Maitreya…Not again!

maitreyaOver the weekend  I received several posts regarding the man to the left, otherwise known as Maitreya. He came on the scene in 1982 with full page adds in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times. London times. He caused quite a stir, as the headlines boldly proclaimed, “The Christ is now here!” The ad went on to say that the Imam Mahdi, that Moslem’s are waiting for – only the Shia sect of Islam believes this – had arrived, as well as the final Buddha, the long awaited Messiah of the Jews, and finally the second coming of Christ. In other words Maitreya was the fulfillment of  what the religions of the world were supposedly waiting for. The ad also proclaimed that soon, Maitreya would communicate with all the people on the planet via mental telepathy… I don’t recall that happening and this kind of false prophecy smacks of the stuff that comes from Blossom Goodchild and Prophet Yahweh. The spokes-hole for Maitreya is Benjamin Creme, who has been on the lecture circuit promoting Maitreya. You can check out the website @      

          I’ve been following Maitreya/Creme since 1982 and for the most part, nothing new has happened. I also read somewhere, that Creme was first approached about Maitreya, when he was picked up in a Limo and, in the back was an alien being, that communicated with him about Maitryea and his mission to the world. I’ve been trying to track the authenticity of that story and so far have not been able to do so. Of course if it’s true it would it would tie in nicely to my theory about the return of the Nephilim and the coming Great Deception. Here’s another site to check out it discusses the roots of Benjamin Creme and Maitreya.

          So why  should we care? Here are some points to consider. Maitreya is getting some favorable press and there are those that are willing to believe he is the appearance of the “Christ.” [Christ is from the Greek word, Christos, which means anointed one]. In my opinion we need to consider that this man is a type of Anti-Christ or false Christ. Isn’t it interesting that the Bible warns us that in the end-of-days there would be a one world religious system. Are we about to see some display of supernatural events by Maitreya, which would dazzle the masses into a false belief in him. Would he emerge after the coming war in the Middle East, [which by the way is escalating as the Russians delivered the anti missile defense system, to the Iranians over the weekend] declaring himself as the long awaited Messiah? Would he boast of an alien connection that Creme seems to have been connected with in 1982? Will this be another false flag and nothing will happen as in the cases of Goodchild & Prophet Yahweh? We’ll keep a eye on it and report when and if something happens. In the meantime, the world seems to be inching toward a full blown war in the Middle East.

        Here’s what we need to remember. This coming war has been building up for sometime now. Both sides know that it is inevitable. I find it interesting that we are hearing again of Maitreya after decades of relative quiet. Are supernatural forces picking up on things that we know nothing about? Are we about to enter in to the time of Jacob’s Trouble? One thing I know is this, like all false prophets, Maitreya will ‘betray ya!’

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  1. I well remember when Maitreya/Creme first emerged back in the early ’80s. I remember reading a book entitled, “Hidden Dangers of The Rainbow” by Constance Cumbey, where she dealt with this in depth. I too find it interesting that we are seeing a re-emergence of Maitreya/Creme in these days.

    I have said it before, but we are THERE folks!

    Kevin J

  2. At one point I found a listing of every appearance that Maitreya had made — in each of these he appeared from a blue mist and disappeared into a blue mist. He only appeared in America at one time. It was a national convention of KKK, White Supremicists, Aryan Nationists, and associated white boys. I remember once when Maitrey appeared in the desert before 200,000 people. It immediately made me think of the Lord’s prophecy “If you hear I am in the desert do not go, for it is not me.” I believe that this Maitreya is a type and shadow of the false prophet.

  3. There was an article on News With Views this last Friday about this same subject. It references an article at

    Pretty interesting and I’m wondering also what’s in store in the near future for this country and the world at large in reference to bible prophecy, UFOs, etc.

    Paul Proctor is the author of the News With Views article

    And the article is linked in the artticle.

    Just a side note, I check out every day for world news and just this afternoon Bill Koenig (a christian by the way) posted a headline about Russia selling Iran ‘defensive arms’. I believe that the hook in the jaw is already set in place and the tugging has not only begun but how much more will it be tugged before Gog and Magog along with Persia etc. attack Israel.

    My heart seems to be beating a little bit faster when I read these incoming news flashes (no kidding on that either) and I can see the puzzle getting clearer and clearer.

    I know there are many questions still not answered.

    When will the attack be?
    When will Satan reveal the delusion that Lynn and others talk about?
    When will Jesus return for His church?

    And most importantly … Are YOU ready?

    Please get your house in order and make sure that you are not only ready but that your walk with the Lord is in step with His will.

    Exciting and terrible times lay ahead.

  4. Randy, do you remember where you read about Maitreya appearing to the assorted white supremicists? I don’t doubt your word, but that doesn’t sound like the crowd he would appear (or appeal) to.

  5. Lynn, yes, i also read that book hidden dangers, and it was fascinating!
    Well maitreya spouts the same new age gobbledeegook that the so-called aliens (fallen watchers) do…
    they try and say that Jesus was merely an ascended master-
    also, interestingly enough, prophet yahweh is philosophically in agreement with the aliens and maitreya, but with a dash of nation of islam racism thrown in for good measure, lol
    the iranian situation is way BEYOND heating up, the free world has sat on its hands waaaay too long in dealing with the bully of iran/russia, and you know what happens when you try and ignore a bully… you end up giving him your lunch every day! haha

    but not so much haha as in funny but more like haha as in aw crap, these guys (russia) have their warships in our waters now… and since our intelligence (?) agencies have been infiltrated, they are not even blinking an eye… would kennedy have stood up to them? you bet! but what happened to him? yah nobody wants to go that route…hehe

    economically, we have been bought and sold to the highest bidder…the CEOs of the big stock trading companies escape on a multi million dollar golden parachute, while the people who lost their life savings end up pushing a shopping cart down hollywood boulevard… the global government boys know that every man has his price…
    sooooo, this leaves us as a country that is quite literally running out of time….
    financially, very very few people understand what the wall st. meltdown is going to mean for this country-

    i mean, for my friends who have not lost their jobs yet, its barely a blip on the radar…
    for my friends who HAVE lost their jobs, it has meant looking for work until their unemployment runs out, and then with still NO END in sight…

    every day we hear of another us company laying off thousands of MORE workers…
    but nobody gets the wake up call till they lose THEIR jobs…
    that is when the rubber meets the road, so to speak…

    Yes, the world stage is being set up for SOMETHING, but only those with discernment know what exactly that is…

  6. Maitreya is a satanic dupe, “a smoke screen” for the real antichrist, How do I know? I have association with Some very devout catholics and they are saying that Maitreya is the One, well! bulldust, this is a diversion, the real antichrist is under their very noses “the seat of papal authority” For whosoever sits enthroned therein is, (as God). Infallible is he who sits on that throne. who else, in presumption and satanic pride claims to be the vicar of Christ having (ALL) spiritual and temporal power upon the earth. Christ said “all power and authority in heaven and upon the earth is mine” who has taken that power but the antichrist! He the antichrist rules over the kings of the earth.
    Study the history of the church my friends, who crowned kings and queens in the past, who visits the head of Nations in consultation at present, wearing the white robe of sanctity whilst worshiping the Queen of heaven in Idolatry denying the Faith established once for all. John B

  7. Hi Thomas

    I cannot remember the exact date but he appeared in the meeting (if I remember correctly) in the State of Mississippi around 1978. I will to a search and see if I can find the information.

  8. Good morning John B

    About twenty years ago my brother was living in Phoenix, Arizona. He was into major antiquities studies. He learned that the Catholic Church was shipping 1,000,000 pages of records from the Tuscon Mission to Rome. He got permission to study these records, but upon arriving in Tuscon found they were all in 18th century Spanish (which he could not read). He went some place to get something to drink and meet a young lady who was an 18th century Spanish scholar (what are the changes). They went back to the mission and she translated dozens of pages of information. My brother said that all 1,000,000 pages was about the Anti-Christ. My brother told me that in the 1700’s they knew the AC would set on the throne of Rome but he would not tell me the name of the AC because he said it would cost him his life.

  9. lynn, ive been thinking about this entire scenario and i went and read the links its pretty mind boggling!
    of course it remains to be seen whether this maitreya guy is THE false prophet, or just some flunky that is waiting in the wings- it will not be known until all lying signs and wonders are being performed…

    my spiritual gut FEELING is telling me that after the rapture is when this maitreya (or whoever) will be able to perform his hocus pocus…

    also, just as a way of communication, i know of a person who survived a horrifying ordeal that the Lord spoke a Rhema Word into her heart…the Lord promised her that she would NOT DIE, but that she would be RAPTURED out of this world…she is now appr. 65-ish, and all the signs are lining up…
    this, coupled with the fact that jack van impe says that obama will be the sitting president during Armageddon, and yeah, you have a basic general timeframe…
    however if i could please make a statement, and its is meant for anyone reading this:

    Our Lord has a Word for us, “Peace be still, and know that I am God” and
    “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world” and
    “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”

    as Christians, yes its true we ARE going to see the signs of his return begin to multiply exponentially…
    but we need to remember:

    “the battle is not ours, but the LORDS”
    sometimes we need to remind ourselves that by fretting about these events, we will be NOT able to change them-
    and Jesus said that worrying has never changed ONE thing!

    I just have the Lords promise in my heart regarding these events: “Dont worry son, Ive got this one for you”
    yeah, yeah, i know it sounds stupid, so go ahead and laugh…

    but the Lord has NEVER let me down before…
    and i know he never will…

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  11. To John B. and Randy Hecker….Thank-you for bravely speaking out with the truth. I have for years wondered, where are all those of us who know and understand and are aware and see that truth…but who are afraid, and will not enlighten others? Thank-you for giving me newfound faith that I am NOT alone in this knowledge that others who also know are so fearful of publicly expressing.

  12. HI, I read a book by Ben Creme called Maitreya’s Mission some years ago and recently heard him on the radio in UK. I am not sure if this is the same one being discussed here but all I know is that Maitreya seems to speak words of peace, inclusion, sharing, justice and fairness for all. I cannot imagine the same Maitreya talking to KKK but I do like what I hear. He said to share the world’s resources, to show justice to the Palestinians who must have their own homeland, to be caring of those less fortunate and to ensure that every person had the basics for a decent human life: shelter, clothes, food, education and health care. Sounds good to me!! Does this threaten any of you?
    Happy New Year, Angie D.

  13. can I add a ps…? Just read some further notes above; mostly I find antagonism to Maitreya, Ben Creme and what is being said by them comes from fundamentalist types and those with most to lose. If you are open minded, think for yourself and listen to what is being said, not what you think you hear, you will see that the fundamental religions of the world actually encapsulate the nastier side of things. So maybe if we all tried to listen and try to keep an open mind we might find something special…
    We can hardly deny that the world is in such a state that it not could do with some intelligent life form!!
    Angie D

  14. Fundamentalism ought not be confused with fanaticism, I am fundamental about my faith in Jesus Christ, I believe in love, joy and peace, these are Christian characteristics, my fundamentalism has nothing to do with promoting war and hatred towards other human beings. I believe all men are created equal, it is Sin that causes segregation and divisions among us, even Churches are divided by sin. churches cannot be one!, there will never be peace among men. True peace is in a “heart renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit”. My Faith in The risen savior enables me to Love my enemies, you cannot get more fundamental than that. John B

  15. In response to John B, I think you say it all about the dangers of fundamental religion in your statement “there will never be peace among men”. What kind of religion, or God, teaches this?! Jesus said my legacy to you is to love one another. That is simple. Not to fight, divide, preach or say that only you have the right way. If Jesus, or any of the other great teachers, such as Mohammed, Krishna, Vishnu, Buddha were to answer this, they would say that each must find their own path to God. Jesus himself said, there are many mansions in my fathers house, and the Talmud, and the Koran all contains words of immense wisdom.

    Religions form around the teacher, rather than the teaching, thus it is a cult of personality – a very dangerous thing!

    Happy New Year,

  16. Angie, mankind is lost in the deceit of Sin, not capable of attaining freedom from death, Jesus Christ is the only one capable of freeing mankind from the bondage of Sin and death.
    None of those you mention above laid down their own life as a substitute for us all. Not only did Jesus die for us, but he was raised from the dead, proving him to be the only Son of the One and only true God, the creator of the heavens and the earth.
    Mohamed taught to love only those who agree with his version of the truth and kill all who don’t. Krishna,Vishnu,Buddha all teach reincarnation, which Christ proved to be not true by his own resurrection from the dead.
    the word of God says; it is appointed for a man to die “once” then comes judgment! our chief responsibility in life is to recognize that outside of Jesus Christ there is only Sin,death and judgment, only Jesus saves me from that.
    Unfortunately man is blind unto his true condition, “the lust of Pride” rules his desires, he thinks himself Good in his own eyes. I know what I was, and I know what I now am in Christ. it Is like I said before, only a new heart can Love his enemy, and that can only come through a Personal relationship with the savior. “For to believe in Him is to become like Him” I did not seek the Lord, He called me one day when I first read a portion of the new testament. why don’t you try it, or visit my site there I share a lot of God’s living word. the lord bless you. John B

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