist arises into power implementing his religio-political dominion. John B []

  8. The reason The USA or The USSA (United Socialist States of America) is not mentioned in The Book of Revelation is simply because it is not there, it is gone! I think the USA was created for two reasons, one being a nation built for God and the other reason being a nation to rebuild Israel. Since America has moved away from God and Israel is rebuilt, there is no longer a need for the USA (or the USSA if you prefer). The former USA may be a part of the future one world global economy ruled by the anti-christ, but that’s it.

  9. There are a couple of things I wish to share that bare on this topic of prophecy. Recently the Lord told me that the time we use for the counting of the end is wrong. Most people have counted from the creation of the country of Israel in 1948, and some from the British liberation of Jeruselem in 1927.
    The Lord told me to calculate from the daythe TempleMount was liberated. This was June 7, 1967. From here on is my wife’s calculations (she wears the math pants in this family). If you take 7 times 7 weeks this would take us to June 7, 2016. If you subtract 7 weeks this returns us to June 7, 2009. The final 7 weeks would be the time of tribulations and the Anti-Christ. 3 and 1/2 weeks from June 7, 2009 would take us to December 7, 2012, 5 days from the Mayan long count calender. This is very close to the time of the passage of Planet X.

    If this is right the Great Deception and the appearance of the Anti-Christ will be during the months of June/July of this year. We are that close.

    Additionally, on my Windows Live page, there is a picture of a metal seal recovered from the vault of two sleeping giants. It shows the signiture (in the Adamic language before the Tower of Babel) the name of the giant and a series of astronomic symbols. I have reason to believe that this refers to a coming solar eclipse during the dark of the eclipse Venus will be to the right of the Sun and Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars to the left of the Sun, in that order. This could be the eclipse of July 2009 and if it is it will mark the awakening of the giants.

    During my life I have had many dreams and visions. I am a big believer in personal revelation. These started in 1949, when I was 2 years old. At that time I was shown the future of America, the coming nuclear war, and the wars and battles that will rage across this land after that. At 2 years old I was shown that this country would collapse from within, driven by hyper-inflation and a massive unConstitution central bank. In this land there will be only one place of peace and safety and that is the Rocky Mountains.

    Once we took a trip to St. Louis, MO. While we were staying in a Motel 6 I started seeing detonations to the south of the city. My wife noticed that I was looking out the window, closing the blinds, and looking again. After about a dozen times of this she asked me what I was doing. I was watching the nuclear blasts that would hit the city area. Every time I looked out the window I would see the scene repeat.

    I will end today with this prophecy I was given in 1978. “Thus saith the Lord: Who so ever keeps my commandments, they shall I call unto my Zion, and those who do not keep my commandments they shall I not call unto my Zion, and upon them I shall visit all manner of plagues, famine, and thunderstones, and as surely as I am the Lord God of all creation they shall know my wrath.” Bad times are coming.

  10. You all know about the 2014/2015 total Lunar/ Solar Eclipses & Blood Moon dates coming up which Mark Biltz researched?

    You can see him interviewed under “June 11th,2008”. (L.A. This pastor loves prophecy-Hint,Hint & is fairly close to you.)

    Randy, Re: 1967 you might find this interesting:

    Here is Mark’s site:
    (He was also interviewed on Prophesy in the News & I think there are some UTUBE clips as well.)

    Anyway-just another fairly recent “revelation” and it’s looking more like it could be a valid prophetic sign in some capacity.

  11. Anyone see this article: “Greetings, Obama: we come in peace”

    This article briefly covers the historical aspect of UFO’s in America and how Obama’s being gently nudged to come clean with the American people on UFOs. I am curious though about the last paragraph in the article where they are asking therapists and psyhic mediums to communicate with ETs. To me this is telling because I believe this is where they are admiting UFO’s/ETs are demonically linked ESPECIALLY if you have to have a PSYCHIC Medium to communicate with(uh)demons. I thought that show was called “MOST HAUNTED” where tney seek out PSYCHICs to do their bidding.

    [At the congress, Barbara Lamb, a therapist, will discuss her experiences of “hypnotically regressing” more than 600 people to help them describe their encounters with aliens. Marisa Ryan, a psychic medium, will help the delegates to commune with extraterrestrials. ]

  12. Good find on the article Joe! Here’s a cleaned up version of the complete article “Greetings, Obama: we come in peace”

    I guess these are just more sex crazed weather balloon test dummies falling from the sky…??


    From The Sunday Times
    February 22, 2009
    Greetings, Obama: we come in peace
    Tony Allen-Mills, New York

    Hundreds of delegates are converging on the Nevada desert to listen to speakers from 30 countries recount their extraterrestrial experiences. The ufologists are used to being mocked or ignored by the American media, yet in two key respects their meetings this year are not entirely out of this world.

    Far from being disheartened by their failure to produce conclusive evidence of aliens, ufologists were electrified last year by the appearance over Stephenville, Texas, of a series of fast-moving, flashing orbs seen by hundreds of people. Ufologists flocked there in the hope of witnessing a phenomenon that some linked to a near-by military airbase.

    Behind the UFO debate lies a CIA statement that more than half the reported UFO sightings of the 1950s and 1960s were caused by cold-war spy planes whose saucer-like designs were at the time kept secret.

    In a declassified report entitled CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90, Gerald Haines,a government historian, blamed cold war hysteria for the deception. Other researchers have since suggested that the CIA may have been happy for its most secret spy planes to be mistaken for visiting space-craft.

    Larry Bryant, a former Pentagon official who claims to have been sacked for trying to expose military UFO cover-ups, has been fighting for years for access to alien-related CIA material. Yet the agency insists there has been “no organised CIA effort [to study UFOs] since the 1950s”.

    Part of the problem for serious UFO researchers is that their efforts continue to attract an eccentric fringe of earnest folks who claim to have been abducted by sex-crazed aliens or wear tinfoil hats to deflect government radio waves.

    At the congress, Barbara Lamb, a therapist, will discuss her experiences of “hypnotically regressing” more than 600 people to help them describe their encounters with aliens. Marisa Ryan, a psychic medium, will help the delegates to commune with extraterrestrials.

  13. John,

    One of our greatest struggles in studying prophecy is determining whether we should interpret it literally or allegorically. I am posting a teaching on my blog site tonight on this subject. I will not the take the space here to address this topic, but would direct you to my blog if you are interested in my thoughts on the subject.

    Kevin J.

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