UFOs: The Coming Great Deception!

alien-priest1Here’s an e-mail that I received today. I’m posting it because it’s good to have diverse sources, so that we can see that maybe there is a trend regarding some kind of disclosure, of the so called Extraterrestrial presence.

OK, I really think the media (TV/Internet) is messing with our minds now.  I just saw an ad above my email window for AT&T – these pop-ups are there all the time & can’t really do anything about them.  Well, the ad said, “BELIEVE IT” with a UFO right next to those words. Then it plays a short video with no audio – it shows this guy getting abducted up into the UFO along with his electronic equipment – then he gets dropped back down.  It’s an ad for home phone, Internet and wireless & TV.  It then ends with“Encounter a bundle, save a bunch.”

If this isn’t messing with your mind & prepping you for the coming deception, I don’t know what is…


            Think back about fifteen years ago, before the X-files. I think that Susan never would have seen a commercial like the one she describes in her letter. Back then the subject of UFOs was still reserved for the lunatic fringe. Yes, there were serious researchers – myself included – who were trying to figure out what was going on, but for the most part the citizenry had not been acculturated, into the UFO phenomena yet. All that has changes and we are now in a time frame where the UK, Mexico, France & Belgium have released classified documents about UFOs. We now have the History channel and others that center around UFOs. On the WE Channel, there was a series that dealt with females who had been abducted. The women appeared on camera telling their stories and how the experience had changed their lives.

             When, not if, the revealing happens it will be be a Mega-shift in human history. How will people react? Will it create the great falling away that 2nd Thessalonians warns of? Will it be the basis of a one world religious system that is spoken of in Revelation?  It certainly is food for thought. 

             Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, there was a reprt of a UFO that was seen by thousands of people. Here’s the link to the headline. If it’s true – we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a hoax or not – how will it affect us? What would happen if the Saudi’s filmed the crashed disk and broad-casted it over the airwaves? Are we prepared to deal with it?


book-cover27The new book The Alien Interviews has 17 hard hitting, expose’ regarding the UFO phenomena. It’s an interactive E-book and is available by going to 


Be prepared for the coming great deception!

7 thoughts on “UFOs: The Coming Great Deception!

  1. lynn,
    even though the middle east has calmed down (for the time being, but not behind the scenes)

    We should try and keep in mind that the return of Jesus Christ is STILL imminent!

    i dont know why but today it came to my mind that majority of the impact of your writings may come at a time that is:


    because the people who are “LEFT BEHIND” will need to hear what you are saying!
    i dunno i would like to see a “fail safe” type of media communication in place that would play back in the event of the rapture…and would provide an informational guide to those left behind and wondering what exactly to do, and who to believe…

    and i believe that your books will do just that…
    i also believe that the e-book concept is the wave of the future,
    and will make the dissemination of this vital information easier in the post-rapture world… 🙂

  2. TWO things:
    Last night there was a special on the A & E Network called something like “UFOs and the American Presidents”.
    Today Barrack Obama announced he will make it easier for folks to get info from the government using the freedom of information act: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100days/2009/01/21/obama-hits-ground-running-day/
    and in case you missed it fox ran a story a few weeks back announcing they had proof of bacteria living on mars because they detected “methane”. What’s interesting is that they have yet to declare life on Neptune-in spite of it’s high methane content.

  3. Grant, Limbaugh commented today if Obama is allowing for new information to come to light via the “Freedom of Information Act” that you mentioned, that it may bring an opportunity for the current powers to dig more shallowly, information on the previous administration. It would appear that they would love to hold the hammer that forces the nail in the coffin of G.W.Bush even though he’s gone. Limbaugh said he would comment about this on his show tomorrow. If this is true, then it could get ugly for everyone involved.

  4. I saw the show “UFO’s and the American Presidents.” It questioned how much the Presidents were privy to and even indicated that being part of one party or the other could impact how much a President was told about the phenomenon. Some of the Presidents seemed to be more interested in it than others. They also noted that it seemed most of it began around World War II. It was interesting, but didn’t really offer up any facts we didn’t already know, and it seemed that what they were saying about what the Presidents know was based more on speculation than actual facts.

  5. Mr. Marzulli,
    I just finished your trilogy – couldn’t put it down! Will there be any more books with these characters – need to know what happened with Helen and Crawford and if she and Laura become close, being sisters and all 🙂 I loved the idea of Johanen being John – one of my favorite Bible studies was one from Beth Moore titled “The Beloved Disciple” as it was all based from John’s point of view as he walked with Jesus, being the youngest disciple and the one to outlive the others, maybe by 2000 years 🙂 I also enjoyed the factual book that your Dad recommended you put together based on your research and have loaned my copy of “Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural” out to a friend… I must admit the supernatural part of your trilogy creeped me out a bit with the demonic evil, but it’s great to know there is power in the authority of Jesus living in us! Prior to reading your books, I had read “Shadow Boxing” by Henry Malone, and although, UFO’s & aliens weren’t the focus, his book was based on spiritual warfare, demonic possession and what happens when people allow footholds for Satan in their life even if they aren’t aware of it. It seemed appropriate to mention due to some of the comments from yesterday’s post about your experience with the 13 yr. old boy, etc… Now, I’m wondering if I am appropriately armed, am I prepared for battle, etc…? Any suggestions on steps to take to be ready? I did just read the Book of Enoch on-line – whoa – 108 chapters – yikes! I love the interaction with the angels and description of what they’re in charge of even in nature, with seasons and all – very cool! And, then all of the info on fallen angels, Noah, nephilim, the Watchers, etc… Why was this book not included in the Christian cannon or better question – why was it taken out and when did that happen? It basically lays out all of the empires to the time of tribulation and when Christ sets up his kingdom – very prophetic – wow!

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