Nephilim – Alien Hybrids….

alien-priestWe’ve had lots of feedback concerning the abduction phenomena and the so-called alien/human hybrids. One thing I want to clear up is this. Some of you have been taught that angels do not have sex. This is misleading as the quote that is referenced is taken from Jesus’ words, in which he states: …You will be as the angels in heaven who neither marry or are given in marriage….

The text doesn’t state that angels are sexless, only that they are not given in marriage. If we go to the Genesis 6 account, which admittedly has caused division in the church because of its explosive nature, we find that the sons of God took to them wives of whomever they choose. This begs the question what or whom are the son’s of God. This might be old territory for some of you, as I’ve both BLOGGED and written about this in both my novels and non-fiction works. The nutshell of the argument is this. If the sons of God is somehow interpreted as the ungodly line of Cain then how in the world do we get the second reappearance in scripture, in Numbers 13, which tells us that the Nephilim were once again sighted? As Dr. I. D. E. Thomas has pointed out in his ground-breaking tome, The Omega Conspiracy, the idea that the sons of God were the ungodly line of Cain is just torturing the text, plain and simple. The sons of God comes from the words, B’nai HaElohim and throughout the O. T. refers to angels. What’s more is that we have other books, The Book of Enoch, The writings of Josephus, The book of Jubilees and other books that argue for the fallen angel interpretation of the sons of God.      

          As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jesus makes it very clear that, in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns. [See earlier BLOG] So what differentiates that time from any other? In my opinion it is the c0-mingling of the fallen angels with the women of earth. This is where the division theologically occurs. It speaks of something that most peole can’t get their heads around. Admittedly it is a bizarre account in scripture, nevertheless to ignore it, or try to clean it up, does us an even a greater disservice.

           That being said, the present day abduction phenomena mirrors the Genesis account. Women are being taken, and then genetic material is taken from them. Often, they find themselves pregnant, only to find that in the third month the fetus is taken from them.

           The Fallen Ones are doing the same abominable co-mingling that resulted in the flood. I believe we are in the ‘days of Noah’ and that we will see the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence before to long. As Dr. Jacobs and others who have delved into the abduction phenomena stated, there is a vigorous breeding program. Are we living in the time where we will see some of these hybrids fully integrated in our society? Will these hybrids be regarded as superior to normal humans because of their alien connection?


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  1. lynn,
    yes, i bought the e-book and it is the best! 🙂

    anyways, *imho*
    i think where some people have a hard time understanding this entire concept of angels becoming enamored (or jealous, or hateful, or LUST-FULL) with humans is in comprehending the hierarchy of Gods creation…
    the Word of God says that we are created a little lower than the angels…
    yet, it also says that at Gods judgement we will JUDGE the angels!
    humans have a body made of flesh, angels do not, and never did…
    angels were created as SPIRITS in the dimension of eternity~
    (it is a separate dimension from our own human dimension, which is time and space)
    there are certain privileges that humans have which angels do not have, and never will…
    such as marriage, and procreation…

    the whole point of this is that humans have capabilities which angels do not, and at some point satan said “hey why cant we have that?” (the spirit of LUST) and the rest is history…
    this is why the FALLEN angels “saw the daughters of men were fair, and took wives of them”

    for those who cannot wrap their brains around the concept of this kind of lust, one must study the spirit of lust…(it is a specific spirit in demonology)
    MEN CAN understand the concept, because our brains are hard wired visually for LUST…
    that and combined with our fallen human natures, (which is in direct agreement with satan) and you have the model for such a sin-
    (of course, women are not exempt from lust)
    within the context of lust for humans, and lust for satanic unions with fallen angels…

    i have seen many things during my years of serving in Gods army…including those poor souls who are demonically possessed by a spirit of lust…it can happen from some sort of trauma, sexual or otherwise, but what happens is that: the spiritual door to a persons personality is somehow opened a tiny bit, and satan sees his chance and breaks the door down…

    the result is: various personality disorders, promiscuity, homosexuality (yes it is a sexual addiction)
    or even participation in satanic cults and or demon worship…

    someone else mentioned the occultic aspect of this phenomena…yes, during ritual satanic abuse there is frequently a level of sexual involvement…including a supposed “marriage to satan”
    most of us do not understand HOW someone would WILLINGLY offer themselves to satan sexually, but the reasons all come back to: LUST — its an actual spirit which encourages depraved behaviours…

    for this reason paul said: “flee from youthful LUSTS, WHICH WAR AGAINST YOUR SOUL”

    i cant really understand HOW someone would willingly OFFER themselves to a fallen angel or demon or satan sexually, but that is the danger of LUST, someone possessed by the spirit of lust will do things that are virtually unbelievable… this is the danger and bondage of satanism…

    frequently mentioned within the ufo phenomena are the spirits of incubus and succubus, which are sexual spirits which attack at night when a person is asleep, or sleep demons of LUST…
    the so-called aliens are more than likely a “new spin” on this type of spiritual warfare…
    it doesnt matter what kind of appearance or image the fallen angels/demons/aliens try to project, its like the old saying about the pig with lipstick on….its still a pig, or in this case, still a fallen angel…
    the offspring or spawn of satan are regarded by most to be multi-dimensional entities~
    i hope i have shed some light on the why and how of human sexual relations with fallen angels…

    i can really see WHY MOST ufologists do not even want to consider this aspect of this phenomena, i mean its much easier to daydream about “propulsion systems” or “memory metal” or “hyper drives” hehe 🙂

    Lynn, do you think that the sexual union with women was the fall of satan?
    or do you think that the fall of satan was PRIOR to this?
    have you ever heard of the theory that the dinosaurs were the offspring of the nephilim?

  2. Gee I think it’s pretty simple. Jesus said that angels do not marry. Angels follow the rules. FALLEN angels-on the other hand- don’t follow the rules…so, yeah THey break all the rules

  3. Hi Lynn,

    The first place I ever discovered the earth shaking truth of Genesus 6 was by studying the notes in the Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible. This was many years ago. When I was in Bible college I discussed this truth with my instructor and he chided me for believing in mythology.

    If you think about it though, what takes more faith? To simply believe what the text says, no matter how fantastic it sounds, or to construct a teaching that pits the so-called “righteous seed” of Seth against the “unrighteous seed” of Cain? I’ll stick with the clear teaching of scripture even if it challenges my pre-conceived religious ideas.

    Kevin J.

  4. Are all angels male? Is there any mention in scripture of female angels? Why would they have any gender at all?

  5. Angels are spiritual beings, not biological beings. I think they appear to us as biological beings of a specific sex. In Biblical times, when a female was given the same respect as a cow or mule, angels appeared as men, since men respected other men then. Now, I would not be surprised if angels appear as women since (Bible withstanding) we have evolved beyond tribal desert rules about women and give them equal respect.

    Intrinsically, I think the idea that angels have sex is a bit silly. So angels reproduce themselves? There are maternity wards for angels? No, I just don’t believe this, and it seems to be a limited earthbound human being’s attempt to project his own understanding upon heaven, which is beyond words or human understanding, just like the peace that passeth understanding.

    Now, the “bad” angels may have taken on biological form to mate with women, but again I don’t think human form is the natural state for angels. They are spirit, or pure energy. An angel in its true form is perhaps an orb of pure light.

  6. omg lynn,
    ok if i didnt know you better, if i would just take your first paragraph at its face value out of context:

    haha from that paragraph i might even be led to believe that you think that the angels in heaven DO have sex? i mean with each other? in heaven? only they do not marry each other? ewwwww. hahaha

    ok wait…thats not what you are saying is it? >________>

    and as to the angels having a gender, ive heard of female guardian angels before, but biblically, the angels all have masculine names, also in the book of enoch, am i correct?
    however the book of enoch DOES mention an angel with the name of uriel, which COULD be construed as a female gender name?

    but the FALLEN angels, when we say that they have sex with women, its not like a “normal” human sexual act-
    from the firsthand accounts ive read, the sexual encounters with fallen angels are in fact brutal assault and rape.
    the victim is left feeling violated, traumatized, and humiliated.
    for a fallen angel, the sexual LUST is not so much about sex as it is about CONTROL and destruction of Gods most beloved creation…
    also, fallen angels are not gender specific in that they will also rape men…
    it does not matter to them…

  7. Lynn, i posted a big ol long comment but i reckon it got swallowed up into the black hole of cuber space, yessir! 🙂
    So I dont rightly feel like retyping the whole entire comment again, its just the way i feel.
    Well I reckon if i would ever see one of them thar hybrids they would have to say hello to mr. smith and wesson, yessir. Thats why the Good Lord gave us the scatter gun. hehe Well ifin i dont see ya agin b4 the holidays, Merry Christmas! 🙂

  8. I am looking for the specific group of words, when I find them I will post them. They are Hebrew and they mean sons of God. It is a term used in the Old Testament and, every time it is used, it refers to angels. It is the same term used in Genesis 6. I have also heard that it may mean the sons of Cain and the daughters of Seth. We have many instances today where believers marry non-believers which is essentially the same as the reference to these two groups of people marrying, and there are no giants conceived through these unions. This would lead us to believe that the Biblical account is in fact talking about real fallen angels. It seems that satan believed he could use the lust of the fallen angels to pollute the seed of man and destroy the promise G-d gave us that He would send His Son. Only Noah and his family remained pure and untouched by the nephilim dna. G-d had to destroy man to destroy the dna that threatened the birth of His Son. As evil and deceptive as satan is, I have no problem believing that this is possible. If this is truly the basis of the great deception, then we need to believe it!

  9. If you start to read the Bible from the first page, you soon encounter the angels of God for the first time. In Genesis six they are clearly described as biological beings. There is no doubt there. This then must form the rest of our conception when we read through the Bible.
    It’s not the other way around, as when we Christians read it. We usually start with the NT, and get fixed with that misunderstanding of what Jesus said about the angels.
    The first mentioning in the Bible about angels indeed says that they are biological beings. But of a higher order (“Sons of God”), or a higher state, than humans of this Earth.
    Thus, when the Holy Spirit first presented the angels to us, it seems like a very important fact that they were described in that way. It suggests that we must have this in mind all the way through the rest of the Bible, to really understand the plan and work of God.
    One doesn’t start with the second part of a book if one wants to understand the full story. The revelation of God was/is a continuing process, and it began with Genesis. Genesis is the ground for all the rest. It sets the scene.
    So, the angels are not bodyless spirits. Evil spirits are bodyless, but not angels. What Jesus is saying is that we are to become like the angels of God, who doesn’t need to engage in marriage because we will live for ever. So what does that make of those who are now living for ever, i.e. the angels? It makes them such beings as we are going to be. And thus, they must have been like us one time – deadly humanlike beings, that were lifted up to this higher state. But not from this planet, but from perhaps many other worlds, or at least from one other world.
    This is where you will get by reading about the angels from Genesis 6 and onward. And so the israelites and the ancient world must have understood it, until a couple of centuries after the apostles, when christianity fell into apostacy.
    Sorry for my swede-english.

  10. ughhhhh getting very sleeeeeeepy-
    Hey where is your server located that time stamps these comments? malaysia?
    I mean bcuz its always some weird time thats nowhere near accurate to any us state?

  11. concerning the fallen angels(sons of God)who were responsible for the race of giants, I believe that there is reference of them in Jude6 “angels who did not keep their own domain (the spiritual realm),these were not cast out, they did not keep their “own” domain but abandoned their proper “abode”. the apostle tells us that HE God has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the “Great Day”, Ye shall judge Angels! Now, the current UFO manifestation cannot be by them fallen angels for “they are in bonds unto judgment day” So; there must be other angels that have fallen since and possibly presently still falling, I don’t know, but I know that Jesus cast out evil spirits and at one time a legion was cast out entering the swines. question; is an evil spirit a fallen angel? I have always thought so. what do you think? are evil spirits the spirits of these giants who must remain on earth until the end?, are they under the control of satan?

  12. Sorry to interject a different subject but I’m settled on this issue. Rather, I’m “watching” world events for “signs” of the Alien/Nephilim end time connection.

    There is an interesting article on InfoWars regarding the Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs & his “International Order.”

    What is also notable are some of the comments after the article. One in particular is post #33 under “Mariella”.

    You have to read the entire post to get the just of it but when this was mentioned I wondered exactly what the social attitude in their country is regarding this topic. Following is just a little section taken from the post:

    “You will not find the discussions here you see all taking place over the world via the internet and the mass media, about 9-11, the illegal wars or the NWO.

    Here in Holland people will either say “I have nothing to hide”, immediately drop the C-word (how odd the sheople here are always so thoroughly familiar with that word) when confronted with such subjects, or else it will only take them a minute to start raving about aliens, UFO’s, cropcircles or poleshifts.”

    From the rest of the comment the country has already been set up as a “test” case for the New World Order.

    If so-is this an example of what is to come as other countries are also systematically set up for the coming one world Govt. of the Anti-Christ?

    Will there also be some type of similar interest develop in the UFO subject matter?

  13. Also,

    I don’t know much about the Black/UFO “Nation of Islam” (NOI), Louis Farrakhan beliefs but here is an example of a comment I saw:

    200MillionAngels (9 hours ago) “Amerikkka is going to be destroyed very (bleep) soon by The Most High and his Angelic Forces…wich are the so called UFO’s you see are Angelic Vehicles wich are made for higher biengs…the ones who are inside of them have dark brown skin and wooly hair…(Black Biengs) they are coming to save so-called (BlackAmericans/Natives/Mexica ns) from the destruction of Amerikkka….get ready for your nightmare devils!”

    Granted this person sounds nuts but like “Prophet Yahweh” believe these UFO are coming to “save” them. I also read some of the other comments 200 Mil.Angels made which are racist & filled with hate.

    After all Obama associated with people who hold this type of mindset.

  14. Hi,
    I’ve never liked either of the common explanations of who the “Sons of God” were. In apocryaphal literature, notably the Books of Adam and Eve, the descendents of Seth are indeed referred to as sons of God.
    I don’t necessarily agree, my point is that they have been referred to as such.
    Also, the geneology of the descendents of Cain is given in Genesis, chapter 4. The last person mentioned is Naamah, the sister of Tubal-cain (Genesis 5:22). Since women are not usually mentioned in the Bible, this tells us that she is significant, and according to Jewish tradition, she was Noah’s wife.

    If this is true, and to my mind at the very least it shows the grace of God in preserving both branches of the human family, then it would explain why the nephilim reappeared after the flood. I reject the idea that the ‘purity’ of Noah was a referral to his genotype, partially because elsewhere in the bible he is alluded to as one of the three men coming closest to perfection, the other two being Job and Daniel (I’ll let you look that one up) and partially because if his purity was genetic, then you have to either assume that his wife and his son’s wives were also genetically pure, or the flood become pointless.
    As far as the reference to the ‘days of Noah’ goes, I’ve always believed that in addition to the increase in lawlessness and perversion, it points to the idea of ‘business as usual’, i.e. that people will be so intent on their private affairs that the Second Coming will be a complete surprise.

  15. If it is true that Naamah was the wife of Noah, that would destroy the sethite theory even more, because the sons of Seth were not, according to that theory, allowed to marry descendents of Cain.
    That would make both Noah and God himself totally inconsequent.

  16. I don’t follow your reasoning. According to the apocryaphal book above, they did not intermarry for many years, but eventually began to. Regardless, if Noah was chosen for his spiritual purity, how would that render either him or God inconsequential?
    It just occurred to me that we really don’t know what the mark of Cain was, though of course there are many theories. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it.

  17. I don’t see how any marriage between man and woman, even if they are not Godly, could result in giants. People who are Godly today marry people who are unGodly, and giants are not born of their union. The “sons of God” had to be angelic beings who were forbidden a union with women. Like it was mentioned earlier the sons of God had left their higher estate so that would indicate that they were in a higher place than we are in this earth. Because of their fornication with women, they violated the laws of God and are being held in chains until judgement. That would definitely indicate that they are fallen angels. This could also explain why, when they were with women, giants were born. The Bible also says that they became men of reknown. A lot of people believe that this is where Greek Mythology came from. Since these fallen ones are now chained, it has become necessary to satan to try to remake them. To cause God to wipe them and mankind off the earth with a flood, they must have felt like they came close to obtaining their goals, tho we know that there is nothing that goes on that God isn’t aware of. Satan probably thinks, if he came close then, there is reason to recreate them, and to try to create one super powerful being, as the ones in Greek mythology. This being can never be the Son of God, but satan can pass him off as such to people who are willing to believe it. If he accomplishes this, and we know he will, he will have the person in his power that he can get mankind to bow and worship. This is the ultimate goal of satan to be worshipped by mankind. I have listened to a minister recently talking about the bailouts we are giving out. He said America has sold her birthright for a bowl of stew. We, as a nation, are so afraid of having to give up our material posessions or having a change of status that we are willing to do anything to keep it, even if it means giving up a democratic capitalists society for a socialist one. We are being positioned for the one world government and aren’t even fighting it because we are so afraid of what will happen if we don’t. This is really a time we need to turn to God and trust Him instead of government.

  18. Thought I’d give you all a treat. I caught a Nephilim on film for you all.I am the owner of this web site. Western Society has a lot to answer for……..banging people away and labelling them as psychotic when they see the truth.

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