War in Gaza: A prelude to Ezekiel 38?

war-israel1I choose this picture because it is from as story that I posted several weeks ago. That dynamic, of an Israeli air-strike on Iran, has not gone away, as the Iranians move closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon, with every passing day. The Iranian situation has not been dealt with and at some point the Israeli’s will have to confront them.

Now, war has erupted in Gaza, which is no surprise as the Israeli’s have had enough of the almost daily rocket attacks, that come across the border. They have responded with air-strikes and it looks like we may see a full scale ground operation today. 

        Here’s a perspective on what is going on. Hamas has repeatedly declared that they will not recognize the state of Israel. They have continually fired rockets into Israeli border towns, specifically Sderot, and have shown utter contempt for the peace process. They have also hidden their rocket launchers in civilian houses, thus using civilians as shields. I could go on, but I think you get the point. As I have BLOGGED about in the past, any other country in the world, being subjected to daily rocket attacks, would have declared war on it’s neighbor and put a stop to the aggression. Can you imagine if Mexico began firing rockets into Texas? Do we think for a minute that the United States would do nothing? Yet somehow there is a double standard when Israel says it has had enough and defends itself. I also find it interesting that Russia has weighed in, calling for the Israeli’s to stop the offensive.

          Ayatolah Khameini, the highest Imam in Iran, has issued a Fatwa [decree] calling for Muslims to rise up and defend the Palestinians against Israel. And so it goes. The moment Israel reacts, they are immediately portrayed as the aggressors by the Muslim street. Never mind that for months they have been bombarded by rocket fire from Gaza. This reflects the ongoing mind set, that Israel has no right to exist, therefore any aggression by the Israeli’s is used as an excuse to unite the entire Muslim world against it.  

         For those of us who follow prophecy, the bigger question we should be asking is this a prelude to the Ezekiel war? Over the weekend thousands of Iranians assembled, in Tehran and shouted the usual, Death to America! Death to Israel! Will Iran enter the fray? What about Syria with its 10,000 troops still amassed, on the Lebanese border? Then there’s Hezbollah with almost 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel, will they too join up in some sort of a coordinated attack against Israel? One thing is for certain, the unmitigated hatred of Israel by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and others knows no bounds. As I have stated repeatedly there will be an all out war, in the Middle East that will result in Israel using its nuclear weapons to defend itself. This was written in prophetic form almost 2600 years ago. We see the specific nations, Russia and Iran, that are listed in this prophecy lining up against Israel. I’ll pose the question again. Is this the prelude to the Ezekiel war? I will be giving updates in this BLOG throughout the conflict.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….

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  2. Lynn!
    hey your back! 🙂
    ok i thought you were off till the 1st? *_____*
    i guess the circumstances in gaza were too much for you and you had to blog? hmmmm? 🙂
    yes, ive been watching the situation in gaza with much interest-
    as ive heard before -anything israel needs to do it needs to do now before obama can get into office…
    if youve noticed any statements coming from washington have only criticized hamas
    russia of course has denounced israel…

    (the next paragraph is said within the context of proven fakeries perpetrated by the bbc and other news agencies)
    the bbc coverage of the events is, as usual, biased towards hamas, showing the usual (fabricated?) shots of wounded being carried to ambulances and hysterical people screaming in the streets-
    israel has issued a statement decrying the hamas-biased coverage of the events by the international press…

    my personal concern is that if this thing would escalate, would it eventually lead to a worldwide counter-strike scenario? im certain that there are several iranian military generals with itchy trigger fingers just dying to “push the button” on israel…as there are several terrorist leaders just waiting to launch (suitcase nuke?) attacks within the USA…

    however, various scenarios notwithstanding, yes you are correct, NO other country would put up with what israel has put up with… it is definitely time to take care of business…
    and just in case anyone thinks im just a cold hearted idiot, yes, of course it hurts to hear that children have been killed in the airstrikes…but that is what kind of animals the terrorists are- they use children as shields… it makes for a great photo-op for the terrorists… this way israel can be vilified in the international press…

    the intricacies of the entire situation defy simple explanation…yes, the palestinians have lived in squalor for decades… however, it has been the terrorists who have squandered the money that should have gone to help the people…

    and all the while al-jazeera brainwashes the palestinians into blaming EVERYTHING on israel…

  3. I totally agree that the Palestinians are using innocent people, including children, for shields. It makes for great press for them when Israel hits and children die. Then they can villify Israel for striking, even though the world knows Israel has good cause to strike. I have been watching this story with intense interest on the news. It struck me that Israel said they are not stopping this time until they get what they want out of the peace process. It seems to me they are quite resolved and have good reason to be. I am watching Iran and Russia. If Israel does stand and keep up the fight, I am thinking Russia and Iran will find cause to jump in.

  4. The current military actions are unlikely to lead directly to Ez. 38. More likely is a lead in to the war described in Psalm 83 which must precede Ez. 38. See Bill Salus’ website at http://www.prophecydepot.com for some incredible insights. I have read his book Israelestine and find it convincing. For example, the nations listed in Psalm 83 are destroyed. Significantly, these very countries are missing from the coalition mentioned in Ex. 38. Why? Because they have already been destroyed! In modern day terms, this includes Hamas.

    Your take on this prophetic insight should be very welcome by your readers.

  5. The news of Israel fighting back against Hamas came shortly after watching the movie Left Behind in which it starts out with the Ezekiel 38 war against Gog and Magog. Christians all over the world on blogs, tv, prophecy shows, and local churches seem to not only see this war about to take place, but the change in the world’s economy are true signs the world is heading towards the tribulation period. I too wonder if the Israeli/Gaza war is the prelude. Today’s news said that there is a cry among muslims to use an oil embargo to stop the war, but with the plummeting oil prices they can’t. So that puts Iran in a more likely place to make a deal with Russia(Gog)to attack Israel. Looks like the chess pieces are falling into play. “Look up, for your redemption draws near”

  6. Satan has almost everyone fooled, (Gog /Magog) Isreal and the U.S.A
    have already attacked True Isreal the ‘Palestintians at Gaza .
    Yashua has set his face against us.May God have mercy on your families.

    • gatorbak – You are obviously someone who does not know their Bible… I wonder if the Koran might be your choice of tome?

  7. Reading your book Politics Prophecy found passage page 45 saying if proof was found of the arc of Noah it would be an advent etc.etc,wasn`t it proved in 1977 in Turkey that it was found.

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