Black Eyed Children:

black-eyed-kidsYesterday I Blogged about Indigo Children. I had some very interesting posts in the feedback section. Thank you one all for contributing to the content of this BLOG. It’s interesting how one thing can lead to another. I got several posts on Black Eyed Children, and so I followed the links. The words of Linda Moulton Howe, are appropriate here, this is, “High Strangeness!”  Here is the link that Late Night Lisa sent in her comment.;f=12;t=000132

      As I read the account I was reminded of a scene in Nephilim II, where two hybrids show up at Cardinal Fiore’s house in the middle late one night. The result of their visit is not a good one. Cardinal Fiore pays for this visit with his life.

      If the post that we read in the link above is real, and remember anyone can write anything on the Internet, it is certainly a chilling account that is out of the normal range of human experience. Here’s a few comments on that article and the phenomena in general.

      According to Dr. Jacobs – I interviewed him for The Alien Interviews book – the Aliens have succeeded in creating a hybrid that can pass as human. That being said, are these Black Eyed Children, that seem to appear out of nowhere, early hybrids? Are they hybrids that appear to be almost human except for the large black eyes? Are they being integrated into our society? Are we looking at the modern manifestation of the Nephilim?

      There was one dynamic to the post that really caught my attention. When the children first came to the door they asked if they could come in. I find this very interesting, in that it would seem that they have to have permission in order to violate a person. Is this similar to the fallen angels asking for permission to have access to the female population in the Book Of Enoch? Another aspect was the physical reaction of the man who had contact with these BEK’s. 

I followed him and then I suddenly came over with a really awfull feeling like something bad was going to happen, I became very nervous and a bit shaky. 

      The feeling of dread and fear are emotions that I have talked about before. Fear is the currency of the Luciferians. It is their calling card. When the man looks into the eyes of the BEK for the first time he is terrified. He then runs down the hall and becomes disoriented and dizzy. Is he feeling this way because the BEK’s are manipulating him, projecting energy at him in some way that we don’t yet understand? Then comes the most shocking part of the story. The BEK’s claim that they have been sent to “collect him.”

     As the man bolts from his home and runs for his life he comments that he couldn’t think straight. I believe that these are all symptoms of dealing with the demonic. I have experienced these symptom’s when I was involved in deliverance sessions. When the demon that was living within the person began to manifest, I felt that my brain was fogged over.  

     I believe these stories are the beginning of the revealing of the breeding program that has been going on for decades. Will you be prepared for what is coming on the earth? Get the books that will prepare you. Now both for only $10!

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21 thoughts on “Black Eyed Children:

  1. There is a method of dealing with these creatures of darkness. But before giving it I must lay down a little bit of foundation. Fear is a definite weapon that the demonic forces are using against one specific class of humans being. During this day and age the human members of the Army of the Lord are gathering for the final confrontation with evil. The war in heaven is not over yet but it will end soon. The Luciferian powers are doing everything they can to keep certain people from awakening to their true destiny. The great weapon that the powers and principalities of evil use to keep a person in their place is fear — blind, unreasoning fear that never seems to go away. They have the ability to manipulate adrenal hormone and neurotransmitter levels to create an artificial state of dread.

    If this is being thrown against you it is a sure sign that the Lord is preparing you to be a member of His mighty army. The demonic powers belief that if they can just scare a person bad enough they will back off from becoming what they were sent here to be. All too ofter it has worked, hence they use it a lot.

    The first thing I would say as a member of the Army of the Lord is that you never walk alone, you are always attended by angels who are ready to come to your aid and engage in battle with you. I would say that you need to realize that before the world was you were given authority over these creatures. So that you may stand in the final battle at the great and terrible day of the Lord, He gave you the authority to cast out fallen angels and their confederates in His name. Prayer and fasting are great spiritual tools, but when I confront evil I command it in the name of Jesus Christ. It is time to put the fear in them.
    It is also time to call on the Lord to help you with the fear that you may be not afraid.

    Standing fearlessly against them takes away one of their most powerful weapons.

  2. It’s not just children. I have a very good friend who encountered one of these beings. This was years ago, she was in a bar, by herself, and started chatting with a man who was wearing dark glasses. She said the conversation stared innocently enough, but then he started telling her things about herself, like he was clairvoyant, telling her she had “killed her baby”. My friend froze because she had had an abortion at one point. Then the guy grinned, took off his glasses and she could see his eyes..all black with no whites…and he held up two fingers, saying, “not one, but two.” My friend felt intense fear and dizziness, backed off and walked away and out of the bar as quickly as she could…because she had aborted twins. When she told me this story I could tell she was still clearly very disturbed and fearful, I tried to comfort her as best I could.

    Take this story as you will, I know it’s second hand, but I know this woman well.

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    A wise man once said:

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  4. Here is an interesting story from someone who also had a terrifying experience with BEK’s and because he’s a reporter, he was able to recall a lot of details, etc…

    Most of the stories I read had many similiarities, children or pre-teens,the eyes, of course, sense of fear and urgency to flee, and the BEK’s need to be “let in”. Some on these sights are comparing them to vampires because of that similarity. Only one person in the thread I was browsing even mentioned a hybrid as a possible theory. But, I suppose that before I read Mr. Marzulli’s triology about the Nephilium/Hybrids, I would have been clueless as to what these BEK’s could be also…

    The reporter who wrote the story in the link above does give his contact information, Lynn, should you want to attempt to enlighten him about what he may have experienced. He seemed to hit it on the head when he described them originally as “evil kids”…

  5. Randy, do you have any advice for us who are trying to keep our eyes on the Lord and have a hard time staying focused? I love the Lord with all my heart but am dealing with a personal ‘demon’ that I face daily. It amazes me how we get so caught up in our own problems that it keeps us from somehow seeing what is happening in our world right in front of our eyes. Sometimes I even find it difficult to pray. I know I (and others) need to be remembered in prayers as we continue to face the daily battles placed before us.

    God Bless You and our country…..

  6. To Kim and others

    As Christians we walk not only with angels but with members of our family and former friends who have given up their mortal coil. But it is also true the the forces of evil throw thick black clouds around our eyes so that we cannot see these others; and evil stops up our ears so we cannot hear them. I will provide the proof of this.

    As Christians will all carry the spiritual authority that was given to us by Jesus Christ before the world was. Not everyone has the same authority. There are those who were called to be healers, seers, revelators, warriors, prophets, watchmen/watchwomen, and intercessors.
    Understanding the authority you bare is essential to the develop of your true spiritual abilities. The word of wisdom I offer on this is go to the Lord and inquire of Him, but realize that evil will do everything possible to keep you from learning the answer.

    Recall in the Book of Daniel how Daniel’s prayer requested was stopped by a demon sent from the Prince of Persia and it took Michael and Gabriel to force the demon to yield. This is as true today as it was then. But also remember that as you ask so you shall receive, even if all of heaven has to go to war to around get you the answer. We simply do not see the invisible powers us.

    I will share two steps that anyone Christian can do but they must be done in the correct order and by the correct means. First and foremost only the name (and full name) of Jesus Christ can be used to command the fallen angels and call upon angels for protection. The angels will not respond by another other name. There are reasons for this: 1. Nothing evil can say the name of Jesus Christ, 2. Using His name in full quarantees there is no effort to entrap the angels, and 3. His name quarantees us protection. I hear people all the time say, “In Jesus’s name” without realizing that this has no effect in terms of spiritual operations. We could be calling on some other guy named Jesus. Additionally He is Alpha and Omega — all spiritual operations must begin and end in His name or there be no response from the powers of heaven.

    The archangel Michael is the head of the Army of the Lord. He can be called, if done in the right way, for immediate war against evil. With him will come angels and legions of angels and they will flood the surrounding area with forces that nothing evil can resist. We do not worship angels. If you try they will not respond. We do not pray to angels. We pray to God the Father through His son Jesus Christ. But as Christians we can walk and talk with our Lord. After all He is our oldest brother.

    One more thing. In the name of Jesus Christ we call upon angels. In the name of Jesus Christ we command evil and it has no choice but to obey.

    This is what I do in the form taught to me by our Lord: “In the name of Jesus Christ I call upon the mighty arch angel Michael. Michael come and bring angels and legions of angels to battle. Surround my family, my home, and my neighborhood with mighty warriors and bind up the powers and principalities of evil that are here. Bind up their energies, forces, forcefields,and take them to the place of judgment that has been prepared for them and bind them their until the Lord calls them forth unto judgment. Michael, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank you.

    The effects will be immediate. This can be done daily or as needed. My brothers and sisters, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I hope this helps.


  7. I had a chance to witness to a fellow (unsaved) co-worker today.
    Our general conversation turned to the topic of UFO’s. I told him that I probably knew what was going on. I used this opportunity to go all the way back to Genesis from Adam and Eve, Sin entering the world, fall of perfection. Genesis 6 of course, and Jesus telling us it would be like the days of Noah before our King returns. Of course LA’s end time deception message was prevelant.
    The coolest thing was my co-worker was finally understanding the message of the Gospel. I used the milk of the Gospel mixed with info that Randy H. was writing about above. I could relate the topics of powers, the spirit world and supernatural events that most people would think I was nuts to talk about. Of course I told him how to ask Jesus to come into his life. I told him I didn’t know any of this till I picked the Bible up and read it myself. I told him I was reading things and learning things that I had never heard about in any church I had attended. Any way it was pretty cool to see and feel the holy spirit work in my life.
    Hey Randy, Thanks for the insight on Michael. I never put that one together.

  8. I knew a saved by the blood of Jesus Christian lady that has gone Home to the Lord many years now as I am writing these remarks. I’ve been with her when she would remark to an individual that “they have the prettiest black on black eyes she has ever seen” then she would simply smile at that person while never removing her eyes from theirs or even blinking. Very shortly that person would leave. After seeing her do that several times over the years I asked her about it and she told me I would know about it some time later, but I wasn’t ready for it now. I saw her do many things over the years I never understood until I became saved and “studied.” She had a fig tree in her back yard and taught me about Israel using the fig tree. I’ll be glad to see my friend on the streets of gold one day!!

  9. Tony you look back at them eye to eye and in your mind you say with great intention, “Michael’s sword will now cut the chains of evil that bind you.” Works every time.

  10. One thing that’s interesting about these stories is that they ASK to be let in…it’s analagous to the demonic world in general, they must be INVITED in.

  11. I know that what I have been going through with these kids who are bipolar is similar. The oldest one is 21. He has told me he wanted to see me in the hospital with tubes running out of me. He sat on a dresser one time looking at me with a purely hatred stare and a knife in his hands. I pretended not to notice and walked out. I began seeking the Lord on it. I kept having dreams and in those dreams I would lift my right hand toward heaven and command the evil spirit in the name of the Lord Jesus to leave me and my family alone. I have went around the house and put anointing oil on the doorways of the bedrooms, and anointed prayer cloths under their pillows and prayed in Jesus name to overcome the evil that is trying to destroy us. When the 18 year old would start a screaming fit and stretching her eyes at me like something wild, I would raise my hand up and my husband and I would begin to pray for her that this evil spirit would leave her alone. It would immediately stop. It won’t go, because they have invited it in. It has a foothold in their life and until they are ready to let it go, it will stay with them. I can pray, and the Lord puts a limit on what they can do to harm us. One of them is even out of the home for the moment. G-d has instilled in me to do prayer warfare. I know if I keep the prayer warfare up, G-d is going to move and put a stop to what is going on in our home. I do believe that I have become stronger, and more vigilant in prayer because of this,and that is a good thing.I do believe that, in these last days,we all will have to become prayer warriors to be able to stand what is coming!

  12. I have read all of Lynn’s blogs. I don’t always read the comments but I have seen Randy’s comments a lot. Who exactly is Randy Hecker?

  13. Randy,

    I see so many times through my life that God used not only His word, but used other people and events to teach me about Him. Today, and each day I look back in awe and respect to my Lord and Savior not only for saving me, but how He did it over the years and the “tools” he used to do it. I pray that we all can be a “‘Tool used by Jesus Christ!”

    God’s Love,

  14. Debbie asks who I am. Very good Debbie, challenge everything so that you are not deceived. I am a man of 61, living on the earth at the time of the end, waiting for the return of my Redeemer just like everyone else. But I also walk the path of the calling I received from the Lord before the world was. You see, I never forgot when I crossed the veil and began my mortal probation.
    This made it a whole lot easier for me to walk the path the Lord asked me to walk. But even with that special knowledge the path of a spiritual warrior is never easy.

    I live in a small town in the Rocky Mts of Colorado with my wife and 17 year old adopted son. We love it here.

    At this time the Lord has asked me to share with others wehat I know. This has lead me to write my book on spiritual warfare that is now nearly done. I just have to reference my sources and get it to the publisher.

    I am always willing to help my brothers and sisters. This is what Christian fellowship is all about. If you have questions please ask.

  15. Hi Randy, I am expanding on Debbie’s Question. You say you received your calling before the world was!
    Does that mean you were before the world was?
    If you were before the world was, where and what were you? or are you speaking metaphorically pertaining to the omniscience of God.
    Another question; Who is Michael in whose name you wage your opposition to Satan?
    John B []

  16. There is nothing that it is matter that was not spirit first. This is just as true of man as it is of a rock.

    There was a spiritual pre-existence just as there will be a spiritual post existence. The state of man is temporary; the state of spirit is eternal.

    Did not the Lord say to Samuel, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.” If indeed He knew Samuel, where was Samuel at the time?


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