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ufoHere is a story that points once again to the beginning of disclosure, of the so- called Extraterrestrial presence. It states that the British government gave orders, to their pilots – the RAF – to shoot down UFOs. Am I missing something? Surely there are no UFOs, no saucer like, disk-shaped objects, that are operating in the skies around the globe, with impunity? Not those UFOs, they don’t exist, right? And if they don’t exist then there’s nothing to shoot at. Someone must be terribly wrong in their thinking. This must be some of that eccentric British humor, the likes of which, escapes me when I try to watch Brides Head revisited. The British government must be mistaken as there is just a simple explanation. These UFOs must be weather balloons, or swamp gas, or perhaps a flock of birds, maybe the planet Venus, but not some shiny metallic craft that can make right angle turns and fly at excess of 10,000 miles per hour. Not those UFOs, right? 

        Ok, I’ve had some fun here, but seriously folks what are we to take away from this article? In my opinion it’s just another person going on the record, saying that the phenomena is real. Trying to tell us that the governments of the world – France, Belgium, the UK, & Mexico have revealed that UFOs are real – have been hiding this for decades. Heck, Edgar Mitchell said that Roswell really  happened and that UFOs were real, a few months back and got about three minutes of prime time news coverage for his efforts. It just amazes me that the general public refuses to look at, examine, peruse, the overwhelming amount of evidence that, there are, in fact UFOs, that the Phenomena is real and it is burgeoning.

        My new book – The Alien Interviews – explores the phenomena in detail, as 17 people come on the record and tell of their first hand experiences with the extraterrestrial presence. We explore, cattle mutilations, as ranchers Chuck and Stan Mosser tell us of their encounter with cows and bulls, in which the animals eyes, rectum or other parts have been surgically removed.  Dr. David Jacobs, gives us a candid insight into how he first felt when he realized that the abduction phenomena, that he was researching was, in fact, real! Dr. Lynne Kitei speaks with clarity and depth as she tells of her up close and personal encounter, with what we now call the Phoenix Lights. Dr. Roger Leir comes on the record telling us of his conversion from hard-core skeptic, to true believer in the phenomena, as he surgically removes what he  has come to believe, is an Alien implant. The Alien Interviews, takes you to Stephenville Texas, where you’ll meet one of the witnesses who saw the mile wide craft directly over head. You’ll meet the reporter who interviewed local witnesses who were reticent to come on the record, for fear of ridicule. You’ll go back in time to the Roswell Crash of 1947, as Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. tells us how he handled parts from the debris field. You’ll meet Corina Saebles, who has been abducted since her early childhood, and tells us of what happens when she is “taken.” All this and more in The Alien Interviews!

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Here’s the link to the story about the British UFOs!


19 thoughts on “UFOs… More Disclosure

  1. I need to bring this issue up today of all days.

    Pastor Chuck Baldwin was a Presidential Candidate this last year and he also writes a column at NewswithViews.com. Today’s column was very enlightening since it deals with the New World Order and how our last 3 or 4 Presidents have talked about it as well as Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair etc.

    One quote jumped off the paper as I read it and it may not mean anything but clearly it stands out in my opinion.

    He is quoting Henry Kissinger about our President having the opportunity to use this Financial Crisis to help usher in a New World Order.

    Then he brings up a quote from Henry back in 1991

    Anyway the part of this article that leaped out at me was this … I have surrounded the part in asterisks to help you focus on my point.

    “Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow, they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were [sic] an **outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown.** When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

    Please check this out and let me know what any of you think this means overtly or subtely.

  2. Good posts Ken – Thanks!

    I’m reminded of this quote from Benjamin Franklin and/or Thomas Jefferson:

    “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

  3. Ah! You saw it too! How cool is that? I was amazed to sit and hear that he formerly worked for the UK Defense. Apparently, they thought it was real enough to pay him to work on the phenomena full time!
    I think these governments are afraid to talk about it. They probably think it’s best to let the cat out of the bag slowly. That would prevent a world wide panick. I mean what are they going to tell people? There is something going on here that is beyond their explanation or ability to put into words. They obviously cannot stop it or fight with it. This man said that it completely disabiled one of their planes abilities to fire on it! How do you present this situation to the public and make them feel safe when they cannot even shoot one down?

  4. One more thing I forgot to mention … I think he is (may) be refering to UFO’s

    Some will say I am reading into it but in my opinion this is speaking of UFO’s

    One more note, my personal belief is that Steven Spielberg may know more about UFO’s than we would normally think. MANY of his movies and projects are focused directly only on that phenomena but he seems to be obsessed and I believe he knows more than he is letting us believe.

    Wouldn’t it be something if he and others have privileged information and are being used to introduce this to the world bit by bit to help soften the blow so to speak?

    Just a belief and perception on my part. But I do believe there is more to this picture than meets the eye. For we are in a spiritual battle for the souls of people.

    Satan is out to deceive and destroy and not necessarily in that order.

  5. I have heard that many famous people and children of millionaires are being experimented on with the new implanted microchip. It is suppose to help them be tracked in case of a kidnapping or terrorist event. If this is true, they may be privy to a lot of things behind the scenes we don’t know about. After all, we know the chip is right out of hell itself. I have noticed a large number of our movies are about ufo’s and now there is a new movie out called “Push” that has superhuman human beings on it, as well as the tv series “Heroes.” It does make you wonder if there is an elite group of people that are privy to things we are not. Even Tom Hanks in the Davinnci Code seems to be setting us up for a battle to prove Jesus is who He says He is. I watched a movie on TV the last two night called “The Last Templar” which indicated there was a scroll written by “Y’shua of Nazareth” that proved the whole Christian religion was false. I was amazed that, in this movie, faith won out, but simply because the scroll was destroyed. There is definitely an undercurrent in our society of getting us use to seeing unusual things and people trying to prove Christianity is false. Of course we know the antichrist will deny Him, and the spirit of antichrist is definitely at work. Why? I do believe we are preparing for the day of the antichrist. Something is definitely going on…..

  6. Thank-you so much for our fellow friend and believer who directed us to the “ChristianExodus” web site. From that website I found another one, “Shatter the darkness.net”. Please check it out. Russ Dizbar has many sermons on everything that Lynn has been saying and today I listened to one that spoke of ‘spiritual confusion’ which we see throughout our society. He confirms what Lynn has been speaking of and has written about in his books in regards to UFOs, ascended masters, luciferian angels, etc. He also speaks about the new world order plan that’s been’s put on fast track especially now, and the people of this once great country will buy it hook, line and sinker, as we need a ‘savior’ to end our financial mess that was brought on by greed and the love of money.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can educate our family and friends so they open their eyes as well?

    Ken, I too agree, that he must be referring to UFOs. It seems like he knew what we would be facing……and yes, I think we are scared of the ‘unknown’.

  7. In your article did you mean “exclamation?” or “explanation?” it seems to make more sense if you meant explanation…thank you

  8. Virginia I went and saw the trailor for the Kings. The comments section says it’s based on 1st Kings/David and Saul. I haven’t researched it yet to know more.

    On the surface if I wasn’t familiar with scripture I might think it was the heralding in of an anti christ figure, it looks sinister or something to that effect. I would question it if NBC or the Obama networks have anything to create. Like evil verses good and good probably is doomed to fail.

  9. Virginia, I went to the trailer. It looks like it might be some sort of one world government…. very ambiguous at best!

  10. lynn,
    well for me the term disclosure has taken on a new meaning since ive been reading your stuff…
    i mean obama censoring one of our pre-eminent conservative voices is certainly part of ‘disclosure’…
    (no, im not a big fan of limbaugh, but obamas strategy is to isolate and marginalize him)

    within the context of the enemy making it known that only the voice of ‘big brother’ will be tolerated…
    i mean, what is the difference between what obama did and putin criticizing the russian media?
    (i dont remember ANY US president EVER resorting to such tactics?)

    the message to the free world is clear and concise…
    only those espousing the ‘official party line’ will be allowed to speak…
    yes, conservative talk show radio has been a pebble in the shoe of the liberal media for a while,
    and they have been trying to brainstorm a way to neutralize it…

    what we are seeing is the beginning of the end of free speech…

    no, i am not saying that obama is the antichrist,
    but we can see the mystery of iniquity at work and expressing itself in his arrogance…
    and in his tactics…
    its the spirit of this age…

  11. I have been hearing, can’t prove it and was wondering if anyone else has heard it, that Obama was fixing to sign some kind of legislation requiring equal air time to all opinions. Which means, if you have Christian radio or television channel, for every 30 minutes of air time promoting the Christian faith, you will have to give 30 minutes to people who do not believe the Christian faith. Has anyone else heard this? I think with all the channels available, people have a choice what they listen to. If they don’t want to listen to Christian tv or radio, they certainly have a world of choices of other stuff to listen to. Requiring stations to do this would be horrific!

  12. Christine,
    Its call the “Fairness Doctrine” and is anything but. From what I’ve read on WND, Campaign for Working Families, Glenn Beck, etc. if this legislation gets passed, it is the end of Conservative talk radio. The goal is to silence the promotion of the Conservative view point. Its not like there isn’t Left wing talk radio out there. Its just that more people listen to Conservative talk radio or so I have heard.

  13. Christine, there has been an uproar with the libs who state that conservatives are given a free shot at saying what they want and couple of years ago Air America came out and was the answer to Conservative Talk. The problem was that no one was listening to the programs on Air America and it finally went under (even after getting funds from our taxes, imagine that!)

    Now Obama made those comments about Limbaugh as a non-verbal message telling him that he better watch it or they will try to censor him with the Fairness Doctrine – which is anything but fair. I truly believe that Obama was giving a message to Limbaugh that he better watch his comments or else he will enact the Fairness Doctrine once again.

  14. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I knew that what I heard wasn’t good. The way things are going though, it wouldn’t surprise me if he signed it.

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