This Is Not My Culture….It is a Culture of Death.

britany-madonnaThe picture on the left is of Madonna and Brittany Spears just before they lip locked on national T.V. Isn’t that just great? Can you imagine this happening 50 years ago? This is how far we have slipped as a culture. This kind of perverted display does not represent what I believe. It does not reflect my values. It is NOT my culture. But just wait till I get going!

         In this country, there have been 50 million abortions, since it became legalized. When we stop and think about those numbers it is holocaust that is beyond the pale. 50 million babies, killed in their mothers wombs. This act of murder has created a blood curse on America. Then there’s the late term, abortion procedure, which I’ve Blogged about before. This is where they induce labor, so that the babies head is actually outside the womb. Then they kill it in the most barbaric way, that I shudder to think about it and won’t describe it in detail here. The very fact that in the halls of our government there is debate on whether or not this procedure should be allowed, is yet another indicator of how fall we have fallen. This is NOT my culture. Our newly elected president made good on his promise to federally fund abortions, with tax payers money. He also went on the record saying, that a women shouldn’t be punished with a baby if she gets pregnant and doesn’t want the child. Isn’t that great? With our financial institutions crumbling and pressing problems in the Middle East, president Obama made sure that he passed a law that would kill more babies. He rushed to get this done in his first week in office. Why the rush Mr. President? Your actions represent a culture of death…. 

                In California there was proposition 8 on the ballot. It was a vote to legitimize Gay marriage. It wasn’t passed. Even in California there were enough people who recognized that marriage is between one man and one woman. There were demonstrations by those who wanted the measure passed and in some areas the demonstrations got ugly. Eventually, Gay marriage will be passed and like Roe v Wade, it will be yet another line of demarcation that is erased from our culture. We have lost our moral bearings. We are  a wandering ship, rudderless, in a sea of political correctness and moral relativism.

                Last week during the inauguration, two rappers, went on and on in a ridiculous display of profane verbiage, in what we now embrace as an “art” form. However, others, like Quicny Jones describe the billion dollar Rap industry, as what it really is, “cursing with a beat.” Indeed the two guys made sure they used the “F” word, as many times as possible during their idiotic performance. Isn’t this great? They’re exercising their freedom of speech! How stimulating and uplifting! 

            On a closing note – no pun intended – let me say that 50 years ago Rehab centers, were few and far between. Now they’re advertised on our media and we make a big deal when celebrities, go on Oprah and gush about their addiction and how they overcame them. How many lives have been ruined by the drug cartels that continue to operate across our porous southern border. You would think that perhaps Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama might have made this a priority, stopping the illegal drugs that come into this country every day. In the case of Mr. Bush he ignored it, and instead went into Afghanistan where last year the opium harvest set new records. I wonder where all that money went? [Under the Taliban – whom are nothing more than a group of thugs – the opium harvest was eliminated.] Mr. Obama seems to think that it is more important to make sure abortions are federally funded rather than stopping the drug trade. I’m vexed. I don’t like what I’m seeing in this country. I don’t identify with much of it. It is not my culture…. It is a culture of death.

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  1. A culture of death indeed. Look at the fashion industry. It is now considered fashionable to adorn yourself with skulls on your clothing, which to me, celebrates this culture of death. While this is my Country, it is not the Country of my youth. I agree with you Lynn, this is NOT my culture!

    Kevin J.

  2. I believe the United States was allowed to be created by God centuries ago for two reasons: The first one being as a nation that follows God and secondly, when the time was right on God’s calender – to help establish and support the nation of Israel.

    By all appearances it looks like God is moving his hands of protection away from the USA. When President Bush pushed Israel into giving “land for peace” the USA was hit by hurricane Katrina as well as one hurricane hitting Florida 3 times. Ariel Sharon had a massive stroke at that time too. As President Bush denied Israel assistance in attacking Iran’s nuclear juggernaut, the USA economy is going down the drain. Massive amounts of taxpayer money has been uselessly thrown at those businesses to use as they see fit. I see God’s work in the collapse of the USA. All HE has to do is remove His protection from the USA and let us rule ourselves. How have we ruled ourselves without his guidance? With the government misusing taxpayer money to “buy into” these large companies I sadly feel we have ceased being the (USA) United States of America, but have become the (USSA) United Socialist States of America. We now have a President that has legalized abortion, in my opinion the new President will make same sex marriage legal – what’s next beastiality or child porn totally covered under the First Amendment?

    It literally floored me when I saw videos of President Bush saying there are different paths to God, and how he did not take the Bible literally. He may think he is a Christian, but buy those two statements he has shown his “true beliefs” and it isn’t with the God of the Bible.

    If or rather when President Obama brings US troops home, we will be in a full-blown depression. I also see a more ominous placement of American Troops within US borders…

    This question has been asked since the USA was born. Where is the USA in Bible Prophecy? My answer to that is “There is no longer a USA.”

    I keep looking UP each day for the Lord’s eminent return!

  3. lynn,
    when i saw the picture, i knew this was gonna be a good blog!

    yes, i have friends/family who are of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ and it can be so hard to try and witness to them… i also had a gay close acquaintance who passed away from aids…
    not too many people talk about how dangerous the gay lifestyle is,
    i mean the statistics are through the roof on early mortality/suicide…
    (oh but that information is far too politically incorrect)

    the supreme court has literally destroyed our country by passing down ruling after ruling that have eaten away at the fabric of our society, and continues to do so…
    actually around the world, this is the favorite strategy of the enemy, to use the individual countries supreme courts to pass immoral laws that destroy children…

    in high schools in california, teens are taught that the gay lifestyle is good, and in consequence many, many teens who are ‘on the fence’ end up in a gay experience…
    i know of one teenage girl who was seduced by a lesbian predator on myspace…
    once an impressionable teen has a gay experience, the enemy works on their mind, trying to gain control, trying to break down resistance…
    the enemy has been doing this for a long time, so he is an expert at psychology and mind control…

    however, the gay lifestyle is nothing more than a sexual addiction, easily broken by the Power of Jesus! 🙂

    the only reason that this homosexual spirit is allowed to propagate at such an alarming rate is that Jesus said that it would…like in days of sodom and lot…

    speaking for myself, one of the hardest things to do in this day and age, is to try and not demonize those that have been literally infested/infected by the enemy…

    the first century Christians serve as an example to us… despite he most heinous and horrible persecution/torture, they remained steadfast in their LOVE for their tormenters…

    isnt that LOVE what JESUS said would be the sign of true Christianity?
    isnt this WHY and HOW the first century Christians were able to change the WORLD???
    isnt this the VICTORY that will take us out of this world when Jesus returns?

    sorry, im just kinda thinkin out loud, trying to prepare myself for whats to come…

    and yeah, i know that MY LOVE falls VERY SHORT of what will be required…

    no, this is not my world, yes, i am vexed by what i see happening before my eyes, but i also see unsaved people going into eternity without Jesus…

    come quickly Lord Jesus…

  4. My definition of Sin; S= something, I= in, N= nature, and that something is DEATH.
    Death is “The Satanic nature in cultivation”.
    Unfortunately, to them that be in its grip life is great, expressive, there is a sense of immortality even, that prevails in this culture of death. may the Lord have mercy on those whom we love and pray for. John B

  5. Besides needing a climate of fear, I think that the UFO’s will also capitalize on this climate of ever increasing immorality and evil. People are embracing the lies of abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, clonning, in short, they believe anything EXCEPT the truth of Jesus Christ. So its a no brainer that when the UFO’s finally make themselves known, people will believe all the lies the UFO’s will put forth.

  6. No, it’s not my culture either. I suspect however, that it is indeed the culture of Mystery Babylon. We are not yet directly shedding the blood of saints but by building up China, Russia and others it appears we have done so indirectly.

    I wonder if Sodom and Gomorrah had their own special gay day as we do? Of course, what Obama and the homosexuals don’t realize is that Satan cackles with glee every year it comes around because he was the one who named it…whispering in their ear…”call it gay pride day”…knowing full well that what they were really calling it was gay sin day…and they would never have a clue because Satan has done his job well to obscure the meaning of pride. Pride to God is always sin…but not in our culture.

    Satan demands worship, either directly or indirectly, and as the worlds number one abortion promoter, Moloch has been appearing in our skies…why shouldn’t he…we’re sacrificing to him.

    Israel was judged so harshly because thay had received so much of God’s truth…and then rejected it. Where does that leave us? Fifty…the number of jubilee, deliverance and rejoicing in the Bible. Fifty states that were supposed to be a source of rejoicing and deliverance for the state of Israel. Instead, we are promoting the parting of their land Joel 3:2

    There is nothing wrong with looking at things realistically and some may call it doom and gloom but we have a hope that’s based in the rock of Christ and if he tarries and we are here through it all,he said “greater works than these shall ye do”. To be used by God…that is a hope the world doesn’t have.

  7. Isn’t this what Noah saw all around him and his family as he saw humanity fall in disgrace with sin? Is this not the reason that God chose to destroy the earth by the great flood due to man’s arrogant, sinful and lustful, lying ways?I do believe God said He would not destroy the earth again by flood.

    I agree with LA and all the bloggers. The country is without a moral compass and we have destroyed our country at the sake of trying to be politically correct. Even one man (Bill Cosby) spoke out against using pregnancy as a method of birth control and stated that being a man was more than being a sperm donor. He was only calling for young people to be responsible for their actions. Much to my horror, Mr. Cosby was demonized and called Uncle Tom as well as other names.

    I am a Social worker for a state and I’m taken back as the number of children coming into foster care is alarming – because 7-10 children born are born to single women and 60% of those are under the age of 19. These children are raised without knowing their fathers in some cases and these children become angry young adolescents and the problem perpetuates itself. And all states are having a crisis in finding foster homes for these children and this creates a fiscal nightmare that each state is addressing.

    You couple all of this with having been mandated to take God out of our schools and society as a whole and I don’t know how we will ever be able to recover from this. God help us all and open our eyes……

  8. >>Perhaps it is time to start considering options like this one. Seriously, this deserves attention by true believers:<&lt;

    I understand the sentiment but aren’t we supposed to be salt and light in the world as opposed to building a moat and fortified castle? If we are all cowering in one state, will we then send missionaries to Pennsylvania? If the United States falls, it all falls. Do not move because of fear of what you see but if you feel that the Holy Spirit is leading you to move to South Carolina, then you should.

    This might be a little controversial on this site, but speaking of the drug war, I believe there is extensive evidence that certain departments in the US government have made a considerable amount of money in the distribution of drugs. Google Barry Seal.

    Keep up the good work.

    God’s blessings,

  9. The death culture; to them ensnared therein it is perceived as life; feminism, gay rights, pro-abortion, just to name a few is the way this death culture expresses its freedom.

    S= something
    I= in
    N= nature

    That something in nature is death; “the satanic nature in the veins of humanity”. Cultivated by Sin, death permeates into every nook and cranny of the society of man, their consciences darkened, seared even.

    The tragedy my friends is that the death culture is now within many of God’s churches. we see women and sodomites as shepherds of the flocks, in direct opposition to Apostolic order. Jonh B

  10. The death culture; to them ensnared therein it is perceived as life; feminism, gay rights, pro-abortion, just to name a few is the way this death culture expresses its freedom.

    S= something
    I= in
    N= nature

    That something in nature is death; “the satanic nature in the veins of humanity”. Cultivated by Sin, death permeates into every nook and cranny of the society of man, their consciences darkened, seared even.

    The tragedy my friends is that the death culture is now within many of God’s churches. we see women and sodomites as shepherds of the flocks, in direct opposition to Apostolic order. John B

  11. Well, I think part of the Christian Exodus movement is that-if it worked-South Carolina would become a shining example of what happens when you have a nation dedicated to Christianity-what better way to be the salt and light.
    I’d like to comment on what John B said “the tragedy my friends is that the death culture is now within many of God’s Churches…” Sad, but true. At my church a divorced adulterer and his mistress ( he is currently unmarried) play the drums at church and are the head of the drama dept. Really bothers me that they are allowed to be in charge of anything while living in sin and therefore rejecting God. There is a pastor out there in Florida who has put together a list of what he calls Black Regiment Churches who are churches that preach the truth no matter what. His website is:

  12. With regards to our culture. I found out that the worse our culture gets, the more I am ready to go Home and be with the LORD forever. Our daily news reads like a chapter from the Books of Revelation, Daniel, or Ezekiel and it seems to get worse everyday. Even just ten years ago I didn’t think things could get much worse, but I was wrong. If the Lord waits for another ten years to call us Home, I shudder to think how bad it will be then.

    Thank You LORD for being our Savior and for keeping us out of today’s culture!

  13. >>Well, I think part of the Christian Exodus movement is that-if it worked-South Carolina would become a shining example of what happens when you have a nation dedicated to Christianity-what better way to be the salt and light.<<

    Ironic. This is what we used to say about the United States.

    In contrast, there is a real move of God in China, despite the persecution that the Christians are facing there.

  14. Lot’s of great comments here. I agree, there may be some sort of Christian exodus in the near future. It’s not getting better. It has become like the days of Noah and Lot. He must be coming soon. Remember, when we see these things taking place on the earth, look up for our redemption draws nigh!

  15. I hate to say it, but sometimes it takes persecution to remind us of what we have left behind in God. It may take persecution to wake the church up and make her stand where she should. There are some standing, and doing it quite well, but my experience is that there are a lot of people in local churches that are so wrapped up in their own lives, they haven’t got a clue about what it going on. I believe we live in a day and age where we will literally have to be soldiers for the Lord. We will have to be willing to stand no matter what the cost, and love no matter what the cost. We may very well have some very difficult days ahead and we need to encourage one another and life up one another in prayer, as well as those who perpetuate evil.
    There was an inteview shown on Fox News this morning about the UK trying to shoot down UFO’s.
    I couldn’t find the interview on Fox, but here it is from the UK. So now we have government officials from other coutries coming out and admitting to the ufo phenomena. It can’t be much longer before they reveal themselves!

  16. Christine, be careful when you speak of persecution bringing people back to God. If you remember God even used those who followed False gods to enslave the Israelites. In short, those who do not serve GOD were used to do his will. Having said that, the reason I say be careful is because of this: After September 11th some televagelists were saying we needed to repent so God would protect us. Folks Like Sean Hannity and others immediately attacked them saying “how can you say that we, Americans, Have done ANYTHING to bring this on ourselves. ”
    The arogance that we are “Americans” and the greatest Nation on earth is starting to sound more and more like the sentiments of the Roman Empire in its waning days. If we point out the truth-that America’s unchristian heart is causing our woes-we will be persecuted harshly ESPECIALLY by those in the pulpit.

  17. Scripture does indicate that the final persecution of the Godly remnant will be by the instrumentality of the False Prophet(religious leader), it is only the Saints who will “not” bear His Mark of alliance.

    Even in China mainstream religion has freedom of expression whilst the Godly remnant is under ground.
    We need to remember this lesson of history; it is the religious spirit (babylon) which uses the political (beast) for persecution.

    We indeed need to pray for protection, strength, courage as soldiers, remembering that “we fight not flesh and blood, but powers and principalities,spirits of wickedness in high places”. may the Lord bless his Remnant Jonh B (

  18. ….and the wise men will lose their wisdom.

    IE: the Supreme Court Justices, Mr. Obummer, and the
    Congress…our leaders??

  19. It is interesting to me how the dark spiritual forces focus on the degradation of women so much in their attacks.
    It is no accident that Jesus healed so many women while he was in this earth.

  20. Believing that love justifies same sex marriage isn’t Biblically or doctrinally enough to support Lisa Millers view In Newsweek.

    Marriage is sacred to the majority of Christian Churches whether Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or Byzantine; it is a rite along with baptism, and the Holy Eucharist as directed by Biblical authority and the Church.

    A Rite represents an ecclesiastical, or church tradition and each of the rites has at its core essential nature which must be satisfied for the sacrament to be realized. This essence –derives from the divinely revealed nature of each rite and they cannot be changed by the Church or anyone. It is Scripture and Sacred Tradition that tells us what is essential in each of the sacraments (2 Thes. 2:15) and this is true for marriage.

    God directed that marriage is one man and one woman. This view of marriage goes back thousands of years and has been a key and fundamental part of religion. It is only by marriage that procreation occurs between two people and was God’s intent. The language of the scriptures is Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic nowhere supports any context of same sex marriage. Rather the interpretation of these languages is very clear about marriage of one man and woman. The study of the marriage texts and references in these languages never use man and man or woman and woman in reference to marriage. Marriage is a rite of the church based on God’s call to a man and woman. The scriptural references are very clear. Also, just because one person loves another doesn’t mean marriage is the one and the same.

    The Church doesn’t offer Civil Union as a sacred rite because the Biblical concept of marriage as one man and one woman. Civil Union is a government decision for same sex partners and that is a major victory for gays and lesbians. Marriage is a firm and defined sacred rite that can’t be changed except by God.

    Before you call me a bigot please realize that my 40 year old son is gay and in a partnership with a fine man. We love them both and believe it is their right to a Civil Union that protects them legally but they can not procreate nor marry based on Biblical rites. There is no hate crime in any of this but acceptance of God’s plan for marriage and family. I can understand those gay couples who form families full for love by civil union but not by marriage which is a rite of the church.

    If we believe in separation of Church and state, then marriage is the responsibility of the church, synagogue or temple. All the great religions of the world hold marriage as one man and one woman. Most of these religions recognize some form of civil union with the exception of Islam.

    Whether you study the Old Testament or New Testament Scripture in reference to marriage it clearly defines the sexual and spiritual nature of marriage is of one woman and one man. Jesus refers to His own Bride of the church to be female in fact and nature. If we use Jesus’ example of marriage then we cannot ignore the one man and one woman doctrine that is key to the belief system of the world religions. I am happy from my son that he found a life partner. What the gay community doesn’t understand is that marriage is the fundamental nature of God’s Creation and plan for mankind. While God is love He is also a God of order, purpose and family as defined by Him in the Biological make up humankind. Man without woman isn’t whole nor can he procreate. Man and man can’t procreate nor be married in God’s very design.

    I enjoy and love my son and his partner and his gay friends and accept them. I do not judge them nor do I confront them but offer friendship and pray they will learn by seeing our marriage of 44 years.

  21. I have to disagree with almost everything you’ve suggested in this article.

    It looks to me like you’ve gone through and found questionable ‘facts’ to prop up your hard-lined and heavily judgmental opinions.

    What I see in this is a bitter old man on a rant.

    When you’re done cursing the darkness, please light a candle on your way out.


  22. Hey Heroh,
    You haven’t made a point yet! All you’ve done is attack me. How intellectually dishonest. May I suggest that you actually think through some of what was said in the article and attempt to articulate how you would disagree. Also, when you accuse me of being judgmental how so? Because I have a moral compass that disagrees with yours? We make moral judgments everyday and they are based on our world view. Everybody has a world view, that is the way in which we view the world and how we interact with ourr fellow human beings. What is your world view? What do you believe, if anything and why?
    All the best.
    L. A. Marzulli

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