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A Letter to Iran: my new found pen pal!

Posted by lamarzulli on January 29, 2009

ahmedinejhad1    One the stories circulating the Web, is that our newly elected president, Barak Husein Obama, is going to write a letter to president I’m-in-a-jihad, the leader of Iran. It seems they’re going to become pen pals. Right after the election, President I’m-in-a-jihad, sent a letter of congratulations to Obama and now Obama is responding. This is a far cry from the policies of the Bush administration which called Iran part of the. “Axis of evil,” and refused diplomatic relationships with them. So let’s strip it down and expose the truth of what this may lead to. First off, every Friday in Tehran thousands of people demonstrate shouting, “Death to America, death to Israel.” How’s that for a nice bit of detente?  I’m-in-a-jihad, has said repeatedly, over the years while he has been in office, that Israel will be destroyed. He has said such things like, “Israel is a cancer soon to be irradiated.” Not much camaraderie and good will there. Iran is under Sharia law, so when three teenagers are found to be gay, the state hangs them. I’m-in-a-jihad is right though, Iran doesn’t have a problem with gays. Oh, and remember this is the same country that held Americans hostage for 440 days, while the Carter administration wrung there hands wondering what to do. I wonder if Mr. Carter sent a letter to Khomeini, maybe if they had been pen pals things would have been a little different? In the latest, I’m-in-a-jihad has said that America needs to apologize! Can you imagine that, we need to apologize, for what? Our way of life? The freedoms that we enjoy? Our prosperity? Our Liberty?

          Obama can write all the letters he want, but here’s the rub. Time is ticking and Iran is getting close to having the material to produce a nuclear bomb. If Iran gets it they will use it on Israel and Israel is never going to let that happen. So will Mr. Obama ask in his letter to I’m-in-a-jihad, to stop making nuclear material? I’m sure that will convince Tehran. This is a new tack for the United States. It is a clear departure from the last 8 years under the Bush administration. We can talk all we want to, but it’s not going to stop the hate that is directed against this country. I’m reminded of the demonstrations in London where the radical Moslem’s are chanting, “Bomb, bomb, USA, bomb, bomb, UK!” Yep, letter writing is going to change the hearts and minds of people who hate us and want to kill us. They’re are some of you who are reading this and will think I’m to harsh. History shows us that when Neville Chamberlain went to Hitler, shortly before WWII he returned with, “The White Paper,” which was Hitler’s promise of peace. Shortly afterward all hell broke loose. You can’t negotiate with terrorist. As Benjamin Netanyahoo has pointed out, “it’s 1939 and Iran is Germany.” While I wish for the success of my president, Mr. Obama, I also don’t want to see  him made a fool of on the world stage. I don’t want to see him duped. There is much to learn from history and being a pen pal is not how I would approach a repressive regime that has sworn to eliminate another country – Israel – off the face of the earth.

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10 Responses to “A Letter to Iran: my new found pen pal!”

  1. Christine said

    Just to let you know, I totally agree with your blog. I have done a lot of studying and reading on Islam. They do not believe it is wrong to lie to further the cause of Islam. They will tell you they want peace, and I understand that the word peace doesn’t even exist in the koran. They will say and do whatever they have to so everyone will stall and say we have peace while they are building up their weapons of warfare. We have already seen that in the Gaza strip. Iran’s president will gleefully make pen pals with Obama, would probably love the publicity of meet and greet with Obama, but the bottom line is he wants war. Nothing can be said, no paper signed that is going to change his mind. We forget that there are people in this world who are in love with war and world domination to the point they will do anything to achieve it. Hitler is a prime example of this. The Word of G-d says it’s coming. It’s going to happen. The worse holocaust of all time is upon us. L-rd Jesus come quickly!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    If this letter is written it illustrates something I have said for sometime. I know many don’t like titles, but there is a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals grovel at the feet of terrorists, those who hate us and our way of life, and call it “diplomacy.” Those of the Iranian presidents ilk view it as weakness and vulnerability, and mark it down they will capitalize on it and take advantage of it.

    It is a philisophical difference. It is a difference of world-view. A true conservative, which John McCain is not, nor was President Bush; loves his country and knows that he is bound by the Constitution to preserve and defend from all enemies, foriegn and domestic. He seeks to preserve our National soverignty, not sell it to the highest bidder.

    Liberals are weak at their core because they are devoid of historical context and have never learned from the mistakes of America’s past, which is why they are destined to repeat them, as Mr. Obama will.

    No Lynn, you were not too harsh. You may not have been harsh enough. Wake up people!

    Kevin J.

  3. lynn,

    yes in all honesty i was appalled at the news item regarding obama opening diplomatic channels with a terrorist who denies the holocaust and advocates evaporating israel!!!

    sadly, this will in all likelihood ultimately result in americas demise…
    because as obama offers iran the olive branch, they will offer him the dagger in the back…
    there are millions of people asking themselves right now: can obama REALLY be that dumb?
    and of course, the short answer to that is : yes obama can be THAT dumb.
    (or perhaps he is being instructed to play dumb)

    im not really into politics that much, only because the lot of them (politicians) are corrupt to the core…
    (in preparation for the end-times)
    but where politics and prophecy intersect is extremely interesting to me…

    israel, obviously, can read the writing on the wall, and has opted to be pro-active in handling the gaza situation…
    israel knows that obama only wants to be the darling of the media so he will not back them up…
    (talk about a dagger in the back! opening dialogue with israels arch enemies!)
    i do not believe israel will be as receptive with obama as they were with george w…
    i believe that all bets are now off, and israel will do what theyve got to do…

    israel cant trust the UN, they cant trust the US, they can only trust in themselves, and they will act in kind…

    i was talking to friend yesterday about this,
    and i asked them what they thought of jack van impes prediction
    that obama will be the sitting president during armeggedon…
    this person answered that yes, they believed that it could be true…

    and i thought about it…it really does all add up…
    but my human understanding simply cant comprehend it…

    because every day, its just business as usual…
    its a day just like any other day…

    behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm,
    much has taken place, and preparation has been made…

    a day just like any other day…
    Jesus said it would be like this…

  4. Gidget said

    Interesting article – click on link to read: Iran’s leader Amadinijead has been accused of hiding his Jewish heritage!


    He sounds more and more like Hitler every day!

  5. John B said

    There was also another so called religious man besides I’m-in-a-jihad who congratulated Mr Obama’s triumph, he was The holy Father Pope Benedict.

    It is ironic in my thinking, that the head of the Roman Catholic church, with its stand against homosexuality and abortion should congratulate a man who willingly supports such abominations.

    Then again, I suppose the pope is not immune to other forms of abominations.
    I do reckon it to be the “same Spirit” at work in both of these seemingly unusual occurrences. Two “strongly religious” men giving the OK.

    Did God congratulate the Apostate kings of Israel, who permitted all manner of Abominations to be practiced in the Land !

    Should not the head of the “most powerful” Christian church on earth be more of the “spirit of Elijah” as was John The Baptist, specially in these days of the approaching coming of Christ.

    Make no mistake about it my friends. There Is going on, A RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL alliance of the most devilish Force soon to be manifested on the face of the earth.

    It is time for the Godly remnant to eat locusts and Honey (figure of speech).

    I agree with Kevin J. speaking the truth is never to harsh, although it might get you crucified. may the Lord grant us strength and courage to persevere unto the end. John B (www.myspace.com/No_Hell)

  6. Rob said

    The next three weeks should prove interesting. Don’t worry, there won’t be an apology. Obama will however have tried a less violent approach, silencing critics of him taking a hard line on Iran when the time comes.

  7. lamarzulli said

    You may be right… we’ll see what transpires. I thought the comments on this were great. You’re all thinking and you keep me on my toes!

  8. Christine said

    Gidgett, looked up your link, that is so unbelievable! What is this crazy person thinking? He had to know it would come out!!!!! He has to know that, when he calls for the extermination of the Jews, he is calling for the exterminiatioin of himself and his own family!

  9. John B said

    If that is true about I’m-in-a-jihad and his family, then this is More proof that he is not what he portrays himself to be, may be he truly is a dupe planted by the illuminati’s Jewish branch. I did hear that he was a brother within the “eastern star Masonic lodge” who knows ! John B

  10. Steve said

    Well that certainly is interesting concerning Ahmanutjob. I’ve been wondering for some time if…as John B has suggested…he might be a plant. He gives the same distinctive hand signal as Bush, Obama, Arafat, and a number of other important figures and I doubt that it’s because he is trying to show how westernized he is.

    Bush was photographed giving the signal while his arms were at his side at a memorial service for slain Iraqi soldiers. So Bush is either psychotic or the signal was meant for someone. Now Obama’s giving it, for the last year or so…along with Ahmanutjob. Very puzzling…but ol Mahmood just may be on the inside of something…along with our presidents.

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