Presidents Day & JFK….UFO’s – Opium Trade – the New World Order!

jfkOn Sunday night I had a three hour show on the X 2 radio program. If you’re interested you can go to their archives and take a listen.  (You have to search for it but it’s there)

Yesterday was Presidents day and my wife didn’t have to work, so I took the day off too.  Last night the History Channel presented a program that postulated that the JFK assassination was NOT the work of Lee Harvey Oswald. They pieced this theory from the acoustical, as well as the forensic evidence that was examined. They also pointed out that there are two official reports, one from the Warren commission, declaring that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman and the other, the conclusion reached by the House Committee on the Assassination, who said that there were more than three shots fired and thus it was a conspiracy. Only in America can you have two official government reports that contradict each other!

          What I found of particular interest was that a forensic expert Mr. Lee, concluded that the kill shot came from the grassy knoll. He reported his findings, but the committee that he reported to, had disbanded and he never heard back from them! Isn’t that amazing! To think that the American people can sleep through this, is just appalling! Have we become so comatose that we have lost our sense of outrage? I believe that something happened that day in Dallas that changed this country forever.  I think of the scene in the movie JFK, when Donald Sutherland’s character begins to recall the covert activities of the CIA and how there is a BLACK OPS budget. While the movie is a representation of real events and Sutherland’s character most likely a composite of several people, one element remains poignant. Our country has never been the same since that day in Dallas. Perhaps we will never know what really happened that tragic day. Like UFO’s the truth is buried in an enigma wrapped up in a riddle, shrouded in mystery….

          While this post may seem disjointed it isn’t, as all of these events have contributed to the march toward the one world government that the Bible predicts. Just last week leaders in the E.U. were calling for a One world government. Any man or woman who stands in the way of this will be eliminated – Like JFK was.

         Did Kennedy know of the heroin trafficking that was rampant in South Vietnam? Is that why he wanted us to pull out of the war. Fast forward to the present day, where in Afghanistan, the country that was supposedly liberated from the Taliban, now produces 95% OF THE WORLDS OPIUM CORP! Has anything changed? Why is our southern border still porous, allowing tons of cocaine and pot into our country to further destroy our youth? Why do we need a 787 Billion dollar, pork-culus bill? And get this – when they voted on Friday no one in the Senate had read the entire bill yet! How’s that for government for the people and by the people! If our government wanted to help us out, why not lower everyone mortgage to 3%? There would be dancing in the streets and the economy would rebound almost instantly! My head is spinning….

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9 thoughts on “Presidents Day & JFK….UFO’s – Opium Trade – the New World Order!

  1. Lynn, Well said! As for the JFK assasination, I thought along the way of your comments you might mention another of the supposed reasons for taking out that Great man ………… I’ve read of his knowledge of ufo’s and him possibly revealing to the American public the truth. Our country indeed hasn’t been the same since November 22,1963.The puppet masters are winning wars but the vitory will elude them and the King of Kings will reign.

  2. lynn,

    yes its true, i dont know if youve ever seen the video footage of the limo driver turning around and capping kennedy from within the limo!
    i was also just thinking about this the other day…

    oswald was a russian operative… they say that johnson was the ‘inside man’…
    ive seen photos where kennedy is addressing the house and johnson just has this ugly look on his face… yeah like murder…he looks like a vulture just waiting on the kill…

    ya know and i kinda get tired of thinking about it cuz its so overwhelming,
    but we HAVE TO TALK about it because the TRUTH must be disseminated!

    our secret service/fbi/cia politicians sold kennedy out…
    just like our supreme court has sold us out…just like our media has sold us out…

    everyone has a price, these days…
    even Christians … and we justify it with our ‘prosperity doctrines’
    but the Word says:

    Proverbs 15:16
    Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith…

  3. HI Lynn,

    I missed the History Channel piece on JFK. I watched a program I had DVR’d last week on History on Nostrdaumus and 2012. Interesting stuff!

    On JFK, I am convinced that Oswald did NOT act alone! We may never know the full truth. I remember when our son was in the Marines. A high ranking officer told him, “Son, if you knew all of the things your government is involved in, it would scare you!” I believe that is an understatement!

    Kevin J.

  4. They used to show two photographs on the website. They were entitled “The Most Telling Wink in American History”.
    The first showed Lyndon Johnson on the plane taking the oath of office for presidency. An unidentified man stands in the background. The second photograph was taken a moment later, with Johnson turning away. The unidentified man is winking at him.

  5. I’ve said this to others and I have been scoffed at. I believe that President Bush betrayed his oath of office when behind closed doors he tried to create and pass an open border policy with Mexico. The Congressmen that were in league with President Bush betrayed their oath of office too. “IF” they had gotten their way all the drug lords in Mexico would’ve had free access to the USA unhindered. It was only when this bill was brought out into the open was it cancelled because the US citizenry opposed it so strongly and so quickly.

    The Senator in my State who helped write it behind closed doors was literally going through our state trying to salvage his political career and months later when up for re-election almost lost his Senate seat.

    Forget about the countries beyond US borders who grow drugs, but look for US politicians who are willing to sell the USA for the drugs. President Bush didn’t care about being friends with drug lords in Afghanistan. Look at the financial woes the USA is in now, it IS because USA money and more importantly USA lives being spent over seas.

  6. Lynn,

    Greeting to all. For some reason early this morning it has been laid on my heart to seach out the word “armageddon” but not the whole word as it is written. It has been laid on my heart to search out the word “arma” then the word “geddon” because they are suppose to have some type of significance in some way or another?? As to what I am only finding out. If anybody wants to “”join in PLEASE DO!””

    God’s LOVE



  7. Thanks Late Night Lisa….It’s not coincidence that the horse is a tell tell sign of something yet to come. The Prez yesteday signed his “stimulus” bill in Denver. Why not sign it in the city of Brother Love, Philadelpha, PA or the birth place of Abraham Lincoln? Or some other historically significant place?

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