Spiritual Warfare 101

alien-shipOver the weekend I was on a program with Lynne Dickie. Lynne is one of people that I interviewed for The Alien Interview book. The interview was almost 2 hours long and can be found at the link below.


The photograph to the left was taken by Lynne when she was a contactee. Lynne would receive a telepathic message from what she believed were ‘aliens,’ who had chosen her for a special mission. She then would go out and begin to photograph the sky. Most of the time she wouldn’t see anything while she was taking the photographs, but once she ‘developed’ them, the craft would appear on the film. She was involved with this for several years until she began to realize that these so called entities, were not the benevolent, wise, ‘ancient ones,’ that they had told her they were. She began to realize that something was very wrong. She was able to get out by receiving Yahshua/Jesus, as her savior. I realize that may sound crazy to some of you, so let’s strip it down and look at the naked truth.

            Lynne had opened herself up to these entities by meditation and ‘new age’ methodology. She was increasingly drawn into the experience by these entities that told her she had as special mission. That she was chosen. This proclamation is one that I have heard before. It seems that we humans like to feel special and so these entities know what buttons to push, to draw us in. The short story of how she got out of the deception, is this. After I appeared on a Coast to Coast program, about a year ago, she contacted me and we talked through E-mail and also on the phone. At some point she renounced the entities and accepted, Him who was sent, Jesus. What has become obfuscated by cathedrals, tele-evangelists, stain-glass windows, incense, candles, robes, choirs, bells, neon crosses and celibate monks, has, in fact, nothing to do with the experience that was that of the early Christians. Here’s what we are told to do. Believe on Him who was sent. In other words, believe that Jesus was the messiah. The second step, is to understand that His blood was shed for all of humanity. It is by His shed blood we are forgiven. Once we acknowledge that He died for the stuff, that we do that is wrong, and accept Him as our saviour, then we are regarded as heirs of the kingdom.  That’s it. Simple isn’t it. When I crossed that line, I was alone in my room there was no pressure. I wasn’t even sure if Yahshua, or Jesus was real. I said something like this, “If you’re real come into my life and change it.” About a month later He acted on my request. That was 28 years ago and the experience is a continuing daily walk. All that to say, Lynne Dickie asked pretty much the same thing and her life in now on a different track. She told me on the show, that the other day she began to feel like ‘they’ were trying to communicate with her again. She began to battle them and they backed off.

            For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me say this. The battle is real. We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers, rulers and principalities of wickedness in high places, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (I’m paraphrasing from Ephesians: 6) When we open ourselves up to the occult we get much more than we bargained for. These so-called aliens are as Jacque Vallee has described them, messengers of deception.  Lynne Dickie has learned the rudiments of spiritual warfare. She realizes that there is power in the name of Jesus and in His shed blood. Indeed these entities back off when she draws the sword of the spirit and stands her ground.  

I want to  talk more about spiritual warfare this week and so we”ll talk about exorcisms tomorrow!

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  1. Hello. How imperative it is for us to understand that the ongoing spiritual battle has a complexity that would astonish us if we were to see even a fraction of what’s transpiring. It resides far in excess of what tends to be our shallow thinking on the matter and should cause us to realize the importance of being close to Jesus at all times.

    have a blessed day in jesus.


  2. I read her interview in your new e-book. It was shocking for me. I to in the past went to a psychic thinking they always gave credit to God for any information they got. I now think that they were dellusioned and I’m glad I never had anything like she dealt with happen to me. I’m glad that I didn’t go any deeper than I did. I was also one that was basically born and raised in church and saved at a young age. It just goes to show that when we do not arm ourselves with the word of God that we can allow ourselves to fall into situations that are not of God.

    Thanks Lynn for this book. I really enjoyed reading it. I think you’re a “Voice in the Wilderness” so to speak. You don’t really hear anyone in the Christian community talking about all the information that you give us which is sad, there may come a time in the future when even one’s who really should be in the know will be fooled. I love your blog. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    It is curious to me that the aliens told Lynne Dickie that she was chosen, It reminds me of “God’s chosen people”. You speak of the coming deception, what makes you so sure that you are not being deceived at this very moment, and by your obvious support for the genocide taking place in Gaza? I guess Jesus would condone this? I think NOT. Oh, you hear of these so called “Rockets” being shot into Israel, which are crude homemade rockets that don’t even explode. What is taking place is pure evil!
    What you fail to realize is that the Palestinians are forced into an open air prison,without proper food,water,electricity and medical supplies. What would you do? You spoke in one of you interviews about being abducted and forced to do things by aliens not being of God. Well, what do you think is going on, on the planet right now? You are being biased and being manipulated by the media,who always portray Jews/Israel -good, Arabs/Palestinians-bad. This is a VERY black and white view of the world. There is good and bad within every group. Who controls most of the world media?
    In another interview you were making a point that if the aliens can fly millions of miles…… You also stated that they are inter/extra-dimensional, which I think is 100% correct. That being said then they would not travel miles and have time travel capability. Which means that if they wanted to burn a bush or part the red sea they could very easily pull the wool over the eyes over the primitives.
    Jesus came to warn humanity and to set an example,not necessarily to start a religion. The kingdom of God is within! If the aliens go back in time they could speak to whoever they wanted to and rewrite the Bible as THEY see fit. I think monotheistic religions are an alien deception/control mechanism. Just look at all the death and destruction the world has had over religious beliefs. Now you have religious fanatics on all sides fulfilling prophecy. My question is just WHO”S prophecy is it really? War is a Satanic sacrifice, make no mistake about this.
    Forgive me for throwing a stick in your paradigm but why do we need so much death and destruction to have The Christ manifest? Do you really think the God of the Jews is the same God of Christians? If you do then I think you need to do a little more research. The Jews care not for any other religion or race, is this not obvious. This is a BIG problem in my way of thinking. What is the quote of one of the PM’s of Israel that one Jewish life if worth 1000 lives of others. Now you have our Presidential candidates cow towing to Israel and supporting them no matter what. I think we all need to heed what is in Lk17:2021- The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed;nor will they say,”Lo,here it is!” or “There!” Lo, behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. And Matt11;12-From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of Heaven has suffered violence,and men of violence plunder it.
    Lynn, I like much of your material and agree with much of it. The previous was some of the material I have trouble with. I would like to compare notes with you sometime.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Lynn,
    yes, thank you for your blog today! There are many, many people out there who are either oppressed or in the process of becoming oppressed by these entities who masquerade as aliens!
    wow, that is so awesome that you were able to help her! good work! awesome work! 🙂

  5. Tonight my wife was watching the History Channel whn she saw a commercial that sad “Your Messiah has returned. Watch for a great sign in the heavens. Call this number for moe information.” Then it showed a picture of Maitreya. Bad times are coming to your town soon.

  6. I am glad someone is addressing this! Satan doesn’t mind being bold and we’re going to have to learn to be bold in the Lord! I saw a ticker running at the bottom of Fox news today stating that Obama wants a government bank! That along with Henry Kissinger’s statement saying he is the one to carry us into a new world order gives me the shivers! Things are lining up and it is amazing that people are openly making these kind of statements after it has been preached for so long! They have to know what they are doing, and yet are so full of themselves, they’re going to do it anyway! It’s amazing what a person will do under the lure of wealth and power!

  7. Fastwalker,

    I am wondering exactly what media you are referring to who portray Israel as GOOD and the Palestinans as BAD? I haven’t seen or read those media sources. Also, the Christians support of Israel is not based on media, it is based on the fact that we have a Biblical world-view. Most of us come from a Judeo-Christian paradigm.

    Does this mean that we give a carte Blanche endorsement to everything Israel does or every decesion their government makes? Absolutely not. However, we do recognize the fact that God sees three people groups in the earth. Jews, Gentiles (nations), and the Church of God. [1 Cor. 10:32] We also regognize that God has plans and purposes for all three.

    I believe that the Bible sets forth the fact that God chose a MAN (Abraham), God chose a PEOPLE (The Jewish people), and God chose a LAND (Israel). The cosmic battle of the ages began in this land, and it is destined to end there.

    Kevin J.

  8. Thank you Kevin for taking the words out of my mouth. Fastwalker, you need to repent of your new-age mentality and call on Jesus. War, death and destruction are evil-and we Christians do not condone the bloodshed, but God gave all of Israel to the Jews, it has never belonged to the Palestinians despite the world view of political correctness.

  9. I found a story posted on http://www.AlienUFOTruth.com authored by Lynne Dickie. Everyone seems to be ignoring the first part of her story. I quote her statement as it appears in the web site listed immediately above.

    “I was a medium and was talking to spirits from the other side and was talking to a group of spirits called Abraham and was not even thinking about aliens and UFOs.”

    I know a fair amount about Abraham…, I have a good friend who is still teaching about Abraham. I am also a Christian. I have a keen interest in UFO sightings…, never seen an alien before. I have seen a few UFOs, I don’t doubt their existence, I just don’t believe extraterrestrials are visiting us.

    As Lynne Dickie eventually discovered, the “alleged angels” were misrepresenting themselves. I take an excerpt from the quote above. She thought she was “talking to spirits from the other side.” These spirits misrepresented themselves again, as aliens/extraterrestrials.

    Somewhere along the line, and I quote
    “They came as the Arcturians who later said they were Angels of God.”

    In time she learned about Jesus Christ and she follows Him now. However, she still felt the need to hold on to the belief that they, Arcturians, were good. Thankfully L.A. Marzulli assured her these beings were not good.

    I’d like to make a quick review.

    She believed a group of spirits named Abraham were guiding and teaching her.

    Then these spirits she believed were Abraham told her that they were actually Arcturians/extraterrestrials. Then sometime later claimed they were really angels from God. (seems it took a while for these spirits to mention they came from God)

    Eventually she came to the knowledge of the truth, and that is Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and her savior.

    My belief? We live in a world of good and evil. And evil spirits are real…, and they lie. They can’t help it, they are evil. Satan is the father of lies. And angels come and go as God commands.

    All this trouble originated with the practice of talking to spirits from the other side.

  10. I suspect that all the technology that seems to be emerging faster than our ability to really understand everything. If humans begin to take for granted all of this wonderful technology, and someone or thing comes along that knows how easily it would be to destroy or otherwise prevent the operation of our technology. Where would that leave us?

    In the Book of Enoch, there was a particular group of angels that made a pact with each other, and descended to earth to have children with the daughters of man. They were guilty of various other sins as well. One sin in particular was revealing knowledge to man that God meant for man to discover on his own, in God’s good time.

    I’m suggesting that perhaps men somewhere in the world are receiving knowledge introduced by spirits, or other occult sources, outside the will of God. I’m saying it did happen once before, and it might happen again, if it hasn’t already.

    What do you think? What if spirits had the ability to collect our electronic information on anything at anytime? We’ve certainly collected and organized it very well. I guess security is always going to be a problem.

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