UFO: We’re not in Kansas anymore….

ufo3Here’s an interesting story and video clip that was taken recently near Wichita Kansas.




        My hat is off to the local station who reported it, as they treated the story with a degree of seriousness. We are seeing a period of openness, that the media is treating these sightings with. If we go back several years ago, a story like this would either have been pulled or done as tongue in cheek parody, poking fun at the phenomena. Remember what Fyfe Symington did in Phoenix, when thousands of people saw what is now known as the Phoenix Lights? He had a senior staff member dress up like an alien and then held a press conference. The guy in the alien suit came marching in and everybody yucked it up. 10 years later, in 2008 Symington appears on the Larry King show and apologizes to his former constituents, saying that he too was in Phoenix, at the time, and what he saw was not of this world. Nice cover up huh?

       We are beginning to see an openness  in the media at least some of the time. More people are beginning to come forward with their stories. It seems like every week we hear of a new sighting that makes its way into the 12 hour news cycle. That’s good. We need to talk about the phenomena, discuss it and come up with the answers people are looking for. This is what this BLOG is all about. It’s what my 5 books are about. Answers to the phenomena. Remember, scripture warns us that in the last days, even the elect will be deceived if that were possible. These are very sobering words and they call for us to examine what they might mean. Here’s a few reasons why I am so convinced that these UFO- craft-aliens-are in fact, fallen angels and are malevolent.

1. These objects are flying in our skies with impunity.

2. They abduct our citizens and conduct medical experiments without consent. That is called kid-napping!

3. They appear to have a vigorous breeding program. They are creating a hybrid that will pass as human but will have the abilities of a fallen angel – in other words they will have supernatural abilities that we don’t have.

4. They take our cattle mutilate them and  then deliberately drop the carcass where the rancher can find it. Basically this says, you can’t touch us. We can do whatever we want to. You are powerless.

5. Abductees claim that E.T. has shown them that they genetically manipulates man, thousands of years ago.

6. As I posted last week regarding Rael. The E.T.’s started all the world’s religions.

       We are moving toward what I believe will be full disclosure of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence. If it happened tomorrow, how would you react? What would you believe? Would you believe what our government might tell us regarding who and what these entities are? What if what they told you, went against your belief system? What if it compromised your faith, your world view? What if they – the aliens – had film showing that they were involved with all of the world’s major religions? Is this the Coming Great Deception? I think it is….

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5 thoughts on “UFO: We’re not in Kansas anymore….

  1. From my discussions with military and intelligence people I know that those in the know are afraid of the driving force behind the objects. Following the ’47 Roswell crash (although I consider it a plant)it was discovered that the only discernible food source was strips of animal meat. Only latter was this discovered to be human meat. This takes on back to the books of Charles Fort and his recounting of many cases of rains of blood, rains of strips of flesh, and rains of unusual chemical substances. The hybridization program they have conducted is so they can walk among us unknown — but it does change the fact that they are cannibalistic. The giants and the small greys have a lot more in common than people could quess. They are both the product of selective breeding by the fallen Watchers.

    Want to know where the vaults of the sleeping giants are? It is easy to tell because UFOs are always there watching over their slumbers. Try Blanco Mountain in Colorado or Mt. Trumbell in Northern Arizona. There are many other locations all over the world. When the time of awakening has come the “spaceships” will help the giants come up out of their vaults. And then the eating begins, for the giants are going to be very hungry.
    To them the blood of the lamb is the blood of their victims.

  2. God shall keep to Himself a Godly remnant “The elect”, His people of Grace, the true Church upon the Earth from the end time deceit. Upon them only shall not the Delusion be sent 2Thes 2:11.

    Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober , and rest your Hope upon the “Grace” that is to be “brought to you” at the revelation of Jesus Christ 1Pet 1:13
    (www.myspace.com/no_Hell) John B

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