Day 5: The War Continues… What about Iran?

ahmedinejhadMahmoud Amedinejhad has been the master of vitriol against Israel ever since he took office. With statements like, “Israel is a withered tree soon to be uprooted and thrown into the sea,” or, “Israel is a cancer that is soon to be irradiated,” there is not much wiggle room for detente or negotiations. Iran has called for all Muslims to rise up against Israel and defend their Palestinian brothers. So far we have heard lots of rhetoric but not much action on the part of the Iranians, Syria or Libya. Frankly, I hope that this war doesn’t escalate, but I will continue to monitor it from here. As of this post Israel continues it’s operations in Gaza. They are trying to destroy the tunnel system that honeycombs Gaza and which serves as the command post and center of operations for HAMAS.

           I received a comment yesterday pointing to the idea that somehow the Israeli war is being controlled by the CFR and that Israel is just a pawn of the United States and the Global cabal to take over the world. While there are elements of this that may be true, surely we can agree that the current war, that is taking place is in direct response to the rockets that are launched, most often from civilian houses, by HAMAS. I fail to see the conspiracy here. HAMAS has sworn that it will never recognize the state of Israel, period. Iran, and it’s proxy Hezbollah have echoed this decree innumerable times. Israel is responding to months of rocket barrages by HAMAS. The person who posted the comment then referred to Jeff Rense’s site. Rense is anti-Semitic and all one has to do is land on the site to see the hate and bigotry directed toward the Jews. Interestingly enough, I am no longer welcome on that show, although I was a guest a few years back. Most likely the reason for this is that I hold to a Christian world view and part of the view is the belief in Biblical prophecy, which centers around Israel. That being said, there is a dynamic that is being set in motion here that the natural man can never understand. There are supernatural forces that are at work in that part of the world. There is the Mystery of Lawlessness, that Paul warns us about, that is at work to bring about the man of sin, or the Anti Christ. I am often asked if we are in the time when the Anti Christ will be revealed. The short answer to this is yes. That being said, I do believe that there is a conspiracy but it is a Luciferian or Satanic one that is pushing this area of the world into conflict and this was prophesied thousands of years ago. We will see if Iran and it’s neighbor Syria join the fray and are then backed by the Russians. Are we about to see the fulfillment of the Ezekiel war? At some point in time this prophecy of Ezekiel will be fulfilled. When this happens it will create what I believe one of the most unsettling times in all of history. Will this be the trigger that sets off supernatural events that I have written extensively about in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural? Will we see the manifestation of the supernatural? Only time will tell….

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  1. You are correct in response to Jeff Reense and others other conspiracy talk shows. I am afraid that even Alex Jones falls into the same trap at times due to the fact that he is heavily influenced by the Anti-Semitic teacher of lies and falsehoods, Texe Marrs. They do not hold to the scriptural world view whereby we know that the nation of Israel has been supernaturally y preserved down through the Millennia. They are the burning bush of the Book of Exodus, burnt but not consumed. They want to say that Israel is the creation and pawn of the Rothschild’s and others and give the credit to international bankers instead of to God. God called a man named Abraham and gave him supernatural promises of land and a seed as numerous as the sand of the sea. God has and will keep his promise with the ultimate fulfillment in the millennial reign of Christ with Israel’s borders stretching all the way to the Euphrates River. I am not afraid of the Jews ruling the world, as a matter of fact, I long for the day when a Jew sits on the throne of Jerusalem ruling with a rod of iron for 1000 years.

  2. lynn,

    well its just the same old nazi anti-semitism all dolled up in a new CFR/NWO conspiracy dress, um yah with lipstick on… hehe

    …but a pig is still a pig! 🙂

    it really is quite disturbing how many youtube videos are made promoting anti-americanism and anti- semitism….

    i just really dont understand HOW someone could take a nazi world view about the current gaza conflict!
    (actually i DO understand, but the viewpoint just DOES NOT ring true an ANY level, except a satanic one, because satan hates israel so much!)

    im glad that you bring the focus back to anti-christ, and Gods prophetic timetable…

    because i know that the enemy is frantically trying to distract and divert from the REAL message of the times we are now witnessing:

    Jesus is about to return! 🙂

  3. Yes, I followed that link left by “Bob” to Rense’s site…and I was appalled. I could actually feel the hatred promulgated there. But scripture tells us the world will come against Israel in the end. Just another ‘sign of the times’ that we should be aware of.

  4. Who is the Israel of God? [For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel] Thus sayth the “Apostle Paul”
    Romans 9:6
    Jesus said unto the priests and Elders (the representatives of that then Nation) “The Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation producing the fruit of it” mat 21:43. who is the Israel of God? Answer: ALL who are in Christ, they are the new Nation referred to by Jesus.
    Apostle Peter said addressing the Jews in Christ “You are a Chosen Race ,A Royal priesthood,”A Holy Nation”, God’s Own possession. For you once were not a People, But NOW ye are the people of God” 1 Pet 2:9,10.
    The current “STATE” of Israel within the Land of Palestine which was set up in 1948 by prominent Illuminati craftsmen, one of which was an American president is not the people of God.
    The people of God are the Saints (Jews and gentiles alike) who are in Christ the Seed of the promise given to Abraham. Gal 3:16.
    How many people does God have? Answer: only One in Christ. The Jews living in the state of Israel are another group of people “descendants according to the Flesh and Not The Promise” They are (Zionists) Not in Christ, being manipulated by the satanic controlled Globalists in the hope to achieve their agenda for world Government.WE need to pray that they would see Christ as their messiah already come having removed Sin from Jacob.
    For presently persisting in their unbelief, they are not heirs of the promise. As long as they are outside of Christ’s Fold they are under Judgment just as are all men not in Christ John B

  5. I have recently heard, I cant recall from whom, that Amedinejhad is a member of the Muslim branch “eastern star Masonic lodge”.If this is true, I don’t know, then all his anti Jewish Rhetoric is of Illuminati planning, It is known for sure that the “Zionist political elite” are under the American Illuminati control. So, is Satan divided against himself. I don’t think so. His diversion of war is keeping the eyes of the whole world from seeing the real enemy of the Saints of God soon to be manifested, The Son of Perdition’ The Apostate antichrist. John B

  6. Oh God bless you Mr. Marzulli!!!
    I heard your show from Dec 31 on the Q-file site and I have been so refreshed!So few support Israel today.

    I live in the north of Israel, 20 years.
    The media spews anti-Israel lies, YES Rense is a vile anti-semite, but also to my heart sinking sorrow, many many “Christian” forums are also taking sides against Israel saying God is not concerned with it and that the church is the true Israel.
    I believe God is in the immediate proccess of seperating out those who are His and those who are not.
    You are one of so few left who speak the truth. The words you aired could have come from my own mouth-ALL OF THEM.
    The only one of few pro-Israel Christian forums I know of right now is The Tree Of Liberty.

    Again, O thank you for your comfort to us here in Israel.
    We feel so alone in the world!

    Janet Siegel
    Karmiel, Israel

  7. I don’t know if Texe Marrs or Alex Jones are anti-semitic. I rarely listen to Alex Jones because when I do, it seems like he is “performing.” I do not know the intentions of Texe Marrs or where his heart is at so I will reserve judgement.

    I do believe personally that there are groups which work in concert together to bring about a new world order. It is not a Jewish group,it is not a Muslim group, it is a diverse group … it is not a Jewish problem, it is not a black problem, nor is it a white problem…it is a sin problem.

    I came across all of this only five years ago when studying economics. I concluded based upon my research that economics is manipulated (this current, upcoming great depression was avoidable). From there, I looked into who was causing these problems. My conclusion is that those who are looking toward a one world government happen to be heavily involved in the occult (i.e. Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry). As far as I am concerned, we are not talking about a specific religion or a specific race, we are talking about pure evil.

    All of you are raising good points, I have found too that many who research ‘conspiratorial history’ blame Jews for all the problems in the world, which is absurd.

  8. I agree that God is in control of everything, nothing happens that He is not aware of, and already saw coming. He knew the state of people’s hearts in these last days and what it would lead to. I do believe that Messiah will reveal Himself to the Jewish people and they will realize who He is. The Bible says that as a nation they will come back to Him. It also says that anyone who blesses Israel will be blessed and anyone who curses Israel will be cursed. I would absolutely reject anything that was anti-semitic. Thanks for the warning about the anti-semitism on the link. I will not be visiting that web site. I am appalled at some of the things I read and see others write. Apparently they are blinded and do not know the Word of God or they would not do such things. I pray that God will open their eyes before it is too late…which looks like may not be much longer. The riots in Iran are growing. How much longer will this go on before Iran feels obligated to help the Palestinians? Only time will tell…

  9. The Prophets of the Old testament, Prophesied the coming of A messiah which would come and remove Sin From Jacob. When Jesus came he accomplished the removal of sin not only for Jacob(Israel), but He took the sins of the whole world as well. Jn 1:41 That act is the crux of the Gospel which was preached to the Jews first and then to Gentiles. This, the Apostle Paul said was happening in the dispensation of the “fullness of Time in order to bring all things in heaven and upon the earth into one in Christ” Eph 1:10. Question: what comes after the fullness of time. the Answer is Eternity , all who must be saved will be saved prior to eternity being manifested upon humanity by the Return of the King of Glory.

    Most of you believe that The modern Jewish people are God’s people favored by Him and that their Race entitles them a salvation subsequent to the Gospel era .
    The Scriptures clearly reveal that salvation is by “Grace” and not by Race.”For God has shut up all men in disobedience that he might show mercy to All “Rom 11:32. That nullifies any partiality, “For God is not partial”.
    Rom 2:11. A Jew must be saved as any other man is to be saved, he must trust Christ (messiah) for it. There is no second chance for any man subsequent to the Gospel Era.
    It is a [Theological] misconception that God favors a race above others, the Jews were chosen as a race in the old testament for a purpose in order to manifest the “messiah” to the world. For the promise to Abraham was that “He would be Heir to the World” Rom 4:13.

    I am sorry that I disagree with most of you concerning Israel, but I must not believe what men say by their theologies, I Choose to listen to the words of the Apostles of the Lamb and abide by the Faith delivered once and for all. the Lord Bless you all.

  10. John B…I’m sorry, I should have been more specific in saying the world will come against Israel. I meant the country of Israel, not the ‘Israelites’. I agree with you, and believe that the true Israelites ARE those that belong to Christ, His
    Saints as you say. They are everywhere in the world, all countries and will be waiting to join the Messiah when he returns to bring about His Kingdom…what His gospel was all about after all was HIS KINGDGOM to come.

  11. To Bruce Collins, with all respect, you must have never listened to Texe Marrs if you do not know that he is Anti-Semitic. He blames the Jews for everything from the Kennedy assassination to the running the Mafia. As far as Alex Jones He has been heavily influenced by Marrs, a regular guest and the one who married Alex and his wife, I hear hints of Anti-Semitism on his show from time to time but nowhere as blatant as the sewage that you hear from Marrs and Rense. That is the problem with the so called conspiracy researchers- they blame the Jews for all the worlds ills, while in contrast with have all been blessed by the Jews- Our Bibles, Sanitary conditions from the Mosaic law, and Our Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ –See Revelation 12 (the woman is not the Church).

  12. I agree with an 88 year old minister friend of mine concerning the President of Iran; we would like to see him glow like a light bulb! This hatred for Israel has to end; and one day soon it will. Messiah will appear suddenly in the clouds for all to see and the kingdoms of this earth will finally become the kingdoms of OUR GOD!!

  13. Kevin,

    You are right. I am not that familiar with Texe Marrs- so I was reserving judgement. I was not endorsing him.

    Again, I do believe that there is an occultic conspiracy in the world- but I do not put the blame on the Jewish people. There are very diverse individuals involved to varying degrees. Hope that clears it up.

    God bless,

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