Indigo Children: Hybrids among us?

indigo-childrenI received a post from a friend in Canada yesterday. It ‘s a story about the Indigo Children. For those of you who don’t know what an Indigo child is, here’s a quick sketch. The name “Indigo Children” comes from a blue indigo colored aura that some people say they can see around these children, as per a January 2006 New York Times article. The article states that children are recalling being abducted, by aliens, and taken aboard space ships. Afterward they begin to exhibit “trans-formative changes, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and healing. They also are inspired to draw complex artwork, scripts, symbols and sometime speak in strange languages. Needless to say, this is disturbing. Are we now beginning to see hybrid children mixing in with the general population? Are we being set up for the next shift in human consciousness, as the so -called E.T. agenda seems to be prepping us for? How will the rest of us “normal” humans fare, next to our peers who exhibit supernatural powers. 

       In Steven Spielberg’s Television mini-series Taken, he weaves the story around the vigorous breeding program that these entities are engaged in. The end result, after four generations of hybrids, is a little girl with supernatural abilities. She is able to stop time and create illusions that are then projected into other peoples minds in order to manipulate them. She is also able to heal and is telepathic. While this is a fictional work, is it that different from what we are seeing in regard to these Indigo children? While Indigo children are mostly unknown to main stream audiences, there is an ongoing effort to bring the phenomena into the mainstream. Is this part of the coming end time deception? Are we looking at the return of the Nephilim, but with new and improved features that differ from their appearance in antiquity? Remember Jesus warns us that, As in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man returns?  This begs the question, what differentiates those days from any other. I’ve said it  before, but when this kind of post comes my way, I take it as an opportunity to bring it to your attention yet again. The days of Noah had one incredible dynamic to it hat separates it from any other time in history. That is, the presence of the fallen angles dwelling openly with the men and women on the earth. Are we seeing the resurgence of the fallen angles? Is this what Jesus is warning us to look for, to be aware of?

        I believe we are being conditioned to accept the so-called extraterrestrial presence. The Indigo children is another aspect that is hidden within the burgeoning UFO phenomena. We should understand the times in which we live and realize that when the revealing – of ET –  comes it will be overwhelming, in it’s deception. Dr. Jacobs who I have interviewed in, The Alien Interviews book, believes like I do, that the breeding program between the ET’s and humans is both vigorous and not with our best interests at heart. When the so-called extraterrestrial presence is revealed, how will you and I fare? Will we be overwhelmed with the lying signs and wonders that will bedazzle us? Will we believe the lie? Will we be caught up in the coming great deception? Here’s the link to the story….


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33 thoughts on “Indigo Children: Hybrids among us?

  1. From what I’ve read of “Indigo Children”, they are nothing more than ill mannered brats who have been imbued with mental powers by their hippy parents (i.e. by wishful thinking).
    Far more disturbing to me are reports of “Black-eyed Children”, having neither whites or irises in their eyes, who offer “help” if you allow them to come in.

    • By saying “ill mannered brats” do you mean nonconformists?? If so…then I completely agree with you! Indigo’s don’t automatically take things as a given….and it’s very irritating to closed minded people who won’t budge out of their one sided belief system. They instead choose to challenge the so called “system” and carve out a different path for themselves…one that feels right for their own personal needs (and perhaps inspire others along the way). We’re all unique beings on this wonderful planet but unfortunately some “beings” will not go beyond the safety of their own self imposed fears. God forbid if someone finds independence and peace of mind…!! I guess they can’t stand the thought of someone choosing a different path than their own …after all..their way is the only way….right?? Nope…don’t think so. Hmm…I wonder what kind of world it would be if everyone just chose to be themselves…instead of trying to fit the mold of some cookie cutter image that society considers to be “the norm”.

  2. Whether the indigo children are real or not (and they may very well be), it’s the CONCEPT that is being introduced, and how it is being celebrated. Preparation?

    I have heard of the black-eyed ones, and they are NOT good people.

  3. L.A. I read the linked Indigo article and the date at the bottom says 2006. Are there any more recent info? Where do these children mostly live, go to school, eat, etc. I know kids cartoons type movies such as(Space chimps) has a child like character that exhibits some of these exact things you speak of. The article says that a “blue” indigo color is haloed around these children. Who sees this? I haven’t seen one and not sure I want to.

    • People are having a really hard time understanding the concept of Indigo Children, we were born into normal human families, we were raised human, we eat, drink and sleep like you, most indigos don’t even know that they are indigos untill later in their teens.

      You seem to think that we are aliens (which we aren’t), we just experience life in a different way, we solve problems in a different way.

      I am sure that there are indigos that aren’t good, but for someone like me it is scary to read that people perceive me as an alien, a freak of some sorts. You wouldn’t even know that I’m a Indigo if you met me.

      Every Indigo has different “powers”, some will die without even realizing it.

      I was raised exactly the same as you, my parents aren’t weird hippie types etc. My parents are completely human.
      So please do not judge us for being different, it’s a different outlook on life, not a crazy plot to take over the world. I am human

  4. OK. This is the first time I have heard of Indigo children or black-eyed children. I couldn’t resist the urge to “google” and this is what I cam up with;
    Apparently, Google has a lot to offer for black-eyed children
    And then there is Indigo children
    This stuff is beyond creepy! You know Satan knows our weaknesses and the majority of us wouldn’t turn away a child we think might be in need!

  5. um oh yeah my ‘friend’ from youtube told me about the indigo children about a year ago…
    but she wasnt from canada…oh well, nuthin i can do now… i tried to warn ya…ttfn

  6. As christians, let us be assured that [we also] have the heavenly power of the HolySpirit.
    “It is no longer I that Liveth but Christ That Liveth in Me”
    “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the World”
    “Ye are seated with Christ in the heavenly realm”
    John B []

  7. The term “indigo” refers to the spiritual properties of love-wisdom. Having said that it has as its opposite hatred, false knowledge, mis-direction, deceit, and a lying, vengeful spirit. By their seeds they shall be known. A lighter blue aura would be associated with fanaticism. This is again an aspect of deception.

    In Eastern Philosophy they walk about the siddhi’s. Siddhi means power or ability, but it also means imprisonment. The psychic powers of our animal bodies we share with the other animals — these are called the lesser siddhis and lead to greater bondage. But the siddhis of the spirit are liberating and are consider true spiritual virtues.

    I look upon these poor abused souls as some of the lesser siddhis. Recently the Lord told me that all of the plans of Lucifer have been worked out through the wombs of the daughters of Eve.

  8. I believe Lucifer has been able to work out his plans in human kind because of our weakness to seduction. Recently there was a vampire movie called “Twilight” that glorified a relationship with a human being and a vampire. (which probably could easily be nephilim). I was amazed at how everyone was getting sucked into the seduction of the movie! It sends chills up my spine to see how easily we fall for things. I have also been amazed at the deliberate deception in the naming of different things. For example, with the name Indigo children who would ever think it was a deceptive spirit? Also, the rfid chip implant for human beings is called digital angel. I think giving it a colorful attractive name must help some people accept these demonic things a lot easier. We really need to be fasting praying and trying the spirits!

  9. Thomas nailed it, new age wishwash hype. Their life purpose statment is:
    Ingigos are here to free us from our past limitations by destroying everything that stands in the way of a UNIFIED future, ultimately raising the vibration of the planet.

    I’m petty sure this was our new president’s campain promises.

  10. I had run across the “Indigo” Children when I was beginning to research the UFO subject. The “black eyed” types are new to me.

    I had watched a clip from a mainstream talk show where they were interviewing a family who discovered they had an “Indigo” child. What I got from it was that this child was somehow set apart in order to eventually be used to bring humanity unto a “higher level.” They were gifted w/telepathy, clairvoyance, & the other things mentioned.

    This is definitely the same type of “New Age” spirit involved as w/the UFO phenomena.

    After reading “Faith Undone”, by Roger Oakland-I can spot this “New Age” spirit just about anywhere. Unfortunately, now I can also spot it creeping in unaware into many Churches as well under the guise of various programs, books, teachers, etc…

    So now when I see friends going down those paths unknowingly I feel compelled to warn them.

    You can’t believe how many Christians I know who have fallen for the fantasy of “Twilight.” It almost has a cult-like following.

  11. yah like say fer instance i hav a fren from youtube who is onto twilight and she even made a vid about it but its hard to tell what this fren reeelly thinks because sometimes she talks like shes a christian but then sometimes she talks like shes a vampire so i dunno tha kinda makes me afraid and who wouldnt blame me for not wanting to talk to her anymore yah and anyways her name is lisa and if you click my name you can see her vid but what i reeeelly wanna know is if she is a fer reeel christian or is she a vampire+ psychic vampire, energy vampire watever but yah im not sure if i can talk to her anymore because shes kinda scary in that context and also that i have said some things which were spoken outta turn and so yah i dont want to take advantage+ but maybe lynn is stronger than me and he can teach her about spiritual things but im not qualified because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and i have lottsa lottsa issues+ so anyways okay this is it buh bye nice knowing you but i cant check my emails anymore because i dont feel rite+ clik my name 4 the vid

  12. some 8 years ago I was running my own retail outlet when a man aged about 21 walked in, he was a sales-rep for a telephone company. he wanted me to change my current service, “Like sign NOW”. I objected and ask him to leave the paper work for me to read, he persisted, I looked him in the eyes and said, I would not sign anything without reading first. He stood his ground and we “eyeballed” in silence, his gaze was intense, I noticed he had NO pupils, just two black marbles, I felt like turning away from his gaze, but I stood my ground, after about 15 seconds, I said silently to myself Lord I am not signing this, suddenly, He left the document on the counter and walked out. Was he a black eyed, or a stubborn salesmanJohn B []

  13. Hector,

    I looked @ her “Twilight” video-it’s really just a spoof on the movie. Some of the other clips she’s made are comical but definately worldly in nature.

    Not the type of thing a born again Christian would feel comfortable doing.

  14. Hector, pray for your friend. G-d can do more in a moment than we can do in a lifetime! Fasting is also a weapon of our warfare. Y’shua said when walking on this earth that “these come not out but by fasting and prayer.” I believe we are living in the last days when what we are confronted with will only be overcome through fasting and prayer. I am remarried. My husband has two of his children living with us. They are not children anymore, one is 21 and one is 18. The 21 year old has been diagnosed with bi polar disorder, antisocial disorder, and psychopathic disorder. He is constantly looking for any way to get his next high. We have had to put a dead bolt on my bedroom door to prevent him from breaking into our room and stealing my medication. (I am currently on lortab for my back. This is the reason for the spinal fusion I just went through. I am praying it will work and I can get off of the medication.) He finds delight in telling me off and making my life miserable. The day after I got out of the hospital I was aggravated because they had left drinking glasses all over the living room and a sandwich laying on a plate in the floor. They are way too old for that and I am presently in too much pain to pick up after them! His response, “If you want it up, pick it up.” The 18 year old has been diagnosed with bi polar disorder and anti social disorder. She cusses us out at the drop of a hat. She is very verbally abusive. I love my husband. He has a beautiful gentle spirit, but they take full advantage of it. They have no plans to go back to school, train to work, and move out on their own. They don’t want the responsibility of it and, besides, it’s a lot more fun to them to stay and make us as miserable as possible. The reason I say all of this is because I have come to realize all of this diagnosis is actually an evil spirit. They thrive on hate and screaming, violence. I can look in their eyes and see nothing but pure hatred seething out of them. I have begun a campaign of fasting and prayer, arming myself in spiritual warfare to battle this. I pray and talk to G-d and tell Him He will have to fight this battle for me. There is no way I can win this. While my husband believes his kids are wrong for acting the way they do, he believes that I am also wrong for standing up to them. He said none of us like each other, so we are all determined to not get along. I told him it doesn’t have anything to do with like. It has everything to do with the fact that I have never seen kids treat their parents or other people with as much hate as they do. I also told him I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do it. Anyway, I am beleiving G-d that He will intervene and help in a way that is beyond myself to work all of this out. We are all facing demons in our lives of one kind or another. There is no telling what we still have to confront in our futures. We need to be arming ourselves to the teeth in spirtual weapons of warfare, The Word, fasting, and prayer!

  15. wow! a certified web-celeb! 😉

    A wise man once said:

    “A fool is not born every minute, Beautiful Women make them in their spare time”

    yeah, i had to learn the hard way… 😦

  16. Christine,
    I feel for you and your situation as I have a 40 something year old brother who has never grown up, depends completely on our Mom for financial support as he emotionally blackmails her for allowing him to go with our Dad when they divorced – he was 10, I was 9 and stayed with Mom… He experiemented with drugs as a teen and has remained addicted to alcohol and meth, his drug of choice.

    I’ve come to learn that the drug use is just a symptom. He has never recovered from the divorce and is filled with so much rage that at our last visit, he made our dog shake as he told us a story in which he had been angry when it happened – as he retold it, he relived it and the anger and violence spewed out of him – I didn’t blame my dog for shaking!

    During this family visit, he went so far as to actually punch me in the face – something I feel he’s longed to do for quite some time. I’ve never been violated like that before so I seeked the help of our Pastor. Pity for him is helping me in the forgiveness process – it’s easier when I recall what he was like as a boy – plus lots of prayer…

    Of course, I’m not forced to live with him, in fact, I have set a boundary to not be around him ever again as my children do not need to witness his crazy, unpredictable behavior. Our extended family has always pretended that we didn’t notice the big elephant in the room every holiday, for my Mom’s sake, but now even she agrees we shouldn’t be around one another. I pray someday she will be free of the co-dependent relationship she has with him, but it is tougher for parent/child, I’m sure…

    Here’s a book I’d recommend that may be helpful for your specific situation. It’s called “Shadow Boxing” by Dr. Henry Malone. It’s about how to defeat the darkness, spiritual warfare, etc…

  17. Regarding the ‘days of Noah’, Matt 24:37-39….based on vs 38&39, didn’t Jesus define it as a time of ignorance and a lack of understanding the times? Not a return of the Nephilim? This is a question I got from a pastor I talk to. Any thoughts?

  18. HI B_man: Respectfully, I disagree. The only dynamic that sets the Days of Noah apart from any other time in history is the presence of the fallen angels openly cohabiting with the men and women on the earth. Your pastor is avoiding the central issue. He most likely embraces the “Sethite” view of Genesis 6. This is the reason why many of the churches will be deceived. If you like I will send him my book for free. Just get me his address.

  19. Thanks Gidget for the information! I will find the book and read it. I know that people who are bipolar self medicate. It’s always stuff that makes them worse. I see the anger and hatred too. I think they come to the same cross roads as many of us, they just choose a different path. We all have had people or incidents in our lives that sought to destroy us. As a child of G-d we learn to forgive and move on. When G-d told us to forgive, it was more for us and our emotional healing than it is for the other person. These people have obviously chosen the road of unforgiveness. Unless they give their lives to Jesus (Y’shua), they will live every day of their lives filled with the anger and hatred that they have allowed to inhabit their temple. It is what they have chosen. We can love them and pray for them, but ultimately, they have to make the choice. I do believe that when the anger is allowed to live in them so thoroughly, it consumes them and everyone around them that is co-dependent on them. I still believe it is a spiritual thing. Anger and hatred is something we know satan dwells in. To allow that to consume your life is to choose the spirit of evil over righteousness. Again, unless this person chooses to turn their life over to G-d, they are consumed by this evil spirit. Doctors, of course, have to name it. Medications may help to a point. True repentance and letting go of the dark evil thoughts and heart that goes with it, is the only way to truly get rid of it. I pray for him that G-d will allow whatever he needs to come into his life to change him.

  20. B_Man I understand where you are coming from. Before I understood about the nephilim, I questioned what the similarities would be with Noah and our time that would signal the return of Y’shua. First, I thought it was the eating and drinking and giving in marriage. I was taught that man would be more interested in himself and his way of living than in the ways of G-d and that is what would signal the end of time. However, the majority of man has always lived this way,so how is it so different now? Then I was told it was the level of sin man had entered into. I was taught that it would be the level of sin seen in Sodom and Gomorrha. (I know I didn’t spell that right!) However, I have learned that the sins of Sodom and Gomorrha never stopped. They weren’t as open with it as they are now, but the sin has always been there, so how can that be different now than years ago? I was also taught that the sons of G-d and daughters of men were talking about different blood lines. This doesn’t make sense to me either. We have different people of different nationalities and faith marry now and it doesn’t create giants. I have read all of Lynns books. I have also read other people’s ideas and thoughts and I have to say that Lynns seem to be able to answer more scripture than others. If it doesn’t work out that way, so be it. But at least we are made aware of the possibilities and are not caught unaware if it does!

  21. late night lisa,
    thank you so much for your reply.
    yes its true, it doesnt seem like something that a born again christian would do…
    *sigh* but her salvation is really all that i care about …

  22. christine,

    I appreciate your feedback and input regarding my friend!
    you are correct, God can do more in one second by his Spirit than we can do (by our power) in a whole lifetime!
    I appreciate your honesty concerning your current situation, in some ways, there is no way you can win with your husbands kids! But With God, ALL things are possible!

    I personally battle with many many issues, including some disabilities that i was born with, that went undiagnosed until adulthood…
    please forgive me for using the web for venting and as a sort of gestalt for my feelings…

    isnt it sad how people involved in the church world have NO TIME to listen to a person with a burden?
    i grew up in church and ive seen it all… some church people will take your problem and turn it around on you…
    then they will pronounce to you that your issues are because of the sin in your life! it is so sad…

    *i have an issue that i had not even shared with my wife yet, and i shared it with a church person and they told me that they had no time for my personal problems!*

    yah it crushed me…omg it reeeeelly hurt! sometimes people forget that on the web, these are real people that we talk to, and that they have feelings, and that you can crush someone with ONE WORD…

    yah, in the same way that you can change a persons life with one word, you can also crush a person…
    but religious people cant understand that…because they are too busy and self involved in their own little ‘ministry’… but what does that make them? doesnt it make them the priest that passes by on the other side of the road when he saw the man who had been beaten and robbed?

    Thank God that i know the difference between someone who CLAIMS they are a Christian (but their fruits do not bear witness) and someone who is TRULY walking with the LORD…

    i will be praying for you and your situation at home!
    just remember, NEVER give up HOPE! 😀

  23. One other aspect of Noah’s day was the lifespan of the individuals, and I wonder if at some point we will begin to see extended lifespans become a reality once again. If the mark of the beast offers one the opportunity to add decades or more to one’s life, most would find it an offer to good to turn down.

    John B…sounds like a real encounter, bizarre indeed, and one I hope to never have.

  24. Thanks Lynn and Christine, I agree with you. I’ve been studying escatology for along time but have only recently been persuaded to your view(s). I hope to be used to warn others of what is coming. The pastor (Calvary Chapel) I’m talking is a guy I went on a missions trip with a couple years ago and have only recently reconnected. We’re getting together next week to chat. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    BTW, Lynn, I love your work!

  25. Okay I know this is a little late in the blog to be asking this, but what happens if you give birth to one of these “Indigo” children? As a Christian is that even a possibility of giving birth to either a indigo or black eyed kid??? I really wish a lot of churches would do more teaching and less “preaching”. I’ve grown up in Church and never been informed of anything like this at all. Thank you all for your great insight and thoughts on all of these matters.

  26. To Late Night Lisa, at #11. I saw the same clip you are referring too about the family with the indigo children. They had a very young girl…maybe 5 or 6 years old. I saw it several months ago. I am a Christian. The night I watched the clip, as I was falling asleep but while I was still awake, I saw the girls face in my mind’s eye. Then her face morphed into what the force behind this indigo garbage really was…and it was HORRIBLE! I prayed to get it out of my mind’s eye (and it worked). Creepy…and I never looked into the indigo thing much.

  27. Some of you are so incredibly ignorant and blind sighted by propaganda. The indigo children are real, but they are not what the mainstream propaganda makes it out to be. Please understand as all things, religion, new age, indigo publications- they are all manipulated.

    I can assure you there are many like me who were born with natural knowledge of things far beyond current understanding within the mainstream. The Occult knows of these secrets…and they hoard them for personal exploitative uses. My third eye opened on it’s own at a young age, and I have had many intense experiences, yes even tampering by ET’s. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. It’s real

    For the Record- ALL HUMANS are “hybrids” of some sort. The “genes” the indigos carry are descendants of the old avatars, including Yeshua. When we “incarnate” into these bodies, specific parts of the DNA “activate” that normally would not because of the nature of our souls, and how we are programmed. The goal is to bring back the more evolved frequencies of future, and higher “dimensional” reality fields to heal and cure many of the problems that have occured here. Because this planet is part of a multi-dimensional “system.” Someday you will see that all humans (as hosts) are connected to the planet, energetically, multi-dimensionally, and our own evolution affects the planet. The planet is linked morphogenetically to the solar system, and then linked to the galaxy. What is happening here is disrupting HUGE things in the universe, and it is a valuable asset to the less friendly et’s because it can be used to “traverse” densities.

    The Illuminated priesthoods come from Annunaki and Draconian hybrids. The zeta hybrids are a newer thing and generally this thing has come to a slow-down because of intervention by other groups who saw the Zeta/Grey agenda as horrific.

    All of you, as souls, do NOT originate on earth. You are stuck in a karmic cycle, and have long been quarantined within the confines of the planet as an evolutionary classroom. It is now that the veil is lifting, and because of “tampering” done by beings who wish to use YOU and this place for their own selfish purposes- many of us have come back. We are YOU in a future aspect. We are human as much as you are….

    HUMAN DNA is a mix of many et genetics believe it or not, we just don’t have anything to compare it with. The “crystal” gene as it is known, permeates when specific souls comes into the fetus. It is what allows the body to be “abducted” as the body cannot survive within the 4th dimension and (not including time) nor the speed these craft use. It allows, temporarily for the human body to achieve a “light body form” so as to pass through walls, etc. It is a shifting in the frequency of the human body.

    I do not belong to any group, no stupid ASHTAR (which is a CIA/Niburian project), no stupid GFL, or any of the crap you see out there. Those are DECEPTIVE programs designed to focus on cheesy love and light..there are far fewer of us than the propaganda would have you believe. The other ones who do not understand the truth, have either been deceived, or are being used against the planet through manipulation.

    Take care…and know that my service will ALWAYS be to you, humanity, and this planet. Regardless of it’s fate.


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