Announcing: Our New Monthly News Magazine!

jan-teaserThis is the cover of our new monthly News Mag. The title is P.P.&S News and is the abbreviation for, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. This month Paddy Heron comes on the record in a great interview. Paddy talks about the Nephilim – from Genesis 6 – and how they may have been responsible for the creation of the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. He also makes a strong case that the New Jerusalem, which is talked about in the Book of Revelation. is in the shape of a pyramid! You will find this interview as fascinating as I did. Also guest author Bill Myers offers us a chapter from his book, Dark Side of the Supernatural. Myers gives us an interesting and thorough overview of the UFO phenomena. It’s an honor to have such an accomplished and prolific author in this months issue.

          There’s articles and commentary by yours truly, along with video and Web-site links. We also have a new format as you can see from the cover. The cost of the news magazine is only $1.50 and you may cancel your subscription at any time. It’s great way to support this site and the message that I continually try to get out. Please consider your support!

We are also doing something a little more cutting edge with our delivery. This month you will receive an email giving you the secret link to where the News Magazine is embedded on my Web-site. Watch for the Email as it will be sent in the next day or two. 

Special thanks to Keith Johnston for the layout and production elements of the News Magazine.

All the best.

L. A. Marzulli 

Go to the top right hand corner of this page and there you will see the link that will take you directly to PAYPAL to sign up for the news Mag.

5 thoughts on “Announcing: Our New Monthly News Magazine!

  1. For those of an esoteric leaning, interested in the mysteries, may I recommend:


    The Link between Atlantis, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, Biblical Events and Our Future

    Author Cavin Wright explores the mystery of Stonehenge with specific focus on the 56-hole Aubrey Circle, the purported, sophisticated calendar and clock and its link to the Great Pyramid.
    The Golden Prize: Incorporating Code Nine Enchiridion is a fascinating body of work that correlates American seer, Edgar Cayce’s and Plato’s theories with Wright’s mathematical formulas, resulting in astonishing findings.
    What is the connection between Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Hall of Records and light-speed travel? Wright details these mysteries and other suppositions, using Cayce and Plato’s theorems, coupled with his own meticulous research and equations.
    Could the people of Atlantis have been those described in Genesis and is the flood documented in the Bible linked to the destruction of Atlantis? Does the Earth have a secret past and is humanity on the verge of a quantum leap forward?
    Find out how the events are linked and how they parallel with the dire predictions of Revelation. Discover how these historical happenings might foreshadow our future.
    Determine the direct correlation between Code Nine Enchiridion and the end of time prophecies. Learn what the Golden Prize is and what it means to humanity.

    Publisher’s website:

  2. lynn,
    yes i will make sure to sub to your newsletter!
    esp. since you are a Christian researcher and i know i must represent and support the cause…
    there is an article i just read linked from another website where they basically blame Christianity for the fact that the aliens have not yet revealed themselves to humanity…..

    well they are very close to the TRUTH ~
    within the context of- it is because of the power of JESUS that we have not been
    enslaved by the aliens as in past epochs of history…
    (mayan and egyption civilizations are a case in point)
    it just goes to show how very close you can be to the TRUTH but yet be miles off the mark…

    well, ahmadenijad has rebuffed obamas overture of diplomatic dialogue.. as expected…

    danish air force have released new ufo reports to the public (disclosure?)

    spain has agreed to prosecute israel on war crimes charges….

    behind the scenes there is a prophetic time clock ticking away…
    and only those with discernment can hear it….

  3. Lynn

    The new format for your newsletter is great. Very professional! It prints out really well and I have started a folder for them.

    Great content too. Well worth the money spent.


  4. Lynn, Do i have to re-register every month???
    Or is my paypal account debited automatically???
    Is the transaction secure???
    Will [men in black] visit my home???
    Im sorry Im a bit paranoid becaiuse of my experiences, you know!!!

  5. For anyone who is interested, the History Channel is airing an episode with UFO Hunters this Wednesday that is promoted by saying that it takes UFO encounters to a whole new level. It is on at, I believe, 9:00 pm eastern time. I am not sure what the promotion is, but it looks interesting!

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