Cattle Mutilations: The History Channel Does a great Expose!

cattle-mutilaionsLast night, on the History Channel there was a great Expose on the Cattle Mutilation phenomena. My hat is off to the History Channel for doing an unbiased story, on what has been happening for decades in the western states, of America – and other countries as well.  The program covered the basics, starting with “Snippy,” the horse, who was the first mutilated animal, and whose horrific story was reported by news agencies world-wide, and ended with a Bison-bull that was mutilated recently.

         Cattle mutilations are a very graphic, grizzly, phenomena in which only certain parts of the animal are taken. Sometimes an eye is removed, or the jaw is stripped clear to the bone. Other animals have their anus’s cored out with surgical precision, or their reproductive organs removed. There is no blood in the carcass and no footprints – human or animal – found at the scene. In other instances, the animal is positioned in very unnatural ways. In other words legs are at the wrong angles to the body, or necks are stretched backwards, beyond what the animal is capable of doing naturally.  

         An interesting discovery, in several of the mutilations was a large, 35 foot, circle, where nothing would grow, that was near or encircled, where the animal carcasses were discovered. Gee, I wonder what would cause that? The History Channel also procured  the required skeptic, who assured us that all of these reports were just the work of natural predators, so we had nothing to worry about. That was until he was presented with a case that baffled him. This mutilation showed a serrated edge on the flesh that was angled slightly. The skeptic admitted that there was no animal in nature that was capable of creating such a wound. So much for not being worried! Local ranchers, whose cattle had been found mutilated, admitted that they had never seen anything like this. Some even said that what they were seeing was, unnerving.

         A  local scientist gathered soil samples and discovered that the soil that was taken near the carcass, inside the 35 foot ring around the animal, was sterile, as opposed to the soil sample outside the circle, which was found to be fertile and healthy.

        Ok, let’s strip it down and expose what my be the truth of what we’re looking at. One of the ranchers commented that a sheriff’s deputy admitted, off the record, that, “if we tell the truth we’ll cause a panic.” What are they hiding? There have been no witnesses to the events. No one has ever come forward saying that they saw what was causing the phenomena. It has been found that this is not the work of a satanic cult, as it would take a network of these groups to account for all of the mutilations, and not only that but there are no footprints or any other evidence that would point to cult activity. [Some of the carcasses are discovered in snow laden fields, with no footprints anywhere!] It is also interesting to note that scavengers, like coyote’s will not touch the carcasses that are left. I live in area with coyote’s and they will eat anything!

         I believe that the cattle mutilations are part of the nefarious and malevolent UFO phenomena that is demonic in nature. It is under the control of fallen angels. It is obvious that the mutilations are carried out with impunity. The carcasses are deliberately left behind to create fear and to show that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. There have been reports of human mutilations as well. I believe that the material collected is used in the breeding program that is producing a hybrid that will pass as human. It is another part of the UFO enigma that proves, at least to me, that this is demonic activity, at its worst and is Luciferic in origin. 

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19 thoughts on “Cattle Mutilations: The History Channel Does a great Expose!

  1. Hi Lynn,

    I do think that the History Channel did a great job with this. I thought UFO Hunters was especially good last night as well. The account of the UFO flying close to an airliner seen through a video camera but invisible to the naked eye was a bit unnerving. The explanation of the craft emitting infrared light was fascinating.

    I thought it was interesting that the mutilation show was sandwiched between UFO Hunters and a show on huge grizzly bears. I wondered if they all weren’t somehow connected. It has been held that the Nephilim engaged in both human and animal genetic tampering. Interersting stuff. Thanks for reporting on this.

    Kevin J.

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  3. lynn,

    okay to me mutilations are kinda a no-brainer as to its relationship with satanic ritual sacrifice…

    cattle mutilation = satanic ritual sacrifice

    the bible says that for all flesh the LIFE is IN the BLOOD…(Lev. 17:10)
    in the same way that Christians are powered by the BLOOD of the LAMB of GOD…
    i would venture to say that the nephilim are powered in some way by a perversion of blood sacrifice…
    look at the mayan culture, it was rooted in human blood sacrifice, and also closely related to aliens and ufos…
    look at the egyptian culture, same thing… there is POWER in the BLOOD…

    there is also a parallel in satanic circles as to hybrids/cloning…
    i once read an exposé about satanic activity regarding humans who were cloned to specifically do satans bidding according to his agenda…
    and they had shapeshifting abilities, and they operated under the spirit of lust…

  4. I saw the same show and thought wow! You know the female researcher went out in the fields at night to see if the cattle would notice her and each time the cattle kept moving away. The other researcher said that the cattle that were killed didn’t know that the event occurred. It was instant death, no struggle. I wasn’t sure how they tested the carcass but they discovered a certain type of narcotic was found. I can’t remember the name but I believe it starts with a “t”. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.

    The most telling was at the very end, she said what ever it is that’s doing this, it is “technologically advanced” and a “monster.” To me the serrated incision used is like another calling card, don’t you think?

    Scripture says this in Revelation, For the time will come when you will say,……..They will say to the mountains, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?”

    I’ve read this for years and wondered in the end times, why would anyone say this? I discussed this with a friend of mine and he said maybe when God withdraws his spirit from the earth and these unseen fallen ones are unleashed, maybe we would be somehow restrained for their evil purposes and we become like the cattle for them. I can easily see, why, under this scenario, people would cry out.

    Also, did you watch the UFO Hunters afterwards? They reported finding a cave near the one of the Roswell crash site and that there were many scattered all around. It reminded me of your nephilim book where the characters were in the tunnels under the city. They also found another witness and they compared the metal that he and Marcel’s son saw. Uncanny!

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  5. There was a time, before the great flood, when the science of the Adamic cilivatization had reached our neighboring world world Mars as a colonizing effects.The Cidona/Giza alignment, and many other things, prove this indissputable. Even those days the fallen angels appeared as “aliens” and conducting hypridization experiments between man, animal, and their own genetic stock. Then came Phaeton, the Destroyer, the world was plunged into a global flood, the air was sucked away from the moon, and Mars became a lifeless world. But the ruins are still there.

    Now we have a time 5,000 years later when the “aliens” are again conducting the same man/animal hydriziation for God knows what and Phaeton, the Destroyer, or what we call Planet X is returning against. As Solomon said, “There is nothing knew under the sun.”

    The creation of animal/human hyrides is in defiance of God’s nature order but it is also intented for another purpose. They government of the Anti-Christ is going to need hunters to track down recaltrate Christians — things that can appear human and shape changed into something else. Werewolves perhaps? Human/cow hybrides can serve as a source of meat.

    The only thing I say is this, just as then , now — it is going to be bad when the gates of hell are opened.

  6. I used to know one of the people who investigated the cattle mutilations of several years ago. According to him, it was Satanists using helicopters. They had plenty of money because they were running one of the biggest drug rings in the country.

  7. lynn,
    since black helicopters are almost synonymous with cattle mutilations, do you feel that they are merely ufos with a cloaking device enabled? i mean a ufo that has shapeshifted into a black chopper?

  8. Lynn,
    Well i think ive held my tongue just about as long as i can and as is humanely possible, yessir.
    and well since i cant get good recepshun out here in big bear lake, can someone please post a link to the history channel video? much obliged! yessir!

  9. A lot of what I am reading sounds like “horror science-Fiction”. We have to be [careful and ensure] that all of these things that are taking place upon the Earth, are not just the distractions of the devil “satanic-smokescreens” clouding our vision to the rising power and manifestation “the Beast”

    Personally, I believe this to be so, that the devil is hiding his real agenda, “His incarnation of a mortal man, the Son of perdition” as predicted in the Scriptures. 2Thes 2:3-11.

    And when “the Beast” arises into power, None shall suspect It, and that goes for the majority of church Folk, who are already steeped in the doctrines of antichrist promoted by demons. Not to receive “His Mark” is realized only in having the wisdom of His Identity [He is a Man] Rev 13:18.

    Let us Keep that in mind; He is not an Alien Hybrid. According to Apostle John, [He is a Man]
    [] John B

  10. i have a friend
    who dreamed concerning these ufos-
    these are the flying dragons of the ancient realm,
    fallen princes of days gone by
    they feed on blood and flesh
    they endeavor to ensnare man by fascination and with their technology and majik
    slow gradual seduction of mankind is their agenda
    doubt it not
    neither be seduced by their flattery
    the end thereof is death~

  11. Travis,

    I also did not see the History Channel show about UFO’s and Cattle Mutilations last night. I went to YouTube and I believe I found the History Channel show? The files names all start with “[HST] UFO Files – Cattle Mutilations” and divided into five parts totaling about 45 minutes. If you look in the right hand corner of each part you can see the History Channel Icon. There is mention of a horse named “Snippy” that was mutilated and a 35 foot circle where nothing would grow. I am guessing this is the episode?

  12. I’m 60 years old and have believed in God and Jesus most of my life; more intently lately. However, I’ve been parting the curtain that separates the light from darkness for about 6 months now and peering in. 2012, end times, malevolent ETs, Nephilum are well…new perspectives for me. I admit to being intrigued by the perspectives outlined in your blogs and the comments they generate, but I also admit to having a death grip on my belief in GOD and Jesus. Clothed in that armor, I am bold to address your world; one that *if*true, is dangerous and fearsome.
    While interested in the perspectives voiced by you and those who comment, I admit to a high level of incredulity.

  13. I think with all that I am reading about ufo’s, the giants, Ca. going bankrupt, the antichrist on the up and coming, fires, deception even among the elect I get extremely fear based. Not only that but here on “main street” where bread and butter issues exist I advocate for those losing their jobs, struggling with addiction and escalating mental illness, and trying to keep food on the table. Globally and locally, This is scary stuff! But I tell myself that God promises to protect His sheep. He promises to be with us. I cling to that. He will see us through. If I need to remember this then chances are most of us need to remember this. He will see us through.


  14. G-d said He would go with us through everything. He didn’t promise us we wouldn’t go through hard or horrific events. This is one reason I have dispaired of prosperity preaching. Prosperity is only for a season. We have to keep in mind that, after the Lords death, all of His disciples but one were killed. Do we think we are any better? If someone can die for a lie, ex. jihadists, can we not die for the truth? I do not know what my call is in life, whether to live for Him or die for Him. I only pray that, whichever it is, He gives me the strenth to do it. I know He will. As for the mutilations, isn’t it a strange thing that, in the supernatural we are seeing cattle mutilations on the earth, at the same time man is experimenting with cloning? Seems like there is a connection in the supernatural? Hmmm.

  15. May be the Cloning taking place upon the Earth is satan inspired. Matter of fact; did not the Snake say to the woman
    “ye shall be as God”.
    The knowledge of the wicked has its source in the Forbidden Tree. John B [

  16. As someone wise said to me. Theres nothing in a graveyard you have to worry about its the ones walking around you have to be concerned with.
    Just like its not fantastical beings from other worlds you have to worry about its the ones walking around you have to be concerned with.

  17. Interesting this should be on the History Channel. 11 years ago, on the Discovery Channel, shown only once, was an account in great detail that espouces an entirely different theory, one which doesn’t take Einstein to figure out.
    In the 1950s and early 1960s, until JFK put a stop to it, there were thousands of above ground nuclear tests. Maps displaying the subsequent swaths of radiation fallout stretched across the entire easterly portions of the US, Canada, and the Carribean, depending on the weather patterns. Rainfall carried the fallout back to Earth, and subsequently went into the water table, which grains grown from, and cattle eat, which we consume. Strontium 90 was found in cows’ milk decades ago, and virtually everything in the food chain which gets to the production of milk must ergo, be likewise contaminated.
    There is only one logical assumption to be made, and that is that random testing for radiation levels is being conducted in a clandestine manner. Why do it clandestinely? Several reasons. First, it is expensive. Second, subsequently, the lack of payment for the random test selections constitutes felony theft. Third, perpetuation of UFO disinformation serves its own multitude of purposes, and finally, panic would ensue if the public was aware of the seriousness of this research.
    I call this reading between the lines. I’m certain you were not born stupid. Use your God given brains, for heaven’s sake. Ask yourselves, who on Earth would want random ground grazing animals’ entrails?
    Use your brains once again, here. Guns can be silenced, with silencers. Aircraft engines can almost certainly be just as muzzled, as expensive as it may be. There is a helicopter blade system that all but eliminates props wash, so they are literally silent. Portable Laser surgery has been around since the Vietnam War. They tag a sleeping specimen at night, hoist it up, remove the organs and dump the carcass overboard.
    Makes a lot of sense, now, doesn’t it.

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