UFO Report: Cover up in Greece!

ufo-pic-1982“While we may disagree as to the cause of the phenomena. we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning and not going away.”  L.A.M 2009

Here’s another link to a story about a UFO encounter. According to the report, three pilots from separate aircraft spotted the UFO over the Athens airport. This happened in 2007. The official report is, that the pilots saw the planet Venus. I thought that excuse was officially taken off, “the list of excuses used for cover up purposes.” I guess I was mistaken. Here we have three trained observers – it’s what pilot’s are taught to do – saying the same thing, that they saw a very unusual craft. In addition, the craft – UFO – buzzed the planes. I didn’t know Venus could do that? Even more interesting is that the Greek air force launched some F-16’s to investigate. Yes indeed, it sounds like Venus to me!       http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/69091/Cover-up-as-3-pilots-spot-UFO/

     Here’s what I believe is happening. These types of encounters are occurring more frequently. It’s why I point out that the phenomena is burgeoning. Are we being set up for a full disclosure of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence? In my opinion the answer is yes. Yesterday, I Blogged about Maitreya. Last week I did an article on the Raelians. Here’s what is interesting. Claude Vorlihon [Rael] and Benjamin Creme [spokes person for Maitreya] both initially had contacts with small, four foot high, aliens. In both instances they were given information, messages that pointed to E.T. as being the enlightened ones who were responsible for creating all life on earth and being worshipped as gods – as in the Vorlihon’s case – or that the the enlightened ones would send one of their own to earth to save us – as in the case of Benjamin Creme. There is a connection. This is what I would call the coming great deception.

     Yesterday I took a hop over to Share International Web site.  There are articles under the “archive” section that I found very interesting. There are articles and interviews conducted with Creme about his contact with UFOs. I would encourage you to check it out as it is very revealing. Here’s the link to the site.



     I also called the office in Los Angeles hoping to get an interview with one of Share International’s spokespersons. So far that has not happened but I asked the woman I spoke with about Benjamin Creme’s alleged UFO contact. She directed me to the archives on their site. That story is the one that is linked above. 

     Is Maitreya and Rael somehow connected to end times events? I believe they are. Both groups boast of an extraterrestrial connection. Both are awaiting the revealing of the “space brothers.” Both founders had initial contact with E.T., which resulted in the foundation of their individual movements. The phenomena is not going away. Every week we hear of more sightings. In the UK, recent statistics were released that informed us that UFO sighting doubled last year, from the pervious year. One thing is for certain. “While we may disagree as to the cause of the phenomena. we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning and not going away.”  L.A.M 2009


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  1. lynn well it is with great regret that i must inform you that i may not be able to post daily comments here anymore due to security concerns for myself and my family im sorry to tell you that one of my ‘friends’ from youtube has followed me over from there with bad intentions and so i would advise you to change all passwords, email logins, etc. ill just tell you that this person who is stalking me has hundreds if not thousands of email addresses, channels, etc. so yah you should probably take this into consideration and consider the security of this blog as having been breached i could tell you which commenters are this person but you have discernment so im sure you already have a notion unfortunately wat ive found is that any form of cordiality is misinterpreted and will result in stalking and ya know i mentioned that this person is using cell phone gps on me well wat i mean is that i will be somewheres with my wife and certain women will show up and give us a funny look i know i know it doesnt sound real but it is i know it almost sounds like a men in black story but its really happening to me and there is also a supernatural dimension to wat is happening to me also lynn can you please keep me in your prayers? and anyways the reason that i am saying all of this is that someone once told me that a demon exposed is a demon defeated so that is wat i am doing i am exposing the strategy of this enemy—

  2. When I was involved in full time UFO investigations in the 1970’s, I became involved with many different military and intelligence personnel. They have all been concerned by one thing — why hasn’t the UFO phenomena simply moved in and conducted its own discloser program over our heads. The answer is that the fallen angels who are behind this phenomena are not permitted to do this. This is not even a remote possibility until the Lord releases them and the gates to the bottomless pit are opened.

    As we get closer to that time a lot more things are going to be seen, some colussal in size. But it is all part of the deception.

  3. Not that I like to feed the trolls, but it sounds like Roy Batty(R. Batty) thinks he is a replicant? Which was a bioengineered human from the movie Blade Runner…

  4. Here’s a few off the beaten path….Has anyone seen the piece of art/ blue horse that is located at the Denver International Airport? When I saw the photo of the art, it reminded me of the scripture that speaks of the “pale horse” and for some reason I associated our economy and what the result might be as I contemplated the physical representation of the horse art. The article on FoxSnoooze tells of the people reactions as unusual to say the least.

    Even more bizarre is the artist was killed by a portion of the 9,000 lb. art falling on him.

    Article entitled: Denver Airport’s Blue Mustang Draws Wild Reaction


    Also, I just remembered a dream that I had a few weeks ago. In the dream you must envisioned the Jewish people in a fort like structure made of a color like the sand. They were locked inside. The structure was opened to the blue sky like a fort would be. This place was packed from ground to top edge with the Jewish people. They were all wearing very colorful clothing and the clothing was like the ones I would imagine worn 2,000 years ago. I was inside, standing on the ground looking up and seeing huge flames engulfing it and coming over top I knew that death was eminent. Suddenly, after our prayers went up, the flames stopped, the door fell open. Everyone left out with no harm whatsoever. Outside in the sand, I saw bodies scattered all around that had been killed by a sword. (No one spoke, it was as if I just knew it.) I knew that God-Yeshua had protected us in this and defeated the enemy in his judgment.

    Years ago, I had a shorter dream. In that dream, while looking up at a dark sky, a lion was floating across from left to right(like a parade.) Inside this lion, I could see a lamb. At that moment, I thought, “It has begun, the time of the end is coming and the lion of Judah is on it’s way.” I could see the lamb inside the lion like you could see a baby on a sonogram.

    Anyone had any lately?

  5. Hello Hector 27

    I know what it is like to be stalked by things of shadow of dark evil. I also know how to fight. Not by prayer but the actual means the Lord taught me to put a stop it. I am writing a book on Spiritual Warfare and I will gladly share some of the knowledge that will help you be free of these things. If interested e-mail me.

    Randy Hecker at randy_hecker@q.com

  6. Well, I’m back. Surgery is over and I came home today. I am really sore and the pain medicine is really nauseating, but other than that, I am fine. I am making myself keep looking up, past the present discomfort of the moment to another time when we will soon see our Saviour and know that all the bad stuff is past and all we have to look forward to is a beautiful future with Him reigning and ruling and everything being as it should be…

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