The Alien Interviews: Abduction and Breeding Program

you mention in the e-book about the hybrid “breeding program”…
how extensive do you think this is? do you feel that the “hybrids” are merely memory implants?

L. A. Responds: And now for the truly bizarre! The breeding program, in my opinion is real. It's also vigorous in that there seems to be an objective or end game. Dr. Jacobs [he was interviewed forA.I.] has stated that he believes this end game is sinister and I would agree with him. First we need to realize that there is similarity between what happened in Genesis 6, and The Book Of Enoch, and what is being reported in regard to the abductions, today. In both of those ancient texts it states that fallen angels [angel = messenger] had sexual unions with the women of earth and the offspring were the Nephilim. There was a vigorous breeding program back then, so much so that the earth was destroyed by a global flood, in order to wipe out the Nephilim hybrids. This leads us  to the words of Yeshua, [Jesus] who states, "As it was in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns." This begs the question, what differentiates the days of Noah from any other time in history?  In my opinion it is the appearing of the fallen angels that makes this distinction. The question is this, is the modern abduction phenomena the sign of, the days of Noah? Is the so called breeding program described by Dr. Jacobs, and others who have plumbed the depths of this field, the link that goes back to the Genesis and Enochian accounts. Are we living in the Days of Noah? I would state that I believe we are.  

     That being established, the modern day breeding program is to produce a hybrid that will pass as human but, will have other capabilities, which I would attribute to the fallen ones.

       In The Alien Interviews,  there is an interview with Corina Saebles. She has been abducted by these 'Aliens' since she was little girl. She also believes that she was impregnated by them and the fetus taken in the first trimester. Others have come forward with similar stories. Something sinister is going on and at some point it will be revealed so that everyone on the planet will know about it.  There are accounts from the 1990's in which women claim to have see what I would call hybrid babies or children. These children often looked sickly and had very large almond shaped eyes and stringy hair. Now, these children can pass as being totally human. Of course this is all speculation on my part, based upon the testimony of those who have been unlucky enough to be abducted. 

          What makes the abduction phenomena difficult to understand is that the so called aliens have kept this hidden for so long. Although we have hundreds of people who have come forward, and discussed what has happened to them on board UFOs, in regard to the breeding program, we still are in the dark as to what is really going on. The entire matter is cloaked in secrecy. It is being deliberately hidden and obfuscated from the human race.

        In closing today's post I'll say that I believe the breeding program is very sinister and is not going to help humankind in any way. I also think that this is one major sign that we are living in the last days that the ancients warned us about.

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  1. Lyn!
    My burning question is this! If the resulting Nephilim are with us–are they hidden in a secret place until their mission is upon us?
    OR are they walking among us! If among us, are they recognizable
    “half people?–say in politics, etc.? I can think of a few–example: the “father of the internet” appears a bit reptillian to me!

    IF they are recognizable “half people” what about their Mom’s and “Step?” Dad’s? Were these Nephilims “delivered” in a normal way and do their birth certificates live in “Obamaland”?? I recall the reports that the babies were “taken” from the Mom’s at birth. Does that mean they were raised by aliens and then somehow dropped on earth to live among us? Sure hope you can shed some light! Sorry if I am slow to catch onto all of this!
    Thanks for all you do, love your books, newsletter and blog!

  2. I have confronted with this program of abduction, forced breeding, and the abduction of fetises because I was abducted many times. I believe that this program of obvious hybridization of two (or more) different genetic species has a purpose that is not obvious, and indeed the “aliens” use all forms of deception and mind washing to keep this reason from being known. If indeed they are fallen angels than this program of hybridization is the new form of producing nephilem. But if it is part of the Great Deception what purpose could it serve? Lucifer has worked hard to saturate our minds with the ideas of aliens as wise visitors who will solve our problems. Since this is part of the coming Great Deception, then obviously this program of genetic hybridization is also part of the program, but for what purpose? Maybe it will be that the Anti-Christ won’t be human and the signs and wonders he will shown the world will be an aspect of a supernatural genetic manipulation.

  3. I’ve had a lot of experience in this area also. The babies are not taken at birth, but after the first trimester, the brought to term by the aliens (suspended in a liquid within see-through cylinders). While being brought to term, the fetus is subjected to genetic manipulation by the aliens. The hybrids that look human are already among us, and my opinion is that they are here to quietly subvert our societies in key ways, becoming political, religious and social leaders in many countries. I believe that if we could suddenly see the hybrids for what they are (if they were to suddenly glow green, for example) we would be shocked how many are here. As said earlier, they look human, but have paranormal abilities we lack and are totally patriotic to the alien agenda. In fact, they help kidnap people for abduction, acting as friends to abductees but facilitating their abduction secretly. Perhaps these flesh and blood beings are possessed by demons, thereby acting as transportation “vehicles” for the demons within the Earth plane of existence.

  4. lynn,
    yes, i am with joan in asking the question of: are these hybrids multi-dimensional because that would be the only explanation unless: they now walk among us…
    i must admit that this is the only ufo-related subject besides cattle mutes that causes a reaction of utter revulsion in me…
    the theological implications of hybrids and nephilim of course are very convoluted and test the very outer limits of the doctrines of salvation and redemption~
    which is why i can understand why enoch would try to intercede for these entities…
    however only God himself can discern that which is utterly corrupt and beyond redemption…
    it would seem to be a theological “grey area” (no pun intended, hehe) 🙂
    however, since even though the mom or dad of said entity would be human, (and the other parent demonic) God is the one who “breathes life” into ANY creature…
    and would assign said entity an eternal spirit~
    am i correct?

    it really is the epitome of evil to think that satan would try and push God this far!
    but it also gives an insight into the truly depraved nature of the evil one…
    he knows that God loves humans above all else…so yeah i can see why satan would try to do something like this!

    Sooooo… the bottom line is this… the nephilim were “born dead” in regard to redemption…

    Job 26:5 (King James Version)
    5Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof.

    and if this is so, it means that God allows satan to “procreate” his own offspring?
    wow God has so much Grace, even towards the fallen watchers!

  5. I have known several women who found themselves pregnant by unknown source after a UFO sighting (in one case a giant sighting)and then after two to three months of gestation they are just not pregnant anymore. They don’t know where the babies come from or where they go. I believe this an effort to mimic a “virgin” birth and thusfar they have been unsuccessful.

  6. Could the reason they don’t want to expose themselves be, because of what GOD did in the days of Noah? If they openly did what they do…..God would destroy the world again, as they did it openly in the days of Noah, maybe they learned a lesson too, and keep it secret, well for now, anyway!

  7. These are all good thought provoking comments above. As one who has studied this phenomena a very long time, I concur with much that is said. Granted, we do not know, because someone is keeping secrets for their dark purposes. However, we are getting clues to something big going on.
    I hope the church(believers in Christ) wakes up to this and begins to prepare for this coming deception. Unfortunately, there is little about it that is being identified and taught which goes along with the general culture’s perception of it.
    They have had 60 years to train these hybrids to interact with our societies and inject themselves into positions of control if that is the purpose.
    Satan cannot create life as God has done. This is his attempt at a substitute.
    One cannot wonder how close we are to the end of the age.

  8. Dr. Marzulli,
    Would you join me for an hour recorded interview at your convenience? We are in Asheville, NC. I was a talk jock for ten years before getting fired for the tenth time and walking away from it all. A new web radio effort is beginning at and I was asked to a program.
    People need to be introduced to you and your work and be prepped for ther coming deception.
    I hope you will consioder this.
    Ken Bagwell

  9. Lynn I had this really differant dream here it is—-

    I had this dream last night 12-18-08 I work at a gas company, I fill cylinders nitrogen-oxygen ect. In real life. So here it goes, we had a military contract to have nitrogen delivered to this military base. I was the one to deliver it with an armed guard. We took this long road dirt road to no where in the mountains. I didn’t like the idea of how far it was, I had a very strange feeling. I heard Steve Quale from a past radio show come to mind. Don’t go on a road by yourself that leads aimlessly to nowhere, you will not like the results.

    The closer we got to the base, I would see an armed guard, the on a hill I saw a small opening with fencing around it. The guard said go up there and back up the fence. I did what he said. When we got out I saw a door that lead in with other guards, but for some reason they were pulling one of the guards it as if he were dead. We then grabbed the Nitrogen bottles and went inside.

    I saw a huge control room with many Military Officers inside, and also Enlisted. I dared to ask what is going on. He said things you do not want to know. At that time I hard a strange sound like the one you would hear from the movie the old movie War of the worlds. When they are inside the house, and that things looks in making that loud noise as it is looking for them. Everybody scrambled someone said there was an uprising, and then I told by the guard it was a breeding program.

    Everything was in control at that time, some how they were able to quite everything down. I had to take the bottles with the help of the guard. We went past these incubators they had these odd looking things inside; they looked human but not quite.
    We set the nitrogen down; all of a sudden I saw one of these creatures full grown. It looked grey and pasty like it was not animated at the time. I grabbed a rope and put it around its neck. I started to cough, I said in the name of Jesus Christ die. That’s all I remember. It sure seemed real at the time, especially with the job I do in real life

  10. I just listened to a very interesting interview last night about the planned Islamic Turkish Union & their end time beliefs w/the Dejal & Jesus Christ returning.

    For those who have not studied Islamic end time beliefs they parallel Christian eschatology but w/a Muslim twist.

    I was wondering if you have looked into this aspect of Satan’s workings & how it could possibly tie into the Alien/Nephilim

    The Dejal in this interview is described very closely the same as the Matrya is described by the New Agers & Buddists.

    If anyone is interested here is the interview. ( I took notes as there are many “key” concepts missed otherwise.)

    The main subject begins after the Darwinism topic around 12:00-then becomes more interesting as the interview proceeds. “Interview w/Adnan Oktar.”

  11. I have been reading much of what you have written thus far with great interest. I was wondering something. Other than interviews with abductees is there any substantial evidence to the breeding program? Thanks!

  12. A little off this particular subject sequence – but does anyone have any input on the 13 crystal skulls?

    Just say a clip on tv last night. Just curious for other non – television input 🙂

  13. Ok I think I may have a bit of theory and or insight here.
    It is said that in Hell, satan is allowed to have his own little kingdom and hierarchy of torture and torment- With satanists and witches receiving the worst torment because they were foolish enough to believe that they would reign WITH satan in hell. (lol) Of course, those witches which led the most people astray would receive the worst forms of torment. It is also said that those were involved in satanism are trotted out daily for ridicule in a sort of sick circus act which they are forced to perform for satan and his minions.
    What I am saying is that, if satan is allowed to reign in eternity in hell over those who choose to rebel against God during their lifetimes, would he also be allowed to genetically engineer his own spawn from hell?
    And that spawn, (or hybrid, or nephilim) would be cursed from its conception, hence its limited abilities and or functioning? Anecdotally, the greys are quite limited in their functioning, their ability to communicate, and even their understanding of human technology. Is this because they are the spawn of hell? Is this because they are corrupted from square one?
    The book of Enoch says that when the Nephilim had children, and THOSE children died, that the spirits of those children became the demons of this world.
    It is also worth noting that the book of Enoch was standard Christian faire up until the fourth century. Many new testament books quote from it, most notably the book of Jude which almost lifts an entire passage verbatim from it.
    There is also an obvious occultic parallel, wherein in satanism there is a so-called marriage with satan wherin the occultist has ritualistic relations with satan. The offspring of such unions are the stuff of mythology and legend. I believe that there are clues and answers to be had within that realm, although one must be careful in such pursuits.
    Lynn, do you think there is an occultic parrallel?

  14. Barry,

    Fascinating dream. However, if you focus on this type of topic during the day, it isn’t too surprising if your subconscious mind creates dreams along the same lines at night. So don’t get too spooked out by it. Nonetheless, it is a very interesting dream, although killing in the name of Jesus Christ seems a bit wierd to me (you can’t kill a demon anyway). But, as you said, it was just a dream.

    Last night I dreamed that I was walking naked down Sunset Strip in LA. I realized I was naked, and was very embarrassed. A policeman came up to arrest me, but at that moment Brad Pitt appeared. He told the policeman that I was a personal friend, put a terrycloth robe around me, and led me to a store where I could purchase clothes. I suppose that following my own advice to you (Barry), this means that during my waking hours I think about clothes and Brad Pitt. I confess I do at times!

  15. I agree with Joe Jordan that what abductees are shown cannot be trusted – these beings are FAR more deceptive than our human minds realize. While there very well may be a breeding program, there also may be an effort by these beings to over-advertise their capabilities for maximum fear factor.

  16. Lynn,
    Please allow me to clarify the “burning” part of my original question!
    This has been bugging me ever since I read your books, I.D. Thomas, Missler and Heiser! Wow, what a selection!

    Please help me understand IF these hybrids, if they are in our midst today, have families! Do the parents and extended families believe they are normal children/people? To get even more bizarre, are they possibly or potentially “shape shifters” unbeknownst to others?
    In fact, do they maybe not even know themselves that they are hybrids until “their time comes” to be a relevant part of the decepton?

    This is fascinating discussion and Ephesians 6 is a convencing scripture that says to me that you are definitely on to something!

  17. Joan, why would Lynn know the answers to your questions?

    My opinion is that every hybrid knows what they are, and their off-spring (if any) knows as well. THeir abilities are different from other humans, their outlook is different (just as a dog’s outlook on life is different than a cat’s outlook or a chicken’s outlook). They may look human, but if you “look under the hood” the similarities end. These are NOT normal human beings, or they wouldn’t be hybrids! This isn’t like finding out that your grandfather was actually Jewish, so you have a portion of Jewish blood in yourself. This is a different type of being!

  18. ya know and ill be the first to tell you there are SO MANY vids on youtube that purport to show “draconian” hybrid shapeshifters (usually republicans, interestingly enough, lol)…
    but that is all mere media blitz~
    at present time there is NO EVIDENCE that hybrids walk among us, youtube vids not withstanding…hehe 🙂
    the book of enoch describes what these nephilim were like, and they were physically superior to humans in every way…as well as uncontrolled in their blood lust and violence…
    and, yes, antichrist will be some form of super-nephilim, probably genetically engineered to near-perfection as satan can get…
    dulce base supposedly has a whole “herd of hybrids” within its confines…hehe
    but, again, there is no evidence, only the “testimony” of some possibly delusional eyewitnesses, or the typewritten disinformation released on the web…
    im reeeally feeling like:

    if satan couldve, he already wouldve

    in other words, the constraining Power of the Holy Spirit on the face of the planet neutralizes the best of satans trickery…
    yeah satan can “show” an abductee a hybrid baby, but so can any prop department in hollywood-
    it doesnt mean anything, its just disinformation, until it can be proven, correct?
    satans main goal within the abduction phenomenon is CONTROL-
    control over someones perception of reality~
    control over someones belief system~
    and, finally, control over the persons eternal destiny…

    have you read whitley streibers latest blog? man, it is so sad and pathetic!
    he has been pwned by these things, they have literally destroyed his life!
    THAT is the end game! The souls of humanity! We must NOT forget this!
    WHATEVER satan sends around the corner to battle us, whether it is a hybrid, or a grey, or a nephilim…the battle is for the souls of men! and the battle is the Lords!
    however, satan tries to re-contextualize everything into “space” and “anti-gravity” and “hybrids”


    all other “portals” are mere imitations of the real deal! i mean, so what if they can show abductees test tubes with supposed fetuses, etc? it doesnt really mean anything!
    ok if you were to analyze the psychological impact of showing an abductee a supposed hybrid alien-human baby, obviously, it is a way to coerce and manipulate the abductee into empathy with the aliens…in other words, the “aliens” are trying to force someone into sympathizing/identifying with demons…
    So, the main strategy of abduction/hybrids/aliens is- to distract away from the Victory Jesus won on the cross! and try to re-contextualize the battle for human souls…

  19. The idea that fallen angels are having ‘sex’ with humans is odd to me. I thought angels were asexual? As far as hybrids go, if Satan is ‘creating’ something I would tend to believe he was using cellular (DNA) material, and genetically creating a body which then serves as a vessel for the fallen angels (demons). Since they are spiritual entities wouldn’t they covet a body form to be among us. That inhabited body, would therefore have a spirit or ‘life’…but not the God-given life spirit breathed into humans. Spirits (both evil and good) are other-dimensional entities. To sucessfully function in our everyday world they would require our 3-dimensional substance.

  20. lynn well id like ta thank you very much fer this here blog i visit every day, yessir!
    and well i just about held my peace as long as i can on this here subject.

    my opinion is that if these fallen angels are doin some kinda hybrid program,
    they cant bring it out yet!
    but i think after the rapture, then they will be able to show their ugly faces, along with the nephilim,
    and such likewise critters.

    now lynn my question to you is this:
    are these here fallen angels chained to bodies of water?
    i mean like it says in revelations about the bad angels who are chained to the river euphrates?
    and say fer example the hudson river valley ?
    or a lotta times here on big bear lake there are sightings of metallic cylinders?
    well, i sure do appreciate this here blog and all the hard work you put in to research yessir!
    thanks very much and God Bless! 🙂

  21. I always wondered why the sea is done away with when the world is recreated. I thought maybe it was because the land room was needed for all of the souls that have belonged to G-d since the beginning of time. now I believe it could be because of the fallen angels below the water! That would be a definite reason to do away with it! There is a new movie out called “Twilight”. From what I understand it is about a romance between a young woman and a vampire. It perpetuates the idea of women and nephilim being together romantically. We have seen this for years. Somehow There has always been some kind of movie or book trying to make it okay for a human woman to fall in love with a demonic presence. It is all conditioning to prepare peoples minds for the coming horrific things that will be seen upon this earth. Reading Revelations has convinced me that, when the antichrist is allowed his time on earth, there will be manifesations of things we can’t even imagine now. Nor do I want to! I am interested in downloading the Alien Interviews. I do not have an mp3 player. Can it be copied to a cd? or dvd?

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