Here’s a video we need to see!

Here’s a video that deals with the ‘little’ rockets – some say that these have done no harm to Israel this video shows otherwise –  that have been fired at Israel by Hamas. Watch it. The thing speaks for itself. As we move into day 6 it appears that there is no easy, quick ending to the fray that continues. The question remains, will Hezbollah or Iran and Syria go after their long hated enemy, Israel. We will see what happens. Here’s the link to the video. Please copy this and paste it into your browser.


I did my usual stint on the Steve Quayle radio show yesterday. I talked about the war in Israel and how after years of missiles raining down on the border town of Sderot and other Israeli towns, the Jewish state is fighting back. I was met with some virulent Anti-Semitic remarks, one imparticular saying that Jews wee the spawn of Satan. So here we are in 2009 and this kind of insanity has once again reared its ugly head. This is the kind of rhetoric that spawned the holocaust. Look at the picture to the left. These were at one time, living breathing human beings. They had hopes and dreams and loved ones just like you and me. Hitler convinced many of the German people that the Jews were the reason why they had lost the war and that they were responsible  for many of Germany’s ills. With that in mind he outlined his plans in Mein Kamp, to eliminate t hem. When general Dwight D. Eisenhower saw his first camp and the horrors that it contained, he made sure that pictures and movies were taken lest people of future generations forget. I have personally interviewed three former holocaust survivors. They were deeply scarred by what was done to them, but somehow they found the courage to embrace life and move on. Anti Semitism is a spiritual disease that is used to persecute the Jews. It is nothing short of a demonic conspiracy to eliminate the chosen people. Yes, they rejected their Messiah, but God is going to deal with that in the 70th week of Daniel. This prophecy is ready to be fulfilled as the Jewish nation is back in their ancient homeland, after almost two millenia of being scattered amongst the nations. The Christian church is NOT Israel and has not replaced her, period. They are two distinct entities as is plainly seen by the fact that Israel is once again a nation. God will deal with her. We will see the construction of the third temple, the abomination that causes desolation set  up in the holy place, and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies that were penned thousands of years ago. With that in mind let us be vigilant and sober in these last days….

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  1. A couple of years ago, I was having lunch with a pastor in the Bay Area. After lunch, he invited me back to his church into his study area (his office). We talked for a while and then he pulled some photo albums off of a shelf. To this day, I’m not sure why he did it.

    Anyway, I was looking at these pictures that a neighbor of his had once given to him. They were black and white originals. They showed a death camp in Germany. To be honest, I’m not sure which one it was.

    Anyway, this was after the holocaust..probably a few months after the war.

    From the photos, it appeared that this concentration camp had been opened (unbelievably!) as a tourist attraction in Germany. Even more horrifying than that, they were using bodies as examples of the camp.

    I couldn’t believe it. I asked this pastor if these bodies were real. I concluded that they had to be (they were too lifelike) and that they were preserved somehow. I was completely horrified.

    It showed pictures of dead bodies ‘positioned’ in various areas of the camp. It was crazy.

    I never forgot that.

  2. All some one has to do is read Corrie Ten Boom’s books again…she was there….she knows and can tell you via her books how bad it was and that it really did happen, and not just to jews either but all those that they caught helping the Jews!

  3. We have a wonderful man in his eighties that goes to our church. He was in the United States Army during world war II. He was in one of the groups of men that released the prisoners in one of the camps. He still to this day gets nauseous when he remembers the smell and the death. They begged the people in the nearby areas to cook food because the people were so decimated with hunger. They saw many of them die trying to eat the first meal they had had in a long while. He was invited to the opening of the holocaust museum in Washington DC. They had a container of the shoes the people who were killed had worn. When he stepped off the elevator, the smell that came from those shoes hit him. He nearly passed out when he was reminded of the horrors of what he had smelled and seen. To this day he tells everyone that he cannot believe that human beings can do what these people did to other human beings. He cries every time he talks about it. We cannot forget how awful it was. The scary thing is….it will happen again, and this time it will be worse…

  4. I don’t know how anyone can deny the reality of the Holocaust. It is too awful to be anything but reality. My daughter just read Night by Elie Wiesel. I read it with her and was again struck by the horrors that man somehow manages to justify to themselves to do commit such atrocities. I know that it will be even worse again and nothing will be changed under our Lord reigns.

    By the way for those who have commented about Bill Salus book Israelestine,I heard Lynn say that he believes Psalms 83 was fulfilled in the 1967 war. I just know that I awaken each day with new amazement at how the Almighty fulfills his word.

  5. On a very relevant topic:
    Article in AFA-American Family Association Journal-
    Title: FOCA, the death act, would be an… OBAMINATION

    BY MICHAEL DEPRIMO – AFA Journal, January 2009

    [ On a typical day in the mid-1990s, Dr. Leroy Carhart arrived at his office in Bellevue, Nebraska, to perform his medical specialty – partial-birth abortion. A few minutes later, he pushed forceps inside the womb of his patient to grab the legs of a tiny yet fully-formed baby girl at 20-24 weeks gestation. He then pulled the baby out of the supposedly safe haven of her mother’s womb until her head rested against her mother’s cervix. He then inserted a large vise-like instrument into the mother’s womb and crushed the baby’s skull. Once crushed, the now dead baby easily slid out of her mother’s womb and was tossed in the garbage as “medical waste.” ]

    Though the events in Germany during WWII were unacceptable and horrendous, we in the United States are living in the very middle of our own culture of death that is just as horrible. If the The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is signed into law by President Elect Barack Obama who has said, “The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act(FOCA)” as reported by the AP. Will this be the finish to our moral standing as we know it? He has given us no reason to think he will do otherwise considering Planned Parenthood has just asked for approx. 900 million tax dollars for funding these murderous acts including abstinence s_x education program(I’ll believe it when I see it) and aiding our youth with use of the c_nd_m(safe s_x is still s_x which encompasses all the venereal diseases that go along with a safe s_x program. and

    FOCA will further, “prohibit the government from denying or interfering with a woman’s right to abortion, or discriminating against abortion with respect to benefits, facilities, services or information.” The signing of FOCA “will nullify all state and federal regulations of abortion. President Obama’s signature will negate 24-hour waiting periods, informed consent, and parental notification laws. By a single stroke of his pen, Obama will wipe out the federal ban against partial-birth abortion that the Supreme Court upheld.” But wait that’s not all, “it will force hospitals with religious affiliations to offer abortions despite deeply held beliefs that abortion is murder. Doctors and nurses, too, will be forced to perform abortions or face the loss of their medical licenses.” Would anyone like to guess on which day our next president will enact this law? As a nation who has been a beacon of moral light can it be so easily snuffed out with the stroke of a pen?

    We’ve had over 40 million deaths of innocent life since the onset of abortions. Deaths for the holocaust were around 6 million at it’s onset to end during the time of the war. It has been said in this blog before that it takes the shedding of blood which is necessary in stirring the forces of evil to bring on major destruction and other evil events. I wonder what killing 40 million lives via abortion will do over the course of nearly fifty years since its modern invention? When will enough be enough to God?

    A parting excerpt from the article:
    “The next four years are likely to see the greatest increases in abortion in our nation’s history unless we stop it.” How far do we in the U.S. sit by in apathy to this moral dilemma only to turn the cheek and do nothing?

    Warning Graphic Photos of aborted babies link:

    YouTube video of Dr. Lile demonstrating the partial birth abortion procedure to teenage girls.

  6. What are the chances of one of the missiles being fired at Israel hitting one of the sacred sites especially the Temple Mount?

    Doesn’t prophesy state that the Temple Mount will have to be rebuilt again and this is one of the last prophesies left?

    On another note I would like to understand the mind set of the German people. I realize Hitler and his inner circle were demonic driven but how could Hitler brainwash his countrymen the way he did? Will the German people be held accountable for their evil acts even though they were carrying out Hitler’s orders?

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I am glad that you touched on the, in my opinion, diabolical, damnable doctrine known as, “Replacement Theology” that basically states that the Church has replaced Israel and the Jewish people in the plan of God.

    The scripture that really helped me put this all in order is 1 Corinthians 10:32. It clearly shows that God sees three distinct people groups in the world. 1) The Jews, 2) The Gentiles (Nations), and 3) The Church of God. God has plans and purposes for all three that are playing out in these Last Days.

    Kevin J.

  8. Hi Kevin ,I take it that you must reckon to be damned such Christian men of the past like Wylcliff, Luther, Huss, the Wesley’s, Edwards, Knox and many more.
    All of these great men of the Faith expounded and preached the Apostles doctrine of The Israel of God being those who are in Christ. A heretic is a man is who teaches damnable doctrines. I don’t think that you reckon these men to be such. I mean’ if not for Wylcliff we would not have an English Bible.
    If it was not for God using such men, we would all be living in the darkness of Babylon. If my view on Israel classifies me by the dispenso’s to be among them and the Apostles of Christ, then Praise the Lord, they can call me whatever they like. John B

  9. Hi John,

    Thank God for the contributions Of Wycliffe, Edwards, Knox, Huss, and the Wesleys, and all the rest of the reformers and revialists of the past. However, that does not negate the fact that “Replacement Theology” is false doctrine. I would direct you to Romans 9 – 11 which defines God’s position on the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

    In all due respect John, I believe that the Apostle Paul, whom wrote 2/3 of the NT by divine revelation, carries more weight than any of the men you referred to. Luther for example in his later life wrote some very anti-semitic papers. Was Luther wrong? Most definitely.

    Even tough all of the men you referred to were mightily used of God in their generation, that does NOT make them infallible.

    Kevin J.

  10. Luther did some ground-breaking work as far as bringing the church out of the dark ages, however, my understanding is that he wrote the stinging anti-semitic work 1 week before he died. Even for the righteous, there is a sin unto death. The manuscript he wrote is the same one Hitler used to justify his killing machine. It should be a warning to all of us that, even though we believe in Christ and have given Him our lives, we can make some very grave mistakes if we do not walk every step in Him.
    As for abortion, I do agree that it is horrendous, and America’s holocaust. I wonder what these babies say to God when they are ripped from their mother’s womb and sent right back to Him? When Cain slew Abel, even his grandchildren and decsendants cried out to God! Surely this cannot go on much longer! Any time the innocent children have died something great takes place. For example, children were killed when Moses was born, and children were killed when Jesus was born. Surely this time it will bring about the coming of our Lord. What a great plan for Satan to destroy man! Have us kill ourselves from even being born! How foolish we have been to fall for it! Lord help us all.

  11. Hi kevin, I am not a real fan of Luther,nor Calvin for that matter. I do have some theological problems there. Concerning Romans (9-11)I don’t wish to comment here, However you can go to my site and see blogs: “the Olive Tree”and the “problem with dispensation theology” Jonh B

  12. To John B – No need to see your sight or article on the Olive tree, I have a Bible and can read plainly what Romans 9,10 and 11 says. I do not need your help to interpret it.

    Good post Kevin J.

  13. Kevin Shrum , Iwas addressing kevin J, mistaken identity but since you mentioned romans9-11. what do you reckon the Apostle say it is John b

  14. John,

    A better question might be, in your understanding to whom do the “natural branches” and “wild branches” refer to? The Gentiles (Nations) have been “grafted” into the olive tree. The olive tree, and you might suspect this, in MY understanding is a symbol of national Israel and the Jewish people. If you think I have bought a theology that is, “Pro Israel”, I guess I would have to say, guilty as charged!

    Out of curiosity, who do you think is behind the modern-day existence of a people and a land that was desolate and the people in dispersion for centuries? Who do you think is behind the revial of Hebrew, a formally “dead language?”

    Let’s see, is it: A)Yahweh, or B) The United States as assisted by the Rothchild’s like Texe Marrs and his ilk would say? What do you think?

    Kevin J.

  15. Hi kevin, I will answer the question, but firstly, my understanding of the representation of the “olive tree” in the light of the Apostle’s word are not the people presently occupying the geographical location within the land of Palestine. They are “natural” descendants of Abraham [Israel after the Flesh, of the lineage of Abraham], about which Paul Grieved saying;”That which Israel [natural descendants]is seeking for (which is the promise made to Abraham) It has Not obtained” Rom11:7.
    The reason for failing to obtain was because God “Has cut them off”, (the natural branches and the wild branches are not in the tree) Now; Paul did not say that the (wild branches are to be grafted into the natural branches) No,that would make the branches the tree, but the tree contains not the natural branches, we have two branches apart from the tree, (the Israelites or Jewish people and the Gentiles of all nations) both can be being grafted into the olive tree. Therefore; this Olive tree [cannot be] the natural people of Israel(even today). Because they are cut off branches, they are outside of the Life of the Tree, The only way for them to have Life is to be Grafted in again. Paul said;It is not the Children of the Flesh [natural descendants] who are children of God, but it is the [children of the promise] who are descendants Rom9:8.

    Christ is “the only true Seed of Abraham” See Gal3:16, He “fulfilled” the promise, making it possible for all men to have life in the Olive tree.
    Jesus the messiah was the prophesied one to remove sin from Jacob, He has already done it, that is what Paul is saying in Rom11:26,27 quoting the prophet. The deliverer is the messiah establishing the new covenant by his blood, That is the way that “all Israel”(the saints) (the heirs of the promise) (The Olive Tree sprouted from Christ the Seed)is Saved. The “all Israel” is not them outside of Christ,They cant be, they are “not” descendants of the promise be they Jew or gentile, they are not heirs of the promise, remember Paul said they have “not obtained it” and they never will “until” they receive eternal life in Jesus by being grafted back into the Tree. How many ways is there to be saved? the Answer is only one, it is to be in Christ Jesus the One who was preached to the Jews first and to the gentiles.
    the Olive tree is a representation of the True people of God, the Israel of God, The Father’s Children born of the “Free woman The Jerusalem above our mother”, for the bond-woman was cast out and her children with her, They “the cast out” representing Israel after the Flesh Gal4:22-31 Not the people of God, but becoming So only in Christ.

    To answer the last portion of your question Firstly; the original drafted document about establishing a homeland for the Jews within the Land of Palestine does not refer to Israel as a nation. The document which was drafted by American, British and European mason’s, declared that the Jewish homeland is referred to as “The State of Israel”
    unless that has changed and I am not aware of it. why does Pro-Jewish theology keep referring to it as a nation when it is not. It is a state, and as such making it politically possible to be under American illuminati control. as a nation it would not be possible to be controlled as effectively.

    Is God IN it Yes He is, because of the Forefathers of these people not because of them. Rom11:28. But also They are presently in the Geographical location where Christ shall return in Glory, and prior to that event a remnant of them will be grafted back into the olive Tree along with other natural descendants still scattered through out the world.
    There are more Jews living in America alone than there is in the State of Israel, what of them? Is God going to save every single Jew in the world?, No He is not, It is a remnant among the nations which shall be save along side them who presently live in the land where their Forefathers once lived. Even Abraham looked by faith to the Heavenly city where his true dwelling and that of his spiritual descendants “the Israel of God” would eternally be.
    Heb 11:8-10

  16. AMEN! The Christian church has NOT replaced Israel!
    There is NO spiritual Israel and physical Israel – only ISRAEL the LAND.

    I am SO GLAD you said that on Steve Quayle!
    Evidently that has never been recapped. That was an EXCEPTIONAL show.

    I get so angry at those who curse Israel by saying christians replace Jews – or that christians become spiritual Jews. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!

    You can link to ZionsCRY of this site if you wish.

    CJ, Editor of ZionsCRY

  17. Imagine a father with a natural son he loves dearly. The son rebels against him deeply grieving the father. The wounded father adopts another son and pours out his love on him. He then completely destroys the natural son and forgets he ever existed.
    Replacement theology wants me to believe that God replaced Israel with the church and completely destroyed Israel and forgot he ever existed.
    No father would do what replacement believers think he would do.
    The God of the Bible will again restore Israel as he promised. Not because of anything Israel has done or not done, but because of his own faithfulness and mercy.
    The Jews have suffered more than any people.
    That God would use Israel merely to make the way for the church, then cast Israel away does not describe the God of the Bible.
    When I think of what the Jews went through it touches my heart deeply.
    Many times the tears fall when I think of the precious people called Jews.
    Am I kinder than God? Am I more compassionate than God?
    There are prophecies unfulfilled concerning Israel as a nation.
    Anyone who can’t see it is either an anti-Semite, or cannot read or is in denial.

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