I need some time off ….

book-cover24 I need a break and so will not be BLOGGING again until after the 1st of the year. Thanks to all of you who have responded with your pithy comments. You make this BLOG challenging and fun….

Thanks to all of you who have bought our books.

May the true spirit of Christmas be with you all throughout the year.


L. A. Marzulli

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16 thoughts on “I need some time off ….

  1. Yes – you do deserve some time off especially this time of year! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family in the truest meaning of Christmas!!

    I am currently reading “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural.” “Nephilim, Unholy Deception, and The Revealing” are wrapped and waiting for me Christmas morning.

    Thank You!


  2. Greetings from Scotland/UK

    Hope you and your family have a nice Christmas and a good new year

    your brother in Christ

  3. lynn,

    awww gee, yeah you get some rest and relaxation! you deserve it!
    wow im sorry we can be a very HIGH MAINTENANCE bunch, cant we?

    ill be praying for you…

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😀 ❤

  4. Almost done reading your latest ebook. Relax a bit, and enjoy the holiday and Merry Christmas, the birth of our king!

  5. Have a Merry Christmas, Lynn. I hope it is a blessed time with your family.
    A prosperous New Year and good sales on the new ebook.


  6. A Merry Christmas to you Lynn and your family…and to all those here…may God bless you and your families…you too Will 🙂


  7. Have a wonder full Christmas Lynn and thank you for sharing your God-given brilliance with all of us through these frightening times!

  8. Greetings. I’ve been listening to you as you fill in for Steve Quayle on Wednesdays. I appreciate all the information that you and the other hosts bring to the forefront for any who have ears to hear. These are very strange times.

    I’ve also placed your site on my blogroll. I wasn’t aware that you had a blog until you made mention of it a few minutes ago. Have a blessed Christmas in Jesus.

  9. As you dip yourself into the evil that plagues this earth a great tiredness overwhelms you. This is a tiredness not only of the body but of the spirit. This is one of their defense mechanisms. It works by temproily shorting out our system of neuro-transmitters and leaving us weak and feeli8ng seperated from God. By all means take a break. Relax and in this where we celebrate the birth of our Lord seeker His rejuvinating spirit that He may give you the strength to go on. Merry Christmas everyone.

  10. Lynn,


    You and your family are in my prayers.

    Thanks again to yourself and Steve Quayle for allowing me to be on the Q Files with you on Christmas Eve.

    You have the best Blog (and really great posters/ comments)! By the way, I nominated this blog and voted for this blog at : http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com in several categories. Please vote!

    Thanks again, Lynn. I am personally inspired and blessed by our friendship.

    Thanks to everyone here too. I love the comments on this blog.

    God bless us, everyone,


  11. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! I pray blessings to your family and everyone who is on this board! Have a great rest!

  12. Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho!
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    Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 9:00 – 10:00 am CST.

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  13. Dear Lynn,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The very best to you and your family. I hope your time away from the blog proves very restful.

    Christ is born!
    Glorify Him!

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