Spiritual Warfare 101: Part 2

I have been involved in several deliverance sessions. The first one was with a thirteen year old boy that was manifesting the demonic. What I mean by manifesting is that he was speaking in voices that were not his own. It was, needles to say alarming. I found myself in a closed room with two people who were used to such things – if any one can really get used to this sort of thing – and they began to pray over this boy, in hope of casting the demon that was residing in him. This kid had a sweat shirt on, with a hood. The hood was pulled up over his head. I was seated in a chair directly in front of him about ten feet away. I watched, much to my consternation as the boy’s eyes changed and became slits that glared at me with such unmitigated hate, that I was taken aback by it. I then experienced a wave of of mental images that were very upsetting. I felt as though I could barely think. I was overwhelmed with a fear and confusion. I thought I was more advanced spiritually and was up to confronting the demonic presence that was manifesting through this boy. I was wrong. I hadn’t prayed and fasted and had just walked into the room thinking that I would be an observer. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When “it” looked at me and then came at me in the thought realm, it was an experience I’ll never forget. It also taught me that to enter an encounter like this unprepared and off guard could be both physically and mentally damaging.  

           Yesterday I said that our weapons were not carnal. Indeed, as I found out so graphically that day, they are not. They are spiritual in nature and only when we put on the armor of God can we stand against the principalities and powers, in the unseen world that come against us. I bring this story to your attention because in some ways it mirrors what those who have been abducted relate to us. They too, speak of thoughts and images that invade their minds. I have stated that people who have been abducted have been able to stop their abductions by evoking the name of Jesus. While I was in that room, with that 13 year old boy who was manifesting, I was not prepared for what I encountered. I was caught with my guard down. I didn’t lean on the name of Jesus. I wasn’t prepared for battle. I learned from that day and now prepare before every interview I do with prayer.

               I write and talk about the coming great deception. This deception, that of the UFOs revealing themselves and declaring that they are here to save us, and that they were our creators, is what I BLOG and write about incessantly. When they show up with all of their techno-marvels will we be caught up in the signs and wonders that will manifest? Jesus himself warns us, “Even the elect will be deceived, if that were possible.” With those sobering words, I would exhort us to stay ready and put on the armor of God that we desperately need in these last days.

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  1. Lynn,

    Thank You for your personal experience about that event with the 13 year old boy. I had put my experience out of my mind until I read this Blog. Years ago before I was saved by my Lord Jesus I was friends with a young pastor who was about to do an exorcism within the next few days. He was preparing his mind and body for the task and of course I was clueless to what he was talking about. When I asked him if I could observe the exorcism he answered “NO!” He further explained that since I was not saved the entity they were trying to exorcise could transfer to me since I had commented to him that I was unsaved. Through my ignorance I still asked him if I could observe and the young pastor was very kind and talked with me about some of the exorcisms he had participated in. After our conversations, I “finally” saw his wisdom when he denied me being an observer. I believe the Lord was looking out for me that day. I’m glad to see the Lord was looking out for you too!


  2. Hi There,
    I can’t help but go off topic here. I just watched Obama take his oath. When he stumbled through the oath, my first thoughts were, the Bible which is the Word of God is powerful and swearing on it and you are not who you say you are, makes me think God is still in control and he better be careful. Perhaps the power of God’s word shook him up at that moment.

  3. I had a member of my family delivered .At a young age he became obsessed with vampire films and horror movies in general, although they use to frighten him, for some reason he was “compelled” to sit and watch.
    During his deliverance, he actually manifested by exposing his teeth and shrieks, I have also witness others speak in tongues and blaspheme whilst being delivered.
    How many young people today, as a result of so called “visual entertainment” and that encompasses a wide range of Television not to mention games and popular music have become open to demonic powers.
    I happen to watch portion of a dialog on television the other day, wherein a woman was verbally abusing a man, and I was shocked by the vulgarity proceeding from her mouth, Right there and there the Lord prompted me with a thought (how far has society fallen)
    The manifestation of Evil is something that society has adapted to be the norm of life, As a Christian I can identify with the perplexity which Lot must have felt whilst in Sodom. http://www.myspace.com/No_Hell May the love of God in Jesus compel us to shun all manner of wickedness unto a greater sanctification amen. John B

  4. thank you lynn,
    yes you are correct! fasting and prayer!
    these days fasting is an extremely underrated weapon in the Christian arsenal!
    i know that there have been times in my life when the only way to get rid of pesky demons/manifestations is fasting…


    someone commented on lot and sodom,
    well, the problem that lot had was that he had grown accustomed to the depravity surrounding him, and he had allowed it to infect even his own family…
    and its true, that we are being slowly indoctrinated by evil…say for example todays movies…
    a movie rated PG-13 today is probably the equivalent of a rated R movie in the 70s…
    do ya see what i mean???
    im not saying the movies are evil,

    but that the standards are being changed and moved…
    and we as Christians are right in the middle of it all…going along for the ride…

    and fasting is a good way to sharpen ones discernment…

  5. as an addendum to my first comment…

    yes these deceiving spirits will promise you the world!
    even as hitler had to learn the hard way-
    he followed the lying spirits orders and killed millions, but after he had done their bidding, those seducing spirits discarded hitler like the stooge that he was…
    and made a fool of him in front of the entire world…

  6. Deb, perhaps your are right! Back in Oct. L.A. interviewed Prophet Yahwee a False Prophet who when asked by L.A. about the “blood of Jesus”. I listened and it almost sounded like he was answering and then “something” else took over and then he gave another answer. Mind Control? Hmm. PY had prophesized that UFO’s would appear on a certain day at a certain time.

    Here’s a partial excerpt:
    L.A. went on to ask the Prophet, “Is Jesus the son of God?” P.Y. went into a diatribe about how Jesus wan’t the correct name and that it should have been Emmanuel. (He) also asked him at the end of the show, what he thought about the Blood Of Jesus. This seemed to cause a certain amount of confusion on his part. He also would not admit that if the UFO didn’t show up between October 31th & November 11th, then he was a false prophet.”


    I agree with you that the bible while being the spoken word of God has unquestionable power. Yesterday we saw just another example.

    You might also read the following interesting:
    Link: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=79411

    Scroll down the page to the end:
    “Obama, the Manchurian candidate”

  7. Since the “officials” thought the first swearing in was flubbed by Justice John Roberts, and they wanted to make it right officially in the second ceremony, then why not make it officially right with the bible included? Don’t they have to have their hand on the bible if they are being sworn in? So which “god” was he swearing to when he said “so help me God” without a bible present? Doesn’t this make his presidency as illegitimate as his US citizenship? Something doesn’t smell right.

  8. There are different ways to deal with possession. One way is through fasting and prayer to convince them to come out. The other way is to use the authority we bare through our Lord Jesus Christ to command them to come out. As Christians we all have authority over the powers and principalities of evil. But there are few people who know how to use their authority. Nor do we all have the same authority. There are those who bear the authority to cast out demons, the authority to heal, the authority to teach, the authority to stand as Watchmen/Watchwomen, and the authority to be prophets, seers, and revelators.

    Ask the Lord to help you understand your authority and what you can and cannot do.

    I have conducted exorcisms but the method I use is very different. I call upon Michael in the name of Jesus Christ to position 12 mighty angels around the victim. I ask the angels to bind up the evil spirit that is exorcised, then I command the evil spirit or spirits to come out
    and to be bound up by angelic chains. This is the method the Lord taught me and I have used it several times. The presence of the angels
    takes away the resistance of the evil spirits. They also provide protection.

    Do not try this unless you have the knowledge of how to do it and how to be protected from the evil spirits. The Lord gave us authority to cast out evil spirits as He cast them out and to heal as he healed. But we need to work with the Lord to learn how to use this authority.

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