The Acceleration!

acceleration“Men will roam over the face of the earth and knowledge will increase.”

This prophecy is from the Book of Daniel. When we stop and think that this was written about 2600 years ago, it is an astounding forecast of the future. Just before the invention of flight – the airplane – there were those who thought that man would never accomplish the feat. Men actually stated that if we attained speeds any faster than that of riding on horseback, we would perish! Now, we roam over the face of the earth, as airplanes from every nation take to the skies daily, ferrying thousands of people to places, that a hundred years ago, would have taken months to reach. I am told that the worlds  knowledge doubles every few years. The news cycle used to be about 24 hours, now it is down to a twelve hour news cycle or less. Stories are dropped as new ones emerge. Who can keep  track of it all? Weather cycles are changing too, as we see an increase in natural disasters. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, famines, lightning storms, hurricanes, all seem to be increasing. Are these indicators that we are accelerating toward some sort of climax that the Bible warns us about? Are we headed toward the time of Jacob’s trouble? I believe that we are.

          When I first began researching world events that related to Biblical prophecy, about 20 years ago, it was fairly easy to keep track of events. Now, it is almost impossible. The world has become such a small place. The Internet is one factor that has changed the way we communicate. We send messages to each other, through the technology of Fiber-optics, at the speed of light! Through geo-synchronized satellites we now sit in the comfort of our living rooms, while we watch events unfold in real time, half a world away. There is technology that would have seemed like magic centuries ago and, in some ways, it is. We have the artificial heart, we can transplant limbs and even create a new face, on one that is disfigured. We can land a man on the moon, and send a vehicle to Mars, which then send us video of the martian surface. We have learned to prolong life as any people in the Untied Stated live well into their eighties. We have the most sophisticated highways that link our cities and afford us the luxury of traveling anywhere we wish. We have abundance of food due to modern farming methods and we have our choice of dinning out and eating just about any cuisine we wish. We can control the temperature of our living spaces with the touch of a finger. Then there is the ability to annihilate every living soul on the planet. We have tapped the hidden world of micro-biology and can infest entire regions with pathogens that will kill every human being. We have harnessed these weapons of mass destruction and as of yet, have not unleashed them on one antother. [Saddam Hussein did in fact use poison gas against the Kurds, which was using weapons of mass destruction. I think he shipped all of his WMD’s to Syria.] Wars and rumors of wars are echoed in the halls of power on every continent. Are we living in the days when men will faint from what is coming on the earth? Are we accelerating? You be the judge….

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13 thoughts on “The Acceleration!

  1. Lynn,

    I agree with you and it seems that a former General of Saddam Hussein confirmed that WMD’s were shipped to Syria.

    I found this quote by Anthony D’Angelo “Never stop learning knowledge doubles every fourteen months.” Even in our day and age that is amazing.

    The events in the Bible where the whole world will see the two witnesses dead in the streets can now be accomplished by satellite transmission to our televisions. The part where the Bible mentions the sky being rolled up like a scroll has already happened during Nuclear Bomb testing. Of course I believe there is more yet to come with nuclear warfare. Within the past few years, Japan has created an android that looks and talks just like a human and I imagine within a few more years it will be flawless. The first thought that came to my mind is the “Image of the Beast.”

    It’s only going to get worse! The “Good News” is that we should keep looking up for the eminent return of Christ!



  2. I agree that we are very close to the time of Jacobs trouble. I have also felt for a long time that Sadaam Hussein shipped his weapons out of the country. There was too much intelligence information then, when they went in, there was nothing. All I heard was everyone saying that it was a needless war and there were no weapons. I imagine all the people Saddaam killed and buried in mass graves would have a different story to tell. I kept thinking, “are these people that dumb that they can believe there absolutely were no weapons after all the intelligence indicated there definitely was?” There will always be those people who do not see the truth when it is staring at them right in the face! I imagine we will see the weapons resurface when the nations come against Israel. People in our government wanted to make the administration in charge look as bad as they could. I was appalled at Nancy Peloski when she said that all of our economical problems were because of Bush. Is she serious? I may be wrong, but wasn’t there a democratic congress and senate in control when all of this happened? Where were they? Asleep at the wheel? I suppose bipartisanship means that everyone is suppose to tuck their tails now and let them pass whatsoever they may. I do hope that there are people up there smarter than that. As for Obama picking on Rush…. I have never in my life seen a president single out one person to put down on. It is like if you don’t agree with Obama and his crew, you should be shut down! I don’t care what president is in charge, there will always be those who disagree with him. That’s what free speech is all about!

  3. lynn,

    yes thanks for your insight…
    i was thinking about this the other day…
    what would be the best way to trick and coerce the world into deception?

    *a multi-pronged approach*

    what i mean is, simultaneous accelerated changes to the media, laws, finances, and expected standard of living for the earth…

    some experts say that obamas election was rigged…
    (it could be said that the media was so overwhelmingly biased as to literally buy the election for obama) this would be the signal that we are losing individual rights and power…

    9/11 was another signal given to all the earth…
    that the enemy is in control of much of the infrastructure in government…
    (the facts, evidence, and circumstances just do not “add up”)

    the financial meltdown is another signal…
    that the enemy is in control over the worlds financial market…
    (i have friends who have lost over 2/3 of their retirement money! what recourse do they have?)

    just as TRUTH (upper case, his name is JESUS) is multi-faceted, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional…

    so is the “truth” (lower case, fictional propaganda from the enemy)
    which means to traumatize, deceive and trick…

    what we are experiencing is a multi-pronged attack on our ears, our eyes, and our minds…
    because the enemy knows that the human psyche can only handle so much input at one time
    (abduction scenarios are a case in point)
    and that psychological trauma is an excellent way to gain control over people…

    just as 9/11 was a psy-ops experiment
    (in inducing post-traumatic stress disorder in the general population,)
    so will the coming events be meant to induce an overwhelming,
    simultaneous chain of events that will boggle the mind
    and imagination of the human populace of the earth…

    i believe that the triggering event will be the rapture…

  4. There is no doubt, in my opinion, that the world is on a collison course with the time of Jacob’s trouble. It seems that like sand through a sieve that runs faster as it gets toward the end, I believe that we are there.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

    Kevin J.

  5. Was Jacob’s trouble foretold by Moses? read Deuteronomy 28:49-58.
    my understanding of that passage, I believe refers to the Roman occupation and destruction of it in 70AD.

    That prophecy is not about Russia. The prophecy refers to an occupation ending in the desolation of the nation.
    Jesus also foretold that it would be so Lk 21:20.

    The historian Josephus recorded the event. His account is almost word for word of Deu 28:49-58.

    Passages like Mat24, lk21 mk13 foretell of multiple events that was to take place beginning with “that generation” unto the last generation and the return of Christ in glory. John B (

  6. Iraqi Chemical Weapons had to be transported out of the country due to their country of origin, France (primarily Tabun) and U.S. which was legal at the time, Saddam Primarily used the chemicals against the Iranians, only they figured out and issued resistant injectable formulas that countered the effects of the chemicals on the field. Saddam just used the leftovers chemicals on the Kurds due to their seperatist movement.

    In regards to the acceleration/advancement of society, I believe all this will lead to an eventual “fading-away” of back-bone infrastructure, which will leave millions susceptible , irrespective of redundant systems. Similar to the housing market, everything was built on a premise of appreciating value, and now millions are losing everything (literally).
    When food systems/logistical support becomes dependent on one particular system, it leaves the obvious danger of cutting off services in an efficient manner to millions-which in turn could cost many lives.

    Unless of course that is the obvious goal, to pull the rug under millions and have us cry out for some savior. (my personal belief- similar to the “Hunting for pigs in the forest” scenario)

    Undoubedtly there are massive world events in store for many, whether in a positive or in a negative manner,

    “Change” will come, whether for better or worse, time and hindsight reflection will be the judging factor of such advancements.

    On a different Note, Lynn- your radio interviews seem to be repetitive-, the same examples, although I know you want listeners that may be unfamiliar to your work to understand your perspective and viewpoints, perhaps incorporating a few bits of info that is unassociated with your printed work (but within the same spectrum). You give too much of your work away in your interviews!!

    Your Nephilim trilogy helped explain in a most simplistic manner the proper deciphering of the Hebrew language, utterly complex, yet it helps me appreciate the texts- the specificity of it all is amazing.

    FYI- For many years the “acceleration” has been referred to as the “quickening” for new-agers, only they believe that somehow universal conscious will manifest into us all, beginning with the alleged “Indigo Children” , and then suddenly a “new light”?

  7. Hi John,

    No I do not believe that Deut 28:49 – 58 describes the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”, or The Great Tribulation that Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Discourse recorded in Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21.

    I would agree that the Nation spoken of by Moses is not Russia. It probably more likely describes the divided kingdom period when the Northern kingdom of Israel was carried away into Assyria, and later the Sothern kingdom of Judah was carried away captive to Babylon.

    I personally don’t believe that Moses’ prophecy looks ahead to the time of the end. You have to read Ezekiel 38 & 39, Jer. 30:7, Daniel 12:1, Matt. 24:21, Mk. 13:19, Luke 21:20 -24, 21:25, 2 Thess. 2:3, Rev. 13, and Rev. 3:10 for that.

    Jerusalem being surrounded by armies and consequently being destroyed has happend more than once in their history. One needs to take the entire context of Jesus’ words to identify which time period He was describing. All the events of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 were not fulfilled in 70 AD when Titus and his armies attacked, pillaged, and ransacked the city. So that event was not the GREAT tribulation or the time of Jacob’s Trouble.

    John would you consider yourself to be of the preterist school, I assume?

    Kevin J.

  8. Something to keep in mind too, is that some of the prophecies can be fulfilled more than once. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, and we all know that history repeats itself. I was amazed to learn that the company IBM was there in the holocaust. I understand they are the ones that came up with the punch cards for the holocaust victims. They had 5 numbers and at the time of their death, they were given a sixth. IBM is helping out with the microchip implant digital angel. We know of course this will most likely be the mark of the beast. History repeating itself….

  9. Hi Kevin,
    I am not a preterist, I have read the account of Josephus on the war of the Jews. His report of the condition and happenings of that Generation under siege by the Roman army describe word for word the Prophesy of Moses in Deu28,
    wherein there was cannibalism V53, the eating of afterbirth V57. things that were contrary to Jewish law.

    The Babylonian situation was a captivity, this prophecy of Moses was an occupation of the Land, which lead to a revolt by the Jews and finally a siege by which they starved, hence VS 53,57 above, and eventually they were destroyed in fulfillment of Jesus’ words in Lk21:20. It was a time of vengeance,a time of great distress upon “that generation”

    We cannot make Jesus’ words “that generation” mean a future generation in our present, that is out of context, Jesus was referring to his generation and that of his Apostles.

    words which they “Apostles and disciples” of that period heeded and fled to the other side of river Jordan, a place called Pella. It was a miracle that the siege was momentarily lifted, giving Christians the opportunity to flee.

    What I am sharing with you briefly describes the account of Historian Josephus.
    The fact of the matter is that it lines up with the scripture of Moses And of Christ foretelling.
    your friend in Jesus John B

  10. It is important to understand to understand that the factor driving our increases in knowledge is Lucifer and the other fallen angels. Before the flood they pushed the Adamic civilization in the direction they wanted it to go and they are doing the same with out civilization. Virtually all of technology and the rapid gains in information are the result of war. Each war builds on this magnification of knowledge. It is never driven by peace because there is no incentive in peace for new technology. It is true that the powers that be make more money in a single day of war than a thousands years of peace. I would very much see their faces whern the Lord returns.

  11. Grant, looked up your link about the banks. It seems as though most of the world leaders are thinking like this. We will probably see some pretty amazing things in the next few months.

  12. Hi John,

    I appreciate your kind and thoughtful tone. I try to maintain that myself. As brothers in Christ we can agree to disagree agreeably, as the late Walter Martin once said.

    I know that you and I come from different eschatalogical schools of thought. That is ok. There is room for us both in Orthodoxy. Thank you for clarifying whether or not you were of the preterist school of thought.

    I’ll be honest, your position on the Jewish people and modern Israel’s place in the plan of God troubles me a bit. As you probably know, I absolutelty reject replacement theology.

    I always enjoy our exchanges. My thanks to Dr. Marzulli for providing this forum for us all.

    Kevin J.

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