Day 7: A Strategic Overview


I’m hoping that cool heads will prevail and we will see an end to the fighting. Unlike the 2006 war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Israeli’s will not go about this campaign in a halfhearted matter. While talks of a cease-fire are being floated, it seemed like a pipe dream at this point in the conflict.

Iran has also been calling for the involvement of Muslims around the world to help their brothers in Palestine. So far the call has gone unheeded even by the Iranians. Lots of blustering is being shown by President Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad, saying that this war will bring about the demise of the Jewish state, but so far the Iranians are sitting on the sidelines choosing not to engage.

      Hezbollah who is entrenched along the southern border of Lebanon isn’t doing much of anything at the present moment. Of course all that could change. Perhaps they are waiting for the help of the Russian bear. Make no mistake that during the summer of ‘08, the Russian army made short work of the ‘uprising’ from Georgia. Their military response was swift and carried out with precision. If the Iranians, Syrians & Hezbollah were waiting for the Russians to come on board and assist them militarily this would bring the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 to fruition. At this time anything can happen. Here are some thoughts to ponder.

         The Russians have recently delivered the S-300 missile defense system to Iran. This ups the ante for Israel to attempt a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nascent nuclear program. Knowing this, will the Israeli’s attack Iran and open up a two front war?

         The Israeli’s are also well aware of Hezbollah’s re-entrenchment in Lebanon. Will they strike there as well? Last week the Israeli’s flew a Sortie over the area. Would they risk a two or three front war?

        If the Iranians attack, they will have to figure that with US troops in neighboring Iraq might counter. Would an assist to Israel by US troops be the catalyst that brings the Russians into the game? As you can see the situation is tenuous and volatile. As of this writing anything can happen. The root of hatred between the Arab – Muslim world and Israel goes back to 1948, which is called the Day of Catastrophe by the Arabs as that was the year in which Israel became a nation. With Hamas and Hezbollah making it very clear that they will never recognize Israel, where will this go? Added to this are the Iranians who are of the Shia sect of Islam. They believe that in order for the Imam Mahdi to manifest there must be a time of chaos. Will this religious fervor reach a boiling point? It remains to be seen where all this goes and hopefully cool heads will prevail. The dangers of a nuclear response by Israel are a very real one. They actually have a military plan called the Samson Option. Like the Biblical Samson, when he realized his days were over, brought destruction on his enemies and himself by pulling down the columns of the building that held up the roof killing everyone inside. The Israeli’s have the Samson option and it is the use of its nuclear arsenal. If this scenario unfolds it will, in my opinion fulfill the prophecy that Ezekiel wrote almost 2600 years ago…

[This commentary was taken from the about-to-be-released, December News Magazine]

4 thoughts on “Day 7: A Strategic Overview

  1. I have my tv turned on Fox news the entire time I am awake, and home! I saw Iranians burning the Israeli and American flags on there yesterday. They want to get involved. They have even called for the college students to sign on for suicide missions, and they are doing it! Makes you wonder why they are holding back? With God, it has to be the exact moment with the exact person to put it into place. When the time is right for Him, He will allow all of it to fall into place. Meanwhile, we watch and pray as we are told to do. We do not know when, but He does. It is comforting to check in here and see others watching and praying. We all know we are not in this alone!

  2. lynn,
    yes, it is a time to be prayerfully vigilant!
    one of the signs of the imminent return of Christ is vehement global anti-semitism!
    in revelations, the martyred saints are seen as crying out “how long, o Lord, till our blood will be avenged?”
    and, according to scripture, the time is not until the last martyr dies for Christ…

    i believe that because of the overwhelming Grace and Mercy of Jesus, he also waits for the souls of men to be redeemed!
    he is not willing that any should perish!
    in my personal life, i have seen an increase in undeniable supernatural events leading to the salvation of friends/family members that we have been praying for for YEARS!
    this only serves to remind me of Gods Grace…and his impending return!

    yes, he LOVES all… even those who launch rockets into israel…even those who decapitate hostages on the web….how great is his LOVE! beyond ALL human understanding!

    let us pray for the souls of men, that God would release salvation upon all flesh, until all is fulfilled, and Christ returns… lets us pray that as men see these signs coming to pass, that they would look up and cry out to the one who can offer them the only TRUE victory thru his Blood shed on Calvary…

    i know i will be accused of being a pollyanna, but sometimes some balance of perspective is needed…

    God Bless you, lynn

  3. Today, January 4th, we heard 4 very loud booms throughout the Galilee.
    Explosions heard in north; IDF says no incidents in area

    Published: 01.04.09, 17:29 / Israel News

    Citizens near Israel’s northern border reported hearing explosions in a number of different locations in the area.

    An IDF official said that no unusual incidents had taken place in the region. (Hagai Einav, YNET)

  4. Janet, is this a news story, or do you live in Israel?
    As I am writing this, I am watching the news about the ground troop invasion. They are trying to push Israel and Hamas into a cease-fire. They may get it, but we know by the Word this is not over. We must continue to pray. While we may feel angry at people constantly pounding others with rockets, we must not forget that there are brothers and sisters in Christ living in every area of the world, and the ones living there are greatly affected by this war. They need our prayers. As Dreemland08 says, we need to pray for the ones who do not have salvation. Maybe this war will make them think about it. It is just always sad to see such extreme measures needed before people will repent. 3 of Israel’s southern cities are taking hard rocket fire. A school was destroyed. They said if the government had not called of classes, many children would have been killed! Thankfully, God has given someone the wisdom to call it off! I will never understand the people who rejoice at killing innocent children.

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