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obamaAs of Tuesday this week, we have a new president. I watched the inaugural and was horrified when the oath got botched. Don’t they practice these things ahead of time? Lot’s of pomp and circumstance, all that should be, when a new president takes office. We live in a country where the transferring of power is done with respect, discipline and dignity. It is a far cry from the days where, “The Kings stinking son was the next in line.” One has to admit, no matter what political affiliation they espouse to, that in this country, a man like Barrack Obama, with no special privilege or class distinction, can rise to become the President of the country. Indeed, the most powerful man in the free world. We will watch and see what he does, how he governs. I find it interesting that a drone aircraft attacked supposed Al Qaeda members across the Afghan borders into Pakistan today. Here’s a link to that story. What change? Now that he’s president perhaps he sees things differently as he’s getting the whole picture.



ahmedinejhadIran continues to march ahead with its nuclear program. During the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, Iran called for thousands of suicide bombers to rise up and attack the oppressor, Israel. Hezbollah voiced similar rhetoric. In the end nothing happened and Israel finished it’s campaign, before the swearing in of our new president on Tuesday. At some point these countries will go after Israel. As one person said in the comment section, Russia has a much bigger stick than Hamas. That is true. What I find fascinating and at the same time very sobering, is that the nations in the 2600 year old prophecy, of Ezekiel seem to be lining up. Are we living in the days when we will see this and other prophecies fulfilled? When I hosted the Q-files show this Wednesday, I asked the question, Are we living in the last days? I believe we are and as the end of this age draws to its climax we will see some pretty horrific events…. I for one, do not rejoice in this.



alien-abduction1According to some Web-sites, a UFO was spotted over the proceedings in Washington, during the inaugural. I’ve looked at the photos and found them mediocre at best. There is also talk that the Obama administration is going to more open regarding the supposed disclosure of classified filed regarding UFOs. We’ll see what happens and whether or not a new openness becomes a hallmark of the new administration. The phenomena continues with sightings world wide, when will the lid come off? How will this affect us? What will you believe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLT95k_hjlM



mumbaiObama declared that he would close “Gitmo” where over 200 military combatants and terrorists are being held. This begs the question, where will they go? Congressman Murtha from Pennsylvania, declared that he would take them in his state. This is an absurd statement as these Muslim terrorist would be killed by the prison population. What is he thinking? Are we then going to release these thugs back into their own country, so that they can restart their agenda? I believe that if we are attacked again, Obama will loose much of his credibility. All one has to do is look at the picture on the left. It is from one of the attackers in the recent Mumbai massacre. These thugs were jacked up on drugs. They committed such horrible atrocities that the coroner wouldn’t talk about how badly the victims were tortured, before they died. Yes, terrorism is alive and well. There actually are people who hate us and want to kill us, destroy our way of life. What about the woman yelling for the Jews to get back in the ovens? That was filmed in Fort Lauderdale. Terror and hatred of  radical Muslims is alive and well.


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10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up….

  1. Here’s a little sample of the type of leadership Obama has planned.


    Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — In less than five minutes after Barack Obama took over as the next president, the White House web site changed from pro-life to pro-abortion. The previous site, which touted the pro-life proclamation President Bush signed late last week, now includes Obama’s agenda for women, which calls for promoting abortion.

    Gone is any mention of the Sanctity of Human Life Day or the speeches or actions of President Bush’s that promoted human life. Now, in the same color scheme and format as the Bush site, there is a celebration of Obama’s agenda.


    Mr. Obama is a radical on abortion. He is vehemently pro-choice, even opposing the ban on partial-birth abortion. While in the Illinois state legislature, Mr. Obama voted against legislation protecting babies born in botched abortions. Yet, abortion is the seminal moral issue of our time. Nearly 50 million unborn babies have been murdered since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973. If one includes Europe, the number of dead fetuses is staggering. Abortion has claimed more victims than either of the two great totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, communism and Nazism. (A sample of Obama’s diabolical leadership)


  2. Hi Lynn,

    Very good weekly wrap-up. Indeed we must adopt a “wait and see” approach to President Obama’s governing. I am concerned that he is so arrogant that we could have another Pol Pot on our hands, I hope not. I pray not.

    As to the innauguration UFO, something streaked across the sky above the crowd, hard to say what it was. Perhaps they were there to abduct Blitzer and Cooper, they are certainly “space cadets!” : )

    Like you Lynn, I definitely believe we have entered the corridor of the time of the end. Some exciting and at the same time scary things are on the near horizon.

    Bless you brother.

    Kevin J.

  3. lynn,

    well a couple-o-things about this weekend…

    first of all i just read that obama has lifted all restrictions on abortion funding…
    of course, abortion activists call it “health care” …
    (thats like calling a concentration camp the ‘joy division’)

    the other thing is that tom hanks has retracted a statement he had made concerning mormons who had campaigned for prop 8-

    he had called them “un-american”

    but he ate his words! 😀 and he had to issue a retraction!

    (right now tom hanks is on my most-disliked list, also because of his involvement in the da vinci code series)

  4. Luke:

    Guess who said the following:

    “I’ve got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. ”

    Did you pick up on the word “punish”, since when did having a precious baby become punishment?

    You guessed it, BHO

  5. I think we will be amazed by the things we see and hear as the end of time as we know it approaches. That is why I think websites like this one are important. With the warning bells going off, we will be less likely to be taken in by something that appears superhuman or supernatural. I do know the antichrist will be one without natural affection. Some have supposed that is why the homosexual agenda is pushing to the forefront. If the antichrist is homosexual, he would definitely want it to be an accepted practice before he takes his place. I wonder if being without natural affection could possibly be a person who does not have the normal capacity to feel affection say, for the unborn? Use to be a person would do anything to save a pregnanct woman, or her child. Now it is not the case.
    I was listening to Fox News. People are angry that the bailout last year didn’t seem to do any good. Now we are talking trillions of dollars to bail them out. A suggestion was made that we need to nationalize our banking system and trim down the number of banks we have. Sounds like we are headed down the road to socialism and one world government at a very fast pace.
    I have been reading about the nephilim in the Drake Bible. It is very interesting, including the thought that they had 6 fingers and toes. I was amazed that some were deemed to be 18 feet tall, since the material for a bed for a giant named Og required it to be built 18 and 1/2 feet long and 8 ft 4 inches wide, (Deut 3:11), down to Goliath who was reported to have 196 lb. armour and was about 13 feet tall. It also said that Josephus said “There was till then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were suprising to the sight,and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day.” (Ant. Book V, ch,2)
    Seems to me we all need to do some serious fasting and praying and seeking God. There is no telling what we are in for in the days to come. We do know that the Lord is our salvation and our strength. Now is the time, more than ever, to draw closer to Him!

  6. Great comments everyone. I’m waiting to see if anything comes from the UFO that was supposedly over D.C. during the inauguration. if any of you hear something new please post it or email @ la@lamarzulli.net

  7. Mr Obama certainly has popularity on his side, even here in Australia the people show great benevolence, however; I reckon that Martin Luther King’s memorable words “mine eyes have seen the coming of the Glory of the Lord”
    is a far cry from Mr Obama’s support for wickedness.

    The American people have had the wool pulled over their eyes thinking that Mr Obama is of the same Spirit as Mr King. Mr Obama’s god is Not Mr King’s God. It is Moloch who receives the infant-sacrifices of wicked men.
    It is deceptive to reconcile Mr king with Mr Obama,as it has been portrayed to the world. Having said that, Mr Obama is not the Antichrist. http://www.myspace.com/NoHell. John B

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