The Response from the Coast to Coast show has been “Overwhelming!”

Help! I’ve been deluged with a gazillion E-mails from my appearence with George Noory on the Coast to Coast am show on Wednesday night. I think it was the best show I’ve ever done with George. He’s a great host and we had an interesting time discussing the new E-book The Alien Interviews. We had some interesting call-ins that night too. One line I kept repeating all night was this. “Why we might disagree as to what is behind the UFO phenomena we can, however, agree that the phenomena is happening and it is burgeoning… it is not going away.”

      We discussed everything from Alien abductions, with the nefarious bredding program, to the awesome video that Dr. Kitei took of the Phoenix Lights. In closing we discussed the new evidence for the Shroud of Turin. George echoed my belief about the Shroud when he commented, that he too, thought the Shroud was, “God’s calling card.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have purchased the new E-book. Also, I’m going to answer all of the emails and questions that have been sent in. I would, however ask you guys to keep the questions short and pithy!

With all that is going on in the world I’ll be back with the regular BLOG by Monday, (hopefully) so hang in there.

Thanks for your support.

L. A. Marzulli 

The new E-book at

It’s interactive with links to videos and Web sites. It’s only $5.99 and can be down loaded immediately.



Here are some of the people who come on the record.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abductions 

Dr. Roger Leir – Alien Implants

Dr. Lynne Kitei – Phoenix Lights

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. – Roswell Crash 1947

Dr. Whanger – The Shroud of Turin

Ricky Sorrell – Stephenville UFO witness

Chuck & Stan Mosser – Cattle mutilations

Lynne Dickie – UFO contactee

Corina Saebles – UFO Abductee

Lawrence Gray – Mothman witness

Joe Jordan – Abduction phenomena

and more!

8 thoughts on “The Response from the Coast to Coast show has been “Overwhelming!”

  1. Excellent show, lots of really good callers. The callers though varied in questions they had a sincere concern in the things they had seen or been involved in and was WOW’d with the good news in L.A.’s explanations. It’s as though the light went on. Keep up the great work!

  2. I fell asleep last night listening to the podcast from your interview with George. What I heard was great and I agreed with you totally on Coast being my favorite show to hear your interviews on. You have so much time to talk and George is so respectful of his guests.

  3. The interview was very insightful in that the host allowed you to expand on your thesis. It was interesting however to listen to callers who really did not understand the whole of your argument and evidence.

  4. Unfortunately I did not get to hear the interview. We are preparing for my daughters wedding and had the wedding rehearsal. Is there anywhere I can listen to it? As for people believing in what Lynn says the phenomena is, unfortunately there will always be people who do not believe, even when the evidence is looking them in the eye! We really need to pray for these people!

  5. Hi Bro. I have to confess that I fell asleep; despite my intentions of tuning into the broadcast. One thing that I pray will be touched on extensively in the days ahead is the testimonies christians who have thwarted abduction attempts by calling on the name of Jesus. (I know that you cover this in your book and it reveals much about the nature of those beings) I remember you recently discussing how these testimonies are not received well by many in the abduction community. I also pray that the saints would be atuned to the Holy Spirit and alerted to the incredible deceptions hgeaded our way. Few seem to have a grasping of just how late the hour is.

    Thanks for continuing to sound the alarm. Have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  6. You can go to and do a search under LAMarzulli. The shows will come up. I think you have to be a member to listen though.

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